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Best StrangeBedfellows Crew podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best StrangeBedfellows Crew podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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Strange Bedfellows
A sex educator and gay fiend discuss life and politics.
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Was it malice or miscommunication? Elle theorizes on why sexual assault is so commonly experienced in our culture; she and Jon also tackle tough questions from people wanting to learn from their own previous boundary-pushing behavior.By StrangeBedfellows
Comedian Chris Ettrick tells about tackling depression, dicks, and a heteroflexible audience with Jon and Elle.By StrangeBedfellowsPDX
Elle proposes a language consideration for straight cis-women and talks with Jon on hormones and birth control, miscarriages, and a philanthropic sex worker.By StrangeBedfellows
Rickie is a trans woman who shares her story of trying to get alcohol-sober in a nation with limited affordable support systems.By StrangeBedfellowsPDX
What would LGBTQI-inclusive sex ed look like? Elle and Jon talk about kinky play, and learn some horrific history of birth control research and imprisonment of women in the last century.By StrangeBedfellows
Sexuality isn't the only spectrum we discuss in this hour with Jaedyn, a social worker specializing in controversial treatment for people impacted by their neurodiversity, and your hosts share their own ASD-traits that has made life unique, interesting, and challenging.By StrangeBedfellows
Coping with fears, jealousy and unhealthy patterns in dating; Jon and Elle discuss this and Elle’s recent sex club visit.By StrangeBedfellows
A helpful DJ contributes to the environment and a crappy ones makes everybody less money: hear from Portland stripclub DJ Fogues about how he approaches work to optimize the experience for the customers and to increase the money and safety for the dancers and other staff.By StrangeBedfellows
Elle and Jon recall their attempts at finding sex as underage people, and discuss legal and ethical issues about adults interacting with children about sexuality.By StrangeBedfellows
Ira has been stripping for one year in a men's club and he shares what he's noticed and experienced in that time.By StrangeBedfellows
Elle tells Jon about her first 'girl/girl' webcam show and the logistics and prep of live-p-o-r-n making. Also, Jon gives feedback on Hustlers movie and Elle talks about the time New Zealand decriminalized prostitution.By StrangeBedfellows
Do you have children or are you around them? Sleep training, attachment-parenting, breast-feeding, diaper-changing, nudity around others: we tackle a few tough questions with childcare and sleep expert Moorea Malatt. Hear more of Moorea on her podcast: Wash Your Mouth Out.By StrangeBedfellows
Jon and Elle talk about low-libido AGAIN, bring up why Katy Perry sucks, read condom recommendations and discuss Portland's police-shortage problem.By StrangeBedfellows
Stalkers are quite real and we talk to an entertainer who's had to endeavor a few; meet singer and dancer Toxic, and check out our safety tips.By StrangeBedfellows
Let's talk about genitals, blood flow, and penis engorgement.By StrangeBedfellows
How are toxic dating cycles created by unsafe childhoods? We hear from therapist Katherine Friedman on anxiety disorders, post coital dysphoria, and discuss PTSD and ADHD.By StrangeBedfellows
Elle's HPV is gone and Jon had an embarrassing but normal sex mishap. Let's talk about performative sex, social media, and sexual health.By StrangeBedfellows
Meet Midwife Heather Hack-Sulliven to learn about the racist history behind the abolition of midwifery in America, tips for labor and birthing, and consent issues in the delivery room and beyond.By StrangeBedfellows
Arguing, sexting, venting, asking: What are our goals when we share thoughts and feelings? Jon and Elle dive into discussion methods.By StrangeBedfellows
Phoenix the Baby Stripper joins Elle and Jon to talk about her disability, bullying, and the hustle of the clubs.By StrangeBedfellows
Elle makes a case for amending current statutes regarding consensual adult sex for money at a meeting with Portland Police Bureau and Jon shares his first FSSW experience with a very anxious client.By StrangeBedfellows
Dr. Roz Dischiavo has taught sex education for thirty years and has thoughts on porn, and recovering from sexual trauma.By StrangeBedfellows
Elle gives updates on her (open) relationship and Jon explains why he's learning to love himself before attempting open relationships. Let's talk non monogamy!By StrangeBedfellowsPDX
Sex ed cartoonist Erika Moen joins us to talk about queer lust, erotica, and dealing with the pressures of online notoriety.By StrangeBedfellowsPDX
Jon and Elle talk about different sexual attitudes and practices in the world.By StrangeBedfellowsPDX
Dr Evelin Dacker owns her own practice, uses pronouns correctly, and recently quit performing circumcisions after twenty years. Meet her.By StrangeBedfellowsPDX
Angie Gunn is a licensed and certified sex therapist and joins Jen and Elle for their last season 1 episode.By StrangeBedfellowsPDX
Elle visited two sex clubs recently and Jen learns about sexsomnia and safe urine drinking.By StrangeBedfellowsPDX
Adam is a trans-masculine person who probably has a wider perspective on gender than you - meet them.By StrangeBedfellowsPDX
Jen reflects on her family trauma and Elle shares her parenting tactics.By StrangeBedfellowsPDX
Meet Daphne Rose, a longtime full service Sworker who has tips for staying safe and being flexible after FOSTA/SESTA.By StrangeBedfellowsPDX
Industry bullying and herpes avoidance: Jen and Elle offer advice.By StrangeBedfellowsPDX
Money saving tips for sex workers and hustlers.By StrangeBedfellowsPDX
Jen accidentally wrecked her vagina for a couple of weeks, and Elle's life feels like a satire sketch.By StrangeBedfellowsPDX
Comedian Jenna Vesper joins us to talk about sex robots, unwanted touching, and mermaid pubic hair.By StrangeBedfellowsPDX
Jen lists the reasons she's done stripping after twenty years and fears her IUD might be attacking her, Elle is a hairy woman.By StrangeBedfellowsPDX
We meet Mistress Mona Darling and Viola Parker; the owners behind SubRosaPDX, Portland's newest kink venue.By StrangeBedfellowsPDX
What does the Art of War mean to a sex worker? And we check out Janet Hardy's newest book on Dominance for beginners, and talk shit on Truffle Butter.By StrangeBedfellowsPDX
One man who kicked heroin and wrote a novella based on it. William Perk helps us navigate convos on drugs and homelessnessBy StrangeBedfellowsPDX
Stripper hierarchies and sore pussies and coercive boyfriends and rapey protests; Jen and Elle had a busy month!By StrangeBedfellowsPDX *
Do your self work until you die, and that means working on our fragility. Leila Haile teaches us about art and history and what it means to disrupt the white cube.By StrangeBedfellows
What’s in your stripper bag and what do Republicans and Democrats fantasize about?By StrangebedfellowsPDX
What can we learn about life from death? We talk to a funeral director who explains compassion fatigue, and the stigma that comes with her profession.By StrangeBedfellowsPDX
Elle and Jen explain why they don't want employee status classification and give ideas for how clubs could create better atmosphere for everyone, and Elle recounts some oral herpes shame.By StrangebedfellowsPDX
Sex venue owner and porn review writer Theresa Darklady tells us about kinky club ownership, and current porn industry goings-on.By StrangeBedfellowsPDX
The history of rape culture in psychiatry, bad club owners, and anti-arousal medication.By StrangebedfellowsPDX
How to fight on facebook without losing your mind, with help from our on-the-internet-friend JD Dowell.By Elle Stanger
Jen talks a little bit about her life as a private investigator, and Elle talks about a briefly violent incident at her last public gathering.By StrangeBedfellowsPDX
Butt stuff, cannabis lube and why elderly people are getting more STIs - let's talk about it.By StrangeBedfellowsPDX
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