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Code Switch
Ever find yourself in a conversation about race and identity where you just get...stuck? Code Switch can help. We're all journalists of color, and this isn't just the work we do. It's the lives we lead. Sometimes, we'll make you laugh. Other times, you'll get uncomfortable. But we'll always be unflinchingly honest and empathetic. Come mix it up with us.
Switched On Pop
Pop music surrounds us, but how often do we really listen to what we’re hearing? Switched on Pop is the podcast that pulls back the curtain on pop music. Each episode, join musicologist Nate Sloan and songwriter Charlie Harding as they reveal the secret formulas that make pop songs so infectious. By figuring out how pop hits work their magic, you’ll fall in love with songs you didn’t even know you liked.
A talk show on English cricket
Nintendo Pulse is our weekly show all about Nintendo. Hear all of the latest news on the Nintendo Switch and 3DS! Born from the combination of the WiiSpot and DS:Life podcast, you can join your hosts Lloyd Hannesson and Stephen Munn as they tell you all about the games you’ll want to be playing, retro games, Nintendo Power and portables!
Code Switch : NPR
News from the frontiers of race, ethnicity and culture from NPR.
I've been watching the development of the Switch since Iwata announced that it was called the NX. I've had every Nintendo console except the Virtual Boy. You can expect three episodes every week about Nintendo and the Switch. You can expect me to talk about Nintendo News I'll be covering Zelda, Mario, Splatoon, and other franchises from Nintendo both played on the Switch and the 3DS, though mostly the Switch. I also stream on Twitch at
The SwitchCast is more than a show where we talk about Nintendo Switch news and game reviews. We are a lively community of Nintendo Switch players who organize competitive events, contests, and interviews with some of the coolest names in the industry. So listen in, chat with us on Discord, find us on Facebook, and become part of the Switch revolution!
Switching module from Edinburgh Napier University
Cyber Switched is a cybersecurity podcast from (ISC)², the world’s leading cybersecurity professional organisation. Each episode explores the impact cyber risks are having on our work, home and everyday lives; as well as the role we all have in becoming more cyber secure
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
Flip the Switch
Flip the Switch podcast is a show with 4 guys spitting digital marketing facts, news, trends, and advice. Enjoy the in depth analysis of businesses in all industries.
The Switch RPG Podcast is a show focused on bringing your ears the best place to hang out and hear about all things RPG on the Nintendo Switch. We present weekly news and offer our humble opinions for your listening pleasure. Community questions or comments are always welcome:
Free mixtape downloads here...Join my page for event updates music to -> ""-->BIO
Cyber Switched is a cybersecurity podcast from (ISC)², the world’s leading cybersecurity professional organisation. Each episode explores the impact cyber risks are having on our work, home and everyday lives; as well as the role we all have in becoming more cyber secure
The NESBROS is the most positive Nintendo Switch podcast in the world! We discuss all things Nintendo and believe in building a positive gaming community. We believe in having fun, connecting with other gamers and in always having a great time gaming! From Zelda & Mario to the Joy Con controllers, we cover all the news happening in the Nintendo World....oh yea, and we LOVE amiibos!
We're a podcast about WRESTLING FASHION.
Everything & Nothing
Input Switch
America is a howling pit of despair. But this podcast is funny and smart. Tell your friends.
For girlfriend sitting at her day job thinking, "This Can't Be Life!" Host Ahyiana Angel successfully switched careers from a sports entertainment publicist to a traditionally published author and her insights have been featured by Create & Cultivate, Black Enterprise, The Muse, Levo, Essence magazine and more; so she knows what is required to take your life from where it is to where you want it to be. As the Chief Encourager, Ahyiana shares her tips in addition to interviewing seasoned prof ...
Switch. This podcast talks about youth, health, teens,food,and other cool stuff that nobody cares about, but sometimes it is fun to here what other people have to say. By Interviews, and other cool stuff. But the best thing is that is does not talk about one thing over and over again like some podcast do. But it talks about different things, about other podcast, recent events. Gadgets. And even how to pet your dog correctly but the best thing is that, it involves other people. You also get t ...
On The Switch
On The Switch is Your Source For FREE DAILY Wagering Advice, Analysis & Sports News!! No GIMMICKS! 100% Dedicated to YOU!!
Switch Talk
Join us for a round table discussions on the latest and greatest games for the Nintendo Switch. Each show is 30min or less to fit into your busy schedule.
Every week Colin and Devon will be giving you a look at the newest news about the newest console from Nintendo, the Switch. We'll focus heavily on news, but we'll also be bringing the hot takes on whatever game is striking our fancy, we hope you join us on our Switch journey.
