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The Strike Zone
A Sports Illustrated podcast talking all things baseball, hosted by SI MLB editors Stephen Cannella and Ted Keith.
Missiologically Thinking: Equipping the Church for the Multiplication of Disciples, Leaders, and Churches
Lightning Strikes
Follow the Lightning through the season with beat writer Joe Smith and the Tampa Bay Times sports staff.
Home of Canadian Magic
The Striking Corner is dedicated to promoting the culture, tradition, and lifestyle of the sports of Muay Thai and Kickboxing worldwide. An in depth look at the sport's fighters, trainers, promoters, and fans!
Andy Schrock and Ryan Chambers talk all things nerd (and occasionally other stuff) every Friday!
Rock Strikes Ten
A music podcast that plays a different themed top ten list on every episode. Always ten songs. No more. No less.
Your official Australian Baseball podcast from the ABL and hosted by Chris Coleman – Mr. Baseball.
'The Humans Strike Back' by Hotjar is a weekly podcast designed to help you succeed by putting people first. Each week, discover the stories of other humans who are making a difference and thriving by putting their users, customers, team members first – so you can learn from them, take action and grow. Go to to access the show notes, resources, and subscribe.
Welcome to the Meteor Strike podcast where we talk about interesting Meteor packages and other community contributions that make the Meteor JavaScript framework great. Hosted by shrop and tecto
Critical Strike
Critical Strike is formed by Josh, Kyle and Billy who fortnightly get together and basically talk about video games or celebrate one of our favorite things, video game music.
Co-hosts Siskoid and Bass cover the whole of DC Comics' Invasion! 1988 crossover event in FIRST STRIKE: THE INVASION! PODCAST. Every issue, every tie-in, and a little more besides! Siskoid revisits it; Bass discovers it for the first time!
Toku Strike
Welcome to Toku strike! a podcast about tokusatsu and general geekery!
Focus Focus Strike
Four podcasters discuss Legend of the Five Rings (for now) and geek culture in general (when we start to run out of L5R things).On Twitter, Blake is @rantling, Bryan is @bdlaker, Drew is @khaighle, and Dan doesn't have a feed. Yet.
Strike Zone
For all the action from the world of Australia and International Baseball, listen to Strike Zone with Chris Coleman.
Striking Ability
An eclectic array of Mixed Martial Arts news, views and interviews including UFC and GLORY World Series of fighting.
British GQ, the men’s magazine with an IQ, brings you Strike! The weekly Wednesday podcast features a slew of star guests, from footballers to film stars, invited on to discuss and debate all the latest football action. The podcast is hosted by GQ Style Fashion Director, Elgar Johnson.
Lightning Strikes Thrice is a Final Fantasy XIII series games club podcast. Play along with us as we discuss the people and events that take place in the venerated Final Fantasy series's most controversial entries.
Every saga has a middle age, and this is what happens when Jay & Silent Bob Get Old.
The only daily leadership podcast preparing Generation Y for a lifetime of success through leadership. Tim Paul dials it up 5 days-a-week interviewing GenY’s most accomplished leaders, under-35 executives, and our brightest entrepreneurs. Learn how to lead your life, influence your team, and manage your business with unmatched value and insight provided by today’s youngest and most successful leaders in all industries!Transform into a bold leader, conquer your professional dreams, and leave ...
Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey! Highlights and Scores after every feature game. Full Playoff coverage as we step up the Charge. Punk songs from the Penalty Box. Come listen to the Lightning Strike!
Join Collie & Jonner as they chat movies and all things geek. Just two fan boys talking babble about the films they love while giving the worst film reviews.
We like video games... and beer. New episodes every Friday!
"The MMA Beat" is's latest web series where a group of journalists come together to break down the biggest headlines in the sport today. Think of it as our version of the famed "Sports Reporters" show.
Welcome to Strike up the Band (and Orchestra!): Motivating Student Musicians. This podcast is a series of discussions about motivation in the instrumental music program. The participants are Luke Jones, Matt McKeever, and Jennifer Mishra. The podcasts were recorded on the University of Missouri – St. Louis campus.
