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Sensual ASMR recordings to help soothe and relax you. Lie back, close your eyes, take a deep breath and escape with me for a little while. Just you and me.....Ideal listening pleasure requires headphones as some of my recordings are whispered.
The Sweet Adversity Podcast is an interview series, hosted by Nick DiNardo, that focuses on the stories and science of adversity. adversity is an opportunity and not a threat. It is something we should lean into, and develop habits to focus on positive responses. Interviews include: entrepreneurs, athletes, peak performance experts, artists, psychologists and anyone who has a story to tell.
The Comedy Podcast that joins hands across the Atlantic Ocean & also has a Chinaman on it. We cover a range of topics from bad movies, weird news stories, plumb the depths of pop culture, and reveal way too much about ourselves. The cast includes Belasco (the resident nerd), Booze (the witty Brit), Dr. P (southern boy/gun enthusiest), and Hiccup (stuttering Chinaman). The SFJ Podcast has on an array of regular guests and friends of the show all dedicated to helping you have a few laughs. Fol ...
A podcast for Ketonians. I’m geeked out about the Ketogenic Diet and the Low Carb Lifestyle in all of it’s incarnations including Paleo, Atkins, Whole30, Banting, THM, Primal, Caveman; all that. I’m the self appointed charismatic leader of the Cult of Keto. Ketosis has saved my life and Ketones are Laser Beams. Let’s hack our brains and evolve together💥
2 Sweet Wrestling
Join Jay & Rob as they discuss the weeks' events from the World of Professional Wrestling, with coverage of WWE, NXT, Lucha Underground, TNA, ROH, New Japan and more. With our 2 Sweet rankings and a healthy dose of Northern charm, there's something for all Wrestling fans.Full archive of shows available on
Mike Sweet
Mike Sweet – 10 Minute Coach – NLP In Action
SFA Fantasy Footy League Podcast from
Guided meditations written and spoken by Shannon Moyer-Szemenyei, Owner and Doula at Sweet Stella's. Themes include awareness, pregnancy, anger, postpartum, self love, guilt, grief, deep rest, courage, compassion, bravery and more.
Tom's recordings about coffee from regions abroad and at home in California's SF Bay Area.
How much fun do you have drinking with your friends discussing the UFC? That is what this show is. We don’t drink on every episode, but keep an eye out for our 2.0 episodes. Our show is available every Tuesday @8pm eastern. We have such passion for UFC/MMA. If you are wondering “What are these guys like?” we listen to Ariel Helwani (MMA Hour), Colin Cowherd, Joe Rogan, Bill Simmons, Tim Ferriss, Fighter and the Kid (Brendan Schaub & Bryan Callen), and more.
Free Full Length Hypnotherapy And Life Coaching audios to allow you to live your life without limits., whatever your current struggle. Each podcast has Practical Tips and Advice to become more mindful to assist you in overcoming an ever growing variety of issues that affect peoples lives. Become a master of your emotions and lifestyle by incorporating these self help tips, hypnosis and meditation practices that have been transforming peoples lives for decades. Sponsors Health IQ – A life ins ...
Sweet 16
Your weekly dosage of EuroLeague basketball talk as we #PrepUp for the upcoming games and discussing top issues #GameOn
Sweet and Sour
A show about this Asian American life
Sweet Teen Club
Grab your docs and your plaid, we're heading back into the eyeliner-heavy '90s ( because honestly, where else would you rather be?!).Every week Carly Jacobs and Stacey Roberts go deep into nostalgia town - whether it's discussing the finer points of Sweet Valley High novels, which Body Shop Born Lippy flavour was better, the fashion of Clueless, or why Degrassi was the best show ever made - you can bet they'll bring the goods.So turn up your Discman and get your ears ready - it's about to ge ...
Short & Sweet
Two women learning to adult one mistake at a time -- all with a little help from the Universe.
Sweet Dreams
* emzbox * Romance Novel * Not for children * * Not in print- no ISBN * No extra info I can think of
NLP In Action is a Podcast by Mike Sweet. In these episodes, Mike will go through the individual parts of NLP and give a practical understanding of what it is and how you can use it. Mike Sweet is the 10 Minute Coach.
Influence Psychology and Persuasion is a Podcast by Mike Sweet. In these episodes, Mike will go through the individual parts of this ever evolving and amazing studies of proven psychological principles a give a practical understanding of what it is and how you can use it. Mike Sweet is the 10 Minute Coach.
