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The Sour Hour
Hosted by Jay Goodwin, co-founder of The Rare Barrel in Berkeley, California, The Sour Hour is an in-depth look into the process of making wild ales. With the help of some of the best mixed-fermentation brewers in the world, Jay discusses the techniques required to make world class sour beer.
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The Sour Hour
Hosted by Jay Goodwin, co-founder of The Rare Barrel in Berkeley, California, The Sour Hour is an in-depth look into the process of making wild ales. With the help of some of the best mixed-fermentation brewers in the world, Jay discusses the techniques required to make world class sour beer.
Sweet and Sour
A show about this Asian American life
Coaching U Podcasts. Each week we’ll have a new podcast from Brendan Suhr and some of the BEST coaches in sports today
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Two Drink Minimum – In a world, dominated by horrid amateur podcasts, one podcast will rise above all its foes with the determination of Michael Bay explosion. Two drunk guys, one podcast. This…is The Surly Nerd. The Surly Nerd is not your average geek podcast. We cover anything and everything in the world of geek news from movies to fashion, comics and gaming. So join us won\’t you? Stay awhile and listen…to The Surly Nerd. Lots of adult language.
SU on the Air
Sex Uninterrupted is changing what people think about the Swinger Lifestyle and non-monogamous relationships. We are a real couple sharing our life and educating others in order to accomplish this.​The “Lifestyle” is so much more than you can imagine. It’s growth, expansion and can be ultra sexy. Open your mind, heart and expand your imagination - you will find your dreams and fantasies can come true!
Monthly+ er en kristen nettside. Vårt ønske er at «» skal være et sted der du blir bedre kjent med Jesus Kristus som kom til jord for oss, for å kjøpe oss fri fra våre synder og gi oss del i sin fullkomne rettferdighet (2.Kor 5:21). Han som elsker oss og har gitt livet sitt for oss har også åpenbart sin vilje for oss i Bibelen. I denne podcasten forsøker vi å gi svar på aktuelle spørsmål om kristen tro. Du kan selv stille spørsmål ved å besøke denne linken - ...
A culture/current events/comedy podcast from Sour Feelings Productions hosted by Max Steele. We share some drinks and invite friends to have feelings. We offer the disclaimer that we've been drinking and the views expressed on this podcast are not meant as a substitute for facts. We're wrong all the time. So are you. Enjoy.
Robot Sucré est le podcast montréalais qui se concentre sur la passion Geek! Animé et conçu par une femme, le site offre une petite dose de sucre pour les internautes passionnés de technologie, jeux vidéo, comics, cinéma, jeux de société et plus encore.
The Destination for House Music loved by over 700,000 listeners in 93 countries! Over 50 mixes - free downloads & streams!
Del Sur
A bilingual podcast from the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas about legal issues affecting our community and the human impact they have on the lives of people living in this border region. Hosted by Efrén C. Olivares of Texas Civil Rights Project and edited by Neta.
Do you have questions about space, time and the nature of the universe? Join Aurelian Balan, Delta College associate professor of physics, as he uses astronomy and physics to help answer your questions while diving into some amazing topics.
Spor Repor
For your a-news-ment. Spor Repor is a humorous sports media/news website serving the great land known as Cascadia. Listen to our Spor Repor Podcas for conversations about a wide range of topics, mostly revolving around the world of sports. Listen to our Sports Otaku Podcast for sports anime reviews and discussion by your co-hosts Mark Lavis and Andrew Murray.
“It’s Our Money with Ellen Brown” provides a unique view behind the curtain of global finance and the monetary system by one of the top experts in the field.
Sour Mash Podcast
The official podcast of Sour Mash Tours. We talk bourbon, Louisville, KY, and everything in-between.
Kasamu : Nyame Suro/ Suro Allah
Les 15 derniers podcasts du canal
Sour Apples
Apple and Tech News and Analysis
Surly Supper
Surly men get together to talk about random media and current events. They are mostly just idiots. Enjoy.
Sour Grapes
Two dudes playing songs and chatting crap.
Sour Society
Half Comedians, Half Professionasl, Half Smartasses. Side effects may include nausea, upset stomach, eye throat and ear swelling and leakage. Come on a journey with us as we delve into pop culture, gaming, movies, music and more.
