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Annie, Stephanie, and Kris talk about some of their favorite sci-fi and fantasy TV shows, including ones currently on the air as well as old favorites. Look for discussion of series such as Supergirl, Wynonna Earp, The 100, and Person of Interest.
It's the Revolution Cast, a podcast based on the NBC TV series produced by J. J. Abrams, Bryan Burk and Eric Kripke. Join Hank Davis and Alex Cruz from TPE Network as they run down a weekly recap of Revolution. The guys will also discuss theories, talk about ratings, news and everything concerning Revolution. Make sure you join the Revolution! Head to
In a world where geek culture is now trendy,lifelong, Phoenix-based geeks dare to share their opinion on comics, movies, and TV. Join us as we venture into the vast cave of pop culture to find and discuss the latest in geek news. Some of their favorite topics range from discussing the future of Rick’s group in The Walking Dead comics and TV show, how Kat Dennings would be a great Harley Quinn if it weren't for being so top heavy, or the never-ending dispute of the future of DC movies versus ...
The Bachelorette, The Bachelor & Bachelor in Paradise recaps and reviews on the Bachelor RHAP-up show.
Annie, Stephanie, and Kris talk about some of their favorite sci-fi and fantasy TV shows, including ones currently on the air as well as old favorites. Look for discussion of series such as Supergirl, Wynonna Earp, The 100, and Person of Interest.
Rerun TV
Your favorite classic TV series.
Each week the Science Fiction Film Podcast puts a film or TV show under its profane microscope to see what happens. Hosts Dean, Matthew, Josh and Jess endeavor to mix thoughtful analysis and commentary with absurdity… they make themselves laugh.
Author David Barr Kirtley talks geek culture with guests such as Neil Gaiman (#253), George R. R. Martin (#22), Richard Dawkins (#46), Paul Krugman (#61), Bill Nye (#273), Margaret Atwood (#94), Neil deGrasse Tyson (#32), and Joyce Carol Oates (#202). The A.V. Club calls the show, "An informative and impressively in-depth podcast well worth checking out," and io9 lists it as one of "13 Smart Podcasts That Will Feed Your Hunger for Knowledge and Ideas." NPR's lists the show as a re ...
Tolkien TV Talk, the podcast where we get hyped and keep you informed on everything you need to know talk about the upcoming Lord of The Rings Amazon series. Hosted by wishful hobbits.
The ethics of creating artificially-intelligent machines is tricky business and it’s quickly becoming our reality. How will society change to accommodate these new beings? Are they beings at all? And why do robots love milk so dang much?! Join us for a weekly, episodic recap laced with comedy, theories, and listener feedback as we dive deep into the important questions of HBO’s new science fiction series, “Westworld”.
Imaginary Worlds
Imaginary Worlds is a bi-weekly podcast about science fiction and other fantasy genres -- how we create them and why we suspend our disbelief. These are the backstories to our stories.
SciFi Diner Podcast
Welcome to the SciFi Diner where we serve up spicy conversations off the latest menu of SciFi Movies & Television Shows.
The viewer's guide to genre television
A weekly Star Wars radio show hosted by Chris Seekell, Benjamin Hart and Dominic Jones of The Star Wars Underworld. Covering all the latest breaking news from The Force Awakens to Rogue One to Star Wars Rebels and everything in between. Plus interviews with Star Wars stars and creators, as well as coverage from all the biggest fan conventions including Star Wars Celebration, San Diego Comic Con, D23 Expo, and New York Comic Con.
Channel Surfing
IGN TV Editors and various IGN staff members who might dare to join us discuss the latest developments in television, including news on upcoming series, changes to ongoing shows, and notable episodes and storylines occurring on your favorite programs.
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
Random Trek
A weekly podcast in which Scott McNulty discusses a randomly selected episode of “Star Trek” — all series, all seasons — with a non-random guest.
Join Tom Elliot on a journey through Rod Serling’s classic television series. With reviews, interviews and readings from The Twilight Zone…
A podcast about your favorite science fiction television shows and movies.
