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A show about DC Universe properties on film and television: From DCEU films 'Justice League', 'Aquaman' and 'Suicide Squad 2' to weekly television fare like 'Gotham', 'Supergirl', 'The Flash', and 'Arrow'!
The Suicide Squadcast
This is the weekly show where we discuss the DC Extended Universe, including The Suicide Squad, Batman v Superman, Wonder Woman, Justice League, The Flash, Aquaman, and all of the other upcoming DC Movies! We also talk about the DC TV and Animated Universes and some DC Comics and Video Game news as well! DCEU, DCCU, DCTV, DCAU, DCU, Video Games, and Comics! We are a proud member of the Batman Podcast Network!
Comic Slobs
Comic book news, reviews, and discussion to get new readers into comics.
Alter Ego
This Podcast is about everything that is possibly going on in the Superhero world. From movies to comics its all here! Join in and tell us your opinion and just show your love and views on your favorite heroes. Don't agree with the new X-men movie? Come on the show and tell us! Hosted by: Jeff VelezThis Podcast was created using
Task Force X
Where your host, Aaron *Head* Moss, reviews and discusses DC Comics Suicide Squad and Checkmate comic books.
Victims and Villains
This is what happens when nerd news meets suicide prevention, come talk nerd and hope with your hosts Capt. Nostalgia, The Wanderer & The Poet
Around the Cinema Podcast
We rise like the phoenix as the Around The Cinema web series is reborn into... AROUND THE CINEMA PODCASTHere at Around the Cinema, we talk movies, and TV shows, and the entertainment business at large. We'll also be covering the Hollywood hustle, independent cinema and the goings on at the Box Office. Join Michael Schatz and his guests as they navigate the Hollywood seas!
Capes on Capes
It starts from a shared love of comic books, and discussions take off from there. Each week Bryce and Hamby from San Diego's Alternative FM 949 talk the latest news in superhero culture and geek fandom. Sometimes a little bit of video game discussions slip in. We discuss shows like Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, and Gotham. We talk movies like Captain America: Civil War, Suicide Squad, Doctor Strange, and Star Wars: Rogue One. We share stories o ...
In this Comic Book Podcast miniseries, Co-Creator of The Game Set Match Podcast, Joe Machado, and Illustrator, Brian Walters, break down every Comic Book film since 1994. From Blade 2 to Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider to Suicide Squad, these two grade each Cinematic Universe just to see who's actually doing a better job thus far: DC or Marvel?
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Father Time with Jamie Kaler
John Preston is a Concore Entertainment recording artist and full time firefighter. John was a Marine Corps field wireman from 2000 to 2004 achieving the rank of Sergeant in his 4 years of service. John was with Second Battalion Seventh Marines (2/7) and served as a mission squad leader for 2/7 H&S running over 100 combat missions while in thea ...…
This week Dave and Jay do things differently by having News up front. With their thoughts on the recent director announcements for Suicide Squad 2, X-Force, and Star Wars Ep IX. In Indie Corner Jay talk 21 Grams and Dave has a fake synopsis. Oktoberfest beers continue this week with two titans of brewing Yuengling and Sam Adams Trailer Park mak ...…
The Good, The Bad and The Just Plain Standard
Wherein we talk about the 2017 Hollywood adaptation of the 2012 graphic novel ‘The Coldest City’. Explicitly talking about Berlin, Skarsgård, drinks, McGuffin, Scottish legends, confusing plot, dinosaurs, trailer, producers, Cold War, historical context, Charlize Theron, Hollywoodize, David Leitch, fake long takes, choreography, product placeme ...…
Woodsmen Podcast
On todays show, after almost a year long hiatus we're back and with a familiar co host, so take a listen to find out who's come back. Myself and my co host talk about President Trump and some of the ill's his administration has been a part of since he's move into the white house. On the only segment of the show, we talk about the DC and Marvel ...…
This week on the podcast, Zach goes solo as Chris and Joe are busy and talks about the latest Star Wars drama, classic 90’s cartoons, the new IT, The Orville, South Park, The Room and more. News: The Commuter, The Disaster Artist, Red Sparrow, Big Mouth and Bleeding Steel trailers, first look at new Hellboy, JJ Abrams taking over Star Wars Epis ...…
Bacon Knight’s Preview Review
On this week's show, 47 Meters gets a sequel, Star Wars ep 9 has a new director and has been delayed, Wonder Woman 2 and Suicide Squad 2 get directors. Plus I Preview Review American Assassin and Mother! Follow me on Twitter @BaconKnight
The Batman Universe Bat-Fans
In this latest episode, Dane and Tim are back to give a review of the Batman and Harley Quinn animated movie. They also talk about Batman: The Animated Series’ 25th anniversary, the news of actor Brenton Thwaites being cast as Nightwing in the upcoming Titans series, Gavin O’Connor writing and directing Suicide Squad 2, review some of the lates ...…
Welcome to episode 77! Join Josh, Mitch, and Joey as they discuss: Star Wars Episode 9, Queen, Suicide Squad 2, Friday the 13th, The Orville, reviews for IT and The Tick. The geeks also talked about Paramount’s new project, Dracul. Dracul is a prequel to Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Joey gave a very funny impromptu pitch for Dracul that will hopefull ...…
Jon loves his Jon Snow-led Suicide Squad reboot and Ben is still holding out hope that Martin is still writing books.