Back at it with Season 2, we start off around the table with a review of Blade Runner
Eyuboglu Egitim Kurumlari Spor Birimi podcasting calismalari
Ritratti (o si muore) è il poema epico di Suoni Quotidiani che entra a gamba tesa nel dibattito sulle celebrazione per il 150° anniversario de L’unità d’Italia. Sarà una galleria di audio documentari di persone che in Italia ci consumano la propria quotidianità.
Topics on whatever comes to mind
Intro to SOR 2012
Alm Sur Te Invita
The focus of my podcast is to highlight the issues that Shepherd University students often have to deal with.
The listen to us, or don't podcast is the weekly podcast where we discuss what's going on in the world of entertainment! Every week we will discuss what is going on in the realm of movies, television, games, and more!. We also have a a segment of the show called, "Guest topic of the week!" Where the guest brings up a topic that they find interesting, nostalgic, or just straight up frustrating. So give us a listen! (Or don't. I'm not your father.)
The intersection of feminism, marketing, and weird beer.
B kõo vẽenem yεl lanins sẽn watã zugu:1- Sɩɩ’a wã sɩngre tũu ne a Abdullay bun Saba’ nugu.2- A Abdulay bun Saba’ menengã goama.3- Sɩɩ’a wã loees lanins sẽn yiisd ned Dĩina pʋgẽ; ( guraabiya, Tɩɩniya, mahdɩya, gaf-ramba yoobã tõdgre, Sahaabsã kɩflgo, karbala’ yɩɩsg ne Mak la mandĩina)4- B leb n kewã nebã n yi b Dĩina la b waazʋ rambã, la B karãn-dottã.
• Kasamu : Suro Allah/Nyame bebia wu wo
Weekly Podcasts About Anything
Podcasts all about issues related to sport and outdoor recreation. From play and games to outdoor recreation and education. These podcasts will provide students with all the required information to study in the unit EDF1611 - Introduction to Sport Fitness and Outdoor Recreation.
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Il Trittico, or The Triptych, is the title of a collection of three one-act operas consisting of Il tabarro, Suor Angelica and Gianni Schicchi by Giacomo Puccini.The operas were composed around 1904 and each opera was originally planned to reflect one part of Dante’s Divine Comedy. However, only Gianni Schicchi is based on Dante’s epic poem.Puc ...…
Midnight Improvisation with Puccini Und noch eine In-Between Episode. Obwohl es noch gar keine echten Episoden gab, in between die sein könnten… Aus Puccinis „Suor Angelica“ – mit etwas Rotwein versetzt, und ein paar Küchenutensilien als Schlagzeug. Alles: made on iPhone. Das ändert sich aber bald… bleibt dabei!…
Está no ar mais um capítulo do Café BDI, o seu resumo diário de notícias sobre a Apple. Noticias do programa de hoje: Você sabia que apple fabria sour humano Vídeos da apple do dia da terra em português no casal brasileiro deles Entrevista com Lisa Jackson Apple treina funcionários para usar a plataforma do Apple Car Novas contratações da apple ...…
I am re- releasing an episode I did with the wonderful Denise Oucharek! This woman is dynamic, talented, thoughtful and soo creative and has a heart of gold! If you missed her interview the first time around, give it a listen! Have you ever wondered how to have a career in the arts, have a lasting marriage, raise your children and still be a gr ...…
Sheila Barker of Context Travel and Advancing Women Artists shares the wonder and beauty of women artists in Florence from the Pitti Palace to the facade of the Duomo. We talk about the famous Artemisia Gentileschi and her vivid and life-like work; most famously her depiction of Judith Slaying Holofernes. Giovanna Garzoni is discussed and her g ...…
On this weeks episode we discuss Ryan's take away from PAX South 2017 in San Antonio, TX, our differing opinions on the longevity of the Nintendo Switch, Resident Evil 7 and VR, some Tabletop games to be on the lookout for and the continuation of "The Greatest List Never Named" with two listener submitted characters by Daniel: Amaterasu(Ah-Ma-T ...…
There's no role for baritone Daniel Okulitch in Puccini's all-female opera Suor Angelica. But it's still his favourite, because he cries every time. He walked Ben through Angelica, plus the other two mini opera's in Puccini's triptych, Il Trittico.By
Nina Simone - Plain Gold Ring Dolphins Into The Future - Verde Sam Collins - My Road Is Rough And Rocky (How Long, How Long?) Peach Cobbler - Denver (After a Snowstorm) Alessandro Alessandroni - Suor Omicidi - seq. 4 Chris Haas & Beate Bartel - La Petite Mort Valentin Clastrier - Heresie I Salamat Sadikova - Esindebi (do you remember) John Aber ...…
Whether it be exams, leading your SU or just relationships with friends, family (or that special someone), this is a seminar seeking to handle stress in a godly way.