Behind The Switch
Welcome to Behind The Switch! We are an energy industry podcast focusing on communicating complex and current issues in the electricity industry to a wide audience in stand-alone mini-series. Sponsored by Synapse Energy Economics and, our goal is to harness a unique expertise in the energy world to be able to elaborate upon all of the ways that decisions behind your electricity switch impact your life on a day to day basis.
Flip the Switch is a series of conversations with the brightest marketing minds. We’ll help deconstruct their methods and synthesize the information so that you can walk away with useful insights, actionable takeaways and a fresh approach to the challenges you face daily. Join us each week and discover the tools, tactics and tips that will help you flip the switch from ordinary to remarkable.
A podcast about Blackness and code-switching in American society. My name is Blessing Ajaero, and I can be found online at @BlAjaero on Twitter. This is a five-part listening experience that is to be my senior thesis for my Communications major at Regis College, my capstone for course CO-401-01.
Patch and Switch Show
Two guys that couldn’t cut it in the landscaping business bore you with talk about their imaginary lives as IT pros.
Podcast by
Four students discuss anything and everything. Whether their opinions are worth listening to is for you to figure out. Featuring Bartholomew Joyce, Adamya Tiwari, Oiva Mikaeli Lappi, Suresh Sangarapillai.
Podcast by Switching The Coverage
The Switch Style Podcast brings you a weekly update on the latest happenings in music, including new album releases, chart news and entertaining discussions on the hottest topics in the music industry.
Tired of beating yourself up for not living what you know to be true? Ready to light your passions and let them fuel your dreams and desires? What if you could reset old thought patterns “flipping the switch” without thinking about it? What if there was an autopilot option for positive thinking? There is, and you can access it through Belief Re-patterning! Join Suze every Wednesday @ 11 (PT) to discover quick and easy ways to overcome long held negative beliefs. Call in to re-pattern with Su ...
Kill Switch
A podcast by women about motorcycle culture.
Join the Switch Team from the Idea Services Youth Centre as the bring you half an hour of their favourite music and personal stories
The Nintendo Switch Bitch Podcast is the top Nintendo Switch podcast hosted by podcasting veterans, John Jacobsen and Michelle Madison (Video Game Outsiders). Join them each week as they talk about the latest Nintendo Switch releases, rumors, news, share personal “Tales from the Switch” and perform the Nintendo “Switch Bitch” of the week.
Switch On, Tag In
A podcast taking a light-hearted look at professional wrestling from a British perspective. Mainly covering British promotions, including live show reviews, we also cover all the major promotions worldwide, both present and past!
Switched Pixels
Switched Pixels is my chance to play old and new Nintendo games Ranging from Snes, Wii and Switch. More Consoles to be add. I will also cover Nintendo news and some general gaming news from around the globe. Stick around and see what I have to say.
Switching Channels
A Podcast about Television
Switching Channels
Each week Dan & Darryl will review new TV shows. The latest show will be posted here on SoundCloud.Older shows can be found here:
Switching Title
Fiction, fact, dream, and waking life all translate to media.
Switched On
Every week hosts Isaac and Josh sit down and discuss News, Rumors and Current Topics about Nintendo.Switch, NES Classic, N64, Virtual Boy, Mobile nothing is off limits unless it isn't Nintendo related.
Switch (Ipod)
Switch is a new way of promoting media. On the web. We named our show switch because we wanted to make, a podcast that had a lot of variety. It's never the same, you never know what's going to hit you in the face. Switch is part of Switch the podcast. A new online resource, for people with crazy ideas. You can join our network by sending a mail to and sending us a link to your youtube videos. Or any other web page and we will discuss it.
Switched On
Local Dj’s & Producers Helping One Another Achieve
Switching Geers
Caitlin and Blythe share their daily adventures.
Success Switch
Short audio clips of everything i have learned and learn being a medical student and a part time entrepreneur trying to build the greatest game company along with other cool projects :)
Switch Input
Switch Input focuses on all things entertainment, including movies, TV, video games, comics, music, and books. We take all the things you love and put our own unique perspective on it. Hosted by Josh Baumbach, Alex Baumbach, and Brad Souza.
Daniel and Sean try to predict the roster of the next Smash Bros game for Nintendo Switch, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate together. Every episode covers franchises in Nintendo's stable, and goes over previous representation throughout Smash history, representation that's already been confirmed for Ultimate, and what new additions could be made. Add in character suggestions from listeners, and it's sure to be a smashing time!