A Babylon 5 IntroCast
Doctor Who Dark Journey is a full cast Wholock audio drama adventure taking The Doctor and Sherlock Holmes on a darker journey than ever before. LISTEN ON: itunes and
Roger Roeper & Dick Ebert & Gene Lyons host a weekly podcast covering Westworld the hit science fiction thriller television series created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy for HBO, based on the 1973 film of the same name, which was written and directed by American novelist Michael Crichton. Nolan serves as executive producer along with Joy, J. J. Abrams and Bryan Burk with Nolan directing the pilot. The series premiered October 2, 2016. Described as "a dark odyssey about the dawn of artificial ...
Lazy Doctor Who
Steven Schapansky (Radio Free Skaro, The Memory Cheats) and Erika Ensign (Verity!, The Incomparable, Total Party Kill, The Audio Guide to Babylon 5) are married Doctor Who fans (who also co-produce a fiction podcast for Uncanny Magazine). This is a podcast where they watch every Doctor Who story ever made, from start to finish. Each episode is recorded live.Follow on Twitter at @LazyDoctorWho and email at
Two friends and HBO fanatics bring you the fastest, funniest, and most detailed recaps and reviews of the new hit SCI-FI series!
Join Jason and Gabe as they dive into some of the strange mysterious corners and slightly goofier moments in Star Wars history! Script drafts! Production art! Droids cartoons! GA-97! Niemodians! We love them all!! News, features, interviews and general hilarious good times in await with Blast Points Podcast!! contact us at
Sci Fi Saturday Night, the Podcast is the web version of the popular New Hampshire based radio show. Our hosts, The Dome, Kriana, and Zombrarian discuss science fiction, science fact, fantasy and whatever else we think is cool, in between celebrity interviews.
Métis In Space
What happens when two Métis women, who happen to be sci-fi nerds, drink wine and deconstruct the science fiction genre from a decolonial lens? Molly Swain and Chelsea Vowel break down tropes, themes and the hidden meanings behind the whitest genre of film and television we've ever known.
Engage: The OFFICIAL Star Trek Podcast is an hour-long, weekly celebration of the most iconic franchise in the galaxy. Aimed at both delighting fans that have been tuned in since the first broadcast, as well as reaching the Trek-curious who aren’t quite sure where to begin, film critic and author of’s One Trek Mind column Jordan Hoffman will feature guests, interact with enthusiasts and argue the minutiae of this beloved universe.
Women Talk Sci Fi
The girls of SciFi, Gerri and Eugenia, from GE News Ezine now bring you Women Talk Sci Fi. A Podcast by women about their favourite genre, Sci-Fi. You've read what we have to say now you can listen to us too!
A podcast dedicated to HBO's original show: Westworld featuring John Bucher (@JohnkBucher) and Dylan Schuck (@schuckster) featuring an in depth conversation, weekly, after every episode. Formerly "Watching Westworld"
Grab a libation and sit back and relax as Steve and Sean discuss all things Doctor Who. And get really drunk in the process.
The Official Podcast of the Star Wars Collectors Archive
There's No Place Like Terra has been the #1-female hosted-caffeine and alcohol fueled -Stargate- watch/rewatch podcast. I mean, we're just assuming... There's not many out there that can check all of those boxes.We also have a Patreon!
Get Into Gate is the Best Stargate podcast of all time - as voted by at least one listener...
Inspired by a show that can go anywhere and do anything, The Ood Cast is not your average Doctor Who podcast. We aim to express the joy, the chaos and the glory of our favourite show through laughter, rhyme and song.
A Star Trek podcast by two guys who are a bit embarrassed to have a Star Trek podcast. We're reviewing Star Trek: The Next Generation from start to end! New episodes on Mondays and Wednesdays.
Watch what you want, where you want, when you want on whatever device you please. Take control of your TV, Movies and more.
In-depth discussion of science fiction, fantasy, and other high concept TV shows, movies, and more!
Extended Edition
Talking Movies, TV and pop culture brings you new talk and interviews each day covering every corner of the Star Trek universe. The Master Feed contains every episode of every show, and may also include content and messages not available in our individual show feeds. If you're looking for an easy way to sample the full range of our content, or if you normally listen to all of our shows as they come out, subscribe to Complete!
