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STO is a short film miniseries focused on unique and interesting interior spaces, almost always retail stores. Trailers for incredible retail spaces. Directed, edited and scored by Mmarkk / Mark Robinson. This is Teen-Beat 524.
In this Podcast, 2 YouTube Channels - MagicHand999 & Mattffx10 - retell many parts of the story, and discuss future additions to the franchise.
Today, comic books are becoming more and more popular because of cinema. With the growth, there are bound to questions! If anyone is going to ask those questions, it would be my dad. Chad- @generalshep6 Calvin-@calvinscomics96
Larry and Sto Show
Josh Maesto, Larry Smith, and the guys are back this fall with ALL NEW SHOWS!! They'll also move from a sports oriented show to a current events/ free form show. Each week the guys will have some of southern New England's best local comedians joining them as guest co-hosts! Shows will also be broadcast LIVE every Saturday afternoon from local bars/pubs/restaurants where you can come have a beer or some food and check out a LIVE broadcast! It's sure to be a very funny and entertaining 2 hours ...
Welcome to the corner sto talk show just two friends smoking talking about world events come check us out.
R. W. B. Show *Real women B. I. T. C. H.* Discussing daily topics women care about and interviewing other inspiring people. Every Mon & Thur! Keeping it real and empowering through life, beauty, fashion, comedy, relationships and everything in between. So sit back and get comfortable because it's about to get real!
U ovom audio klipu daija napomnje sve muslimane da dobro razmisle prije nego šta kažu o vjeri i vjerskim propisima, i da ne govore ako nisu sigurni.
The Starboard Power Coupling Podcast: A Star Trek Podcast You Hope Doesn't Fail...
Deck Eight is a Star Trek Online podcast from that brings you STO news, tips and tricks, and Foundry reviews. The show is currently on hiatus, but please enjoy the back catalog of tips, discussion, walkthroughs, and interviews with STO creators.
The Ultimate Star Trek Online Podcast
Tribbles in Ecstasy
We are a Star Trek chat show podcast. Take a listen as we discuss our love of Star Trek, Star Trek Online and Star Trek Timelines. We're a weekly podcast and cover all the recent Star Trek and Star Trek gaming news. We go live every week over at where you can join the conversation.
Big Band Jazz Music from the Big Band Era of the 30's to the 90's and beyond hosted by Rick Howard and Stan "The Man" Kratchman.
A Podcast that focuses on retro video games and their music from the 80's to late 90's hosted by Rick and Sal.
Acquired goes behind the scenes of the best (and worst) acquisitions and IPOs of all time. From the Instagram A+'s to the AOL-Time Warner fails, what can we learn from their journeys and apply to our own organizations and careers in business and in tech?
Legend of the Stoned Owl is all about video games, the hosts pride them self on in-depth discussion about games, we take a holistic approach to our look at each game.
Modern Little Women is a podcast hosted by 4 girls from a family of 6 girls. We laugh, discuss life, and share thoughts and ideas that help us in our various life. Ranging in age from late 30's to early 20's some with kids some without, the podcasts are full of a variety of perspectives.
We inspire over 50's to live fulfilling and adventurous lives with purpose.
Join co-hosts Brent and Whitney as they share a ‘southern view’ (and some definite drawl) on the vibrant hobby of collecting, restoring and playing the arcade and pinball classics from the late 70′s to today. The podcast covers everything from the golden age of arcade gaming to the newest pinball titles currently hitting the streets and everything in between. Add in technical talk segments, collecting and restoration stories, interviews and sit-in guests as well as game room updates, forum n ...
Ranging from house, progressive & electro, the Jacked Up podcast brings you the hottest tunes from Melbourne's best DJs and international jocks. Click subscribe to stay in touch with the latest sounds from S.T.O. ♥ ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♭ ♮ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♪ ♫ ♬ ♥
STOked in HD
STOked, the ultimate podcast that's all about Star Trek Online. Featuring the latest game news, tips, tricks, reviews and howtos!
Geek By Night
Geek By Night is an original podcast series about a group of friends who suddenly and mysteriously get superpowers as they struggle to deal with transitioning from their 20’s to their 30’s. It’s a show about fandom, friendship and growing up, with all the comedy and drama that happens in the process.Created by Scott Carelli. Executive Produced by Scott Carelli and Nick Jimenez.Copyright 2016 Dueling Genre Productions
Legend of the Stoned Owl is all about video games, the hosts take pride in there in-depth discussion about games, we take a holistic approach to our look at each game.
