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Power & Exponents Math PapaPodcasts
The following lessons look at Powers and the various Exponent Rules for Math classes
The Peoples Healing Church
STS: Basic Math
STS: Basic Math
minimalist moms podcast
We live in the suburbs of the Midwest where bigger equals better. But, the more we added to our lives, instead of feeling better, we felt overwhelmed. It’s hard enough being a mom, the last thing you need is stress from too much stuff and overcrowded schedules. It was time for a radical new mindset: Less is More. We’re not into extremes. We didn’t throw away everything. Our brand of minimalism is more about adding then subtracting. Get rid of the excess to make room for what you love. In oth ...
Gimme Some Options!
Welcome to the real world of retail options trading. I'll be sharing my daily position adds and subtractions along with the whys and hows. You'll hear me humbly celebrate the winners and moan about the losers. And you'll be treated to occasional interviews with other options trading practitioners -- real grinders who are trying to extract money from the machines every day.
She's Building Her Empire: Female Entrepreneurs | Women in Business | Online Marketing | Management | Productivity | Launching
International Best-Selling Author, 7-Figure Business Owner, and Wife & Mom, Stacy Tuschl’s real talk with top industry experts subtracts the overwhelm and gives you real, raw and honest scoop on how to run a successful business empire (all while enjoying life). She’s Building Her Empire podcast covers everything from embracing your passion and charging top-dollar for your skills to creating an actionable 6-figure (and beyond) business strategy and MORE! Stacy has interviewed some of the bigg ...
Man: King of Mind, Body, and Circumstance by ALLEN, James
The problem of life consists in learning how to live. It is like the problem of addition or subtraction to the schoolboy. When mastered, all difficulty disappears, and the problem has vanished. All the problems of life, whether they be social, political, or religious, subsist in ignorance and wrong-living. As they are solved in the heart of each individual, they will be solved in the mass of men. Humanity at present is in the painful stage of “learning.” It is confronted with the difficultie ...
minimalist moms podcast
We live in the suburbs of the Midwest where bigger equals better. But, the more we added to our lives, instead of feeling better, we felt overwhelmed. It’s hard enough being a mom, the last thing you need is stress from too much stuff and overcrowded schedules. It was time for a radical new mindset: Less is More. We’re not into extremes. We didn’t throw away everything. Our brand of minimalism is more about adding then subtracting. Get rid of the excess to make room for what you love. In oth ...
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Co-hosts Brad Kearns and Lindsay Taylor hit Phil with some questions, including several submitted by members of the popular MAF Method Facebook group and the Primal Endurance Facebook group. Phil sets the record straight on the concept of a modified Maffetone aerobic maximum heart rate calculation for fat-adapted athletes. “Doesn’t work,” says ...…
Today, I’ve got one easy way you can pay your mortgage off sooner and ultimately for less money.If you’re an American today, you’ve likely got a housing payment. This is true whether you rent or you own a home.The tip I have today can help regardless of where you’re trying to go, whether that is a paid-off mortgage or car, or getting to homeown ...…
Midvale Community Baptist Church
Mark 9:42-50 This week we conclude the Jesus' discussion with the disciples after they spend this part of their journey discussing and arguing about who is the greatest. Jesus puts an end to the divisive talk and gives them a new direction, peace with one another. Click Here to Download Transcript
Where are we at so far We’ve defined a couple of things Pensions are all but history for most Americans Accumulating assets for retirement is pretty much up to you You better figure out how you are going to get a steady paycheck when you retire Annuities can offer a guaranteed income for life Have you ever looked at investing in an annuity? It ...…
Happiness is circumstantial. Plain and simple - happiness is dependent on external influences and what happens to you either through other people or situations out of your control. This is the reason people are not happy. Why? Because circumstance are in a constant state of change and are unreliable. Instead, our focus should be on joy. Joy is ...…