Absurdist Humor. The bait-and-switch podcast is a comedy / interview program based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We specialize in probing, in-depth interviews where you as a listener will have the unique experience of knowing less about our guests than when the podcast started. Wackiness abounds ..... aplenty..... there's... a...lot. You get the idea.
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Paul Murano of the Beneath the Surface Radio Program is out this week and our host Tom Duggan of the Valley Patriot sits down with Looped in Live’s Tim Wood who also owns the Methuen Loop Weekly News Paper: Who is Tim Wood and what is Looped in Live? Great on the youth sportsCovers all things MethuenThe paper is one year oldMethuen is going thr ...…
In this episode we’re reviewing the culmination of 10 years of Marvel movies – Avengers: Infinity War! We’ll be discussing what we thought of the blockbuster’s acting, music, story, and much more. Justice League and X-Men snuck their way into the conversation, too. I hope you enjoy! A big thanks to my friends J Bro and Briggy NInja for joining ...…
Nintendo Open Air Podcast - June 19, 2018“The e3 rePORT”Topics in the Air:-Super Smash Bros Ultimate-Pokéball Plus vs Joy-Con-Fortnite Switch-Rocket League Rocket Pass-Super Mario Party Online-Virtual Console Successor-Reggie Quotes and Interviews-Splatoon 2 Splatfest-Nintendo Switch Family Showdown ContestAs always thanks for watching and be s ...…
This episode was SUCH a pleasure for me to record and I’m SO excited for you to listen to it. It’s a bit different than the regular interviews or solo episodes I normally do, this is a roundtable discussion with 4 amazing Wellness Business Academy students sharing their real-life experiences - stories from the trenches if you will. It’s very im ...…
Pullman Council Receptive to Switching to All-Electric Pullman Transit Bus Fleet. Salmon River and Mountain View School District Employees Train to Carry Guns in Schools. Water Litigants Reach Partial Settlement; Special Summer Legislative Session Unlikely. Family of Cyanide Wildlife Trap Victim in Southeastern Idaho Sues Federal Government. Zi ...…
Episode 71 has Tyler (@tdhurst) sitting down with the only person present for nearly all of his toughest episodes in dealing with #complexPTSD: Katie (@iamkatiehurst). Chapters: Tyler’s Cold Open (00:00) Intro Theme (7:28) Katie’s cannabis history (9:04) Katie talks Tyler’s booze to cannabis switch (11:31) Initial cannabis observations (13:50) ...…
Well, we got 6 minutes into Thomas And The Magic Railroad and were thoroughly perplexed so we switched to our backup Alec Baldwin film Rock Of Ages. This jukebox musical features your favorite songs from the 80s done in a musical theater style. You know, to make them shitty. Tom Cruise gives a terrific performance while Baldwin doesn't seem to ...…
On this episode of Sound Sessions, Michael and Brian sit down with Kerry Alexander, Lead Singer of the group, Bad Bad Hats before their show at Chicago’s Beat Kitchen. Listen to the FULL INTERVIEW: SUBSCRIBE HERE: ( functi ...…
On this episode of the Backlog Battle Podcast, Alex and Daniel talk about Nioh, Devil May Cry 3, Assassin’s Creed Origins, and Ys VIII for the Switch! Do you live in the United States and shop a lot on Amazon? Use our link and save 20% on preorders of all brand new games if you’re an Amazon Prime member! Do you ...…
Yes, Sony hates gamers and continues to block Fortnite cross-play and Nintendo has an official statement. Pokemon Go gets a huge update and Nintendo sneaks out some great new games including Octo Expansion for Splatoon 2 and Donkey Kong on Switch! Reggie has an amazing interview where he discusses Nintendo Switch sales, Fortnite on Switch and C ...…
The nearly news free void of the week following E3 is filled with one thing: Hollow Knight on the Switch. Alex played some Diablo 3 and Chamberlain sampled a few games but all anyone really wants to talk about is Hollow Knight. It was so good that Chance played it instead of Overwatch and that hasn’t happened in months. Also, never listen to Ch ...…
Nintendo Power Cast Ep.103 Lily Zaldivar from the NES Podcast joined me for this episode to talk E3 and the games she went hands-on with. News Labo support will continue Nintendo want to reach a non-gaming audience “Labo ...…
Welcome and thanks for listening to the Cynics Media Cast for 50 Episodes!! There’s no better way to kick off episode 50 than with plenty of guests and E3 announcements. Join us (and our guests) to hear our thoughts on the conferences and the state of the gaming industry as we know it. (The notes below are Tim’s E3 Show notes and include links ...…
Tonight on GeekNights, after a discussion on garages for some reason, we review Cockroach Poker and Kakerlakenpoker Royal, both designed by Jacques Zeimet. In the news, New York tops the Overwatch season, Sony blocks Fortnite cross-play, and Netrunner is dead.By (Rym and Scott - The Front Row Crew).