Napkin Scribbles With Leonard Sweet - Shows Thoughtful sketches of God and life from thinker and Author, Leonard Sweet. Len's verbal imagery is being shared with you through the generous support of George Fox Evangelical Seminary in Portland, Oregon.
Sweet Spot
Sweet Spot, your weekly podcast about all things love, relationships, sex and marriage. Catch relationship columnist Katherine Feeney, as she dives into the couples and drama of Nine’s latest TV show The Last Resort. Each week, Kat is joined by relationship experts, match-makers and dating coaches, who provide insight and practical tips for your own relationships.
A Beekeeping Podcast for the Inquisitive Beekeeper with a Short Attention Span! BeeFarmer, YouTuber (The Norfolk Honey Company, Patreon Host (, Beekeeping mentor to 1000's of beekeepers worldwide via my social media channels, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
After years of wide-eyed blogging about the surreal 1980s perfection of Francine Pascal's Sweet Valley High book series (and the surprising psychodrama that lurks below the town's perfectly-tanned surface), host Marissa Flaxbart is now forcing friends and family to read the series with her. Every other week, Marissa and a new guest – many of whom are new to the very idea of a "Sweet Valley" – unpack one of these soap-operatic tales, starting with book #1. It's all good fun for both die-hard ...
Sweet Success, the podcast for and about small business entrepreneurs hosted by chocolatier and small business owner, Garrett Anderson, and radio host and author, Lara Scott. Join us each episode as we document the process of starting and running a small business using Garrett's Spruce0132 as a real-time case study so others can learn and become inspired to do the same.
A podcast all about being a wife, mother, woman, military spouse - addicted to true crime and Dr. Pepper.
Just another WordPress site
A video game podcast hosted by three old friends who come together to fight over the latest news, releases and the occasional controversy in the world of gaming. Join Polar, Panda, and Grizzly on their adventures on Game Honey, the podcast about all of the sweet gaming pleasures found on PlayStation, XBOX, Nintendo Switch and PC. Intro and outro is from music found on the Free Music Archive. Credits go to Visager:
Food In Focus - Sorting out facts from fiction
Sweet Takes
Fun, unique candy reviews in quick, bite-sized episodes.
Real Talk from two moms, wives, educators and entrepreneurs sharing girl time. The fusion of two worlds.
A podcast chronicling the greatest and most beloved TV series' of all time, and a handful of other antics.
Sweet Valley Why: the podcast that relives Francine Pascal's Sweet Valley Saga so you don't have to! Join us for burgers and milkshakes at the Moon Beach Cafe as Hayley and Sali journey through the many, many books of the Sweet Valley Saga and discover how Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield both enhanced and ruined their lives. Hosted by Hayley (@fatherbananas) and Sali (@magenta_galaxy).
We are two sisters who grew up loving the Sweet Valley High books as impressionable young children and thought it would be fun to re-read as adults. You know, now that we understand how f*cking insane every single plot and character is. If you love the books too, let's connect! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @SVHighPodcast or email us:
With over 500,000 loyal listeners and growing, Tony Sweets radio show, On Air with Tony Sweet has spearheaded online radio. An entertainment talk show with a twist, On Air with Tony Sweet is the #1 source for the latest in Hollywood and buzz-worthy news. Set in a Reality Radio format, Tony Sweet strives to bring raw news and feature guests that include celebrities, politicians and religious figures. Tony's charming and heartfelt country vibe is a favorite amongst listeners and guests. Tony S ...
Sweet Valley Online
Wing, Raven and Dove get together to recap Sweet Valley Twins (and stop Wing from burning a fictional town to the ground)
Heavenly Sweetness
Heavenly Sweetness Blog & Podcast
MUSIC FROM THE SOUL. Mike Panteli's long running radio show playing the rarest selection to the biggest anthems. email:
Sunny Sweet Days
Sunny Sweet Days is a daily podcast focused on quick tips for simple living.
The Sweet FA Show with Michaels and guests!
There are a lot of dull people in the world who receive insights as often as biker gangs hold tea parties. We help these dullards in their struggle to survive the mundane by providing them with the insight they need to survive everything. Occasionally, these insights will have enough power to awaken their mind and soul to a sense of sweet righteous epiphany. Listen up.
Podcast by Sweet and Salty Podcast
Sweet Pea Podcast
An LGBT podcast made by gays for gays! Join Kass& Jo as they talk about their lives as queer and trans people, social issues, mental illness, etc!
In My Super Sweet Obsession (@mysupswtobsesh), your hosts Scotty Gunderson and Becky Lang talk about the pop culture that keeps us up at night.
