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Tanach Study is an initiative to promote the independent study of the books of Tanach‎ (Torah, Neviim and Ketuvim) through a web-based platform and weekly class. Our program aims to provide the Jewish community with immediate access to Torah knowledge in the form of a daily e-mail/podcast to complete and understand Neviim and Ketuvim in just 3 years. Tanach Study hopes to broaden Torah learning, to increase knowledge of our Jewish history, heighten our Yirat Shamayim, Ahavat Hashem, and stre ...
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Korah 4: Aharon's Blossoming Rod and the Death of a Generation (17:16-28) This perek in Parashat Korah is taught by Rabbi Jonathan Snowbell TanachStudy.comBy (Tanach Study).
Vayikra 4: Korban Shelamim & Summary of Nedava Offerings (3:1-17) Sefer Vayikra is Sponsored In Honor of Cookie & Stanley Chera Mr. & Mrs. Ikey Chera This perek in Parashat Vayikra is taught by Mrs. Shani Taragin TanachStudy.comBy (Tanach Study).
Ki Tisa 6: The Berit Reconsidered (34:11-35) Sefer Shemot is Sponsored In Memory of Rabbi Ezra Labaton A"H Mr. & Mrs. Alan Shamah Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Shamah Mr. & Mrs. Ronny Hersh This perek in Parashat Ki Tisa is taught by Rabbi Yitzchak Etshalom TanachStudy.comBy (Tanach Study).
Vayhi 4: Blessings of the Sons of Yaakov (49:1-19) Sefer Bereshit is Sponsored In Honor of Shirley & Al Gindi This perek in Parashat Vayhi is taught by Dr. Avigail Rock TanachStudy.comBy (Tanach Study).
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