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Tax Season
The only show bringing you an unfiltered view from the streets of Brooklyn as only Taxstone knows them. Get Tax Season Merchandise HERE -
A podcast on personal and business taxes.
Federal Tax Update Podcast Series
You have a business, but do you have Business $ense? Our weekly podcast features industry experts with no-fluff, straight to the point tips & tools for enriching your business - and your life! Owning a business is the #1 path to greater wealth; our program guests share insider secrets to help you use your business to bring you more time, more money, and total freedom.
Covers recent cases, rulings, regulations, and legislation pertaining to income taxation of individuals and estates.
The Taxcast is a 30 minute monthly radio show from the Tax Justice Network packed with the latest news, scandal, research and unique analysis of events in the world of tax evasion, tax avoidance and financial corruption - the most challenging ethical and economic issues of our times. It features news headlines, unique expert analysis you won't find anywhere else and a mini-documentary.
Brian Preston and Bo Hanson, fee-only financial planners and wealth managers, go beyond common sense as they help you make smart financial decisions. Their professional credentials, sophisticated topics, and approachable style have attracted thousands fans and made them a personal finance phenomena. Learn more about Brian and Bo, read, listen, or watch the show, follow the blog, and connect directly to go beyond common sense at
The Heartland Institute podcast featuring libertarian and conservative scholars who advocate for lower taxes, less spending, less regulation, more economic freedom, and vibrant free markets. Hosted by Jesse Hathaway.
Tax Talk, the podcast of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, is designed to educate and entertain, inspire and infuriate Canadian taxpayers.
Michael Lodge discusses business, taxes, love, sex, travel, God, politics, but mostly taxes. The other stuff is just for you to tune in. Get ready - let's talk taxes, business and other stuff.
Simply Tax
Simply Tax cuts through the static of the tax world and doesn’t waste your time by needlessly tossing around technical terms and citing code sections. Host Damien Martin has a knack for boiling down complex issues for business professionals who need a trusted advisor to help strengthen their tax mind.
The Tax Policy Podcast is the official podcast of the Tax Foundation, a non-partisan, non-profit research organization that has monitored tax policy at the federal, state and local levels since 1937. Our economists welcome your feedback via email:
We cover tax issues from Capitol Hill to the courts and the IRS.
Growing Your Firm is the Top Podcast for Ambitious Firm Owners to find tips, tactics, and strategies on how to Grow their Firm (or practice!). In this podcast we'll be interviewing Top Thought Leaders in Accounting, Tax, Bookkeeping, Practice Management, Marketing, Social Media, Succession Planning, Partner Relations, Pricing, and much more.
The Tax-Savvy Expat Podcast helps American expats and digital nomads to (i) maximize the tax-reduction (and even tax-elimination) opportunities available by living abroad and (ii) avoid the pitfalls along the way. Stewart Patton, US tax attorney and expat entrepreneur, dives deep on a narrow topic in each episode, clearing away the myths and misconceptions to get to the real meat of the matter.
The tax landscape in the Middle East and North Africa is constantly evolving as macro-economic changes impact the region. Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting business provides tax, accounting, and global trade solutions using innovative technology to simplify the lives of those working in the fields of corporate finance, accounting, and supply chain. The Thomson Reuters MENA Talks podcast series invites industry experts to discuss topical issues faced by many corporations in the region.
The Tax Lien Lady provides a brutally honest look at investing in tax lien certificates and tax deeds with tips to help you get started. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned investor, the Tax Lien Lady will answer your questions about investing in tax liens and tax deeds. From Joanne Musa, the creator of, Tax Lien Tips Newsletter, Tax Lien Secrets E-course and Tax Lien Lady's E-books.
Talking Tax
A podcast series discussing the big issues for UK tax and fiscal policy that everyone should debate.
Covers C (regular) corporate taxation and planning including taxation of shareholders
Tax Wrap podcast
Released on Thursdays, our podcast is a discussion about current issues in tax and super. Ask questions and have your say on issues discussed on the show via social media or email us at
Interviews with professionals in regard to tax and investment planning ideas
Host Bernie Gartland reveals little to unknown or unused tax strategies for small businesses. With over 40 years as an attorney, and understanding, challenging and influencing the IRS Tax Codes, Bernie has a way to help you understand your options as well as create success strategies....