STOked: The Ultmiate Star Trek Online Podcast. Featuring game news, interviews, reviews and tutorials for Star Trek Online.
STOked Radio
STOked Radio is a weekly podcast covering Star Trek Online, Trek news , Trek conventions and general gaming news as well. Each show is comprised of segments, some of which are recurring while others are always included i.e. News
ToonCast Beyond
A Continuation of the Classic Podcast in which we review cartoons & animated films from the late 1990's to now. Also feature from time to time Classics
Here's a show where the sky is the limit no topic is off limits. We discuss / debate Current Events, African American Issue's, and Politics just to name a few of the topics. There is the song of the day which include songs from the 70's to Today's top hits.Listeners can call the show and share their point of view or join us in our Chat Room where the conversation never stops. Come join us daily from 3-5 pm est here on LETS TALK! (347) 838-8622
ToonCast Beyond
A Continuation of the Classic Podcast in which we review cartoons & animated films from the late 1990's to now. Also feature from time to time Classics
This website is devoted to the Legends of Bodybuilding from the 1960’s to the 1990’s. Featuring extensive interviews with the Bodybuilding Stars from the Golden Age of the sport, the Bodybuilding Legends Show reveals the history of the sport of Bodybuilding through the careers of it’s most legendary stars. Learn about the competitions, the emotions and the motivations of the best bodybuilders in the world. Each interview is full of video clips and photographs from the legendary competitions ...
Swamp Jacuzzi
A new radio show hosted by DJ Biggie Boutte' from the swamps of South Louisiana. Playing old, new, and obscure cuts from the 1950's to current. Mainly focusing on 60's garage-punk, psychedelic, traditional country, skiffle, with some rockabilly, surf, and Cajun thrown in as well. A big gumbo of kick ass music. Laissez les bons temps rouler!
A 2 hour soul show presented by Hugh Williams on several stations around the world. The show features the very best Soul, Funk and Jazz Funk from the 70's to the present day, and not only plays the big tunes but also those not so known that are still worthy of attention. The show likes to promote unsigned current artist.
Join co-hosts Brent and Whitney as they share a ‘southern view’ (and some definite drawl) on the vibrant hobby of collecting, restoring and playing the arcade and pinball classics from the late 70′s to today. The podcast covers everything from the golden age of arcade gaming to the newest pinball titles currently hitting the streets and everything in between. Add in technical talk segments, collecting and restoration stories, interviews and sit-in guests as well as game room updates, forum n ...
A jazz show. From the 20's to the present day. Discussion of how to listen, jazz history, personal stories and interviews along with great jazz music.
UEN SciFi Friday
UEN SciFi Friday offers a weekly science fiction feature film from the heyday of SciFi – the 1920’s to 1970’s. Join other Utah science fiction movie fans after the film for an accompanying podcast where Utah scientists discuss topics from the movie. Watch the movie, Fridays at 9pm on UEN-TV. For more information:
The Final Straw is an hour-long, weekly radio show that strives to provide information and contribute to awareness of and participation in self-liberatory activities around the world by providing a platform to English-language listeners to learn about current struggles and ideas. Simply stated, we promote non-sectarian Anarchism(s) to enrich the struggle and widen participation in the battles against Capital, State and Coercion. We believe that the liberation of each is tied to the liberatio ...
Casa Del Queso
A group house of twenty-somethings in Pittsburg, Kansas is suddenly rocked when jealousy turns to grief and grief turns to streams of water coming from the face of a former housemate. Can Darrah, the itinerant lesbian, find a way to sto
We play the best instrumental surf music from the 1960's to the present day, as well as interviews with surf musicians and surf music scene news.
Radio Free Satan’s own cowboy from hell rustles up the devil’s herd with a mic in one hand and a bottle of whiskey in the other. Join Clint as he brings you the finest in Rockabilly, Psychobilly, vintage Country spanning the 1920’s to 1960’s and other related acts. Tune in each and every week cowboys and cowgirls, because even Clint himself doesn’t know what he’s gonna say or do. Hosted by
Komentar knjige koja u sebi sadrži pojašnjenje akide Ehli sunneta vel džemata i onoga što je ruši od velikog i malog širka i novotarija uz dokaze iz Kurana i sunneta.
