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In the Final Surge Podcast, we interview coaches, athletes authors, and endurance industry experts to help you train with a purpose.
The Surgical podcast for medical students and junior doctors. Conversations covering key surgical and medical topics with a focus on issues relevant to ward based work for junior medical staff on surgery rotations. Medical education made easy - Short Sharp Surg Series.
Remember that 2 am cric where no one knew what size ET tube you needed? How about that time you did an ED thorocotomy and no one knew what a vascular clamp was? This podcast is about how to avoid it . #foamed #surgery #criticalcare #trauma.
Mission Surge
The latest feed from Mission Surge on
Common sense for the everyday worker! Creating a Positive you in a Negative World to Keep you Surging Forward. Career tips for the Electrician, HVAC tech, Plumber, Contractor,other Tradesman or blue collar worker to help you become successful and stay motivated to achieve your goals
Leadership Surge
LeadershipSurge is a committed high-quality team of professionals dedicated to cultivating leaders in the trades industry.
Live from SUSU, we are the University of Southampton's award winning student-run radio station, broadcasting 24/7 at Follow us and subscribe for weekly podcasts, interviews, live sessions, and more!
"PNW's The Surge" is currently a podcast that shares our generation's rock music, trials beer, talk entertainment and cause other random shenanigans. Our goal is to get a radio station started in the future consisting of all these topics.
Surge exists to equip leaders in all fields and vocations to live as sent people to bless our broken world.
Some Trap Tunes! Enjoy!
Surge Up & Think Wow with Author Motivator Dave Davidson. He will Teach, Inspire, Motivate & Encourage... Train, Influence, Mentor & Equip you to Sell More Cowbell & overcome excuses, inspire creativity, Pray Along, & and bible verse devotions.
Faith, Work & Rest
Podcast by Surge Network: a movement of local churches putting Jesus on Display in Arizona discussing topics of Faith, Work & Rest
The vanilla twins a.k.a Australia's 6th best radio comedy variety duo. Thursdays 4-6 pm on SURG FM.
Richard and Jamie bring you a fortnightly look at Formula One. Covering all the races, all the drama and all of the action.
An insiders view of the surging Real Estate industry in Philadelphia and surrounding region. Whether your a profesional investor or a first time home buyer in Philly, this is the Podcast for you.
Texas VC Podcast
The Texas VC Podcast hosted by @texasvc interviewing the leaders of the Texas entrepreneurial community.
Jarnsaxa Rising
In 2094, one corporation wins the battle for energy supremacy, but human costs cause global instability. When an abandoned wind farm in the Baltic shows inexplicable energy surges, two explorers find it has become sentient, and hungry. Using human pawns, Norse deities avenge ancient grudges, in this ten-part audio drama. Copyright 2015 6630 Productions.
Nivel Escondido
Nivel Escondido surge con la idea de compartir nuestras experiencias y preferencias sobre videojuegos y aspectos relacionados.
WTF GymTalk
WTF Gym Talk is a no BS resource for owners looking to own an actual business instead of just the gym. The rise of CrossFit gave way to a surge of entrepreneurs who wanted to open their own microgym. However, opening a business and staying in business are two completely different things.
King's Last March
April 4th, 2018 marks 50 years since Martin Luther King Jr. was shot to death at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tenn. A deep look at the last year of King’s life, reveals the forces working against him, the stresses of leadership, and the work that was left undone. At a time when protests, police response and government accountability have surged back into the news, King’s life and work have never been more relevant.
The Slender Nation Podcast is run by The Doctor and Salvatore Haran from the Slender Nation forum. The podcast is dedicated to discussions about the urban legend, The Slender Man, and the many stories that surround him.The Slender Man is a creation of Victor Surge.
Killer Tofu
The quintessential podcast for all things Goodburger, Surge, Lunchables, and the like. We drink beer and speak on the nostalgic topics that laid the foundation for the greatest decade in the history of decades, the 1990's.
