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Steve Matthes covers the sport of supercross/motocross from all angles, this is the feed for the Racer X podcast show, show, Privateer Island, and the post-race Pulpcasts
Motocross fans of the world connect to their sport every week on the groundbreaking Show. Tune in Monday nights at 6PST/9EST for an entirely new way to get your bench racing fix.
The only rider hosted podcast. Bringing you a view from within the closed doors and guarded mindset of the athlete, from both within motocross and from other realms of sport as well.
18 year NHL’er turned TSN color analyst Ray Ferraro offers his prodigal insight and busts freelance journalist/Podcaster Steve Matthes chops as they talk hockey. Tune in, subscribe and tell some friends.
Volume 1 of the Steve Matthes Show podcast. Spanning show 1 in 2008 all the way through 2010, before we had any clue where the idea would lead. There's MX gold in here folks and the treasures continue in Volume 2, find it in iTunes or your preferred podcast feed client.
Volume 2 of the Steve Matthes Show podcast. This archive spans 2011-2012. There's MX gold in here folks.
Volume 3 of the Steve Matthes Show podcast. This archive spans 2013-2014. There's MX gold in here folks.
Fly Racing is proud to bring to you the Fly Racing MOTO:60 Show brought to you by GET, Maxxis and Pro Taper. We bring you the live bench-racing discussion before every race. Thursday afternoons a 11pm PST. Listen in, call in and pass the word. Thanks to Fly Racing, GET, Pro Taper and Maxxis Tires and thanks for listening!
Steve Matthes and special guests give you the real deal behind the classic races of MX and SX.
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Post-race interviews brought to you by Pro Circuit.
John Anderson & Chris Cooksey join Darkside for this week's Wrap Up Show to discuss if Weege & Daniel Blair held their own, did RC coming on count, Steve's call from Cabo, and so much more. And more Hello Pookie.
The one and only Travis Pastrana comes on to discuss the RMzilla backflipping monster at Straight Rhythm. Brandon Hartranft had an amazing showing in his KTM debut at Straight Rhythm and joins us to talk about it. Eric Peronnard comes on to talk Moto promoting. Weege and Blair are in studio running the show, hopefully not burning the place down.…
Darkside welcomes in TJ Albright and @bobbyCheezus to talk about Pulpmx Show #401 including the MXDN discussions and negativity, will the USA ever win again, RBSR, two beds pushed together, will Steve race the World Vets, Pookie. voice mails amd how we'd like to see behind the scenes Vlogs
Freshly returned from Assen where Team USA actually kicked our own Assen's after the gate dropped in Moto 1, we have Team captain Zach-O to talk about the uphill battle. We also have Paul Malin who called the race as well as Anton who was there for the event as well. Hammer comes on to talk RBSR and the great Skip Norfolk is in-studio to help a ...…
OTOR’s Adam Wheeler and JT sit down with Matthes to recap what happened to Team USA at the MXDN, Holland’s win, Belgium, what’s next and more.
Adam Wheeler from OTOR, JT and Matthes get together to review what happened Saturday in Holland at the MXDN and what’s going to happen tomorrow.
Matthes sends over a couple of quick podcasts with Gauthier Paulin of Team France and Will Hahn of Team USA about the MXDN and more.
This week Zach welcomes on Stefan Everts to talk about his recent fight with Malaria, his incredible career, some of the decisions he made during that career, his son Liam's riding and more
This week Darkside goes back into the archives and is joined by Gringo and Randy Richardson to discuss the early Pulpmx Show #9 and #200. They go over the sound quality changes, host changes, Steve not wanting to answer filth and trash questions from Keefer, classic stories and how RV will do in the GP's…
We talk to privateer hero Alex Nagy about his entry into the Red Bull Straight Rhythm on a Pulpmx YZ125, his MX and SX season, the sport in general, hitting ramps and more. Pulpmx30 code to save at FXR and Pulp19 code at Race Tech to save.
Matthes meets up with Chad Reed at the Las Vegas Speedway while he was driving a Lambo to talk about his passion for car racing, his 2020 plans, why he hasn't started riding yet and more
We catch up to the Bear in this island pod to talk about racing a KX500 at Red Bull Straight Rhythm, his plans for 2020, the mental part of being a racer and we also welcome on Jay from RAK Racing to find out what that's all about and his involment with Tyler and the sport in general. Pulpmx30 code to save at FXR and Pulp19 code at R ...…
JT and Weege join me to talk about what we're going to see next week at the MXDN, predictions, thoughts and then also some ranting about the AMA numbers being released.
In this episode Darkside somehow tries to wrap up Pulpmx Show #400 by having Derek "Jericho" Rankin, James Vidmar and Wes Cargal come on to talk about the chaos, mics being hit, RV showing his ass, who would win on a 125, some motocross stuff and all the rest of the fun. A bonus discussion with Gringo about #400 as well as Hello Pookie…
We get two of the best test riders in the industry to break down the 2020 bikes, what’s changed, what’s not, testing stories and more
FOUR HUNDRED SHOWS!! This fleeting idea of a weekly live show has come so much further than we ever could have dreamed and for this incredible achievement we pulled out the big guns. Four of the most outspoken, honest and gas-lighting friends of the show we have ever had. RV, AC, NYK and Jake n Coke. What a glorious night! Thanks to all you fan ...…
Short little pod with Honda's Justin Brayton from Montreal SX on his new deal and how it came together, his off-season races and more
Post-race interviews brought to you by Pro Circuit.
