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Switchfoot TV
New Album Fading West out now!
Shelton Productions
This is the official podcast for Shelton Productions!
BrokenFM - The Interviews
Here you will find on air interviews done with some of your favorite Christian artists
Scott Herrold's SOS Radio Podcast
Scott Herrold is known for his interviews. He does a daily radio show on SOS Radio. This podcast is conversations about worldview, faith and culture with famous personalities. He's talked with people like Chuck Norris, Darryl Strawberry, Sean Astin, Oliver North, Chris Wallace, Jeff Foxworthy, Scott Stapp from Creed, Rick Santorum, Mandisa, Toby Mac, Colton Dixon, Stephen Curtis Chapman, Ravi Zacharias, Peter Engel, Kirk Cameron, Kevin Leman, Paul Teutle Jr, Jon Foreman from Switchfoot, Dann ...
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This week we talk about the Galaxy Note 8 and it's price point, we look forward to the movie Downsizing and then talk about one of the greatest Alt-Rock bands in history: Switchfoot! We may be biased. Contact Us:Instagram: noaypodcastFacebook:…
Your Daily Pick-Me-Up
The Heroes of Hurricane Harvey; Ellen; Matt McConoughy; Mariah Carey; Switchfoot
You can raise children with a vibrant faith, even in the midst of a turbulent culture. On the next “Focus on the Family,” Mark and Jan Foreman, parents of members in the popular band, Switchfoot, share how you can raise “big-picture” kids by allowing them to take risks.
When you say “Yes!” to your child’s dreams, amazing things can happen. Mark and Jan Foreman, parents of members in the popular band, Switchfoot, share how you can help your child develop a vibrant, world-changing faith.
Wellspring Community Church weekly message
Love Invades - Robbie SeayLive it Well - SwitchfootNo Longer Slaves - Bethel MusicOnly You - David CrowderPsalm 118 - Robbie Seay
Welcome to Episode #7 of Uncle Eddy’s Mixtapes. Today we have another compilation of Christian Alternative Rock I made in the late 90s (here’s the first 90s Christian Alternative mixtape I posted). As you can see from the pics, this one was made on December 15, 1997. I suppose I could wait a few months and post this on its exact 20 year birthda ...…
Subscribe to us on YouTube for a bunch of cool videos, too!, check out our site for more cool content at The Rapper & The Social Experiment-- Wonderful Everyday: Arthur: One Pilots- ...…
LIVE - BUILD - CHANGE |Integrating Christian Faith and Successful Business to Change the World \ with Christian Entrepreneur Carey Green
CONTACT CAREY AT LIVE BUILD CHANGE (tap the image below) Join the LBC Community On Facebook Follow Carey on Facebook | Follow Carey on Twitter SUBSCRIBEon iTunes SUBSCRIBE on Google Play Is it true that if you change your mind (the way you think) you can change your life? I believe the scripture teaches that it is true - absolutely. It’s a part ...…
Brandon Heath - Give Me Your Eyes Jason Staten- Phase Up Elevation Worship - Open Up Our Eyes (Acoustic) Ryan Rittenhouse - Phase Up Switchfoot - I Won't Let You Go Pyrexx - Life On It
This week I am joined by my friend, Richard Iconoclast. I start off by talking about the true meaning behind Bryan Adams' "Summer of 69", and then Richard explains why he misses Myspace. We also discuss the testimony of James Comey, Bernie Sanders calling out the president's office of management nominee's faith and whether or not Christian Trum ...…
Patrick Clifford on the show (0:01) Jazz Fest and Diamond Jim (0:04) Neville Brothers (0:07) Daniel Russell from A&M Records moving to New Orleans (0:10) Fish fry with the Neville’s (0:14) Tony Fitzpatrick’s album art (0:18) Ernie K-Doe’s DJ work (0:22) Mom’s Ball (0:25) Allen Toussaint’s Musical Dissertation (0:28) Getting into A&R (0:31) Beat ...…
Welcome to one of the biggest episodes yet. Filled with bangers from all over the world. I shed some light on my past and where God has brought me from and also the Track Of The Week.Tracklist:Cass - Crowns (DDCK Remix)Emma Mulings - Worthy (Oiwolf Remix)Bethel Music - We Dance (Mike Obed Remix)Montell Fish - Whatever You Want (Jaisua Remix)One ...…
Viewing Party
It's that time of the month — time for another Channing Tatum movie! Join us on a Journey Through Giggles as we watch Step Up, a pretty forgettable film we somehow were able to talk about for a whole hour. In this episode we discuss convenient character deaths, teen dance movies of the 2000s (why were there so many??), Wesleigh attempts to make ...…
Lessons in the Key of Today
Lessons in the Key of Today for Monday May 22nd, 2017" I dare you to move." - SwitchfootThank you for joining for these "Lessons in the Key of Today with Miss Sense and Simplicity™" a daily blog/podcast connecting us to the current cycles and seasons, offering simple encouragement, hope & inspiration to savor the moment and gracefully navigate ...…
John Fields is an internationally recognized, multi-platinum writer/producer/mixer who has worked with some of the biggest names in the music business - from rock bands like Switchfoot, Jimmy Eat World, Lifehouse, Goo Goo Dolls and Andrew W.K., to chart-dominating pop acts like the Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Pink an ...…
9 times out of 10, am I right? Anyways, here is Episode #9 of American Brews and Tunes. This week, our heroes brave the weather in a true American Fashion. Jesse tackles the Oskar Blues Ten-Fidy Barrel Aged stout while listening to Supporting Caste by Propagandi. Meanwhile, Stephen tastes the Stone Mega Wheat IPA after listening to Vice Verses ...…
Ministry Doesn't Suck – A resource to help your ministry not suck!