The purpose of #Tax #advisor & #Biz #Coach #Success #podcast is to share #tax and #quickbooks #accounting #tips and #business #advice for Independent contractors, #entrepreneurs and small business owners S Corp, LLC and Partnership on tax code and share my business insights in how to run a successful, stable and profitable company $. Her expertise is in the #millennium generation business, #realestate and #stocks for passive #income. Make your #money work as hard as you work.Liz, earned a BB ...
Tax Notes Talk
A bi-weekly discussion of cutting-edge developments in tax, including up-to-the-minute changes in federal, state, and international tax law and regulations.
Introducing KPMG's TWIST This Week in State Tax, a new tool from KPMG's State and Local Tax practice to help keep you up to date on the latest in state and local tax. TWIST features a series of short podcasts hosted by our Washington National Tax professionals who will cover state and local tax developments dating from the previous week.
This series of audio podcasts shares key tax issues and new or pending developments that affect Canadian companies. Each podcast will share technical information and useful implementation ideas to give listeners practical insight not just information.
Weekly update on federal income tax developments
Tax inVoice
Tax inVoice is the official podcast of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). At the ATO, we want tax and super to be as easy to understand as possible, so we're doing things a bit differently. Each episode, we invite industry experts to sit down with ATO’s senior leaders to ask them the questions. Hear about the tax topics and issues you want to know about, straight from the source. Listen now to keep up to date with the latest tax and super information and how you can meet your obligations. ...
Attorney Barry Gardiner discusses legal issues relating to estate planning, wills and trusts, federal taxation, elder law, and other corporate and business law topics, especially as they relate to people and businesses in New York and New Jersey.
Steve Moskowitz gives advice for listeners asking about tax law
Your Tax Coach
Your Tax Coach: Take control of your taxes and develop a successful financial strategy to reduce your liability. Come join Nicole Albrecht and Chrystal Grochowsky of Financial Accounting Services as they discuss common misconceptions and shed light on confusing deductions. When was the last time you sat down with your accountant to make sure you were taking advantage of all the deductions you are entitled to? Don’t wait any longer! Be informed, listen now!
Don't let the IRS steal your prosperity when you legally and ethically can reduce what you pay in taxes. Discover the secrets of a 25+ year experienced tax accountant and learn how you can reduce what you owe, avoid audits and reduce your tax burden year after year.
Tax Talks
Australia's Tax News Podcast
Tax Law Legal News from LexisNexis® via Podcast
These 10-minute podcasts are a rapid-fire discussion of select recent developments in the wonderful world of Canadian tax presented by the Video Tax News Team. For more information go to
This is a series of Tax Tips that I will be sharing with you from my experience as a CPA. These are answers to questions that people ask me that I believe are very beneficial to know. Especially if you are self-employed. Do not hesitate to reach out and ask me any tax questions you may have! Thank you for your attention!
Weekly update on creative tax issues.
At we have created a podcast series providing useful tax tips and hints on how to prepare your tax return and avoiding being audited by the IRS.
Taxes and Beer
The Taxes & Beer podcast delivers digestible tax information for the modern day beer drinker.
The Tax Factor
At, we take the fear out of taxes. We share the latest news and info in our blog but try our best to be more imaginative and down-to-earth than your typical accountant. Look at it this way, The Tax Factor is a movement, a place for ordinary taxpaying people like you—who may have a small business question or seek more info on tax deductions. We provide free advice in our Tax Blog. Most of us feel like lambs when approached by the IRS, a pack of suited wolves hired to inti ...
Get tips on getting your biggest tax refund possible. Watch videos about filing taxes, IRS forms, personal and business deductions you can take, how e-filing works, and more!TurboTax Home: TurboTax Support: TurboTax Blog: TurboTax Facebook: TurboTax Pinterest: TurboTax Tumblr:
Dedicated to bringing you True Tax Facts!