Each of these transmissions are a separate, special ride through the multi-colored corridors of Bassnectar mixes and sets; an outlet for the highlights and the bangers, as well as a testing lab for unreleased projects, sideshow experiments, and the vast music collection of our record crates and hardrives. We call the Bassnectar style "omnitempo maximalism" ...a shorthand expression for our musical attitude and philosophy: No Limits, No Rules, No Stopping the all-out Freakshow. At times mello ...
This is the age of the "superfad". Products, ideas and habits that surge into our collective conscience - and frequently burn out just as fast.In this new podcast from Stuff, two of our millennial reporters dive into the crazes. Laura Walters and Katie Kenny have spent a week in a waist trainer, crammed into a tiny house and vegged out on the couch for hours of binge watching to deliver Superfad.Each episode combines lively insights and revealing personal stories from well-known New Zealande ...
Join your host, Meredith Medland, founder and NLP coach, in deep and intimate conversations with guests who share their emotional experiences of ecological awakening as well as the "pain points" that keep them moving toward a more sustainable lifestyle. While most green shows are about tips and tricks, highlights the psychology of ecology, with in-depth interviews about the attitudes, values and beliefs that are the motivators for the actions and behaviors o ...
This is a podcast in which Alexander Scullion investigates the impact the recent surge of comic book inspired movies has had on the readers.
La revista Innovación Educativa es una publicación del Instituto Politécnico Nacional que surge en 2001, de reconocimiento internacional, indizada, arbitrada por pares y a ciegas.
The FIVE Minute Bark - Where host Dennis Langlais has impacting conversations with other entrepreneurs share life's meaning, major shifts in thinking that lead to highly effective execution. We dig deep to uncover the core roots of change where many enter a "Next Level Peak Performance" state that surges them through unsurmountable obstacles lined with fear, pain, or perceived danger. Guests and Listeners are Relentless Rebels that invest our lives in a ticket to ride on an epic journey fill ...
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The key ingredient to success is committment. How committed are you?
Do you approach situations expecting to win? We typically get what we expect.
We are meeting with Aaron Meyers, Chief Operating Officer of Hammer and Nails Grooming Shop for Guys. Hammer & Nails Grooming Shop for Guys, a first-of-its-kind men’s grooming shop that provides hand and foot care, haircuts and shaves in a man cave nirvana. The male grooming industry has become mainstream, with barbering services proving to be ...…
If you haven't noticed it, I love talking with other podcasts, on my podcast, it's like, META. There Was A Sale, is a media review podcast hosted by Kayla and Matt, they brought cookies (aww!) and we chatted about their show, some gripes with the overwhelming and never-ending surge of superhero films, mainly my gripes... and we even attempt to ...…
Paddy Power Betfair's market valuation surged more than €400m yesterday, after the betting giant confirmed talks to merge its US business with America's FanDuel to capitalise on the expected liberalisation of US betting laws.
Please grab your iPad, or pen and paper, relax and And discover, with Gila’s mesmerizing nature, to explore who you really are with writing prompts, erotic exercises, poetry and a conversation around these questions;How do you get a surge of energy?How to create your new reality?What happens when you’re honest with yourself?How to feel abundant ...…
Georgia’s director of Family and Children Services says the opioid crisis is the main reason behind a recent surge in the foster care population. More than 15,000 children are being cared for by the state, according to DFCS director Virginia Pryor. That’s nearly double what the population was five years ago.…
Rachel Braun Scherl calls herself the Vagipreneur™, with a new book out called Orgasmic Leadership: Profiting from the Coming Surge in Women's Health and Wellness. She shares stories about innovating on the frontier of female sexual health, from startup to exit. Raising VC money is hard enough without talking arousal, menstruation or fertility: ...…
Stephen Woessner is the CEO of Predictive ROI and the host of the Onward Nation podcast. He is the author of three bestselling books including the Amazon Bestseller Profitable Podcasting. He is also a speaker, trainer, and his digital marketing insights have been featured in SUCCESS, Entrepreneur, The Washington Post, Forbes, Inc. Magazine, and ...…
Agent Derek Meister from the Geek Squad spoke to Bill about Spring weather means thunderstorms and intermittent power outages in many parts of the United States. Now might be a good time to remind listeners about protecting sensitive electronics with surge protectors and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)…
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In farm fields from the Willamette Valley to the Kittitas Valley and east to Idaho, energy developers want to plant a new crop: commercial solar arrays. But a surge in utility-scale solar farm applications is generating pushback.By (Tom Banse).