Band from Ventura CA who also does a podcast about all things music, movies, art and general ridiculous banter. Sometimes we have guests. CHECK OUT OUR DEBUT ALBUM 'STREET SWEEPER':, Seth Pettersen's solo album that started it all, 'Sweet Reaper':
NBA Australia's Carlan Gay and 2010 NRL Premiership winner Jamie Soward breakdown the NBA, NBL and beyond each week on the Sweet & Soward podcast.
The Bronx Sweetheart herself, Aliza, shares her thoughts about life, love, relationships, parenthood, and other things that is on her mind. She's the sweetest girl that you will get to know and speaks from the heart, from the very start!
Sweet Truth Radio
Providing podcasts for the future
Sweet Home Sports Podcast
Photography by Paula J. Reitan of Sweet P's located in Bowie, MD.
Sweet Jesus Radio
Podcast by Sweet Jesus Radio
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This week we’ve got Dom kicking the crap out of CJ in MLB: The Show with only a little bit of cheating, Cj is sending google’s up and coming self destruct emails to people, Dom is talking about Rick and Morty making sweet love to D&D, and TJ is back from his trip to Pax […]
Buzz Through the Bible is a normal dude reading the powerful Bible over some sweet jams. One episode everyday will take you through the entire Bible in one year. Day 110 covers Daniel 5-7; Revelation 7 NIV 2011 Today's sweet jams: The Moment Of Light, from the album restArt by Anton Khoryukov Licensed under an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAli ...…
Join Us in France Travel Podcast, Episode 193 On today’s episode, Elyse and Annie present to you a cornucopia of bizarre French foods. Even if you never plan on trying any of them, you need to know about them because they’ll pop up on menus here and there and we’ve known visitors who had big surprises when their food arrived! Elyse herself has ...…
Hey Teen Creeps listeners! Curious about what's going on behind the Patreon paywall? This week we wanted to give you a free preview of some of our favorite Patreon moments. Please enjoy our "Creepy Crushes" Minisode (3:56) and our Outside Genre Episode on Shirley Jackson's "The Haunting of Hill House" (28:50). And we hope you'll take a second t ...…
Kirk Billingsley has been charmed by cider ever since he was a kid. Coming home from school he fondly remembers being mentored by his dad who had a barrel of sweet cider (non fermented apple juice) outside the family’s home in the same county of Highland where he still lives today. In 2015 he opened Big Fish Cider Company after making cider non ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Grace Bible Church is now available on with the following details: Title: How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) Subtitle: A Study of James Speaker: Mark H. Meyers Broadcaster: Grace Bible Church Event: Midweek Service Date: 4/18/2018 Bible: James 3:7-12 Length: 7 min.…
Award-winning writer and poet Richard Marsh stars alongside Russell Tovey and Phil Daniels in this heart-warming sitcom set in a greetings card company.This week, Will's asked to help someone find the words to break some difficult news. As a man who struggles to express his own feelings, what chance does he have of putting the right words in so ...…
In this episode, Bryan, Dav, and Sam breakdown minute ninety-two of Scott Pilgrim vs The World. Email the show at ScottvsMinute@gmail.comBy (
Sweet Baby Jesus, "The Process" has us questioning Kawhi, eating Scooby Snacks, and challenging the NBA Finals. The Spurs meet The Matrix, and we have elected our first All Star Beer! Make sure you tune into part 2 for our Bitches of the Week, and an exclusive new segment!
It’s short story week. People throwing food at alligators…what are they thinking? A figurative good-bye to Gordie Howe and (maybe) Necco wafers. And, finally, the Hummer guy died.
Barbara Lezcano is a mojo maker with a bushel of energy. She is a powerhouse in our community, connecting people with the love that she brings to the table. Her Sweet Babs Sauces are second to none and an all natural addition to every single meal. Meet Barbara in this episode of Townie Talks.
Chef Ace combines flavors from around the world to create this delicious dish you have to try - a Sweet Potato Pie Bread Pudding with a Vanilla Bourbon Custard Sauce!
John Graham is a PGA TOUR, Tour and LPGA Tour Putting Instructor. He is also an Aimpoint Certified Green-Reading Instructor. John joins the podcast (for the second time) to delve into successful putting. He talks about green-speeds and ball-speeds as it pertains to green-reading. He also addresses putter-face and sweet-spot contact, sta ...…
Kofi and AJ have discuss the Nicki Minaj Cardi B saga. AJ has a BIG annoucement.Kofi and AJ reflect on the island.
