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STD: A Star Trek Discovery Podcast
A podcast covering the latest in Star Trek Discovery, along with all things Trek. Hosted by Clarence Brown, Kyle Jones, Andy Sims, Jonathan Shorts, and Kary Brown.
Podcasts – The STD Project
Breaking the Stigma
Life With Herpes
The Life With Herpes Podcast is created to educate, entertain and connect the underserved and, often ostracized, community of people living with herpes. Each week, Life With Herpes the show focuses on personal stories, managing day to day life with herpes, a weekly Ask Alexandra section, and weekly interviews with medical or industry professionals. We will cover things ranging from the stigma, how to cope and the hard core facts about herpes. The show will help people with the virus understa ...
Let's Talk Sex with Courtney Geter LMFT
Let's Talk Sex is hosted by Courtney Geter, LMFT. If it's sex? We bring you the latest!
DVDASA with David Choe and Asa Akira
A new lifestyle, relationship and entertainment podcast for young adults, with the primary goal of helping youth with relationship, sexuality, gambling and career problems. As a practicing adult film star who has been to the std clinic more than most people, Asa Akira’s answers have medical credibility, but the addition of interior decorator David Choe and custodial comedian Yoshi Obayashi’s humor and insight result in a program with entertainment value as well. The entire crew repeatedly lu ...
Herpes Opportunity
When herpes ceases being a shameful burden, it becomes an opportunity: to change self-defeating beliefs, for authentic connection, for deeper self-acceptance.
S.T.D.: L.A.
S.T.D.: L.A. is a wicked new satire aimed at the overabundance of dramatic procedural shows on television (especially the ones with acronyms)... just imagine CSI mixed with THE OFFICE. Check out a new episode every week by subscribing to S.T.D.: L.A. and "Catch It Now!"
Monotone Standard
craigslist personals, song lyrics, and your favorite written words out loud in a particular tone of voice.
Guide for Personal Injury, Accident & Malpractice Victim Compensation - Video
No one plans on being injured in an accident, a victim of medical malpractice, sexually or brutally assaulted, abused in other ways, molested as a child or injured in some way by a product they used, but when it happens they often find themselves at a loss as to how to receive fair compensation for their injuries and the treatment they deserve. The lawyers at Q Auto & Injury Attorneys, McCue, Reams & Associates tell stories, share experiences and offer advice to victims who are simply overwh ...
STI podcast
Sexually Transmitted Infections is the world's longest running international journal on sexual health. It aims to keep practitioners, trainees and researchers up to date in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of all STIs and HIV.
Reaching for Lucidity Podcast
RfL is the condom for your ears in the fight against STD's (sonically transmitted diseases) that are spread by mainstream media. RfL brings you the best in podsafe music along with irreverent news, facts, gossip, humor, and the award coveted by idiots everywhere, the RfL bitchslap award. All of this is brought to you by an American city boy stuck in small town rural England, so you know it is a mess! Kick back and enjoy the show! The Schedule is as follows Rock Mix Monday Indie and Alternati ...
STDPOdcast brings you interviews of people making a difference in the world of sexually transmitted disease prevention. Episodes focus on research, policy, medical and technological changes affecting STD and HIV health professionals at all levels. Learn more at
Phillips Brooks by HOWE, Mark Antony De Wolfe
Phillips Brooks (1835 - 1893) was one of the finest and most famous clergyman in the nineteenth century; he was acknowledged as a masterful preacher. His teachings were filled with understanding, compassion, and encouragement. He spent most of his life as rector of Trinity Church, Boston, and served briefly as Episcopal bishop of Massachusetts at the end of it (1891 - 1893). His life was a course of gaining an increasing name as preacher and patriot. In addition to his moral stature, he was ...
This is my new SCORES FOR MOVIES - podcast. This is where I play filmmusic I composed and produced to create cutting edge listening experiences in my movie podcast entirely entertaining.The scores you find here are written without an existing film. They are ideas of what I would consider suitable if I had to score a certain genre movie. If you are a music lover, a filmbuff, a filmscore enthusiast, a podcast listener, a normal geek who just has nothing better to do, if you are a filmmaker and ...