This week I decided it was time to touch on a subject, that in my opinion, is often overlooked but critical to increasing the engagement in your services. That subject is lighting. Most churches lack not only the right equipment, but the knowledgable volunteers needed to utilize this tool that can vastly help communicate the Gospel in your Sund ...…
Matt Fradd will talk with us about his new book, the Porn Myth, which takes a secular view opposing pornography using science and lots of studies.-www.thepornmyth.comDaniel Oberreuter from the Catholic rock band, The thirsting, will talk about his music, song-writing, and an up-coming concert that is happening in our diocese.-www.thethirstingca ...…
Wellspring Community Church weekly message
Songs PlayedLive It Well- SwitchfootClothed In Skin- Benjamin DunnWhere were You- Ghost ShipMy all in Thee- Young OceansAll the Poor and Powerless- All Sons and Daughters
Wellspring Community Church weekly message
Songs PlayedLive it Well- SwitchfootClothed In Skin- Benjamin DunnWhere were You-Ghost ShipMy All In Thee- Young OceansAll the Poor and Powerless- All Sons and Daughters
This week we discuss Ghost and Insane Clown Posse both being in legal battles, We talk about Elton John releasing his favorite live album on vinyl for record store day. Matt plays us a cover of Tenacious D this week. Albums of the week. Matt: The Weeknd - Starboy Grant: Devil Is Fine - Zeal & Ardor Quick Headlines: Falling In Reverse will be cr ...…
Everyone's Agnostic Podcast
Cass Midgley and Dr. Bob interview Raul Cardona, after Cass' talk with Carlton Larsen—our two "nobodies" on this week’s episode. We interview people you don’t know about a subject no one wants to talk about. Carlton got his M.Div and became a Lutheran Minister in Canada during the Christian Coffeehouse boom. He now identifies as a Woo-Woo pseud ...…
This week, we hear from The Turtles, The Crossfires (pre- Turtles), The Chantays, Hoodoo Gurus, The Neanderthals, The Syndicate Of Surf, The Super Stocks, Jack Skuller, War, Switchfoot, our weekly trivia question and lots more!! Intro music bed: The Beach Boys- "Catch A Wave" The Neanderthals- "Groovy Dances" The Atlantics- "Reef Break" Hoodoo ...…
Today Jiunn from Developing Palates comes on the show to talk about Cuban cigars and which Cuban cigars are best for people new to Cubans. We talk cigars, music and life's big questions. Jiunn drops some serious knowledge, so check it out! Check out our sponsor in Australia, Cigar Hut: In the U.S., check out Mike at Cigar Hustle ...…
This week the guys talk about the new Dawn of War III pre-order announcements. Miles updates us on his thoughts for Horizon Zero Dawn, now that he's finished the game. Xbox lost another exclusive. We not mad, we're just disappointed. We talk about Nintendo Switch. Is it worth owning now or should you wait. Sega added a studio to their line-up. ...…
Wellspring Community Church weekly message
Songs:Song of Hope - Robbie Seay Alive Again - Matt Maher I Wonder - Leeland Fast From, Feast On - Page CXVI Live it Well - Switchfoot
Wellspring Community Church weekly message
Songs:Song of Hope - Robbie Seay Alive Again - Matt Maher I Wonder - Leeland Fast From, Feast On - Page CXVI Live it Well - Switchfoot
Top 3 Reasons Trackstands are a Must for Every Mountain Biker In this new podcast I talk about the Trackstand and why it is an important skill for every rider to learn. In it I explain how they will help you improve your overall riding skills as well as some tips to help you more easily learn this important skill. If you think that Trackstands ...…
This week we delve into conscious rock with some of the latest tracks and hidden classics. Brisbane metal band Tai Sui show how to navigate, Birds of Tokyo sing about the new Empire and Hip Hop Rocker Manafest calls us to Shine On. This is the Conscious Rock Special on Soul Traveller Radio Show.Also featuring Dead Letter Circus, Thousand Foot K ...…
More Than a Song - Discovering the Truth of Scripture Hidden in Today's Popular Christian Music
Perspective. I sure need more of it. How about you? I need more perspective when I'm impatiently waiting in line at the grocery store, when I get cut off in traffic, or when I get a snarky email or social media comment from a friend. Moses had a unique perspective because of his intimate relationship with God and his front row seat to the demis ...…
Welcome to Soul Traveller Radio Show hosted by Shayne Locke, we have a stack of fresh conscious music tracks this week including one that just dropped yesterday, the brand new single from Dispatch. Nahko and Medicine for the People get some help from some Trevor Hall and Xavier Rudd and Gold Coast singer Fiona Kernaghan sings our prayers and we ...…
This week on Soul Traveller Radio Shayne Locke pumps us up with a special Rock show on Bombshell Radio.Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sunday’s. Check for showtimes on bombshellradio.comThis week's our show is a little different. We look at Conscious Rock and some awesome tracks that will get you up and moving. We were challenged by Brisbane ...…
Stephen talked to the Pope of blogging, Tim Challies. They discussed: video games like Overwatch and Civilization, marriage, why he starts every day at 7:47, why he likes bad coffee, whether he's too old to see a Switchfoot concert, and more! Please leave me a review on iTunes if you enjoy this podcast! Follow me online @stephenaltrogge Check o ...…
Wellspring Community Church weekly message
Songs: Live it Well - Switch Foot Adoption - Ghost Ship Good, Good Father - Chris Tomlin He Shouted Love - Silver Pages Shine Your Light On Us - Robbie Seay
Wellspring Community Church weekly message
Songs: Live it Well - Switch Foot Adoption - Ghost Ship Good, Good Father - Chris Tomlin He Shouted Love - Silver Pages Shine Your Light On Us - Robbie Seay
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