Straight Cash Homie - College Football Gambling Picks is the #1 weekly podcast on picking point spreads for college football, starring James Yoder...Phil Closius is MIA this week, perhaps addition by subtraction? This week, James picks his normal 5 games against the spread, gives you Phil's absentee picks, talk the top ten teams in college foot ...…
In this episode, Kurt addresses a couple of practical hands-on leadership thoughts that he has seen in his work experience. Kurt shares how practicing the philosophy of "Addition by Subtraction" can help build better processes and more functional systems. Kurt also shares some a practical tip for communicating information. Even if you are shari ...…
Timberline Old Town
Tempus Per Annum means "Time Throughout The Year". In the liturgical church calendar, it is known as Ordinary Time - the long stretch between Easter and Advent. This is sometimes a grind and sometimes exhilarating and always Holy. We want to settle in and recognize this time of between. TEXT: Luke 13:1-9 TAKEAWAYS: Take an inventory with these ...…
The Simply Convivial Audio Blog: classical homeschooling focus sessions
SC043: Homeschool Mottos by Mystie Winckler. Season 7: Mom As Atmosphere We recite mottos during our Morning Time. I think the first place I encountered the idea was when listening to ACCS teacher training audio (back before there were CiRCE conferences or podcasts). The elementary classes of Logos School, at least back in the old days, had mot ...…
My guest today is Jodee Mundy an independent Creative Producer and Artistic Director. Jodee’s work points to a future beyond inclusion where the diversity is as valuable as the art. She also grew up as the only hearing person in a deaf family. Jodee knew her family was deaf, but she didn’t realize that they couldn’t hear until an incident when ...…
The Wired Homeschool - Tech, Tools, & Tips for Homeschooling a Digital Generation
The Osmo Genius Kit includes 5 hands-on games that foster creativity & problem solving skills: Masterpiece, Newton, Tangram, Numbers, and Words. In this episode of The Wired Homeschool I’ll share my thoughts on the Osmo Genius Kit and preview some upcoming episodes. Thanks to my Patrons for supporting this episode: Aaron, Lori, Matt, & Winston. ...…
Brett and Steve preview the Metropolitan division by going through each team's additions and subtraction and how they will do this season. They also predict who will make the playoffs and who possibly won't. Thanks for listening to Fantrax Radio - The Home of Fantasy Sports Talk!!!
Pastor Nathan speaks on the practice of pace. We so often feel trapped in the lie of incessant business and productivity. But our spiritual practice must be one of subtraction, not addition.
Berkley Community Church
In business a common tool is called Cost Benefit Analysis. It is a process where a given situation or business related actions are summed and then the costs associated are subtracted.
Fourth in series: Things that have changed my life TRANSCRIPT Why (and why not) to do hard things at Jesus’ encouragement We are in the middle of a series of talks here at BLV called "Things that have changed my life" It's basically been an excuse for us to talk about things we've learned or experienced that lately have felt so influential to u ...…
LGFG Leadership Podcast Series
The Law of Addition. Thanks for joining me to explore Maxwell's 5th law--the Law of Addition. Remember we add value to others when our mentality and actions focus on SERVING. So, to that end, here are a few questions for discussion and reflection: Ask yourself the following questions: 1. How and when are you a servant leader? 2. When do you get ...…
In this post, we will venture into the world of number talks. We aren’t necessarily focusing on just one article or resource today but we are pulling from several places. We are going to be pulling ideas from Sherry Parrish’s book Number Talks: Helping Children Build Mental Math and Computation Strategies and some ideas from Jo Boaler. A Number ...…
English Lessons with Adam - Learn English with Adam [engVid]
Do you need to speak about or understand mathematics or geometry in English? This lesson teaches you all the terminology you need to translate your mathematics knowledge into English. This video will be especially important for students who are studying in an English-speaking country, and for professionals who need to work with English speakers ...…
Celebration Edmonton: Audio Podcast
Welcome to the Celebration Church Audio Podcast in Edmonton, Alberta. The podcast will have the weekly sermon from Pastor Dennis Varty of Celebration Church. Visit us online at for our service times and location.