We are empowering employees and small business owners to manage their own finances using layman’s terms to simplify putting their hard earned money to work. We’re here sharing our past mistakes and breakthrough moments with our fellow cashmates in this never ending school of personal finance, so you can learn the shortcuts that apply to your unique situation. We’ve already consumed thousands of blogs, books and podcasts along with digging out of our own holes to share what we’ve learned from ...
Lynn Nichols has been explaining federal tax law to audiences since 1969. He is now partnering with SCACPA to launch a series of podcasts that answer questions stemming from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. He’ll describe in each installment how the actions of the IRS and the U.S. Tax Court affect how you should interpret the tax code. Listen to each new episode, and you’ll better understand how the new tax laws work.
Tuesdays with Morey Tax Tips provides Tax Tips for people living and or working outside of the United States. These are citizens of the United States that live or work outside of the country and need valuable information on items concerned with filing their United States Tax Returns. Tuesdays with Morey Tax Tips includes information such as off-shore banking accounts and the requirements for filing and declaring these off-shore accounts. Tuesdays with Morey Tax Tips adds great value to those ...
TaxingSubjects® is the blog for tax professionals, covering income tax, IRS news, software and technology, and business strategies for tax preparers. Visit for the latest tax industry info.
With nearly 300 tax law changes in effect this tax season, it is no surprise that taxpayers have many questions. To help taxpayers get answers, H&R Block joins BlogTalkRadio to address tax questions and share advice that may ease the stress of taxes. Because we’ve been doing taxes for over 50 years, we understand the taxpayer, the tax code, and the tax preparation process better than anyone. Join us for our upcoming shows on Thursday, March 25!
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In this session, Shaykh Muhammad Abu Bakr Ba-Dhib continues looking at the Branches of Faith from Imam Zabidi’s text “ʿIqd al-Juman fi Bayan Shuʿab al-Iman” (The Necklace of Pearls in Clarifying the Branches of Faith). He continues with the root that relates to the matters of this life. He moves on to covering the branches of faith that relate ...…
Kim Malcolm talks with King County councilmember Dave Upthegrove about a proposal that would allocate up to $190 million in taxes over two decades for improvement and maintenance at Safeco Field. The money would come from King County's hotel/motel tax.By (Andy Hurst).
Kim Malcolm talks with King County councilmember Dave Upthegrove about a proposal that would allocate up to $190 million in taxes over two decades for improvement and maintenance at Safeco Field. The money would come from King County's hotel/motel tax.By (Andy Hurst).
Ry Cooder - "Taxes on the Farmer Feeds Us All" Samri Brar - "PETERBILT" []
Richmond-Queensborough MLA Jas Johal joined Jordan Bateman to talk about #BuildKM, #ConfidenceinCanada, payroll tax, Keurig coffee pods and North Korea:
Former IASA Communications Director Mike Chamness, who is now chairman of the Illinois Terrorism Task Force, discusses the 13 recommendations the School Safety Working Group sent to the governor. Among ideas is to expand uses of countywide sales tax and more information sharing between schools and law enforcement.…
Legislation that gives terminally ill patients the right to try medications not yet approved by the FDA is heading to the president's desk after passing in the House. We talk to Senator Ron Johnson who has been a long term supporter of the bill. We also find out more about the record low birth rate and discuss what happens to large companies wh ...…
Kayleigh McEnany, an RNC spokesperson, discusses the midterms, the tax cuts, and the failure of Joe Donnelly. 5-24-18 Pat Miller Program
To ignore the fact that We the People are responsible for our actions ( paying taxes) and the lack of action (allowing it to be used to our determent)is part of the challenges of our generation.
Derby Mayor Rich Dziekan and Carmen DiCenso, the city's economic development liason, are the guests on the latest episode of 'Navel Gazing: The Valley Indy Podcast.'Dziekan and DiCenso talk about a tax incentive program currently in the works, Big Y, the Route 34 widening project, blight, and efforts to unload 15 city-owned properties.This podc ...…
Everyone has something they want to do or accomplish in retirement. Let's talk about your retirement goals. We'll also have a conversation on tax planning and some things that don't matter...until they do.