Everybody has a sweet tooth, and chocolate is a no-fail satisfier. Dark high quality chocolate in particular (not your typical snicker's) has several health benefits that make it a bit more justifiable to snack on! Today we are diving into the top reasons that dark chocolate is definitely the preferred flavour of chocolate when it comes to sati ...…
Everyone agrees that the biggest problem facing our universe today is that no one ever helps each other, and the biggest problem facing our high schools today is social media inspired bullying; these facts are indisputable and frankly they remain undisputed as such. Following this logic, our guests today are of course fully in agreement with th ...…
It's always a deep blessing to be joined and taught by our brother, Gideon Tsang. Gideon shared a message on the ways we cling to judgement and keeping score, and in doing so, forget the very nature of Jesus' definitive act of reconciling love for all people, and our call back to the table which serves to remind us. Gideon serves in the leaders ...…
BECOME A FAN DJ Brian Maier is on FaceBook, TwitterSOUNDCLOUD Stream to mobile devicesITUNES Podcast downloads available post release date1. Mark Jenkyns, Mizbee - Heated2. Claus Casper - Philly Sound3. Dosem - Do It Anyway4. Claptone - In the Night (Illyus & Barrientos Remix)5. Michel De Hey - Enough Isn't Enough6. Antic - Succession7. Sam Shu ...…
just talking about the sweet nothings of life after a week a getting stoned.
Life is sweet just because of the friends we have made and the things which in common we share;We want to live on not because of ourselves, but because of the people who care;It’s giving and doing for somebody else- on that all life’s splendor depends,And the joy of this world, when you’ve summed it […]…
If you don’t like the life your living then change it!!!
Vit Vit returns and much rejoicing is heard gaming will forever be changed Dont forget to drain those ears before listeningGames Far Cry 5 Xbox One X Ni No Kuni II Revenant Kingdom PS4 Lost Sphear Switch Alliance Alive 3DS HalfLife 2 PC Salt amp Sanctuary PS Vita DKC 2 Diddy Kongs Quest SNES The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Switch Dragon ...…
Gendered drinks?! Fake watermelon seeds?! Are these larb flavored sticks?! MORE seafood flavored snacks! Thai cream collon, everyones favorite sweet! And finally, the frozen novelty snack that caused Brandon to rethink his entire life!
Kimmer show topics: we need hottie fun girl pics, Braves tickets! Comey a dirty cop, lazy Belgian army, Newsmaker lines by Jim Gossett, HCIS with Pete Davis, sweetness, Pete’s tweets, plus your curly fried calls at 844 404 1067 from noon til 3pm, tell Arby!
Critically acclaimed director/Writer and visual artist Julian Yuri Rodriguez of films such as C#ckfight, Lake Mahar, and the New Fat Nick music video WTF stops by the studio and talks to us about his Hustle, living in South Florida and his new projects. Sweet convo between 2 Miami guys. IG @JulianYuri @FreshorPhresh…
Welcome to the For Whom The Dice Roll Podcast! Our party finds themselves in strange place, in front of some unfamiliar (to them) faces, and with some uncertainty as to what to do next. Just as they decide to leave, some people arrive to take Doc’s lunch order! Or do they? Also, everyone levels up! Doc whispers sweet nothings. Ruby channels an ...…
Scotch is a whisky whose beauty eludes many whisky drinkers in the world. In this episode, Page guides you through the world of scotch, and offers affordable, delicious whiskies for every palate. Page believes there's a scotch for every whisky lover, and helps you find it. Scotch Whisky Recommendations: Speyside - Aberlour 10 year old has rich ...…
Jessica Kate votes for Sally Thorne's love/hate romantic comedy 'The Hating Game' while Hannah Davis goes for Melissa Tagg's sweet and funny 'Like Never Before', which features a fellow small-town journalist.