Helping build your photo booth business
Second Strike
Second Strike is a new project created by a guy from Taganrog, who will find its audience in the near future
Lightning Strikes
Welcome to Lightning Strikes hosted by ya girl, E*Dreezy! This podcast centers around the new CW superhero show, Black Lightning. Each week, E will talk about the previous week's BL episode and give her own personal takes, comments, and questions. She will be bringing her perspective as a Black woman who is just now getting into the world of superheroes and comics, and as an average person just happy to see more representation of blackness on screen.
Knight Strike
Podcast by Mason Knight
Talking about all the stuff you didn't know needed to be talked about...
Pod Strikes Back
LoneStar and Ane react, discuss, and rant about the latest in television and film. In Pod Strikes Back The MCU Series, LoneStar and Dominic revisit all the films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This podcast is rated E for explicit and may contain adult conversations with swearing.
Each episode we take the listener behind the scenes and give them an insight into the world of Esports. We talk to superstars of the Esports community, Professional players, Coaches, Casters, Fans and many more.
Trine HAC podcast covering the sporting world.
Podcast by Strike-Out Studios
The Strike Zone
Each weekend Inside Baseball, Mike Claiborne reviews the week that was for the Red Birds.
The Black Squire is a dark fantasy adventure set in the fictional world of Seraphane. Join us on an stereophonic journey into a world of dark magic, danger, and death!
Podcast dedicated to The Other side Miniatures game by Wyrd Miniatures
Strike 3 Media
A collection of Baseball podcasts from the opposite side of the Atlantic.
A citizen journalism/new media project featuring a daily audio podcast with accompanying blog by SAG member Tanja Barnes (Available for download in iTunes).
Dead Again Productions is an indie label out of Fremont, CA dedicated to bringing the most heavy hitting and extreme music out of the Bay Area. Recently we've released an audio productions called METAL STRIKES DOWN which is a podcast dedicated to metal and its’ culture. It's hosted by Jake E. Heredia and Erik Hernandez, two music-loving fans that love talking metal every day. Tired of the same old topics? Give us a listen!
Empire Strikes presents the Books On The Shelf BOTScast! Join Bryan, Camille, Jules, and The Sherbs as we talk about the newest comics and books that we have read and what's new and interesting! We try to offer suggestions on what's out there and talk about titles that we've been reading as well as help others discover new stuff. If you have any suggestions or comments, or just want to chime in on what we were talking about, send us a message at Please put ATTN: ...
Strike a Chord
Unstoppable Force is an up and coming band in the So Cal music scene. We have all grown to love the So Cal scene and wanted to make a podcast celebrating everything music in So Cal, with a focus on the Rock and Metal scenes in Los Angeles and Orange Counties.
Rod Amis, well-known Blogger, social media pundit and journalist talks with some of the great thinkers of our time about life on this small blue marble.
First to Strike
First to Strike is the podcast of the United States Army, Baton Rouge Recruiting Batallion. If you are considering serving in the US Army, this is the show for you. On First to Strike, we speak to Soldiers, Recruiters, students considering Army service, and Veterans to get straight answers to help decide if Army service is right for you. You can speak to a US Army Recruiter yourself by calling 1-888-550-ARMY. Listen, share, and enjoy the show!
Home of the Double Double Strike Podcast
First Strike Podcast
First Strike is all about expressing our ideas on video game culture. We all have a rich history and know how about video games and often have instense discussions about today's gaming news. So sit down, pop in some earbuds and spend an hour listening to 4 Gamers go at it about what they know best.The Crew is made up of Nathan Keith, Blake Gross, Patrick Holloway, and Luciano Fenu.
Matza Balls & Strikes
Covering all sports!! Join Matza Balls & Strikes Wed Nights 9pm East for the latest in sports talk and news.
HW Strike Back
HWO Strike Back
Hockey Strike Webcom
No rules. No limits... no budget. Independent filmmaking meets podcasting in this syndicated sitcom. Join Scott and Dave as they deal with zombies, aliens, their inability to communicate with women, and even DEATH.