A roth conversion is something that could save your retirement by avoiding unnecessary tax obligations. Jim and Derek will go over the basics of what a roth conversion is and why it might be a good action to take for your portfolio.
Everyone has something they want to do or accomplish in retirement. Let's talk about your goals in retirement. We'll also have a conversation on tax planning and some things that don't matter...until they do.
If an oil and gas company pays too much in tax, it can get a refund, called an “abatement.” Garfield County might see one or two of these each year, and it’s the libraries, hospitals and school districts, among others, who refund the money.By (Wyatt Orme).
If an oil and gas company pays too much in tax, it can get a refund, called an “abatement.” Garfield County might see one or two of these each year, and it’s the libraries, hospitals and school districts, among others, who refund the money.By (Wyatt Orme).
If an oil and gas company pays too much in tax, it can get a refund, called an “abatement.” Garfield County might see one or two of these each year, and it’s the libraries, hospitals and school districts, among others, who refund the money.By (Wyatt Orme).
Anarchast Ep.418 Jeff interviews Francis Hunt, the Crypto Sniper, Market Sniper and Great Reset Sniper. Topics include: the expansion of global control structures, the ever tightening government stranglehold, seasons in the crypto markets, mega wealthy becoming part of the control structure, oligarchs, Trump an insider, everybody is in violatio ...…
“It started as a joke and got out of control.” Paul Newman Thirty-six years ago, a homemade salad dressing was created as a holiday gift for friends. Today, that famous salad dressing has launched a household brand name and an innovative business model while being a force for good in the world. Guided by the principles of “Quality Will Always T ...…
The Daily Canna Podcast: covering the latest and most important cannabis news, every day. Hosted by Guy Chace. Today we have stories on: The National Cannabis Industry Association lobbying in Washington D.C. Sacramento city council members have put a cap on the number of cannabis cultivation businesses New Jersey where lawmakers are considering ...…
Jack Ford, CBS News Legal Analyst, discusses the potential effects of the SCOTUS ruling on gambling. Stressing the importance that the ruling says that individual states should decide whether to allow gambling, Ford says some states will rush to move and use this as an additional tax revenue stream while some will wait to see what plays out. Re ...…
One Nation sinks the government's company tax cuts, small business dominates the Royal Commission, rebel govt MP's push to ban live sheep exports and a plan to restrict access to the NDIS.
The post Rethinking damaging corporate tax cuts appeared first on NC Policy Watch.
In episode 58 of Financially Simple, Justin looks at ways to improve sales in a small business. Know your product and or service, and know your customer. Justin looks at how you as a small business owner can increase your businesses sales performance by being an expert in the field, identifying the needs to your ideal customer, and more. TIME I ...…
Ross Ramsey discusses the Texas runoff elections, Stamford’s new mayor James Decker, lays out a 2018 plan for rural revitalization. Leeson explains why the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal won the county judge race and why Lubbock County Sheriff Kelly Rowe lost. Plus Blue Collar Bill sounds off on property taxes.…
Forbes says the Seattle City Council used a non-existent study to push the head tax but that doesn’t seem to be the case. // CNN interview with the 30-year-old ‘Millennial’ evicted from parents’ house is a ‘Cringeworthy’ train wreck. // NFL owners vote to fine teams for players kneeling during National Anthem but will also let them stay in the ...…
I am not sure how much longer I can handle all the Fake news with the Trump-Russia Fairytale. Meanwhile, parents have to evict millennial adult child, Seattle wanting to raise more taxes after "head tax", Black Lives Matters wants oversight of Chicago police and more.----more---- To support the show https://ww ...…
Show Date - 05/23/18: Tonight’s show focused on the topic of Small Business Taxes. My guest is CPA Steve King, Partner of Meyerowitz & King, PLLC Our discussion covered the following key issues: The difference between having a bookkeeper and a CPA on your team How taxes work for LLCs vs. other entities The importance of good record keeping and ...…
The implementation of the sugar tax in the UK earlier this year has failed to sour results from Britvic, with demand for the company's Robinsons brand surging after it released drinks targeting adults.