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DC Comics reveals the identity of Mister Oz as the mysteries of Dark Nights Metal continue to unfold. How will these stories impact Superman and Batman? Meanwhile, Captain America visits himself in prison and Marvel announces Phoenix Resurrection! How will this impact the time-displaced Jean Grey currently starring in both her own comic and X-M ...…
This week on This is for the Birds we listen to Akdong Musician, "200%", we have comedian Ryan Andrews and aspiring comedian Dave Katzman in the studio, we talk about an Indonesian shaman getting eaten by a crocodile, Uber for sex dolls, the Emmys, STD's, and a dumbbell f*&ks a dumbbell. Enjoy!
STD: A Star Trek Discovery Podcast Download file | Play in new window | Duration: 1:07:52 With the release of Star Trek Discovery just around the corner, we take a look at the newly released theme music via YouTube, and have an in-dept rambling about which Star Trek series theme song is best. We also talk a ...…
We review the first two-parts of Titan Comics’ latest multi-Doctor adventure in Episode 71 of Discussing Who. We discuss the story without revealing the return of (SPOILER), and that’s just in the first issue! The guest stars are many, and we can’t wait for Part Three! Plus, Doctor Who Day in Flowood, Mississippi! Hosted by Kyle Jones and Clare ...…
“What does ‘Mass’ mean? It comes to us from the very charge we’re given at the end of Mass: Ite, missa est. It’s the past participle of ‘to be sent.’ It’s to remind us of that service aspect–that what we do here continues out there. It cannot be contained within walls, just as He could not be contained.”…
John Mayer hits on Nicki Minaj via Twitter, Spike Lee and Jordan Peele are making a movie and Usher builds a defense in STD lawsuit. This week on the Unfaded Podcast episode 45. John Mayer tries to get at Nicki Minaj on Twitter. Some people cheer it on. Others recall a questionable interview Mayer did in 2002 with Playboy. Spike Lee and Jordan ...…
“Jesus chose … to be related to all of us who bear His name in baptism by water and the Holy Spirit. That’s His family.”
“You and I are together for three nights. So I thought we would look at that Man in the tomb with us for 40 hours in three ways. Tonight: Jesus of Nazareth—God made man, a human being who walked our dust and died our death. Tomorrow: Jesus Christ, the Church. And finally, then, on Tuesday night, Jesus Christ in the Eucharist, the Blessed Sacram ...…
Discussing Who: Doctor Who
We break the First Law of Time in Episode 70 of Discussing Who. What evil lurks within the antimatter universe? Can the Doctor help himselves save the Time Lords and all of reality? Find out in our review of ‘The Three Doctors’. Plus, date and announcements regarding WHOlanta 2018! Hosted by Kyle Jones, Clarence Brown, and Lee Shackleford. Abou ...…
On this episode of Nation of Recap, Alex makes his return to the program to help Jordan break down Before the 90 Days Episode 5. Before the 90 Days Episode 5 Show Notes: Jordan and Alex return to break down all the action from Before the 90 Days Episode 5. From questionable swimming attire to STD tests and wedding rings, we talk it all. Info: I ...…
STD: A Star Trek Discovery Podcast Download file | Play in new window | Duration: 1:02:23 Digital-first, sub-titled races, serialized-story, TV-MA rating–Not your daddy’s Star Trek? We attempt to un-pack all in the latest episode of the STD Podcast. Hosted by Andy Sims, Kyle Jones, Jonathan Shorts, and Clar ...…
Tweet On today's episode. the guys discuss horrible medication side effects, highly specific dating sites, and a man who spits his poop at cops. The post Beyond the Grind – Episode 5 – Fun with Drugs and STD’s appeared first on Wildfire Radio.