Interest rates surged today and that put a damper on Wall Street…there is talk about a recession due to full employment…yep…we’re not making that up. Also the price of LUMBER continues to increase…surged the limit today. What’s driving it? We’ll share what we know. The city of Arlington, Texas had been invited to pitch for the new Amazon headqu ...…
Interest rates surged today and that put a damper on Wall Street…there is talk about a recession due to full employment…yep…we’re not making that up. Also the price of LUMBER continues to increase…surged the limit today. What’s driving it? We’ll share what we know. The city of Arlington, Texas had been invited to pitch for the new Amazon headqu ...…
What’s up, everyone? All right, so here we are, Monday morning. I thought today was going to be a slow day of trading. Gap scanners were dead. Our biggest gapper was MYO, gapping up only 25%. Didn’t take any trades on it, it faded. We were watching a couple of sympathy plays from last week, from Friday, HEAR, BLNK. Didn’t get any opportunities ...…
Tim and Pol reflect on a very successful 17/18 campaign from our 76ers, Preview the Sixers offseason with pt.1 "The Draft", and get to the root of the surging Fightin' Phils.This episode is brought to you by The Randy Knowles Team!
Did we just say that? #9 - ****book, Charcoal Grill And The Phantom Baboon of Basingstoke by Surge Radio
The modern internet as we know it didn't just appear fully formed. Many choices and disagreements went into creating and molding the World Wide Web. George Mauer, director of development at Surge (, discusses the development of the modern web from its creation, how it was structured, designed and made usable and what the fu ...…
TSN Hockey analyst Dave Poulin on the surging Capitals after upsetting the Penguins, Nikita Kucherov's attempted trip of Brent Connelly, speed of the Jets and Vegas will come out hard tonight.
WelcomeTech News Pivotal IPOFacebook Revenue SurgesHotel Master Key Hack Sports News NFL - DraftNBA -playoffsNHL -playoffs Placing Bets Who will be the most worn out in Vegas? Big Topic Infinity Wars!!! This week/day in tech history April 25, 1990: Hubble Space Telescope deployedApril 23, 2005: 1st YouTube video uploaded. Me at the zoo.April 22 ...…
A relatively unknown visa program often used as a path to an H-1B visa — one which may see changes under the Trump administration — experienced a surge in usage between 2004 and 2016, a new report found. The Optional Practical Training program grants foreign students a period of time to work in the U.S. after they graduate. Nearly 1.5 million f ...…
Welcome to Surge’s Faith, Work, and Rest podcast. Our goal is to help God’s people discern their vocations and reimagine their occupations for the good of their neighbors and the glory of God.In this episode, we listen to a conversation between Jim Mullins and Jessi Gore about the beauty and brokenness of serving children with special needs.Jes ...…
We have followed the X-Men to the ends of the universe to the realm where time itself surges through a floating sphere covered in homes from the Italian Renaissance to reach the end of the Beyond Good and Evil epic! Join us as we discuss… Apocalypse’s crazy (but completely scientifically accurate) plan to take over time itself! Wolverine’s endl ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Mission Surge is now available on with the following details: Title: Malachi 2:17-3:6 Subtitle: Malachi: The Lord of Hosts Speaker: Dr. A. Kevin Ivy Broadcaster: Mission Surge Event: Sunday Service Date: 5/13/2018 Bible: Malachi 2:17-3:6; Mark 1:1-11 Length: 0 min.…
MASN's Roch Kubatko joined Barry Rozner and Joe Ostrowski on Hit and Run to break down the Orioles' Manny Machado, his latest surge and where he could be dealt before the trade deadline. (5/13/18)
