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Steeltown Pro Wrestling has exploded back into the Manitoba wrestling picture with a spectacular comeback show at the Transcona Hi Neighbour Festival! All your SPW questions will be answered in this SPW SPECIAL! Who was on the SPW roster? What were the results? Where was Ernie Todd? Where was Vinnie Valiant.? Why was Billy Blaze at the event? W ...…
The similarities of Marc Merric and Shane Madison's phiosophy on local wrestling are examined and a look ahead to the return of Steeltown Pro Wrestling as they head into this weekend's all ages event in Transcona. All this...and you Prank calls
Steeltown Pro Wrestling has announced it's 2nd live event for the month of June. We will discuss the direction this new version of SPW is taking what lies ahead. We look at the latest Primos TV wrestling episode featuring Harry Smith and Colt Cabana and why CWE TV has it's air time cut in half.
SPW has been sold to a new owner and will resume a schedule of live shows after a period of readjustment . All current SPW wrestlers will be given the first option for roster spots . Expect to see some new faces. The new owner will explain why he bought the promotion against the advice of some very prominant wrestling personalities. Does SPW ha ...…
We look at Monday Night's C4W TV tapings and the 7 man crew who took part. We review last week's Steeltown Pro Wrestling TV episode and why many are saying was the best local show in the past 6 months. We discuss the SPW/CWE merger rumors We preview this Friday night's CWE Shane Douglas a draw anymore? We preview this Saturday's PCW s ...…
On Sunday night Steeltown Pro Wrestling put on a wild event in front of a standing room only crowd. We have the results. Some key RCW crew and Office staff were also in attendance. Find out why. We also look ahead to this week's River City Wrestling and Premier Championship Wrestling live events.
We'll look at last weekends New Brand Wrestling and Steeltown Pro Wrestling shows and preview this week's PCW and CWE shows...PLUS your calls.
We preview this weeks upcoming shows, including live events presented by New Brand Wrestling, a 3 show tour by Steeltown Pro Wrestling and the return to Winnipeg of WWE featuring Chris Jericho. Crazy Horse calls in from Saskatchewan!
Tuesday Night Heat
We look at the Steeltown Pro Wrestling Results of last week and preview the Premier Championship Wrestling event being held this week ....Special guest call in from John in Detroit...RCW announces purchase of new ring...PLUS your toll free calls at 1 877-287-2682
Packed house for Steeltown Pro Wrestling in Winnipeg...New Brand Wrestling at the Ellice Theatre on Saturday...SPW in Selkirk the same night...Premier Championship Wrestling next Thursday night and River City Wrestling preps for a Saturday night in the inner city. RCW Facebook page: Plus your to ...…
Shane Madison once again showed his hatred towards the local business by showing disrespect to both Adam Knight and Robby Royce. We look at Sunday's Steeltown Pro Wrestling Results...we preview this Thursday's Premier Championship Wrestling Show...and follow the ongoing soap opera that is New Brand Wrestling.…
Steeltown Pro Wrestling and CWE results...TJ Bratt makes a surprise call to the show...Madison plays joke on CWE crewmembers by promoting the show the day after it was held. Why violence IS the answer to some of life's problems ie Bin Ladin.
Kenny Omega retains title in a blizzard, along with more PCW results. Laurence 'the Weasel' Fozzworth calls in to announce his retirement. Steeltown Pro Wrestling and New Brand Wrestling go head to head this Saturday night. Call ins from Bobby J, Big Joe Thunder, Vinnie Valiant, and the Masked MessAnger (Omar Nicholas).…
-Review of CWE 'Do or Die' 2nd Anniversary Show featuring the late Carlito -CWE Lap Dance controversy...was it appropriate at an all ages show? -A Jamie Galloway alternative to the Lap Dance Segment -Steeltown Pro Wrestling goes head to head with New Brand Wrestling -Premier Championship Wrestling update LIVE Chat Room open during the live show ...…
Dan King gives details of Ric Flair Winnipeg Appearance AND.. - Wayne & Shane mailbag - Louie's Lunchbox - SPW Deep Stooge report - PCW and CWE previews - Two "mystery participants" confirmed for the PCW show on Thursday with two spots remaining PLUS: Sanchez shuts up Ricky Cena, other "mystery guests" approached by PCW, update on Wayne's train ...…
Shocking news from wfxinsider...Moses Luke calls in...PCW and New Brand Wrestling results...Steeltown Pro Wrestling Preview...Kai Suderman answers his critics...Why TJ Bratt walked out on Omar...Worker with WWE aspirations de booked from New Brand...wrestler's cheques bounce from Morden show, live chatroom during show AND YOUR TOLL FREE CALLS…
In what only can be described as a shocking wrestling news story, last night's New Brand Wrestling show out drew Canadian Wrestling's Elite Regina show. CWE headlined with Billy Gunn and Road Dog. The NBW crew was bolstered by a few Steeltown Pro Wrestling imports. The crowd was hot as NBW took another step ahead of Ringmasters Ent.…
We respond to comments made by TJ Bratt and Andrew Shallcross last Friday night regarding our show. Mike Davidson joins us. We look at Steeltown Pro Wrestling's Friday and Saturday night show's. We'll also take a last look at the recently completed Canadian Wrestling's Elite Ontario tour. You can call us toll free to participate.…
MCWR returns! We will recap PCW Thunderstruck tonight and dive into all the huge Manitoba wrestling news! PCW's major announcements! CWE's incredible growth! WFX ramping up the "Chapter One" hype into full gear! All this plus Steeltown Pro Wrestling, Ring of Honor, TNA, and more! We'll also drop hints about future guests and give our usual hone ...…
We look ahead to this Thursday's Premier Championship Wrestling show and this Saturday's Steeltown Pro Wrestling show. Bobby Jay joins us for the last 15 minutes to talk about his match with Petey Williams. A letter from Jethro Hawg is analized. An SPW Winnipeg date is announced along with the opening of the new CWE training center. We announce ...…
Tonight we discuss the Canadian Wrestling's Elite northern tour, and why Steeltown Pro Wrestling is the #2 Manitoba based wrestling promotion. Danny Duggan and AJ Sanchez share road stories and experiences with Big Vito.
PCW refuses Wayne & Shane access to their "secret" message board! The ever controversial Mike Davidson returns. PCW's Jay Walker challenges CWE's Brian Rich to a fight! Rich tries to punch mystery woman! Preview of Steeltown Pro Wrestling and Ringmasters Entertainment live events. We respond to the latest email/voicemails of our #1 fan TJ Bratt ...…
Scotty Libido guests on the show. Canadian Wrestling's Elite's Nov 28th show is previewed and Steeltown Pro Wrestling's Nov 21st show is reviewed.
Results and observations from Friday night's SPW live event in Selkirk, Manitoba
Steeltown Pro Wrestling Preview... Canadian Wrestling's Elite Preview... Kerry Brown Tribute Show fundraising news... Shane Madison co-hosts with special guest AJ Sanchez
Results and observations from the SPW live event on October 10/09 from Selkirk Manitoba
Recap of Saturday night's live event
Tuesday Night Heat
A look at last week's Steeltown Pro Wrestling and Canadian Wrestling's Elite shows along with other current pro wrestling news.
A 15 minute review of Saturday Night's live event
The results of the show
Tuesday Night Heat
Review of both the Ringmasters show of May 22nd and the Premier Championship Wrestling Show of May 20th along with Steeltown Pro Wrestling News Co host Shane Madison will offer his expert opinion on a number of relevant topics
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