LOST EPISODE!!!!!!!!! The boys watched “It Follows” a 2014 indie horror film where a girl gets the scariest std in the world, one where a monster that looks like a person follows you around until it reaches you. By the way, only you can see it. Find out if they boys liked it or if they burn it down and leave. Listen to more Burn It Down and Lea ...…
This epsiode we talk about usher's alleged STD, the popularity of the sarahah app, Morgan's weight loss updates, truck stop hookers, and much more! send us a sarahah message at:!Email us your questions, comments, and if you want us give you some advice at uncutpod@gmail.comavailable on itunes, soundcloud, googleplay, an ...…
DAILY YOKELearn about egg freezing from start to finish. What to expect, how the shots feel, to what retrieval day looks like. Hear first hand the tips and trick to having a successful egg freezing cycle.Egg Freezing Checklist: --Complete pap smear and STD/STI testing in the last 90 days --Fertility clinic orders AMH or Ovarian Reserve Test, va ...…
On this week's episode we're discussing Usher's burning confessions (or lack there of), R Kelly's creepy sex cult, and why we got to do better as a community to keep these artists in check. Two very talented men, two very fucked up situations; so where do we draw the line? Is it possible to separate the art from the artist or should we hold the ...…
The famous pop singer, actor and performer Usher is in the news, as he stands accused of exposing three people to a sexually-transmitted disease. The central allegation is that he knew he had an STD but failed to disclose it when having sex with the three individual plaintiffs. This is civil litigation, so we’ll do Senior Legal Analyst time tod ...…
conversations surrounding sexual orientation and STD's still shock people in 2017. Bobby Valentino was "exposed". Usher allegedly spreading herpes to men too? The breakfast club is guilty by association when it came to semi transgender phobic dialog.
Between Usher's Herpes, Lil Duval's toxic masculinity, and Janet Mock dropping gems; we're thinking alot about Disclosure. Should people have to disclose being trans or having a STD/STI? Why cant we all just have sex in peace! Find us on social media:Instagram: @bfwspodTwitter: @bfwspodTevinInstagram: @myworldlyobsessions Twitter: @TJ_IVMarjonI ...…
In another lonely two-hander, Euan and Alex discuss the ethics of the true crime genre, wonder whether Americans have letterboxes, and give the listeners tips on how to steal each other’s mail. They also talk exhaustively about the relative merits of windows and doors, feeling sick at Scotland’s number one theme park, and one of the most tragic ...…
Sexually transmitted diseases have become a mainstay in the primary care setting but with recent reports that the numbers are on the rise a Public Health crisis may not be too far behind. Today were are going to be focusing on just three STDs, syphilis, gonorrhea & herpes simplex. Because of the recent legal troubles Usher has been having regar ...…
Attorney General Jeff Sessions responds to the lawsuit against the Department of Justice filed by the City of Chicago. Adam Carolla discusses the overly PC culture in the world we live in. Plus, if you have an STD, do you have to disclose it if you're famous?
Plus, a new report links troops' suicide risk with a lack of follow-up care, three people are accusing Usher of failing to disclose an alleged STD, Chicago is suing over Trump's immigration policies and it's National Lighthouse Day! (Photo: Evan Agostini, Invision/AP)
Get N Tha Game Podcast
So now that "Usher Herpes" is a thing we decided to talk about it and our own STD experiences, plus we recap the best in black T.V. and in #AskFat the question is, "Is Chamillonaire the best Texas artist ever?" Uh Okay... Follow Us on Social Media! Twitter: @_GetNThaGame Facebook: Get N Tha Game Podcast IG: @GetNThaGame Ki Ki J: @officialkikij ...…
Hello Friends!In light of the recent Usher having herpes news, enjoy this episode where we discuss possibly dating someone with a STD.Would you date someone with a STD?Could you forgive a partner who cheated and contracted it?Let us know in the comments down below!Follow Us:Sip & SpillIG/Twitter:…
Crystal and I try to find out what STD is by putting them head to head and see what one you would most like to have. Aid vs Herpies, Crabs vs Scabies. What is better?