Pocket Knife News
Aaron, Homer, and David are back! This week the boys dive into some movie reviews, news, and rumors!-The beauty of technical difficulties once the show starts-Aaron won't be left out of a joke-A comprehensive IT Review-The Purge 4 announced- the first Purge-Gavin O’Connor in talks for Suicide Squad 2-Patty Jenkins officially signs on for Wonder ...…
The gang sits down and talks J.J. Abrams taking Star Wars Episode IX, our first look at David Harbour as Hellboy, Daniel Dae Kim joining the Hellboy reboot in place of Ed Skrien, Patty Jenkins singing on for Wonder Woman 2, Gavin O'Connor tackling Suicide Squad 2, IT's huge success, the IT sequel, and much more in a new RFC! Follow us on Twitte ...…
The Fandom Podcast
Episode 132: You know the saying, “You can pick your panels, and you can pick your nose, but you can’t…” wait, that’s not it…. “Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Panels…” Nope, not that one either… Anyway, this is our semi annual Salt Lake Comic Con Panel picking episode where we take our top panels from the schedule and plan out our time, a ...…
Trey Alessio and Brandon Ogden are back with another episode of the R | U | NTRTND podcast. The boys talk tailgate stories, college football, NFL football, J.J. Abrams returning for "Star Wars: Episode IX," "Suicide Squad 2's" new director, Big Brother, the Apple Event, Ted Cruz and much more.
On today's show Lisa and I talk about recent directing assignments such as Gavin O'Connor on Suicide Squad 2, Patty Jenkins officially signing on for Wonder Woman 2, and the latest announcement; JJ Abrams is back for Star Wars: Episode IX!
RDT and Loren are back again to talk about the week’s pop culture news. They’re covering stories like: RDT finally got his MoviePass card It sequel officially moving forward Pretty much everyone is vying for the James Bond rights Colin Trevorrow out for Star Wars: Episode 9 Rian Johnson reveals who The Last Jedi is… so did SW:TFA Hunter returni ...…
This week on The Comics Pals is a Marvel-centric one as the Pals talk about the series of bad news for Marvel that sparks a discussion about whether or not Marvel’s time on top of the comics world has passed, what they’ve done so wrong to turn off so many people, and what Marvel needs to do to bring their fans back. You don’t want to miss this ...…
Spoiled Rotten Podcast
The new DC Animated VOD release Batman & Harley Quinn gets spoiled! *The Inhumans Box Office @1:09 *Jessica Chastain Not Lilandra? @6:58 *Drew Goddard Attached To Write+Direct X-Force @8:48 *Star Wars Directors @13:37 *Who is on the Shazam Shortlist? @36:54 *Gavin O'Connor Attached To Write+Direct Suicide Squad 2 *Batman & Harley Quinn Review/S ...…
Nerdwest Show
On this weeks show… Destiny 2 launches and Colin Trevorrow leaves Star Wars IX! X-Force and Suicide Squad 2 both find their directors, plus much more on this week’s Nerdwest Show! The post Nerdwest Show 9.10.17. appeared first on Nerdwest Show.
We're back on GTA, the streets of San Andreas are not safe. This episode we talk about Suicide Squad 2, Amerian Assassin, and Death Note... On a darker note we talk about death. From how you don't want to die to how you want to be buried. Find out how to take savings to the grave.