In this on the road episode of the Dudes n Beer podcast host Christopher Jordan is joined by friend and fellow tech Kevin Rosa to discuss the recent announcement by IBM that they have created an A.I. supercomputer capable of debating humans. What does this mean for the future of not only robotics, but mankind? Will this be the first steps to co ...…
Aj Mansour fills in for Charch this week and talks about all the latest E3 news with Andy Reiner, who just got back from E3! Nintendo Switch news and more!
Today we're playing Mario Kart because we can finally stream off the Switch!You can't swing a dead cat gif on the internet without hitting an article about this year's E3 conference, so we're still talking about it! Fallout, The Last of Us II, even Red Dead Redemption?? Tune in to find out!Music:…
With showrunner changes--again--and behind-the-scenes changes galore, is Star Trek: Discovery doomed... again? Of course not! Pete and Matt break down all the switches as production for season two continues. MP3 iTunesBy (Matt Lafferty & Pieter Ketelaar).
Hey, BossFam! Welcome to The Bosses’ Desk where we look out for you, giving you the best in geek news and movie reviews. Take a listen to this edition of The Bosses’ Desk podcast. Today, The Big Boss & The Professor give you a look into the things going on in the geek world. On today’s show… Weekend Box-office The Incredibles 2 – $180,000,000 O ...…
What’s up everyone? Your sensei is back. Finish the morning up, $5,700 dollars. Best trade of the day, up $9,500 dollars. That was my best winner of the day. I needed it! Finally, first big win in like a month. We’re going to break it down in today’s mid-day market recap. All right everyone. We’re going to do our mid-day market recap here. And ...…
Monster Jam, He’s on Fire!!! Take a court-side seat as we reminisce about our childhood experiences with NBA Jam and NBA Hangtime…Boomshakalaka! You can email the podcast team at: Or leave a voicemail at: 262 26-4VGBS FB at: Tweet at: @GamingVgbs C ...…
Kimberly starts things off by sharing more about her career journey. She explains how she started her career in journalism, but made a career change in 2009 when she moved to Tampa and fell in love with the Kforce mission and family. With her journalism background, Kimberly was more strategic in her approach for effective communications and use ...…
Dave, Josh, & Chad get together via the internet yet again to discuss all the video game things!-Special announcement-Sony won't let you play Fortnite on Switch-The Last of Us II talk-World Heath Organization & Gaming disease-GameScoop's 20 Questions
(Or looking for lost time) Which is what RedBull will be doing now they’ve announced their switch to Honda power, just a convenient few hours after we finished recording this week’s podcast, so listen out for the jump-cut! This week on the show we wildly speculate about what we thought RedBull were going to do as the announcement was imminent o ...…
THIS WEEK’S SPONSOR Tweaked Audio: Use the discount code “geekbox” to get free worldwide shipping and 33% off your purchase of some really awesome, durable, high-quality ear buds, so you can keep listening to our awesome podcasts! The Geekbox — Episode 471 (2018-06-19) Wherein we discuss E3 2018’s press conferences, Fortnite on Nintendo Switch, ...…
On this episode hear from Ben Owens as he shares a snapshot of his life as a freelance photographer. Ben speaks to the adventures (hello pumpkin cutter and restaurant owner) that've shaped him into the man he is today. Ben shares what pushed him take the leap into the freelance lifestyle and what it's like working in the distinct active/sport p ...…
On episode four of Radically Agile Catalant SVP of Strategic Partnerships, Rich Gardner welcomes Kylie Wright-Ford to the podcast. Kylie is the CEO of Reputation Institute, which is the market leader in the science of reputation. Kylie is an experienced investor, advisor and board member for private enterprises and startups including Catalant T ...…
Hello, you are now tuning back into the Huddle Buddies Podcast, everyone is here today but brother Beard but we shall push through. First things first, Happy Belated Father’s Day to all y’all out there doing your thing. But as usual we’re gonna talk sports and some shit so here we go.Starting with the NFL, seems every week we’re talking about t ...…
This week we talk about IHOb, code switching, Draymond Green leaving Tristan Thompson hanging, The Final Art of Champion sneaker, slight touch on E3 and the sneakers we see coming out of it, the releases, the Rocnation hat epidemic and more, tune in!