Islam je potpuna religija u svim sferama života. Stoga, nema u Islamu nešto što se zove višak jer kada se u islam ulazi, ulazi se potpuno.
Welcome to Pulp Fiction, a podcast by PUBLIC!Taking our cues from Pulp Novels of the late 1800's to mid 1900's, we create unique stories with novel themes. Each story ties true events with fiction to create a whole new story.For more stories, visit
The Hypno Dojo
the Hypno Dojo is a place of learning for anyone interested in Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.There are three essential parts of having a successful practice; Mindset, Mastery and Marketing.By Mindset, I mean that you need to be free of any limiting beliefs that could stand in the way of your practice thriving. Many people in the alternative health practices do not think like a businessperson or they have a lack mentality or feel "icky" selling themselves and their services.So, at times The Hypno ...
I use a generator or twitter to look up a random question(s) to answer
Islam, kada se primi, briše ono što je bilo prije njega, tako i širk kada se učini briše ono što je bilo prije njega od dobrih djela.
Vrijednost Ebu Bekra i Omera, radijellahu anhuma i odgovor šijama koji su rekli o njima ono što su rekli, neka je na njih od Allaha ono što zaslužuju.
Market The Brew
The Market The Brew podcast was created for people with a passion for craft beer that want ideas, inspiration, and resources for taking craft beer(s) to market. Specifically, brewery owners; brewery marketing staff; sales/distribution people; and marketing service providers with a focus on the craft beer industry. This is a weekly exploration of the marketing of craft beer. Our conversations include reviewing actual case histories of most unique, exciting and effective strategies, campaigns, ...
Stoned Circus Radio Show - Garage & Psychedelia from all over the world (from the 60's to the 00's) Freak out the jam ! EACH MONDAY 8:00 to 9:30 PM (Gmt +1 Paris). The 90 minutes long show superbly highlights 60s psychedelic music, garage punk, , mods, Rock'n'Roll, Rockabilly, punk rock, psychedelia, acid-rock, beat, r'n'b, soul & early funk, space-rock, exotic sounds with sitarfuzz & ... AND all good now-sound can be heard on Stoned (streaming, podcasts, playlist, ...
Taking Ship
Taking Ship is a voyage through the morass of dumbest timeline America. It's the kind of podcast that believes you can take politics and culture seriously while laughing at both. It's hosted by Elie Jacobs and Frank Spring, two political hacks who've run out of f***s to give. Each week, they'll take a look at the political landscape, condone and condemn those who deserve it and be joined by a guest who is smarter and cooler than they are - writers, activists, politicos, bad hombres, nasty wo ...
To Engage, Empower, Enable W.I.D.O.W.'s to have a Sensational Life! "Live Don't Just Exist"!!
Sahihu fikhi sunne
Odveć poznat komentar na knjigu Sahihu fikhi sunne. Ovakve vrste predavanja imaju svoju posebnost jer prelaze iz oblika običnog predavanja u oblik naučnog dersa, a ne treba pominjati koliko nam je toga potrebno. Dakle, savlađivanje šerijatskog znanja pravim planom i programom je ono što nam fali, nama i našim mesdžidima.
Julio Laforte
Just live freestyle and everything to do with my music from rough draft s to skits to live inside shit
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MaliceCast: The Podcast for “All Things Nerd!” Join the Geek Enthusiasts and Nerd Aficionados every Friday 8PM (PDT) to talk about the latest in Nerd News (TV, Film, Comic Book, Video Games, and Tech) on the Twitch Channel Live Stream. WWW.TWITCH.TV/MALICECORP Season 2, Episode 18: – Infinity War Fan Reactions: What’s to Love / Hate – Deadpool ...…
When it comes to influenza A virus in swine (IAV-S), the relationship between the sow’s immune status and piglet protection remains perplexing. In a recent research project, Fabian Chamba, DVM and University of Minnesota PhD candidate, investigated the impact of sow vaccination on piglet immunity and virus transmission. In the study, Chamba seq ...…
MT 90: How To Find The Who’s To Do The What Please subscribe to me by clicking your preferred platform below: The post MT 90: How To Find The Who’s To Do The What appeared first on Money Transformer Secrets.
