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SSBC Presents Michael Cole Live! - VIDEO
VIDEO Recordings From “Michael Cole Live!” Events
Youth Podcast - Sale Street Baptist Church
Youth sermons from SSBC
South Side Baptist Church (Video)
Hear verse by verse biblical preaching through books of the Bible by Blake White, Senior Pastor at South Side Baptist Church in Abilene, TX. For more information about SSBC visit us at
South Side Baptist Church (Audio)
Hear verse by verse biblical preaching through books of the Bible by Kevin Ueckert, Senior Pastor at South Side Baptist Church in Abilene, TX. For more information about SSBC visit us at
South Side Baptist Church
Pastor Scott Smith leads South Side Baptist Church to impact one life at a time for Jesus Christ. SSBC is located in South Bend, Indiana.
Smith Street Baptist Church
Various important SSBC info will be broadcast via our webpage and this app as well as iTunes. Subscribe today! Plus regular sermon podcasts with our pastor, Chester Proctor.
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Original Air Date: May 27, 2014 On today’s program, JD talks about “tap theology” and the assertion that beer can be used to bring people together. After a brief discussion about Dave Miller’s SBC Voices as JD talks about Ronnie Floyd’s School of Ministry President in a newer post at Pulpit & Pen, in which he provides screenshots of the preside ...…
If you are curious about how you can grow the SPA area of your company, we invite you to have a one hour SPA coaching call with Victoria Perry! Let her answer YOUR questions and guide your spa towards success. Sign up below: Name* First Last Email* Salon Name* jQuery(document).bind('gform_post_render', function(event, formId, currentPage){if(fo ...…
Episode #201 (Click to Listen) Back at the Galaxie Studio and William has questions. Edelbrock carburetors, outboard Honda engines, Optima batteries, SSBC brakes and the master cylinder failure, (install video here), we missed the SBMO club at Irwindale Speedway event, bullet electrical connectors.. and then some. You can check out what Davis i ...… Download this episode Subscribe: iTunes — Stitcher — TuneIn Radio — Google Play — RSS Episode #105 NAMB has filed a response to the Will McRaney lawsuit and requested it be moved to a Georgia court. Also, we sit down with Nate Millican to talk all things Phoe ...…
Episode 131 brought InterBrews back to Southern Star Brewing Company to chat with Owner/Founder Dave Fougeron and Marketing Ace Heather Hamilton about all the awesome things going on at SSBC. Some of those topics included their 9th Anniversary Party, their new Dark Ale made with Transylvanian metal legends Negura Bunget and much more like: What ...…
This episode is about Secure Scuttlebutt - a database of unforgeable append-only feeds, optimized for efficient replication for peer to peer protocols. Scuttlebutt in slang usage means rumor or gossip, deriving from the nautical term for the cask used to serve water (or, later, a water fountain) A gossi ...…
Michael Cole Live! #28. View on Youtube. The post “BOOST to SUPER BLAST”: Michael Cole Facebook LIVE #28 appeared first on Summit Salon.
In this sermon, Pastor Chester answers the question, "where and when is the Kingdom of God" and challenges all believers to live for the King, today.
In this sermon, Pastor Chester explores the importance of Jesus Christ as a man and His purpose of coming to earth.
Smith Street Baptist Church
Pastor Chester continues "The Call - Part 5" with the next part of this series, "Counting the Cost." In this sermon, he will address just what is really expected when it comes to following Jesus. “Perhaps before telling people that we follow Christ, we should consider the cost of actually following Him and be willing to pay up.” #‎ssbcpastorspoint…
Episode 114 of InterBrews is full of mystery and unknow truths. With their new taproom and glorious new brewery, Southern Star BC has a beer that will get you wondering “what exactly is this?” or will it? The point is you don’t know for sure. Or will you? I’ve said too much already. Are Dave and Heather from SSBC actually on this episode or is ...…
South Side Baptist Church Download this episode Subscribe: iTunes — Stitcher — TuneIn Radio — Google Play — RSS Episode #019 A look at this week’s SBC Symposium and some news about animal care from ERLC and LifeWay Research. News Recap NAMB: New NAMB logo announced — ...…
The Reactive Training Systems Podcast
Mike: Today we’re going to be talking about what it’s like to own a gym. Matt you already mentioned having the doors open at your place, it sounds like SSPT is a no-AC kind of place. Matt: We joke that we provide a free sauna in july and august. It can be hot but we find that most people like to be warm while they train. We try to keep the door ...… Download this episode Subscribe: iTunes — Stitcher — TuneIn Radio — Google Play — RSS Episode #005 We cover the Charleston massacre and the Supreme Court Ruling on Same Sex Marriage. We also tie up a few loose ends left over from Columbus and sit down with Ke ...…
WhichCraft Will You Choose Episode 61 of InterBrews is the first stop on the InterBrews Austin Road Trip. Southern Star Brewing Company’s Austin Sales Rep Blake Murrah and WhichCraft ownner Jody Reys talked up the Ausin out look on Houston beers, the importance of knowing where the beer drinker is coming from and defined what a proper craft bee ...…
Primer Podcast
Again at the North Long Beach Satellite Studio after working on the Mustang…We has brakes! Thank you to SSBC for the booster, master, and front disc brake assemblies. We also got into what our big plans for Valentines Day were, updates, listener mail, and more! Episode #148 Link to video
Episode 60 of InterBrews was recorded at Southern Star Brewing Company in Conroe, TX. Founder Dave Fougeron and marketing and sales gurus Omar “The Irish Car Bomb” Viengar and Heather Hamilton were our guests. We got to try the brand new Half Nelson IPA (part of SSBC’s Hoped & Screwed series) and their spring seasonal Red Cockaded. We talked ab ...…
Recorded after working on Davis’ 1967 Mustang (aka Project Nickel and Dime) doing the first phase of a front disc brake conversion from Stainless Steel Brake Company (SSBC). Other topics we got on was the Japanese Classic Car Show here in Long Beach, Pete Brock and BRE, California law, pressure washers, William’s truck blows a gasket, SEMA, and ...…
Chris Duke shows you how to install an Air Lift Suspension System, SSBC Brakes, ProCharger Supercharger, Magnaflow Exhaust, and more.By (Duke-Taylor Productions, LLC).
Michael Jonas discusses the features and benefits of SSBCs many product lines of disc brake kits, including its new Force 10 aluminum calipers, boosters and master cylinders, and the all new Big Bite Cross Drilled Rotor program. Go to to learn more about SSBC and its products.…
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