Ron Lechien talks about finally getting elected to the AMA Hall of Fame, regrets in his career, changing teams, his post-injury racing career, going to the races now and more
In this episode Darkside welcomes on Skippy from EVS Sports and Kyle Wolfe to discuss Pookie getting hammered at 722's wedding, Steve's rants, how Pulpmx has affected your life, no After Dark this week and who's going to be in for show #400
Former teammates and SX and MX champions, Johnny O'Mara and David Bailey talk about meeting each other, training together, Honda Land, David's accident and more.
Zach-O is already abroad preparing for the MXdN and he's a damn hero for doing it. He's on to talk about the task at hand. 722 just got married and we have the newlywed on to talk about getting hitched. John Anderson of Dubya is in studio for some good old bench racing and Keefer is in as well.
In this episode Darkside welcomes on Alex Ray, who was just in-studio, and Andrew Ward to discuss show #398 including Matthes' hot new neighbour, Davi Millsaps training, more A Ray, should voice mails be played with no discussion, who's a better wrestler- Hogan or Jericho and of course, Hello Pookie segment…
Kyle tells us about his outdoor season, why he only made five rounds, the joy of racing, privateer life, making money as a privateer, his favorite bike over the years and more. Pulpmx30 code to save at FXR and Pulp19 code at Race Tech to save.
We talk to SX & MX winner Marty Tripes about his great career including winning the first ever SX, the '78 USGP at Unadilla, racing for Harley-Davidson, his decision to quit racing for a year, his two-stroke race series coming up and much more.
Benny Bloss is on to talk about his abbreviated 2019 season, looking ahead to 2020 and what it is about he and his mechanic, Derrik Rankin who is also on, that makes them work like true brothers. Davi Millsaps is on to talk about the retired life and what it's like being full Dad-mode. Alex Ray is in studio and has a lot of essssplaining to do!…
It's over! Recapping Indiana and a great year in Thanks for playing everyone, see you in 2020!
Darkside welcomes in Wil Hahn and @ForknersTemper from Twitter to breakdown show 397 including whether or not AC wins right away, J Mart coming back, Chic Fil A, #9 versus #92, effing fantasy and another edition of Hello Pookie
Zach Osborne sits down with Red Bull KTM's Cooper Webb to talk about his early career, his crazy turnaround this year and he takes some questions on his criticism.
After his impressive 2nd moto at Indiana we call up Weltin to talk about that, the differences in 250MX vs 450MX, his summer up in Canada, his 2020 plans, Phil, Europe and more. Pulpmx30 code to save at FXR and Pulp19 code at Race Tech to save.
Damon Bradshaw is in studio to talk about e-biking with Matthes, his role with Fly Racing and being back at the races, we go through his career from mini bike hero to turning pro, the 92 SX season, his retirement, comeback, MHR Honda and more.
Wrapping up action from the race weekend, covering all the scoops, with the normal cast of characters.
J Mart has been through a lot in the last year and it's great to get him back on the show to talk about his progress and finally being able to look toward another race year in 2020. Jett Lawrence has everybody talking since Loretta's and he comes on to introduce himself to the Pulp fans. DC joins us to talk about another great year of racing in ...…
Post-race interviews brought to you by Pro Circuit.
Matthes, The Newf and Ryan Gauld sit down for a little mini pod on their day down in Southern California riding the new 2020 Yamaha YZ450F. Oh and sandwiches also.
Pulpmx's Swizcore recently passed the ten year mark of his "employment" at Pulpmx so Matthes called him up to talk about the humble beginnings of the Pulpmx podcast world, how he got into it, the growth, the problems and more. Then we call Pulpmx Show producer Travis Marx to get his thoughts on the special achievement.…
Discussing the scoops that affect your Fantasy Moto picks before you make them.
It's Matthes, you and this series' race discussion. Don't forget to call in. Remember to listen live Thursday's at 12pm PST!
Darkside has Canadian moto icons Ryan Gauld and Tyler Medaglia on to talk about Pulpmx Show #396 including Dylan's calls (again), drinking and puking after a Canadian national, MXDN, The Hip, BINGO, Tyler tells us the two stories that couldn't be told and how Gringo says the Wrap Up Show is like "having your salad tossed". Oh and another editio ...…
Newf and Gauldy join Matthes to talk about what happened in 2019 up in Canada. Wrapping up action from the race weekend, covering all the scoops, with the normal cast of characters.
Colton Facciotti is now a 6X champ and retires with a bang, he comes on to talk about the experience. Phil Nicoletti checks in with his own thoughts on his first Canadian series. Carson Mumford is about the only amateur we will allow on the show and he joins us to talk about the Pro show. DBO is on to talk Tomac and there are Canadians in studio.…
Wrapping up action from the race weekend, covering all the scoops, with the normal cast of characters.
Discussing the scoops that affect your Fantasy Moto picks before you make them.
In this episode Darkside has Randy Richardson and Brad Gebhart on to recap Pulpmx Show #395 including how cool Damon Bradshaw was, Jeff Stanton and Cole Seely calls, caller Dylan, Van Hagar and more including the second ever ' Hello Pookie' segment.
It's Matthes, you and this series' race discussion. Don't forget to call in. Remember to listen live Thursday's at 12pm PST!
Matthes checks in with Island favorite Austin Root to see what he was doing in Europe, how his Unadilla went, what's next for him, we talk Italian food, differences in racing and more. Pulpmx30 code to save at FXR and Pulp19 code at Race Tech to save.
Clifford talks about getting into riding, his pro career, discovering FMX, the early days of the X Games and Red Bull X-Fighters, his path to sobriety and some of his past issues with the law.
Cole Seely recently announced his retirement and we wanted to get the Factory Honda Pilot on to talk about his career. Jeff Stanton is also on to talk old school 90's Moto and oh yeah we have DAMON BRADSHAW IN STUDIO too!! JT Money is in as well. What a show!
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