Wait Wha Podcast Episode 18 – “80’s, Animals, and Poop Knives” Scroll down for player On this episode of the Wait Wha Podcast, Matt discusses the movie Ready Player One and his upset over the differences between the movie and the book, Matt then grabs his fanny pack, hops into his delorean, cranks the theme to Night Rider, and floors it to 88 M ...…
In this episode, I've thrown together some of my favourite new House, Future House and Bass House tunes mixed in with a couple of great throw backs. Listen out for the new one from Me & My Toothbrush, Lika Morgan and VOLAC. There are tonnes of tunes you'll recognise, all with that sweet Bass House twist. Right at the end, we get hungry hungry w ...…
We sit down with Andrew and Randy of Drinklings Coffee & Mugs to talk about their business, their mission, and the intersections of faith and the marketplace. We also had a cup or two of their tasty brews; if you'd like some too, or some of their sweet mugs, head over to and use the code WokePastors for 10% off your purchase! ...…
That's right! CLNS Media's Dynastic Duo is at it again. Calvin Chamberlain and Matt Rury are prepared to whisper sweet nothings to you and probably a something or two as well. Tonight's line-up includes but is not limited to....chicken nuggets, grilled cheese sandwiches, soda, wait a minute...this is a different list. Celtics! NBA! Kyrie Irving ...…
Wherein we explore Springtime in Appalachia, and the wonders of ramps! Delicious treasures to seek and find, while savoring the sweetness of the return of spring. Find out more at, a one-stop vacation station for all the fun, culture, lore, history, and outdoors activities in the Allegany Highlands.…
Spoilers, profanity, Jaime x Brienne. In the first of "Our Favorite Chapters" series, we explore the vaguely heroic patina of the Night's Watch, the sweetness of rancid butter and the nod that launched a thousand ships. Join us for kill the boying, baby switching, and block fetching, with an added bonus of diet Jaime himself: Ser Hyle Hunt. Gam ...…
Kimmer show topics: mueller and fbi run amok amok, Braves tix giveaway, pollen messing with Kim and flounder what wussies, deep state vs us, Alan Dershowitz rocks, tenn coed models with gun, Newsmaker lines with Jim Gossett, teachers unions suck, HCIS with Pete, sweetness bell, Pete’s tweets, cbs covers for Charlie rose scumbag, and Pete breaks ...…
Partnering with Cuore I am very excited to have Yann Kai Oh with me today from Cuore. She has been helping me immensely the last few months as we have worked on strategy and design for the BOOST Health Performance Apparel line that is now live at the website shop. She is also one heck of an athlete, well known around Hong Kong as one of the bes ...…
S1E22: One Rib To Rule Them All Recipe: Foil Pack Red Wine Short Ribs with Sweet Potato-Carrot Smash and Brussels Sprouts Get Sunday Morning Ingredient Lists, plus macro-nutrient and calorie counts on my Patreon page! For tonight's recipe, you'll need: EQUIPMENT: large mixing bowl, cutting board, sharp knife, 1 large pan, 1 md pot, 3 ft sheet o ...…
On this episode, Brian takes a look at yet another cool box set from Indicator. This one is their second volume of Hammer films and includes the thrillers THE SNORKEL, NEVER TAKES SWEETS FROM A STRANGER, THE FULL TREATMENT and CASH ON DEMAND.
we discuss news and whatever
As The Heel Turns Returns to talk about WrestleMania! Roman Reigns, Nakamura, Brock Lesnar and more! Danielle and her show Between Us Girls Podcast De Dee Sweets and his show Two People Two Podcasts Big Haired Girl and her show Confessions of a Big Haired Girl RCR Reviews and thier show RCR Reviews Podcast Frank Yeiger and his Project Sword of ...…
Johnathan and Jacob dive deep into the question of why they are playing magic, and poses the question to you the listener. They also brought a sweet merfolk brawl deck that has an on/off switch just by swapping out the commanders (between Kumena and Tishana). Deck list for the on-off switch fish deck: ...…
Gals have an exceptional knack for controlling the power play in online dating. They take what little power they have in their real life and employ it against the male population in a display of silent anger by denying real high value males worth listening to the ability to even interact with them. You see it all the time. Gals literally swipe, ...…
Juli Foronda and I did our interview over skype, as she finishes the final weeks of her MFA degree in Iceland. We talk about how much she hates chalk, her extensive travels, and if objects have feelings/consciousness. Images are courtesy of Juli Foronda--see more of her work at: Intro and outro music is by Emily Scherzinger, ...…
Heads up, this episode is weird from beginning to end. Dale and I went on an adventure together and we aren't apologizing for it. Drawers were gone through, domain names were discussed, and we checked out some sweet parodies on some websites. Also video games. And as per usual, there was live (for us) commentary on a hockey game that will have ...…
Our guest today is Patricia Bradley. Pat tells us about the class she’ll teach at KenTen Writer Retreat June 11-14, 2018 at Montgomery Bell State Park in Burns, Tennessee. Winner of an Inspirational Readers’ Choice Award in Suspense, Patricia Bradley lives in North Mississippi with her rescue kitty, Suzy. Her romantic suspense books include the ...…
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