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Famed disc jockey, Eddie Winters hits rock bottom on this fast paced and exciting episode of the Coup! First, Eddie kicks open the show with a bit of both song and dance before getting cracking open a case of “This Day in Rock”. Find out what happened in rock history and how you can apply it to the real world today. Get your hot and cold liquid ...…
As if the entrepreneur journey isn't already lonely it can seem lonelier when left out the "in" crowd. In this episode Ayanna (@the_aya_brand) and Delaila (@missdelailac) discuss the "You can't sit with us" mentality that some fellow women in rising often feel. And we are not hear for it. Everyone has to start somewhere and we respect your jour ...…
Chris, Travis and Gardner are all in-studio. Travis is shocked to find out that Dillard’s department stores are still open in the St. Louis area. Chris details a very unique story involving an Uber driver and a comedy club. Cardinals’ pitcher Jack Flaherty strikes out 13 Phillies in earning his first MLB win. The guys are excited about the Card ...…
At the fiftieth anniversary of the Memphis Sanitation Workers’ Strike, the Poor People’s Movement, and the assassination of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., I invited two activist-scholars involved in the New Poor People’s Movement to talk about popular education and movement building for social change. In Part 1, Willie and Colleen talk a ...…
In the mid eighties, Will Kimbrough launched from Mobile with his much heralded, all-original band, "Will And The Bushmen." Ever since, he has made a strikingly normal (and highly successful) life of original music.
The week that was (TWTW) takes a look back at the week’s most prominent tech stories from around the world. Members of our Patreon campaign get their recap hand delivered on Sunday at 5pm, for everyone else don’t worry you wont be left out, you’ll just have to wait until Monday for your fix. Video versions of TWTW appear on our website as well ...…
Fala galera Sussuriana! FEEDBACK DE VOLTA !! E essa semana Luciano, Carvalho e Jarrão voltam para falar sobre as notícias da semana. Espero que vocês se divirtam e comentem o que acharam, se gostaram e as suas opiniões. AGRADEÇENDO A MUSTHOST PELA HOSPEDAGEM DO NOVO SITE E DOS FEEDBACKS E PODCASTS. SEM A AJUDA DELES, NÃO ESTARÍAMOS AQUI DESSE J ...…
Are you considering leaving the grind of Corporate America and striking out on your own? Are you just about at the end of your rope and are ready to be inspired to let go!! This episode is for you! We talk about the Pros and Cons of making the transition to Entrepreneurship with the awesome Patty Dominguez who is a recovering corporate executiv ...…
Episode 81 - Week of May 20 2018On this episode: The roads less traveledGet your motor running, whether it's gasoline or electric, and head out on the highway, or in my case State Route 542. AJ and I share some worthwhile jaunts to take when ya just wanna get outta town for a spell or just take a weekend cruise. PLUS... an award-winning photogr ...…
After all these years, Kingdom Hearts 3 Premier FINALLY gave us hands on time with the polished and visually striking upcoming game. Black Ops 4's Battle Royale detailed, and we also have movies out the wazoo and so much more!
This week, Mee&Marcus sit down with the writers, producers, and stars of TV Land’s “Nobodies” - Hugh Davidson, Larry Dorf and Rachel Ramras, and talk about the creation of the show, how their careers got started, their most awkward auditions, and a game of "Strike Your Out!"Brought to you by Tigheland Productions. Please Rate & Review the show! ...…
5-20-2018 Weekly Message The Meditation of the Week: Psalm 122:1-9 Text: Zechariah 12:1-14 Word Title: Why Jerusalem, the city of peace has become the city of terror? On May 14, 2018, the US Embassy in Israel was moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as scheduled for the 70th anniversary of Israeli independence. More than 60 people were killed by Is ...…
In this episode, Glen and Mike discuss the launch of State of Decay 2 and whether charging extra for early access is a good thing or a bad thing. They also discuss Nintendo Online and is it competitive when compared to other platforms, the rising evil of Steam censorship, and is PlayStation as great as everyone thinks it is? And for pudding, he ...…
Justin Thomas ascends to World #1 and the guys talk about his potential staying power, as well as the man he replaced, Dustin Johnson. Nick gives his long awaited review of the Square Strike Wedge. Would you rather be #1, or a two-time PGA Champion?
Is God there when tragedy strikes in our lives? Psalm 139 helps us wrestle with where God is when things in life seem to unravel or not make sense.
