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Best Sue Downey podcasts we could find (updated November 2019)
Best Sue Downey podcasts we could find
Updated November 2019
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The musings of Lora Brawley of NannyCareHub.com and Sue Downey of Nannypalooza.com.
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Many nannies find it challenging to work with kids who are a little older. So we are chatting about children who are school age and brainstorming ideas about how to deal with a few of those troublesome issues.
We continue our series talking about difficult behaviors and how we as nannies can handle them. This time we focus in on 3 and 4 year olds.
We discuss common challenging behaviors with toddlers and how nannies can work with them.
We kick off our summer series this week on handling difficult behaviors age by age. We discuss here what kinds of behaviors are challenging.
In this episode we discuss time out/time in and what these terms really mean?
In this episode - a double sized one- we discuss quitting the job. When is it time and how do you give notice? We will discuss what comes next in a future episode.
You sometimes hear about nannies who have to deal with employers that "yell at them". We talk about what it might mean, how to process it and deal with being yelled at.
We discuss the idea that nannies should be able to screen families the same as families can screen nannies? Are the rules the same for both sides?
We discuss what happens when someone says they don't want to play with your kid. Do we step in? Do we coach thru the situation? How can these situations really be a learning moment?
Do we need to complete paperwork as nannies? Yes! We discuss keeping a daily journal and other records as well as Sue's new Kickstarter for Our Nanny Diary!
In our series finale, we finish with a couple more mock interviews. Thanks for your support of this series.
This two part episode lets us demonstrate a few mock interview situations as well as pick them apart for mistakes, wording and how we can interview for the nanny family we all dream of!
In this continuation of the series, we tackle talking compensation. Speaking to potential employers about money and benefits can be tricky- so we try to give nannies a few ideas of how to approach this.
To really be successful with the interview- there is a need for us to really sell yourself. It does not come naturally to many of us so we discuss why it's important and how to get in the right mindset.
We are back to our interview series of the summer with a discussion on situational questions in interviews. What are they? Why are they important? Nanny employers use them all the time- we should too!
A new law is waiting to be signed by the Governor of New York that makes it a misdemeanor for a caregiver to provide a misleading reference. We discuss the importance of this for nannies and the future impact we see for this law.
AN important step in prescreening is the phone interview. We discuss why to have one and what to discuss in this episode. This is part three of our nanny summer series on interviewing.
Second in our interviewing series, in this episode we discuss what to where and what to bring to that interview. Nanny interviews may follow different rules than office jobs for what to wear. And we talk about what you may want to have in your nanny bag when you show up at the house.
We kick off our summer series on the nanny interview with a look at knowing what you want and when do you ask for it? We are excited to talk all summer about the finer points of nanny interviews.
This time we are talking texting! Texting with employers as a form of communication (or using email) means setting boundaries in new ways. How do you deal with messages after work hours? What is best way to discuss this topic? Nannies and their employers have more options than ever to stay in touch- but it can be problematic.…
In this episode we discuss toxic people and relationships. We try to each define what a toxic person is, and how they feel it impacts the nanny community and nanny leaders. We go back and forth on what we can do to deal with these negative relationships and people.
We discuss the methods we have used as nannies to potty train children. It's not always so easy, especially getting parents and nannies on the same page. We share what has worked for us.
How do you handle difficult conversations with your employers? As a nanny, you will have to give notice, discuss issues with the children, maybe ask for a raise. We mull over these and a few others and give our ideas on how to tackle them.
In this episode we discuss the popular TV show This Is Us and how it helps us view parenting and raising children. SPOILER ALERTS_ we discuss up to the February 2018 episodes including the week after the Super Bowl.
The International Nanny Association just released their 2017 Salary Survey in conjunction with HomeWork Solutions Inc. We discuss what it shows, what it doesn't and some interesting insights. Are you a nanny that participated??
Self care is often discussed within nanny circles. But let's take a deeper look at what self care means- beyond bubble baths and shopping trips!
It's that time again nannies! Year end or holiday bonus- do you get one? Do you expect one? We discuss our opinions on this touchy subject.
Another year- another time to discuss what nannies might want to give this holiday season!
We talk about nannies and free range parenting style. What does that term mean? What is the difference between freedom and lack of safety?
In this episode we discuss the philosophy of Reggio Emilia Schools and how nannies can incorporate those ideas into their own practices. This series hopes to help you identify and focus your own childcare philosophy. *-
In our fifth installment discussing developing your childcare philosophy, we give a brief overview of positive discipline. We discuss how it is different from traditional methods as well as some of the core beliefs.
In the fourth part of our series- developing your childcare philosophy- we discuss Waldorf education. What are the core tenets and what ideas make this one of the faster growing preschool trends.
In this installment of our ongoing series, we give a brief glimpse into the RIE methodology developed by Magda Gerber. Please listen to parts one and two before diving in here!
Nannies need a childcare philosophy! This is the second part of our series on developing yours. We briefly go over the work of Maria Montessori and discuss the parts of the Montessori philosophy that we have adapted into our own work with children.
Sue and Lora kick off a new series about developing your childcare philosophy. In this episode, we discuss what it is and why is it important. All nannies should have a definable childcare philosophy.
We discuss some problems and possible solutions when it comes to discipline and guidance of older kids (ages 8 plus) and even teens. This age group can be tough for a nanny especially over the summer as you often have more time with them.
Communication is the key to the relationship. We outline a few basic techniques that you can use to improve your boundary setting, communication, and help you when communicating with employers.
We discuss with our new friend Martha from Chronicles of Nannya the ability of parents to review a nanny online thru sites like Care. Is this good or bad and why. This is the first part of the episode and the other half can be found at www.chroniclesofnannya.com
Lora and Sue discuss tools and methods we can do to help kids be more resilient.
We tackle the issue of online nanny groups this week. Are they good or evil? A great support or the decline of professionalism in our industry?
Toughest part of the day or learning opportunity? Transitions for kids can feel overwhelming to them and frustrating to nannies and parents. We discuss and offer some ideas!
It is never easy to bring up touchy subjects with your employers. But it is especially difficult for nannies to bring up behavior issues with moms and dads. We discuss ways to make those conversations go smoothly.
We have a great conversation with our new friends Jeremy and Hari about Nanny Shares. We talk about advantages and disadvantages of the arrangement as well as what to consider before entering into this popular option. All nannies should know about nanny shares and these experts from CozyKin.com in Boston have much to share.…
Is there such a thing as your "unicorn family"? We discuss what that might mean, what your expectations are concerning a perfect match and how really- no matter what, relationships take work! The nanny and family relationship is complex.
Nannies care for children from affluent families, but these kids do face certain challenges. We discuss the problems that privileged kids face and how we can address them.
In this episode, we discuss Newborn Care Specialists with Tonya Sakowicz, owner of Newborn Care Solutions. We talk about certification, the pros and cons of the job and if there is still a demand for this job as well as many other aspects of the NCS world.
In this episode we discuss what to say when a family offers you the job. How do you go from offer to contract to success? Also, how do you say No in a good way.
So what careers are best suited once you decide not to be a nanny anymore? We discuss a few ideas and also some transferrable skills.
What goals or resolutions do you make that help you be a better nanny? We discuss a few and actions you can take to get things accomplished!
A continuation of our discussion on the importance and the role of the phone interview.
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