Technology is causing so many great changes that it can be hard to keep up with it all. What can you do to avoid being negatively affected by shifts in the industry? Is there a threat of our commissions being decreased? What changes might technology bring to buyer’s agents, and how do we adapt to an industry moving so quickly? On this episode, ...…
Newlyweds David and Ally Brown uncover the naked truth about Love, Sex, and Relationships...God's way. Are you frustrated, lonely or sometimes unfulfilled as a "Stay-at-Home Mom"? Is there a power struggle between you and your spouse because of who is bringing home the money and how much? How can we avoid the silent killer of most relationships ...…
It’s the two John’s as they discuss the week gone by and what’s to come. It’s been an eventful season with three games to come. Can Livingston complete the job or will Partick Thistle preserve their Premiership status? Will Celtic complete the double treble or can Motherwell stop them? The guys discuss the playoffs so far with it being a mixed ...…
Moneycontrol News Smriti, in Sanskrit, means ‘remembrance/that which is remembered’. For Ms Irani, the post of the Information & Broadcasting Minister, just like the Human Resources Development Minister earlier, remains but memory. Perhaps memories not remembered too fondly either, considering her exit from the coveted ministry comes in the wak ...…
This one is for the real og's who birthed and nurtured us, here' s to you Mama.
Black Kids in Outer Spaces interviews the Newark Historical Renaissance Ride's Delanie West and Hassan Abdus-Sabur.The Seersucker Summer Social Ride: The Newark Historical Renaissance Ride is June 16 2018.A guided tour through the great city of Newark in the chosen wards and sites. Seersucker & Summer Linens are the seasonal fashion theme for t ...…
This post was originally published on the The Primal Shift. The Primal Shift is a podcast hosted by Crystal Fieldhouse and Jo Litton Click the player above to listen to this Podcast episode In today’s podcast episode we’re going to be talking low-tox skincare… because as the creator of Ecology Skincare, one of the most common topics I get asked ...…
You’re in business, it’s to make money, right? So if you don’t have a solid and defined pricing structure, you’re going to hate owning your own business. Someone once said to me, “If your voice doesn’t trimble a little when you quote your prices, you aren’t charging enough.” That really stung because for the longest time, I focused on being the ...…
We sit down wit my little sister Reyna n we talk about the difference between middle school bac in the early 2000’s to nowBy (Tha ACT).
Sto lat! Jeszcze stówę! English Phonemes: “stoh laht YEH[SZ]-[cz]eh STOO-veh” Literal Translation: 100 years! Another 100! English Equivalent: Bless you! This is the way we say “gezundheit” or “bless you” after anyone sneezes. The meaning behind it is that you’re wishing the person healthy life for 100 years, and with each subsequent sneeze, yo ...…
Welcome to Yacksonville! Mimi is still missing. Alex, Cam, Sean and special guest Ashley yack about the future. Alex and Sean are wary of the speed and direction of technological development, while Ashley and Cam remain optimistically unafraid and excited for what’s to come. Also, we take our very first caller! ...…
OMG. I love(d) today’s episode. I got to hear YOUR questions and it was so much fun answering them. This episode is a two-part episode so be sure to tune in to the next episode when it’s out to hear more of the questions I got. Here are just a few: 1. What does your name mean and more importantly what’s your name mean to you? -Slade 2. How do y ...…
No guest this week as Brad and Steve take a knee and go over what's worked and what hasn't so far in the pod. Plate of Hot Takes we go over some more NBA basketball and The Golden Knights. We talk about Steve graduating--FINALLY, and discuss who had the better run from late 80's to early 2000: Hip-Hop or R & B? And finally, in our FiveThatsLive ...…
This is a preview of what’s to come 30 minutes from now when WWE blesses us with the excitement of Backlash! WWE Backlash is poised to be one of the most mediocre Pay-Per-Views in history! We’re a little late on the draw, but remember, we’re posting this 30 min before Backlash airs, so the predictions hold up. Check out this episode after Backl ...…
Granville Danny CLARKE, Silkstone Common, S Yorkshire, England1-561-512-9104Lyrical History of the British Folk Scene, through Poetry and SongEnjoy the music, poetry & tales of British folk history from the 1960's to the present, with original works by Granville Danny CLARKE.