What happens when a medical crisis strikes? Confusion, uncertainty, fear? While we can't anticipate the unexpected, we can put a plan in place to help when a medical crisis arises. On this episode of Candid Conversations About Care, The Caregiver Lawyer, Amanda Singleton discuses the important legal documents every caregiver needs to help guide ...…
Surah Al Munafiqun is the 63rd Surah of the Holy Quran. The meaning of Al Munafiqun is the Hypocrites, which is from the root word nifaq, which means hypocrisy. Generally, we have learned that this Surah was revealed for three main reasons: There were Munafiq individuals at the time of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and we should know of them, Alla ...…
We start off this episode giving an update on the 2nd court appearance of the suspect Joseph J DeAngelo. Then we continue with the murders committed by the East Area Rapist/Golden State Killer. He strikes next in Orange County murdering a young couple named Keith and Patrice Harrington. We go into their backgrounds and the details of this horri ...…
Joine Nick, Russell and Brett as they dive more into Warmind DLC covering; Campagin, Strikes, Story, things to do, campaign and This Week at Bungie. Cheers! JUST SOME GUARDIANS: Twitter: Twitch: NICK Twitter: Brett/ElmmerFudd Twitter: https://twi ...…
Fala Galera Sussuriana. Desta vez, Luciano, Carvalho e Ygor Freire se reuniram para relembrar e contar histórias de mais um Console que marcou a nossa vida e a vida de muitos jogadores: O Super Nintendo. Então vamos lá; Este Podcast é mais uma homenagem da galera da Sussuworld a um dos melhores consoles da história. Contaremos nossas experiênci ...…
Reflection Questions 1. Describe the events of the Passover. What happens to the Egyptians? What happens to the Hebrews? 2. What do we learn about God from these Passover events? How would you describe what He is like based on Exodus 12? 3. There is a lot of life lost in this chapter, both human life and sacrificial animal life. Why do you thin ...…
Sammy the Blade is flying solo today and in segment one he brings you Today in Sports History along with a story about the first baseball players strike and why the horrific story of why the players went on strike. Tune in every Saturday at 9 AM PST on 22 West Radio for a new episode! To listen just go to or download the fre ...…
We are broadcasting live from the Schützi in Olten for the SWE/EWA Strike Back wrestling event! There are plenty of fantastic matches for you to enjoy,with the play by play being provided by Jacob Dixon and Adriano Troiano. Have fun and comments are always welcome!
ZélieAdebola hails from Orïsha, a land of magic and enchantment but her life changes once the magic is stripped away. Zélie has a chance to bring back the magic and strike against the ruthless monarchy with the help of a rogue princess. Student Mishka reviews the gripping young adult fantasy story on the Young Reviewer.…
Not just on memorial or veteran’s day but daily I would like to extend a special thank you to any of you who may be members (active or retired) of the Armed Forces—or loved someone who was. Not just on memorial or veteran’s day but daily thank you for your service and thank to your family members as well: There are times in military service, as ...…
Episode 107 of Suburban Underground, WBNH-LP Bedford 105.1 FM's award-winning alternative mixtape show with hosts Drew Cline and Steve Poschmann. This week is a special episode on 1977, a pivotal year for rock and roll which saw the breakout of numerous hugely influential bands striking back against the dominant musical and political culture of ...…
Africa Business Radio — We shine the spotlight on the most important aspect of business and that is the talent because a well-run hr department improves productivity and aids in maintaining the organizations brand image. It also plays a huge role in developing the organizations' strategy as well as how the employee-centered activities are handl ...…
Legendary musician Steve Hackett joins us for this lengthy interview upon completion of his North and South America tour, which mixed songs from his vast solo repertoire with selections from Genesis’ history. Steve continues to create new music at a steady pace, releasing studio and live albums to much acclaim and success. He just released the ...…
Psalms 81: 1 Sing aloud to God our strength; Make a joyful shout to the God of Jacob. 2 Raise a song and strike the timbrel, The pleasant harp with the lute. 3 Blow the trumpet at the time of the New Moon, At the full moon, on our solemn feast day. 4 For this is a statute for Israel, A law of the God of Jacob. 5 This He established in Joseph as ...…
In this episode our daring duo discuss Deadpool dynamics, Cable, the recent update, events and get into a little theory crafting around these two new characters. Enjoy!
Intro; Empire Vital Stats; Development Details; The Story; Story Beats; Themes; Movie Review; Way Back Machine: Mar. 1980; Cultural Significance - The Jedi Religion; Are You Buying it?
Elitism strikes again. First, it made America not great. Now, ballet got all uppety and snooty… I am joking, of course.