The Heathens discus Indie games. podcast, comedy, funny, gamers, games, gaming, geeks, heathens, nerds, video, nerd, geek, video-games, pc, xbox, ps4, playstation, ps3, ps2, 360, xbone, heathens-guide-to-gaming, hgtg, Sega, nintendo, nintendo-switch, switch,
The trip to Tipp for our next qualifier test is fast approaching but the weekend just gone provided a nice interlude with the county's U20 team claiming the first ever provincial title contested at this level. In this episode of the Mayo News football podcast we look back on Mayo's big win over Roscommon in the Connacht U20 decider and we look ...…
Sam and Kathy dive head on into the topic of growing your community online all while treating it just like a party. They don't hold back on this glitter filled episode that will have you ready to bust out your own party dress and start sending out the invites. Building an online community isn't as hard as you think and they even share some of t ...…
This episode was not only so much fun and inspiring but a complete honor to have my special friend Sharon Pierre-Louis. This is a real treat for her fans of the Freeform’s hit series Switched at Birth in the recurring guest star role of Iris which is also now on Netflix. Sharon Pierre-Louis is a multilingual Haitian-American fluent in Kreyol, A ...…
The latest update from, including; State Pension errors to be corrected, Britons saving in low interest ISAs, and Visa errors caused by a broken switch ! Transcription available here :
The geeks are back for a bonus episode marking the end of E3 2018. Join Erik, Steve, and the two Mikes as they talk about what rocked and what sucked at The Electronic Entertainment Expo. Did Sony pull out another win? Did we switch over to Team Microsoft? Find out with Geeks with Kids.
Bushra Azhar believes that human beings are irrational and trying to persuade someone through a rational argument is like trying to stop a 5 year old from Odin on M&Ms by recounting the evils of high fructose corn syrup. She is a Persuasion Strategist and Founder of The Persuasion Revolution, where tiny businesses make big bucks, using Psycholo ...…
After a very eventful weekend in sports, Ron and Boomer are back to bring you their takes on the week that was. 1st Quarter World Cup. Last week the guys talked about who they liked, but now things have kicked off and there is tons of drama unfolding how are they feeling about their picks now? 2nd Quarter NBA draft is this Thursday who do the g ...…
This week we recap the biggest news and happenings around the world of barbecue, including a big pitmaster departures at Franklin Barbecue and La Barbecue. We also talk about the latest word on upcoming BBQ joints opening in the near future such as The Switch, Blood Bros., Micklethwait, and more. A quick word on our recent Doubleback BBQ pop up ...…
Devil worshippers love their kitties, game developers take copious amounts of acid and E3 is duller than dull. The world is flipped upside down yet the guys still attempt to give it a glass is half full chat. A full run through of all the pressers and games announced during E3 and a Side B jammed full of new bands to discover from recent gigs t ...…
TC is back from VACA on this late Monday release episode. Today we are talking about the Nintendo Switch in all it's glory! TC also gives first impressions on Zelda - does it Stink? Find out here!
Tonight at 9pm EST – WWE MONEY IN THE BANK has Ronda Rousey running rampant and Braun Strowman: the Monster in The Windy City. Epic Games uses grand larceny to promote FORTNITE coming to Nintendo Switch. HOTEL ARTEMIS stitches up killers, unscrupulous thugs, and Jeff Goldblum. Marvel brings it’s most emo duo to the screen in Netflix’s CLOAK & D ...…
Dr Geoff Kendall is an entrepreneur whose experience spans sustainability consulting, high-tech startups, corporate communications and academic research. Geoff holds a PhD in artificial intelligence, and has co-founded two software businesses. The second of these was acquired by a global technology company, where Geoff went on to serve as marke ...…
There are 10 home repair and maintenance tips that every Utah homeowner should know, and I’d like to share this list with you today. 1. Change your furnace filter every three months. This will extend the lifespan of your furnace and will also keep it running more efficiently. 2. Fix leaky faucets. Being proactive and fixing leaks expediently is ...…
Gaming Section E3 - Here’s the highlights EA - VIDEO - ; Website Highlights - Battlefield V Battle Royale ModeNew Star Wars “Fallen Jedi” game, awkward announcementCommand and Conquer is a mobile esports game now that everyone absolutely ...…
There are three real estate scams I’ve become aware of recently that you need to know how to protect yourself against. Buying in Northern New Jersey? Get a Full Home Search Selling in Northern New Jersey? Free Home Price Evaluation It can be a scary world out there. While the majority of people are good and honest, a few bad apples always try t ...…
[Accordance 12: Basic] Bible Software users have a long history of switching to Accordance. They have given us multiple reasons for it over the years: they’ve switched to a platform their old software doesn’t support, they want more resources, or additional software features, or better customer support, or a smartphone app that doesn’t require ...…
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