Morning Minutes Take 2
Morning Minutes Take 2-True Love=freedom of choice and substitute vs subtract
Life After Life Podcast
What if you could you add to your life by giving forgiveness? Giving is actually an act of adding. Often times forgiveness is perceived as a subtraction, when it fact, it is a process of releasing hurts and opening a space for you to renew. Whether it is forgiveness for yourself or another, releasing unforgiveness opens you to renewing your lif ...…
Summit Church Sermons
Labor DayCounting the DaysSeptember 3, 2017Please turn in your Bibles to Psalm 90 “This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.” Jo ...…
Kyle joins Adam for another Fun Belt Edition of the pod as they give a preview for each team in the western side of the Sun Belt. The two discuss how the Arkansas State brand new offensive line will be addition by subtraction (3:25) and why the Red Wolves have a great schedule (5:35). The Kibbie Dome gives Idaho an awesome home field advantage ...…
Wide Range Media
Synopsis ANOUNCEMENTS Charetta New Album Fate Strike Twice Odds of Eden New Album Breaking The Matrix on Sale now The Haunting New Album Survivor’s Guilt Fainites Battle Scars Ep on Sale now On Sale now at Discussion at the movies Is Justice League Killing Off A Main Character Maybe Batman ? Another White Washing ...…
Toe On The Trigger Podcast
On this 100th episode. we have a special returning guest. Courtney wraps up the Bum Wine Challenge, and there’s a small exchange of pleasantries. #bwg_container1_0 { visibility: hidden; } #bwg_container1_0 * { -moz-user-select: none; -khtml-user-select: none; -webkit-user-select: none; -ms-user-select: none; user-select: none; } #bwg_container1 ...…
Scripture: Matthew 16:1-12
Join The Ace and C-Mac as they finish off "8 Divisions in 8 Weeks". This week they talk AFC North, home of the Division Champion Pittsburgh Steelers! The Baltimore Ravens went 8-8, the Cincinnati Bengals went 6-9-1 and the Cleveland Browns were Cleveland Browns like and went 1-15. Also covered this week is the greatest team in the greatest divi ...…
title: "en garde" key: bb major; tempo: 78bpm; recording date: 8/10+11/17; time: 3:13; bit rate:304kbps; sample rate: 48khz; file size: 7.2MB date: soon;meta: thumb piano/mbira/kalimba, timpani/kettledrums, cajon percussion, tape audio effects, subtractive eq, etc.
I Could Make That
This is the Color Theory episode! Talking points include additive and subtractive primary systems, the color wheel, Pantone, history of pigments, the difference between artist and student grade pigments, the split primary system of watercolor, how to practice color mixing in various media, interrupting fluffy animals, and our favorite colors.…
Situations with team members aren’t always black and white, so how can you tell when someone really isn’t a right-fit for your company? In this episode of The Team Success Podcast, Shannon Waller discusses scenarios that signal it’s time for you to subtract to multiply.
ERIC KIM FORUM: behalf of HAPTIC as a thank you for your awesome work, we will award two grand prizes for submissions to STREET CLUB. We will announce the two grand prize winners in the last assignment review video (in two weeks). Submit to the next two assignments and leave constructive feedback to increa ...…
SIS Empowerment Radio
Hippocrate's axiom "Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine your food" reflects divine order. Mother Nature's gift of foods will always be more effective than a synthetic drug, simply because the body recognizes the chemical makeup as a food and receives the message to activate the properties of that food. Thinking of food as medicine ...…
Ps Darin Browne @ Ignite Christian Church
We’ve been looking at mind viruses, the small programs or mind infections that our society produces then implants into our subconscious, so that our actions, thoughts and feelings are controlled by the virus. Most of these are incredibly subtle, but profoundly powerful in controlling our thoughts and feelings, and their effects vary from influe ...…
Join The Ace and C-Mac as they continue "8 Divisions in 8 Weeks". The series takes a new format this year as two divisions will be discussed each week. This week they talk AFC South, home of the Division Champion Houston Texans! The Tennessee Titans went 9-7, the Indianapolis Colts went 8-8 and the Jacksonville Jaguars went 3-13. Also covered t ...…
When good people are the wrong fit for your company—let them go. In this episode of The Team Success Podcast, Shannon Waller talks to Jeff Van Straten about trusting your gut and Jeff’s real-life experiences of using “Multiplication By Subtraction” to build better teams.
Training in zone 2, also known as long duration low intensity training, has numerous metabolic benefits. But what does "zone" refer to? Zone refers to the six different heart rate zones. A brief overview: Zone 1 - At rest or very calm, heart rate near resting heart rate Zone 2 - Breathing is a little quicker but you aren't out of breath. Can co ...…
Fantasy Football Podcast for July 18th, 2017. The Fantasy Footballers are back again and ready to get divisional by discussing the AFC North. Which Steelers, Bengals, Ravens, and Browns will be fantasy relevant? Which team additions and subtractions will make the biggest fantasy football impact? We also each pick a post-hype sleeper before revi ...…
Tuck N Run
On this week's episode The Geniuses talk all AFC East all the time. It's the kickoff of their first of many offseason recap shows, starting with by far the weakest (and, geographically, the closest) of all the NFL divisions. They discuss offseason additions and subtractions for the New York Jets, the Buffalo Bills, the Miami Dolphins and unfort ...…
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