Best takuan podcasts we could find (Updated June 2017)
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Twelve Radio The Reel Hip Hop is a urban podcast radio show on Blogtalk Radio that plays not only Rap,R N B,Reggae but also various other music speech from Malcolm X to the stand up comedy Richard Pryor. Twelve Radio The Reel Hip Hop Show is the only urban show with three days dedicated to female MC.Twelve Radio The Reel Hip Hop Show is two different brands made in to one brand,Twelve Radio was a skit on Foot Prints twelve round debut album and The Reel Hip Hop Is a inland Empire(southern Ca ...
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Wow, it's been a while huh? Almost a month! Man, you guys must have been devastated, going without hearing our pristine sexy voices for so long. Sobbing in a corner like Sugao from Shonen Ashibe and hugging your makeshift Colton and/or Sid body pillows tightly, impatiently tapping the refresh button hping, ever so desperately, for a new episode ...…
Weekly Manga Recap
The new Jump Start has an interesting take on equal opportunity fanservice… Black Clover c. 61 - 3:48 Bleach c. 673 - 17:29 Fairy Tail c. 485 - 30:53 Food Wars c. 166 - 41:34 My Hero Academia c. 90 - 55:51 Takuan & Batsu c. 1 - 1:10:01 Toriko c. 370 - 1:20:46 World Trigger c. 143 - 1:29:01
The History of Literature
In this episode, Jacke welcomes special guest Ronica Dhar, who presents Five Books (or actually Four Books and a Movie) To Lower Your Blood Pressure. Highlights include a poem by Ronica’s former teacher and mentor, letters to a samurai written by a zen master who invented a type of pickle, and a fourteenth-century Kashmiri mystic who wrestled w ...…
Mindfulness Mode | Interviews & Mindful Tips with Bruce Langford
PJ has spent virtually his entire life living by Henry Ford’s philosophy, “If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.” Despite being diagnosed with a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy that was expected to take his life byage seven, PJ was encouraged to experience life to the fullest and do anything and everything he wanted. Even ...…
Wisdom Teachings - Sat Yoga, Costa Rica
“Many people have the misunderstanding that liberated beings become very boring,” provides Shunyamurti, the director of the Sat Yoga Institute in Costa Rica. “It’s a very bad misunderstanding because the ego never wants to be boring, and so it always has an excuse: ‘I don’t wanna waste my life sitting in that cave doing nothing. I wanna be acti ...…
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