Carlos viu o ARQ no Netflix, cuja mensalidade é paga com o suor do seu trabalho. Não o pirateou como vocês, seus pulhas!By (Nas Nalgas do Mandarim).
Download ||| Tamanho: 72MB ||| Duração: 78 minutos Está no ar O Rap Em Debate. No 5° episódio do podcast os convidados Anderson Hebreu do site Noticiário Periférico e DJ Cortecertu do Zona Suburbana falaram sobre as mídias independentes do Hip Hop e a formação de opinião. O debate foi acerca das questões de veiculação das noticias no mundo do H ...…
“We have the potential to discover ourself, so I just want to be a better me and not waste the time.” -Peng Fei This episode features Peng Fei Su, an acrobat, magician and entertainer from Wuqiao, Cangzhou, Hebei, China. This region is known for acrobatics. Quite remarkable of a performer, Robert describes him as being ‘olympic calibre’ as well ...…
“We have the potential to discover ourself, so I just want to be a better me and not waste the time.” -Peng Fei This episode features Peng Fei Su, an acrobat, magician and entertainer from Wuqiao, Cangzhou, Hebei, China. This region is known for acrobatics. Quite remarkable of a performer, Robert describes him as being ‘olympic calibre’ as well ...…
Pela Horda! Pela Aliança! Pelo suor a cair das minhas bolas! Guilherme Trindade e João Sena estarão de lados opostos na crítica de Warcraft: O Primeiro Encontro entre Dois Mundos? E qual devia ser o próximo jogo a ser adaptado para o grande ecrã? Contém SPOILERS para o Warcraft. Produzido por Bruno Garcez…
Yo! Clontarf!You are for some reason out largest listener base. I have no idea why or how but, yeah, Clontarf, you rule. You are the best part of Australia. And we want you, yes, you, to be in the next episode we record. We’ll be mentioning it in next weeks episode, but we realized that that will be released the day before this episode will be ...…
Jenina Gallaway recently joined us for a MXRS Podcast – Telling the Story Behind the Stories. You can follow her on her Facebook page and support her Listen to her interview (also found on iTunes). Read her full bio below. Soprano, Jenina Gallaway, has performed inter ...…
Suor Sarah, from Italy, in English and Italian - "Our Lady is for me is a great mother who accompanies me in every day life and guides me to a personal encounter with Jesus. Per me Maria, la Mamma di Gesù, è una splendida compagna di viaggio che facilita l'incontro con Lui, Lui del suo cuore." Music by Jesús Cabello. Visit for much ...…
Bless Dear Licia,as we hear Suor Angelica,Rondine,Onegin, Louise
By now almost everyone would be aware of Soure Cristina, the Ursuline sister and contestant on Italy’s The Voice who has taken the Internet by storm. What can Suore Cristina’s sudden appearance in the public eye and engagement with pop culture tell us about the Church? Dr Matthew Tan reflects…. ...…
È ancora battaglia a Milano tra Uber e i taxisti, questa volta l’occasione è il Wired Next Festival. Intanto la self-driving car di Google non è così vicina come sembrava, ma pone enormi interrogativi su sicurezza e responsabilità, tanto quanto i Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems in discussione a Ginevra in questi giorni. Infine diritto all’obl ...…
A compilation of various sopranos singing the magnificent final scene of Puccini's "Suor Angelica." This podcast will be followed by some videos of the same scene. (51 min.) The singers,in this order, are: Beverly Sills (her only Trittico), Virginia Zeani, Rosanna Carteri, Gilda Cruz-Romo, Leyla Gencer, Theresa Zylis-Gara, Elizabeth Carron, Chr ...…
O excesso de suor ou hiperhidrose pode ser tratada através da aplicação da toxina botulínica, ou mais conhecida com o nome comercial de BOTOX®.
My dear friend, Elizabeth Carron sings scenes from a New York City Opera Suor Angelica and a Mme.Butterfly.(1973). She is a sweet lady with a personality as beautiful as her voice. (30 min.) This is a new system, so I did not get the audio intro.but I will fix this in the future. Glad to be back!!!!!!!!…
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