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Hey, you know your way around a desktop - so now dig into Windows XP and really put your PC to work! Discover the best and fastest ways to perform everyday tasks, and challenge yourself to new levels of Windows Mastery! Released every Thursday at midnight Pacific.
Hey, you know your way around a desktop - so now dig into Windows Vista and really put your PC to work! Discover the best and fastest ways to perform everyday tasks, and challenge yourself to new levels of Windows Mastery! Released every Friday at midnight Pacific.
Do you need to get your work done with Microsoft Word smoothly, easily, and quickly? If so, you’ve picked the right podcast. This podcast is designed to help beginning and intermediate users get up to speed quickly with Word 2010 and immediately become productive with it. Released every Tuesday at midnight Pacific.
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Host: Rudy Stebih ‘Narrator’ is a text-to-speech utility for users who are blind or have impaired vision. Running time: 4:12By (HelpDeskTV).
Host: Rudy Stebih Outlook Express blocks pictures and other content from appearing in your messages to help you avoid viewing potentially offensive material. Running time: 2:03By (HelpDeskTV).
Host: Rudy Stebih If you are left-handed, you may want to change the way your mouse works to make the mouse easier to use. Running time: 2:10By (HelpDeskTV).
Host: Rudy Stebih When printing your address book, you can choose to print the contact information for every contact or only a specific contact. Running time: 3:17By (HelpDeskTV).
Host: Rudy Stebih When browsing through Web pages, you may see a picture of your favorite celebrity, animal, painting or building that you want to save on your computer. Running time: 1:58By (HelpDeskTV).
Host: Rudy Stebih If you want to hear audio cues for events in Windows, the closing of a program or the arrival of new e-mails, you can assign sounds to those events. Running time: 2:38By (HelpDeskTV).
Host: Rudy Stebih When you reply to an e-mail message, Outlook Express automatically adds the person who sent you the message to your address book. Running time: 1:14By (HelpDeskTV).
Host: Rudy Stebih We'll show you how to save your Word document 3 different ways as well as changing the default save location. Running time: 2:27By (HelpDeskTV).
Host: Rudy Stebih Why not let Windows Mail do some of the work of organizing your e-mail messages for you? Running time: 4:36By (HelpDeskTV).
Host: Rudy Stebih Toolbars can be displayed with or without their titles. Their icons can also be displayed with either large or small icons, and with or without text. Running time: 3:01By (HelpDeskTV).
Host: Rudy Stebih On April 12, Microsoft released the first platform preview for Internet Explorer 10. Running time: 3:54By (HelpDeskTV).
Host: Rudy Stebih Internet Explorer 9's InPrivate Browsing enables you to surf the web without leaving a trail. Running time: 2:34By (HelpDeskTV).
Host: Rudy Stebih Internet Explorer 9 takes full advantage of the operating system and hardware to fully accelerate rendering of web pages. Running time: 5:27By (HelpDeskTV).
Host: Rudy Stebih With One Click Browsing, your favorite websites can be accessed directly from the Windows taskbar so that you don't need to first open the browser. Running time: 3:56By (HelpDeskTV).
Host: Rudy Stebih People who like to give commands by pressing keyboard shortcuts can still do so in Word 2010. Running time: 2:04By (HelpDeskTV).
Host: Rudy Stebih Live previewing allows you to see the results of a text format, fonts or style before actually making the choice. Running time: 1:49By (HelpDeskTV).
Host: Rudy Stebih Windows 7 includes a new feature called 'Aero Snaps' that makes it easy to work with certain windows without being distract by the clutter of others. Aero Snap has 3 functions... Running time: 3:06By (HelpDeskTV).
Host: Rudy Stebih The new Aero user interface adds a powerful enhancement called Windows Flip 3D. With Windows Flip 3D, you can quickly preview all of your open windows without having to click the taskbar. Running time: 2:05By (HelpDeskTV).
Host: Rudy Stebih In the last video, we should you how you could size and reposition toolbars on the desktop. You can also dock a toolbar or the taskbar to anyone of the edges on your desktop. Running time: 2:03By (HelpDeskTV).
Host: Rudy Stebih In the previous episode, we introduced you to the new Ribbon bar which replaces the traditional menus which had become increasingly cluttered as more features and commands were added. The Ribbon bar commands are organized into tabs that group related commands together. Running time: 2:56…
Host: Rudy Stebih So what have you got to do to enjoy an Internet speed increase in IE8? Simple! This episode will show you all the details. Running time: 1:48By (HelpDeskTV).
Host: Rudy Stebih Over the past few years, a new type of backup utility that backs up entire PC systems using system images has become quite popular. These types of backups protect against a hardware crash, for example, if your hard drive completely fails, you can purchase a new drive and use the system image to restore the PC to its previous s ...…
Host: Rudy Stebih Before you can move or resize toolbars on the taskbar, the taskbar must be unlocked. We then show you how to move and resize your taskbar located on the bottom of your screen. Running time: 2:33By (HelpDeskTV).