Every episode that ends in a 0 will be a drunk audio commentary. Here is the first iteration of this Back Beyond tradition. We could have talked about a movie we loved, but that is not the Dave way. Instead we basically add fuel to the dumpster fire that is David Ayer's Suicide Squad (2016). What should we review for episode 20? Let us know. Fi ...…
On this episode, we're focusing on two studios: Lucasfilm and DC Entertainment. Lucasfilm dropped a bomb a few days ago that Colin Trevorrow is no longer involved with Episode 9 and DC announced that they would like to make a Joker origin movie without Jared Leto and outside the DCEU. Andy and Ian join me to give our thoughts on both. PS - I ap ...…
Not Good | Movies & TV: Discussion, Reviews & Recaps
Welcome to the Not Good Podcast Feed, your new home for: substandard movie reviews, TV reviews, movie discussion, TV recaps & drunken banter. New & Noteworthy/Main Topic: Collin Trevorrow out as the director of Star Wars Episode IX Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale Review Box Office – Labour Day numbers/summer numbers – studios blaming Rotten Tom ...…
Am I On The Air?
Season 14 Episode 24 "You'll Float Too" : On this episode we discuss Colin Trevorrow out as Director of Star Wars Ep 9, Drew Goddard to write and Direct the X-Force movie, Gavin O'Connor to write & Direct Suicide Squad 2, Female led Greatest American Hero tv show, 47 Meters Down gets a sequel, Agents of Shield see's the return of a familiar fac ...…
Kyle Alexis and Peter discuss the disastrous Summer Box Office of 2017 all you need to know about the MoviePass system and whether its good for you or not XForce and Suicide Squad get new directors and ABC is trying to get the hell away from the Inhumans
Geekvibes Nation
Disney/Marvel/Star Wars Leaving Netflix Jared Leto Also Confused on Multiple Joker Movies Gavin O'Connor Officially the writer and director of Suicide Squad 2 Jessica Chastain Says she will not be playing Lilandra Minka Kelly and Alan Ritchson are added to Titans show as Dove/Hawk X-force hires Drew Goddard as Director and Writer Colin Trevorro ...…
Glitch Therapy
Glitch Therapy is a video game podcast where we geek out in the latest in gaming news and culture. Mondo got stung by a bee and Jose got hit by a car More Uncharted: Lost Legacy News PACS: Penny Arcade Expo Square Enix says Final Fantasy 15 is going to be a huge file size! Toys R Us possibly filing for Bankruptcy, owes $5 billion dollars, $400 ...…
Make it Better: Suicide SquadWe break down Suicide and try to make it better.
“We Watch Stuff” is back this week and they have some catching up to do. What is going on with Disney and their Star Wars movies? Another director is given the boot? Who is going to replace him and does replacing another director mean Disney has a problem or are they heading off any potential box office bombs? What world are we living in where ...…
Welcome Ladies & Gentlemen to the Glorious Moviescast, the most Glorious Movie podcast out there. I am one of your hosts the Glorious One Mr Moody, joining me as always, is the Glorious Red Bearded Man, Foxes, and joining us both is the Glorious People’s Champ Joseph Moran. We talk about the weeks Movie News and give you a little bit of insight ...… - The Nerds talk about some of Hollywood's best directors and discuss the future of Star Wars, Suicide Squad 2, X-Force and much more! Let us know what you think in the comments below! For more info on comics, video games, movies and anything else nerd, check out, a place for your inner nerd. Also check ...…
EPISODE 25Rating system DON’T GO, GO, LET’S GO, GOTTA GO! NEWSHey don’t hold your breath, but Suicide Squad 2 has a possible writer/director with Gavin O’Connor! He was already on a shortlist that included filmmakers Jaume Collet-Serra and Mel Gibson. But they already peaced out, so hopefully he makes it happen. If you loved the “The Accountant ...…
Pretty Dece - Entertainment and pop culture news and opinions • Suicide Squad 2 finds a director
On this episode Jazz and Gp back track completly, now endorsing the new Joker origin movie. Talk about new Suicide Squad 2 director, the fallout from Star Wars episode 9 losing its director, the possibilty of Leo DiCaprio as The Joker. Zeke's suspension and talk about our fantasy football teams.
