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Swede Rolls
We Talk Tabletop RPGs, LARP, cRPGs, Boardgames and Wargames.
Eat Your Swedes
The story of one Australian girl's travels in the land of Sweden.
Swede New music
A sample of Keith Holden's latest music
Swede Rolls
Podcast by Swede Rolls
Full Swede Ahead! - Expat essays from a British family in Sweden
Expat essays from a British family in Sweden
Error Broadcast
Error Broadcast invites underground producers to compile their favourite experimental beat music in a podcast of roughly one hour. Background to most mixes is instrumental Hip Hop, and taking this as a starting point, producers explore the most distant cavities and caverns. You need to subscribe to believe.
Varvet International
An idiot abroad? Well, it's a Swede abroad! Every other week, I take on a guest and talk about drive, background, politics, dreams, work (VÄRVET is Swedish for "the task"), and the future.All in all, the Swedish and the English spoken versions of VARVET have been downloaded 30,000,000 times. I hope you'll contribute with another one. Best,Kristoffer TriumfVällingby, Sweden
Everything you always wanted to know about Sweden but were afraid to ask, told by one Swede and one Irelander, and a handful of guests. Starring Kattis Ahlström and Philip O’Connor. Brought to you by the Swedish Institute.
Learn Swedish for free with Say It In Swedish
Start speaking Swedish today with free and fun videos and audio lessons produced by real Swedes. At home or on the go whenever you choose. Swedish is one of the easier languages to learn and is understood by over 20 million people in Scandinavia. Sign up for your very own free account and get access to our complete lessons archive free of charge. Start learning immediately and discover our game and community based learning system which will get you fluent in no time! Ask questions about the ...
From Sweden
From Sweden is a podcast about the people of Sweden. If they've got something fascinating to say, I'm going to try to talk to them. Have you listened to a Swede lately?
The weekly chat between Pete and Janeen on Bangers and Mash and their favorite Swede 'Sven"
Marcus & Dan podcast w/friends
What happens when a swede and an American join forces? An absolute cluster of comedic geniuses and a joyful story of nonsense!
House of Heroes Comics Podcast
House of Heroes Comics Podcast & Webshop - Say hello to the comic pro "Bryson Johnson" from Canada, "Kim The Angry Swede" and "Max" - Who don't know so much. A comedy podcast about comics! We discuss everything that´s comic related.And you can buy comics at
Premier League Podcast – FanRag Sports
Sebastian Noren, Elliott Niblock and Pauly Kwestel discuss the latest from the world’s most popular soccer league in TCK’s Premier League Podcast. Previews and recaps are combined with the latest news about everything that surrounds the top league on the British Isles, which leads to interesting discussions, as they tend to have different views on things. The gang also covers the Champions League and the Europa League along with various international tournaments.Sebastian is a Swede that’s b ...
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First things first, this episode is an explicit one, with adult themed content, so if you’re sensitive to that, you may want to skip this one. Alright, for those of you who are sticking around, the topic today is porn. I’m guessing you’re familiar with it, but how familiar are you with what goes on behind the scenes and in the industry at large ...…
Side Tracked (with Blue Vino)
Main Topic: Sex Robots Side Topics: Shrooms are back in the news regarding medicinal use. Face reading AI will be able to detect your politics, IQ, & more. JP Morgan Chase CEO takes a jab at Bitcoin. Emojis need to get their priorities straight. Rapper hangs white kid in his "music" video & other reasons to roll your eyes at an entire genre of ...…
Tracklist: 1 – Feenixpawl – Love Me For Life (House Mix) 2 – Axwell & Ingrosso – More Than You Know (AtellaGali Remix) 3 – CamelPhat & Elderbrook – Cola (Craig Knight Remix) 4 – The Chainsmokers – Young (KOYU Remix) 5 – Gadjo – So Many Time (Antoine Clamaran 2k17 Remix) 6 – Major Lazer feat. Travis Scott, Camila Cabello & Quavo – Know No Better ...…
1.UMEK – Conversation Is Limited 2.UMEK – Are You Into My Groove 3.UMEK – Intuitive System 4.La Fuente – LIT 5.Subshock & Evangelos x DJ Nano – Firetruck 6.Swede Dreams – Deadshot 7.Trizzoh – My Drums 8.Juyen Sebulba – Bouncy Dumb (SpydaT.E.K Remix) 9.Makla & White Gangster – Facinho 10.(Track Of The Week) – Axwell x Ingrosso – More Than You Kn ...…
Download link: Tracklist: 1. Illenium ft Annika Wells - Crawl Out of Love 2. Blasterjaxx ft Tom Swoon - All I Ever Wanted 3. Kazz & Eddie Mordero - Shotgun 4. Wolfsnare & Bitas - Rogue 5. Headhunterz - Destiny 6. Freezone - Lick 'n Dunk 7. Khairoy & nskO - Almighty Khairoy & nskO guestmix 8. ROUND2 - Bored 9. Tom & Jame x Holl & Rush - Move On ...…
Littlebearabroad Podcast
Jill goes solo to test drive the new podcasting studio and a turn of events leads her to talk about the changing seasons, what's in store and how to fully embrace those long, dark Swedish winters. Höstkänsla like a Swede...
Johnno for Breakfast - hit Mackay and the Whitsundays
Last year Sweden had a tourism campaign where if you called a certain phone number it would put you in touch with a 'random Swede', who would promote and encourage you to visit Sweden. Courtney and I decided to give it a call one morning during the show to see what happened. Sure enough, our call was answered - by a guy named Ola from Gothenbur ...…
Recorded on August 9, 2017 Hosted by Kelley O’Toole Co-Hosts: Chris Reynolds and Justin Macias Editing: Chris Reynolds This Episode Sponsored by the OC Ride for AIDS Follow-Up Episode 90: Rapha Deal Rumors Confirmed Acquisition of Majority Stake RZC Investments Tom and Steuart Walton Drunk Cyclist (via Instagram) Silver ion used for anti-microb ...…
SAVI - Up All Night Radio
Episode 2 features SAVI’s official remix of The Chainsmokers latest track ‘Honest’ Check it out! 01. Third Eye Blind – Semi-Charmed Life (Kasum Remix) 02. Savi ft. Bryce Fox – Breathe it in (Gorilla Park Remix) [Enhanced] 03. Cedella Marley x Savi x Bankay...
Bro steps out for a pint with friends at the pub--texts his GF that he will be 'late'---3 days to be exact, man name Fellony racked up on felony charges, Elderly Swede caught fire after hospital surgery, Man sentenced to 132 years in prison for stealing tires, 8-yr-old boy leads cops on high-speed chase…
Ryan is met with the versatile actor, producer, Swede and violinist Julia Landberg. The two chatted about: WA's little clams of treasure, a secrete formula for theatre making, can accents travel with different languages and Cory Derrick makes a cameo. There might be some swearing in this Chapter but there is mention of Strindberg.…
Download the episode here So your latest character just died and the GM expects you to have a new one done by the next session… what do you do? Well, we’re here to help you out! We discuss character creation on the other side of the dice. We look at how your character’s pa ...…
It's that time of year again, where Eric, Evan and Dan each pick an album that has not yet been reviewed on the podcast that they thoroughly enjoyed. Evan and Dan both pick the same album, Pet Symmetry - Vision, which Eric likes better than Into It. Over It. Even if the emo revival is something that should not exist. Dan ends up selecting Dan A ...…
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