Weekly news for Time Lords; direct from the Citadel.
Beyond Westworld is a Westworld podcast with no rules, no instructions, and where every desire is fulfilled. Each week hosts Aaron Peterson and Troy Heinritz will seek to uncover the secrets of HBO’s Pleasure Paradise, Westworld. Digging deep into the characters they will seek to uncover the inner depths of the human psyche. Just don’t ask the hosts if they are human or android.
This Week in Star Wars is the web's only weekly podcast dedicated to news and information from all aspects of the Star Wars Universe. Each week, we'll update you on the world of Star Wars films, TV, business, toys, games, publishing and more. All prior episodes are available in the TWISW archive, and many can be found on our YouTube page.
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Show Notes: Sci-Fi Shenanigans Twitter: Shenanigans Website: Shenanigans Email: podcast@sfshenanigans.comKeystroke Medium Website: Medium Facebook Group: Medium on YouTube: htt ...…
Show Notes: Sci-Fi Shenanigans Twitter: Shenanigans Website: Shenanigans Email: podcast@sfshenanigans.comKeystroke Medium Website: Medium Facebook Group: Medium on YouTube: htt ...…
DoA_#86: The Cypress HermitageCorresponding Video: to this Channel is Your Ticket to Nibbaana ..!Lotus Offering to Lord Buddha's ToothCypress Hermitage TourQuestion 256: @ 23:24Besides giving donations regularly, what can lay people do to support the Bhikkhu-Sangha?Question 257: 29:16How com ...…
A special court is expected to announce its verdict on the 2G spectrum allocation scam case today. The biggest scam in the history of Independent India, conspired over a decade ago, involved ministers, bureaucrats and leading corporates. The Comptroller and Auditor General of India in a report quantified and pegged the scam loss to Rs. 1.76 lac ...…
While we celebrate the arrival of Marriage Equality, we should not overlook the statistics of the postal ballot – showing a seismic shift in the attitude of the general public for matters of respect for our gay-and-allied communities. As well as big-business appearing to be in touch with current attitudes, it seems that the parents of our curre ...…
The voting for the second phase of the Gujarat Assembly polls 2017 has begun. Follow all the live updates here. The campaigning in Gujarat was quite an interesting one. The Congress party, decimated in Uttar Pradesh by the BJP, rose from nowhere and made Modi’s party work for every vote on its own turf. By the end of the campaign, Modi had trav ...…
DoA #69: Right Awareness (Samma Sati)Corresponfing Video: of the Dry Grassland Fire @ 14:38Source text: The Connected Discourses of the Buddha[Samyutta Nikaya] 14.12 The Sources Sutta.Question 205: @ 25:10How does a Buddhist deal with aversions, anger, and sadness?Question 206: @ 35:18Why does th ...…
Mark Johnson - Paracryptoufologist & Case ManagerMark has been interested in the paranormal since he was young. He formed his own research group in 2004, and since has investigated numerous haunted locations throughout the United States. Mark then joined up with Irene Allen-Block in 2014 to help run SRI - Supernatural Research Institute.Mark al ...…
Booth One welcomes Mary Jo DuPrey, who recently visited Chicago from Los Angeles for some meetings about possible directing projects.Mary Jo trained as an actress at Vassar. She then worked with her sister Katie Agresta, a legendary vocal coach, managing her "rock & roll vocal studio" on the upper west side, where she also learned how to teach ...…
GOB 39 – What’s that big red bird again? Having a large international birding website, its hardly surprising that I get asked for ID help from around the globe. While the right response probably ought to be: ‘how the hell would I know’, what I usually ask is: ‘where are you?’ The thing is, that if you have a page for every country and state, an ...…
Dil Wickremasinghe is a broadcaster, journalist. mental health advocate and campaigner for social justice. She hosts "Global Village" on Newstalk Radio and is a regular contributor to national TV and press. She has actively contributed to seeking equality for the LGBTQ communities in Ireland and as it is Pride week in Dublin, you'll hear why Du ...…
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