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Tamara’s Relationship Transformations helps people identify unhealthy emotional and physically abusive relationships, but also discusses positive relationships and how to transition to them. As a 911 Operator, Tamara found herself on the other end of the line when people of every age, ethnic group and economic status did unthinkable things. During this rare opportunity to be able to listen to what went on behind closed doors, Tamara came to know that toxic relationships can happen to anyone. ...
Takara The Author
Listen to sample recordings, banter, everyday topics & more
Providing information, tools, and resources to help you live a more expansive and prosperous life.
Tamara S
World Views! How to survive in this world through my eyes!
Tamara Vonshay
Analyzation of the phrase “I don’t need no man.” Just thinking deeper about common phrases w/ a twist. The twist is that I’m an educated thug.
Tamara Manahan
Creative entrepreneur sharing inspiring messages on life, business, and personal growth.
Author of I AM • PT • Elite Sports Masseuse • Mindset Coach • Business Woman • Self Love Advocate •
Kitab At-Tahara
Kitab At-Tahara-By Iqbal Kilani Taught By Dr. Farhat Hashmi
New York, NY
Darasa hili inazungumzia hukumu ya talaka katika uislam,na lengo la kuoana,na makosa ya wanandoa katika ndoa zao.
Wisdom of Friends is a heart to heart talk show where I interview fascinating, inspiring and eclectic people around the world who are living extraordinary lives - a life of success and harmony; capture and share their wisdom and celebrate their life. We dig deeper into their life's journey; their goals, their struggles, and their aspirations. We discover how they came to identify their purpose, their values, and their philosophy on life, success, and fulfillment. - Your Friend and Host (Kal ...
Tamara Rojo for iPhone/iPod
Sit back, relax, and join Tamara and Tone for a night cap and a little pillow talk.
Equi-TEA is designed to help educators grow, teach, and lead within an equity framework. Join Tamara and Sarah to discuss issues facing teachers and students alike and leave feeling empowered to act.
*NEW for 2011* Beginning January 17, 2011, the Ask MomRN Show is now part of The FlyLady Network! Please visit to listen to the show & chat with us in the chat room. All episodes prior to January 17, 2011 are still available on this page for listening on demand and/or download as a podcast. Thanks for your support!Whether you are a brand new parent or have teenagers leaving the nest in a few short years, MomRN has advice, support, and encouragement to help yo ...
The My Body My Vision podcast is a show dedicated to the topic of health and wellness, mind, body and spirit. The host, Tamara Kellam, is a certified fitness professional who lost over 100 pounds through diet and exercise, and has maintained her transformation mindset for over 13 years.
Remember when you were young and everything in life seemed so much more fun and the possibilities seemed endless? Is that still the same for you or has life become a serious business? If it isn’t would you like to change that? Alun Jones & Tamara Yonker
Maiikling Talata ng Banal na Quran Salin sa Tagalog
Maiikling Talata ng Banal na Quran Salin sa Tagalog language.
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The Mystery of Princess Talara, Volume V by Mera Llykith Part five of the story of Princess Talara Lord Strale reveals the results of his investigation and Talara’s identity is finally uncovered. Reading by Steve (@thedicenerd) Download iTunes Google Play Follow on Twitter @skyrimbookclub Known Locations Can be bought from Urag gro-Shub in The ...…
Mystery of Talara, Volume IV by Mera Llykith Part four of the story of Princess Talara Gyna and Lord Strale make bold moves against the royal family in Camlorn. Reading by Steve (@thedicenerd) Download iTunes Google Play Follow on Twitter @skyrimbookclub Known Locations Nepos’ House in Markarth located in the room to the right In Stony Creek Ca ...…
The Mystery of Princess Talara, Volume III by Mera Llykith Part three of the story of Princess Talara The truth about Gyna is uncovered, and the Royal Battlemage Lord Eryl begins to take a very specific interest in the actions of Lord Strale. Reading by Steve (@thedicenerd) Download iTunes Google Play Follow on Twitter @skyrimbookclub […]…
Mystery of Talara, Volume 2 by Mera Llykith Part two of the story of Princess Talara Gyna recovers from her fall, and is healed by kindly old Ramke. Reading by Steve (@thedicenerd) Download iTunes Google Play Follow on Twitter @skyrimbookclub Known Locations In Ustengrav, on a table between two burial urns, in one of […]…
Mystery of Talara, Volume 1 by Mera Llykith Part one of the story of Princess Talara We meet the two young women at the center of this tale, and learn our first hints of the tragedy that befell the royal family of Camlorn. Reading by Steve (@thedicenerd) Download iTunes Google Play Follow on Twitter […]…
Fagmenn sem starfa við kvikmyndagerð leggja allir eitthvað af mörkum til að skapa sérhæft mál: Kvikmyndamálið. Þar eru ýmsir þættir fengnir að láni úr öðrum listgreinum, og má þar nefna bókmenntir, málverk, skúlptúr, byggingarlist, tónlist og leikhús. Kvikmyndamálið er þó sérhæft mál sem fylgir eigin reglum. Eins og ameríski kvikmyndaleikstjóri ...…
Saturday Night Podcast: Guest Speaker: Talara George - Making Use of Scalar Energy Ms. George is an Industrial/Commercial/Residential Electrician, MKULTRA survivor, Near-death Experiencer & frequent talkshow guest. Her presentation will focus on ways we can fight back against the targeting.By
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