Today on RIM CRIM, it’s Sam Proof aka everyone’s favourite dread-sporting, best-friend thieving, jet ski-riding guy…RAZ! What a great pep Sam was. He joins Corey & Dylan for a tubular chat and tells them about his incredible T&E audition, a few Awesome Show & Billion Dollar Movie behind-the-scenes secrets, his amazing pizza wizardry, social med ...…
Fanboy News Network Podcast – Fanboy News Network
jQuery(document).ready(function($) { $('#wp_mep_1').mediaelementplayer({ m:1 ,features: ['playpause','current','progress','duration','volume','tracks','fullscreen'] ,audioWidth:400,audioHeight:30 });}); “Jeff makes poor choices” Daniel finally sees Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Jeff talks about seeing the Riff Trax “Five Doctors”, 7 Witches, and C ...…
In this issue we sit down with animator, director, artist, martial artist, and general man of mystery Chad Smith. We learn how a young nerd makes good and grows up to work in movies and video games. We also talk about the wild new and expanding DCEU. From Suicide Squad to Batman V Superman, we answer questions from listeners like "What went wro ...…
Host Derek Coward talks about the characters he would use as Marvel’s version of the Suicide Squad.
Welcome Ladies & Gentlemen to the Glorious Moviescast, the most Glorious Movie podcast out there. I am one of your hosts the Glorious One Mr Moody, and joining me today, is the Glorious Red Bearded Man, Foxes. We talk about the weeks Movie News and give you a little bit of insight into what it all means, just with not much insight. This Gloriou ...…
Episode 21: This week we watched the 1990 miniseries It. We talked about Nightmare on Elm Street, Oculus, Suicide Squad and Stephen King's love of the 50s and kid on kid violence.
The Movie Playground Podcast
This week Joel and Joe talk about the previous weekend's box office, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Justice League, Shazam!, The Joker, Suicide Squad 2, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Robin Hood: Origins, First Man, Tolkien, The Dick Cheney Biopic, Lord of the Flies all-female movie, The Crow reboot, Spiderman 1-5, Tom Cruise's American Made, War for the Pla ...…
In this issue we go LIVE from YukomiCon! We sit down with 90's Canadian icon and YTV superstar PJ Fresh Phil Guerrero and find out what life is like being a beloved kids superstar, and what it's been since. And, fittingly, we spend a lot of time on DC Comics in the 90's. Check out Phil's series "The Velvet Ropeline" on SessionsX. Intro by Aaron ...…
Adulting is Hard with Megan and D
Ep. 33: We discuss what happens when D is running so late for happy hour that the waiter thinks Megan is getting stood up for a date. Also, the Game of Thrones season 7 finale that had everyone like, wait...WHAT? Oh and Taylor Swift, the VMA's, a Suicide Squad spin-off, the Lady Gaga documentary and MORE!… Sorry for the late post, guys. I thought that I had figured the scheduled posting, but alas. Also, the next episode will probably not be up on Friday, as Richard and I are attending Dragon*Con in Atlanta this year. If you wanna be on a podcast episode, say “Hi” and we can talk a ...…
Sarcastic Podtastic
Just wanna be clear with the title don't worry, we're not talking about Suicide Squad. It's not worth talking about. In fact, we feel bad we've mentioned it this much. No this we week we build our monster squads. Which 5 villains vs 5 heroes we'd pick to battle against each other. Listen in, and may the best squad win!…
In episode 6 of Geek of Thrones, Dan and Chris talk about how bloody good Beyond the Wall was. Whether you loved the battle between the the Suicide Squad and the army of the dead, or you're still trying to decide whether you're Team Sansa or Team Arya, join us for a good ol' chat about the greatest damn show on TV.…
وموضوع حلقتنا عن عن اندماج وملائمة شخصيات فيلم Suicide squad للابطال الاساسيين من اعداد وتقديم : سارة عادل يأتيكم كل يوم ثلاث الساعة 8 مساءا علي راديو التكية تقدر تدعم الراديو من هنا : كن داعما لنا! او من خلال التطبيق علي جوجل بلاي ” التطبيق واسمعها من علي ايتيونز itunes itunes وكمان علي تيونن tunein tunein…
In this episode we talk about Cable in Deadpool 2, the possibility of an Obi Wan film, and Rob Lowe's new tv show. First photos of Josh Brolin as Cable in Deadpool sequel released The Lion King adds two new cast members Ian McShane and Milla Jovovich to appear in new Hellboy film Death Wish remake trailer Gremlins 3 script finished Obi Wan stan ...…
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