Host: Rudy Stebih If your new to Office 2010, you will have noticed the NEW graphical user interface called the ‘Ribbon’ bar. If you’re an Office 2007 user, not so much. You will be glad to know that the interface of all the Office programs is pretty much the same. Follow along with me as I walk you through this new ‘Ribbon’ user interface and ...…
Host: Rudy Stebih Once Windows 7 is installed and up-to-date, it’s time to bring back those data files & settings. Running time: 3:10By (HelpDeskTV).
Host: Rudy Stebih Too many people don't think about backing up their data until it's too late and the data has already been lost. This shouldn't ever be the case, but, unfortunately, it is. Windows Vista contains a reliable backup and restore solution for both data files and the entire computer. Running time: 3:41…
Host: Rudy Stebih Windows keeps track of all the settings on the toolbars submenu from one startup to the next except for the Language Bar. Here we will show you how to get rid of the pesky language bar. Running time: 1:28By (HelpDeskTV).
Host: Rudy Stebih While Windows Vista allows you to perform an in-place upgrade to Windows 7, Windows XP does not. Running time: 5:35By (HelpDeskTV).
Host: Rudy Stebih The Network And Sharing Center Panel provides a one-stop access to all networking settings. Running time: 1:00By (HelpDeskTV).
Host: Rudy Stebih In each of the Windows versions, you can utilize several shell view styles, each of which presents the files and folders you’re looking at in a slightly different way. Running time: 2:45By (HelpDeskTV).
Host: Rudy Stebih A toolbar is a collection of icons that simplifies your everyday tasks by making icons visible for you to see on your desktop that you can quickly make use of. Running time: 2:45By (HelpDeskTV).
Host: Rudy Stebih New to Windows 7, security-related options have been gathered in a new application called 'Action Center'. Running time: 2:25By (HelpDeskTV).
Host: Rudy Stebih The Windows Vista Start menu works great until you need something that’s not listed on the menu, or something you rarely use is just getting in the way. Running time: 1:39By (HelpDeskTV).
Host: Rudy Stebih Sometimes it’s difficult to work in a small window and you would like to just see it fill the whole screen. Well, you can very simply. Running time: 1:25By (HelpDeskTV).
Host: Rudy Stebih A default installation of Windows 7 includes basic security safeguards that protect your PC from a variety of threats with one important exception. Running time: 1:01By (HelpDeskTV).
Host: Rudy Stebih By clicking the Start button, you can start programs, adjust Windows Vista’s settings, find help for sticky situations, or, shut down Windows Vista. Running time: 1:26By (HelpDeskTV).
Host: Rudy Stebih Sometimes, moving the window around isn’t enough. They still cover each other up. By using your mouse to yank on a window’s corner border, and you can change its size. Running time: 1:25By (HelpDeskTV).
Host: Rudy Stebih We are going to show you how to view & measure your computer systems performance index on the key subsystems. Running time: 1:16By (HelpDeskTV).
Host: Rudy Stebih As we introduce you to the recycle bin, we will show you how to delete & recover files from the recycle bin as well as how to delete your files forever. Running time: 2:13By (HelpDeskTV).
Host: Rudy Stebih Today we'll show you how to move a window around the desktop to see what's hidden beneath or to bring it into view from the edge of the screen. Running time: 1:03By (HelpDeskTV).
Host: Rudy Stebih If your looking to change your screen resolution to fit more windows on your screen or to make the windows larger if your having trouble seeing the window, this video will show you how to make the screen resolution larger or smaller. That is to say, make your windows screen larger or smaller. Running time: 1:29…
Host: Rudy Stebih Are your icons spread all over your desktop? In this video, we'll show you how to clean up those icons on your desktop in some resemblance of order. Running time: 1:46By (HelpDeskTV).
Host: Rudy Stebih We'll show you how to bring a completely hidden window to the front of your screen using a keyboard shortcut. Running time: 1:29By (HelpDeskTV).
Host: Rudy Stebih Introduction to Internet Explorer 8 new browsing capabilities called Accelerators. Running time: 1:05By (HelpDeskTV).
Host: Rudy Stebih The desktop is where all your work takes place. We show you how the desktop is divided into 4 main parts. Running time: 1:30By (HelpDeskTV).
Host: Rudy Stebih We'll show you how to bring a window that is hidden to the front of the screen. Running time: 1:44By (HelpDeskTV).
Host: Rudy Stebih The new action center consolidates messages, troubleshooting tools and basic system management functions in a single location. Running time: 1:19By (HelpDeskTV).
Host: Rudy Stebih A brief look at the new file organizing feature called 'Libraries' which presents a unified view of data files stored in multiple locations that you can search, filter, sort and group the entire collection. Running time: 1:19By (HelpDeskTV).
Host: Rudy Stebih Check out some of the new features with the Windows 7 taskbar. Running time: 1:34By (HelpDeskTV).
Host: Rudy Stebih Answers to basic questions about your operating system and computer. Running time: 1:33By (HelpDeskTV).
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