I have a bad left knee. It’s “classic” osteoarthritis says my Doctor. Great, another classic. I’ve had a couple of cortisone shots for it, and while I’ve complained that they weren’t effective, they did relieve some of the symptoms. Problem was, my knee was getting worse – walking up and down stairs got to be an absolute killer for me. In Janua ...…
Our first experience with Jenny as our Special Guest for May kicks off with a wide-ranging discussion that lays the foundation of what Jenny will be sharing with us this month. Inspired and guided by the work of Kryon, Jenny explains how she developed Quantum EFT, what an Akash is, how everyone has one, and how mining it can bring untold riches ...…
You’ve probably seen it happen, at a conference, church service, or even a live show; There’s nothing more awkward to a performer, speaker OR to the audience, than when the presenter’s mic goes out. And, if you are on stage for your part-time or full-time profession, it will happen to you at some point. This is a simple onstage tip that will sa ...…
When Alexis de Tocqueville toured America in the early 1830's to gather observations that he would later put on the pages of Democracy in America , he was impressed with the efficiency of our American Postal Service.By (Betsy Kaplan).
Welcome aboard, Explorers! There are so many rides at Disney parks to love! ...and there have been a few stinkers. Today, we talk about what we think is Disney's Worst Ride ever! Mo takes Zack on a "mindventure" back to the early 00's to reminisce about Superstar Limo (2/8/01 - 1/11/02) Yesterland photos: Ride-through: ...…
It seems silly at first—but if part of being “onstage” for you is wearing dress clothes, then you need to know this tip. Collar stays are those little arrow-looking things that help hold your collar down. Those plastic ones that come with dress shirts are meant to be replaced. Below are some links to some better solutions than those plastic one ...…
Newlyweds David and Ally Brown uncover the naked truth about Love, Sex, and Relationships... God's way. Didn't you learn that when you "play with fire you will get burned"? What happens after you slip up and have sex or go too far (before marriage)? What do you do now? And what areas might you be compromising in your devotion to Jesus in order ...…
When I first set out to record this episode, I was going to talk about what to do when you don’t feel good enough. Like, meditate, journal, nature, childhood issues, therapy, etc You get my drift. But something inside of me has really shifted and I don’t feel like “I’m not good enough” anymore. I just don’t. And I thought, maybe sharing how I s ...…
This week we equally praise and criticize Fear The Walking Dead, but ultimately net out on the side of the show and not the critics. Dare we say Morgan’s kill/not kill story arc has finally come to a close in this episode? One can only hope. But there is enough forward momentum at this part of the season to keep us completely intrigued about wh ...… The Neverending Story FilmFrak Podcast Special: Starring Tami Stronach Life is filled with pleasant surprises and one of the rarest and also most spirit lifting is when childhood icons grow into real life adult’s worthy of their fictional counterparts. Tami Str ...…
In this podcast episode, I will be sharing a very important message for people in their 20's! I want to talk about 5 mistakes that you should not make in your 20's to have a great future ahead! I am sure you don't want to enter your 30's struggling, right? No one does! But most of the times, we don't have the right set of advice from the right ...…
We timewarp back to the 90's to talk first loves -- the books and shows that made a big impact on our young creative minds, and the fictional crushes therein! There's lots of Gundam, Tamora Pierce, AND MORE.
What does being open to life really mean? It can feel like we are open to what’s to come but is that really true? Join Sloane this week as she talks about the difference between being open and closed, what that feels like and how she had her own wake up call this week and was able to self-correct. You’ll also learn the very best question you ca ...…
On this episode of The AIE Podcast… Mewkow: Can you Volunteer for Guard Duty? Tetsemi: 17 Raid lockouts and the time is short! Mkallah: Ready for Raid Roulette? Mewkow: Celebrate LOTRO 11th anniversary in style! Tetsemi: And, Durus and Dankinia are here to talk to us about falling off the edge… we mean AIE in ESO All that and more coming up rig ...…
Episode 26, and whole lotta s#$% to talk about, from Cardi B, to the upcoming Halloween film, and whole lot of stuff in between. Tune in and crack open another one or two.
Hebrews 11:23-27, “By faith Moses’ parents hid him for three months after he was born, because they saw he was no ordinary child, and they were not afraid of the king’s edict. By faith Moses, when he had grown up, refused to be known as the son of Pharaoh’s daughter. He chose to be mistreated along with the people of God rather than to enjoy th ...…
Forget about the Rowdy Boys, meet the new Mellow Boys! There's something funny about this episode... like a stinky smell and something that keeps making us laugh. Not quite sure what it is... Anyway, we watched a little movie called "Tell Your Children", but most people call it "Reefer Madness". It's an anti-cannabis propaganda film and boy oh ...…
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