Welcome to the fourth instalment of #LoudMouthUncut with the unapologetic Rhys, verbally ruthless Mister 2 Drinks and the eloquent yet savage, Queen KG!!The team recap the latest in showbiz shenanigans from "Coon-Ye West" to Bill Cosby, the Met Gala truce between Cardi B & Nicki Minaj plus much more. KG, Rhys and 2 Drinks discuss the surge in s ...…
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Fifty-two African leaders will meet with their Chinese counterparts in Beijing this September for the triennial Forum on China Africa Cooperation summit. This fall’s FOCAC gathering comes at a critical time in the Sino-African relationship as Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) gains momentum, putting new pressures on Chinese trade and ...…
Galdi discusses the Nationals' surging rotation, analyzes their bullpen and lineup, talks Nats and more with ESPN's Karl Ravech reacts to the Orioles' three-game winning streak but also brutal struggles for Dylan Bundy and Chris Tillman and more.
Galdi discusses the Nationals' surging rotation, analyzes their bullpen and lineup, talks Nats and more with ESPN's Karl Ravech reacts to the Orioles' three-game winning streak but also brutal struggles for Dylan Bundy and Chris Tillman and more.
“I am with you alway.” -Matthew 28:20 It is well there is One who is ever the same, and who is ever with us. It is well there is one stable rock amidst the billows of the sea of life. O my soul, set not thine affections upon rusting, moth-eaten, decaying treasures, but set thine heart upon him who abides forever faithful to thee. Build not thin ...…
TJ Mack calls in to talk some state-of-the-Yanks and the final four left in the NBA Playoffs.
Call: (646) 716-5812 – Facebook Live: PDRLive Live stream: BlogTalkRadio Radio Show Date: May11th, 2018 Ralph Nader hit the nail on the head if you can’t beat an evil and corrupt party you have a serious problem. You can also find previous episodes on YouTube here. Support Politics Done Right: Become a Patron now ( ...…
Here is episode 6 of "Walking Off" a podcast that will be on all things Philadelphia Phillies. Andrew Salciunas (Producer of Mayes and Myrtetus Middays) is the Phillies contributor for After each series comes to an end, Andrew will do a quick recap of all the games and much more! He will answer your Twitter questions, and eac ...…
Surge Radio's Ben and Tom interviewed The Slow Readers Club at the Engine Rooms in April. Here's how they got on!
Bob and co-host Kevin talk about recent surge in rattlesnake bites; a rattlesnake venom vaccine for dogs; recent hikes; Bob's list of 10 hard hikes; hiking apps that Kevin uses; Duluth Trading opens a store in Colorado Springs
On this episode, Kendrick & Matt are joined by two surging UFC fighters, Lightweight contender Paul Felder and Welterweight contender Max Griffin!Paul "The Irish Dragon" Felder (14:36) joins the show for the first time to discuss his upcoming bout against James Vick on June 14, weight cuts, Dan Hooker's call out, and more!Max Griffin (45:15) re ...…
Over the past few years, the importance of digital transformation has surged throughout the insurance industry. - Utilizing Technology to engage prospects and servicing clients
Hip-hop is constantly growing. The last few decades have seen a crazy surge in popularity for hip-hop and R&B. What does this mean for society, and what does it mean for the music itself?Music credit goes to HookSounds.Hip-Hop Becomes Dominant U.S. Genre: ...…
Jimmy Barrett and Nikki Courtney in for Shara Fryer take you through the stories that matter on the morning of 5/8/2018, including: The number of uninsured Americans has increased since 2016, according to the Affordable Care Act Tracking Survey, reversing years of decline since the ACA was passed in 2010. The number of uninsured adults between ...…
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