Sex & Sensuality® Podcast
Welcome back to the Sex and Sensuality® Podcast with Meka Nicole! On this episode we will continue our alternate relationship series discussing open relationships. There are many couples who participate in open relationships i.e. the commedian Monique and her husband in which they are very vocal about. What are your thoughts surrouding open rel ...…
G.F.T Radio
Join us as we talk trending topics: R&B Singers Usher (STD/Lawsuit) & R. Kelly (Kidnapping/Cult)Former Navy Seal Dwanya Hickerson, 40 years for stabbing transgender women Dee Whigham 119 timesOJ Simpson gets paroled.Why do we stereotype? All that and more. You can join us by calling in (657) 383-1155 phone lines open up at 10:15pm. You can also ...…
DO23.07.921Gespräch mit irak.Opositionellen.Kritik an BgA Propagadashow:Vom irak.Propagandamin. bezahlte und bestellte Show. Kritik der UNO-Blockade, statttdessen Kontenbeschlagnahme. Irakische Opposition und Vorstellungen zur Alternative Hussein-Regi26I/SDO23.07.922
In episode 17, we discuss the news surrounding our society NOW. We take a look at a summer camp closing its doors due to the drowning of a 5 year old boy. We also look at Tesla’s decision to add a female African American CEO to their board of directors. Plus, Usher is all over the news with his STD scandal. All of this and more on #SocietyNOW!…
In episode 17, we discuss the news surrounding our society NOW. We take a look at a summer camp closing its doors due to the drowning of a 5 year old boy. We also look at Tesla’s decision to add a female African American CEO to their board of directors. Plus, Usher is all over the news with his STD scandal. All of this and more on #SocietyNOW!…
It seems these days men are more of groupies and leeches to money and other men of status more than women. The boys welcome back Bursey as they discuss if it's ok for men to ask for a seat at the table or create their own table. Also with Usher truly letting is burn in Hollywood the boys unveil a few more celebs suspected of having STD's. Plus, ...…
Nosebleed Seats
It's about that time for some Nosebleed Seats, the show everyone can afford to listen too! On episode 25 the silver anniversary edition we break down the latest news in the NFL and the whats going on with the Dallas Cowboys as they open training camp. Eric introduces a new segment called Biggest L, Biggest dub. We break down the latest in the N ...…
Best of both worlds with Candiklynn
Episode 6: Ferst Person and Candiklynn talk R.Kelly and the new allegations of a cult, we talk Usher and his legal battles in regards to women accusing him of STD's, Yo Gotti new hit Rake It Up, and the legacy of the late Great PIMP C.....
Pretty Lit The Podcast
Episode 27 ft. Jamilah Shabazz While the crew is away, Bdot figures out how to do the show alone. Featuring Jamilah discussing STD Prevention, Trusting God & forgiveness. & How telling her story has blessed 1,000's all over the world. We Answer "Who would you want to meet, dead or alive?" & BG from N.W.P Podcast joins in for the fun. Bdot asks ...…
Episode 30 of the Something Great Podcast we talk Drake Clowns Jay Z w/ the money phone 'They said Don't Put Money to your ear? I Didn't Hear that!' and more!
Tune in to the latest episode of the Ice Cream Convos Podcast to get the full "skressful" scoop on Usher's STD saga: the settlement, the new lawsuit, the cheating, and looming litigation from other women. You'll also get some important information about herpes, the risks, and prevention. As always you'll get the latest scoop in TV, film, baby n ...…
Boom Howdy's KC Canton asked;If you could live inside a video game in real life what game would you pick? Listen for the cast answers...We got an exclusive sneak peek at Hulu’s upcoming outrageous and visually bold action comedy “Future Man” at Comic-Con. Josh Hutcherson stars as Josh Futterman, janitor at an STD research laboratory by day, bad ...…
The Wannabes answer some of the most pressing questions of our times. Would you sleep with a hot chick even if you know she had STD's? Why can't you die of AIDS anymore? Who is the Beyonce, who is the Kelly Rowland, and who is the "that other chick" of the American Wannabes? Was R. Kelly the soundtrack of your childhood? Please subscribe on iTu ...…
The Wannabes answer some of the most pressing questions of our times. Would you sleep with a hot chick even if you know she had STD's? Why can't you die of AIDS anymore? Who is the Beyonce, who is the Kelly Rowland, and who is the "that other chick" of the American Wannabes? Was R. Kelly the soundtrack of your childhood? Please subscribe on iTu ...…
Welcome to the 6th episode of Wild & Woke! During this episode we discuss sex cults, STD's and the Detroit Riots. Plus we pay homage to our birthplace DETROIT! Continue to listen, share and comment! Also, send us questions. Get WILD AND STAY WOKE!
Everyday Ignorance Podcast
This week we turned Everyday Ignorance into Ignorant Sports in honor of our special guest Jordan from Just Ball Out Podcast. Him & his girl came to kick it & talk plenty of sh*t from his favorite sports/financial podcasts, his strong dislike for Nina’s #MCM Bomani Jones podcast, & The Summer League Games. He also dropped a major key as to why g ...…
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