Trudi Daniels (@TrudiDan) & Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today! Lucy Lawless joins us to talk Motor City Comic Con, our surprise UK Royal Wedding correspondent serenades Harry & Meghan, sassy Gary Graff gives us the lowdown on Jackson 5 Drive, Plus: pissy Miguel Cabrera, a local #MeToo, & radio memories. Meghan Markle cares about her Dad ...…
Fala Galera Sussuriana. Desta vez, Luciano, Carvalho, Bruno Oliveira e Ygor Freire se reuniram para relembrar e contar histórias de mais um Console que marcou a nossa vida e a vida de muitos jogadores: O Playstation 1. Então vamos lá; Este Podcast é mais uma homenagem da galera da Sussuworld a um dos melhores consoles da história. Contaremos no ...…
Fala galera Sussuriana! Essa semana Luciano, Carvalho, Jill, Igor, Mario e Carvalho se reuniram para discutir sobre a Pirataria. De falsificação de software a downloads de música entramos nesse mundo onde quase todas as pessoas, principalmente gamers já passaram e falamos e discutimos coisas que ninguém tem coragem de falar abertamente. Vimos o ...…
Daniel Crawford faces Pedro Carvalho at Bellator 200 in London.Was great to talk with Daniel about making his Bellator debut and how the deal came about, natural striking and taking a holiday.Please feel free to LIKE, SHARE or COMMENT below. MMA Huddle is a podcast which is looking to spread the word of MMA to everyone and share in our passion ...…
Mike & Nick analyze DE for earnings, and offer their take on a bullish, bearish and neutral trade.They walk through each trade and explain why they chose the strikes and expirations they chose.They go with the bearish put broken wing butterfly, but tune in to hear the rest of the commentary!
Mike & Nick analyze DE for earnings, and offer their take on a bullish, bearish and neutral trade.They walk through each trade and explain why they chose the strikes and expirations they chose.They go with the bearish put broken wing butterfly, but tune in to hear the rest of the commentary!
Mike & Nick analyze DE for earnings, and offer their take on a bullish, bearish and neutral trade.They walk through each trade and explain why they chose the strikes and expirations they chose.They go with the bearish put broken wing butterfly, but tune in to hear the rest of the commentary!
Mike & Nick analyze DE for earnings, and offer their take on a bullish, bearish and neutral trade.They walk through each trade and explain why they chose the strikes and expirations they chose.They go with the bearish put broken wing butterfly, but tune in to hear the rest of the commentary!
So it is highly unlikely that you are reading or listening to this review in order to decide if you will see the movie or not. As of today, May 17, Avengers: Infinity War has raked in $1,665,125,380 globally. If you take its domestic haul and divide if by the average cost of a movie ticket here in America--$9.16 by the way--it means that over 6 ...…
Episode 106: May 15th, 2018. Welcome to Putzing Around. Hosts Mike & Nick read viewer mail and talk about Marvel Strike Force. Questions, concerns, comments can be sent to Twitter: @Putzing_Around Intro music courtesy of Verge Article…
Welcome back to Documentary Thursdays. Now that we’ve gotten all of last year’s Oscar nominees out of the way, I thought I would try and find something a little more obscure. And if you like ambient noise soundtracks, definitely check out Eluvium, who did the music for the film, at And now... Today’s movie is “Buzz One Four” (2017) ...…
Ramblin' about:- New name! (Only 6 episodes late)- Name that song- Lineage II (John, stop.)- Shadow Tactics (Not Strike.)- Blood Bowl 2 (and the demise of the Bogus Journeymen)- Delta Green (You can be Scully if you want)- Vikings (like, a whole bunch about Vikings without really teaching you anything)…
Hubba Hideout. The name alone strikes a certain emotion into the hearts of those who know. The skaters we all looked up to conquered it, and we flipped through magazines and waited to see it in video parts. Who did what on Hubba? That was always the question. J and Ted discuss the spot and the tricks that turned many from skate rats to supersta ...…
Sit back and enjoy continuing coverage of the Friends Talking Nerdy Greatest Movie Ever Championship Tournament. Listen as Tim, Morah, Noel, and Sterling battle it out to see which of their choices will go on to win the inaugural Friends Talking Nerdy Greatest Movie Ever Championship. Continuing first round action includes: The Princess Bride ( ...…
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