Please share it with your friends and family. It's our privilege at High Resolution Radio sponsored by Four Winds Bible Church to send out a message that most can receive. Your financial support helps us to buy more air time to share God's word in a very unique way. Would you please consider making a tax deductible donation, it is truly an inte ...…
Pension Crisis In this episode, John Smallwood of Smallwood Wealth Management revisits the sources of retirement income and highlights the trouble many pension funds are currently in. He emphasizes that in this uncertain atmosphere, it’s vital to ensure your retirement plan has protection, backups, and redundancies you can access when markets a ...…
Thank you for tuning into the hottest talk radio show out "the Conversation" hosted by Klarque Garrison and Michele Gilliam Morrissey! Each week we look to provide you with programming that will inspire, motivate and educate you our loyal listeners. Tonigh's show features: Myron Golden- Mr. Golden is one of the Nations most sought after speaker ...…
Dave Schwartz talks GVL sales tax proposal; SC offshore drilling; Yes or BSBy Bob McLain.
I’m late on getting this to you. I fear, the quality probably suffered for it, as well. But, I offer you the best I could do. I have both Lupus and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, which means my body is attacking all my systems, and sometimes, it just attacks my thyroid. When there’s a great deal of stress, or the pressure system changes drastically, ...…
Issues-centric podcast based in Minnesota Episode 36 - "Hyper-Partisan Veto Wars" - Session Wrap Up with Jim Nash and Tony Albright In light of Mark Dayton vetoing everything, we were joined by Representative Tony Albright then Representative Jim Nash then BOTH! They walked us through several hot-button issues including Tax Conformity, MNLars, ...…
The numbers are in, so let’s take a look at how the market has been doing and where we can expect it to go. I am back with your hot-off-the-press market report! Summer is around the corner and buyers are out shopping for their next home. Let’s take a look at the real estate market in your area to see where it is going this year.Everyone said th ...…
Oregon’s surging tax collections show no signs of abating—and that means you’re probably going to get some money back. Again.By (Kevin Mooney).
Microscopic plastic pieces have been found in 12 different types of beer that are brewed using water from the Great Lakes, including one brewed in Milwaukee. We learn more from a researcher who worked on the study. We also talk about the vanishing family photo album tradition and how to keep up with your digital photos, and we discuss wheel tax ...…
2018 2nd Quarter Market Outlook – conflict free unbiased view on how we see economic fundamentals and the stock market coming together to drive our portfolio decisions. An inside look on how we do what we do for the second quarter of 2018. Check the background of this firm on FINRA’s BrokerCheck at Securities And A ...…
Carol is joined by Bloomberg’s New York Bureau Chief Jason Kelly and they speak to Lindsey Piegza, Chief Economist at Stifel Financial, on Federal Reserve officials saying the economic outlook warranted another interest-rate hike “soon.” Damian Sassower, Bloomberg Intelligence Fixed-Income Strategist, discusses Turkey’s lira slumping to a new r ...…
In this podcast Shaykh Ismail Londt speaks about the companion Mus’ab ibn Umayr (may Allah be pleased with him). Musa’ab ibn ‘Umayr was born in both wealth and status. He was the only child to his mother. Mus’ab left all his wealth and status for Islam. He accepted Islam and was one of the forerunners of Islam, he accepted Islam three years aft ...…
Outdoor podcast with Tax Deduction No. 1, Ben Freeman, rating area skate parks as only he can.
Tax Moves of the Week 5-23-18Glen talks about how to recognize a capital expense and what to be careful of when doing so. For more information Glen may be contacted at 309-694-4251, on Twitter @glenbirnbaum, or at www.hbcpas.comGlen heads the Consulting and Business Valuation department at the Firm Hienold Banwart and holds three business valua ...…
Are you a successful family or business owner who is occasionally frustrated or downright depressed about the amount of taxes you pay every year? Have you ever wondered why your CPA only provides tax preparation services, but doesn't give you great advice to... 1. Reduce Your Taxes, 2. Protect Your Assets, and 3. Build Your Wealth As business o ...…
Episode 004. Award-winning producer/composer Michael Teoli talks Berklee College of Music, the Beatles, and scoring for film and theater. (Part 1) This episode is sponsored by JLC Accounting – Bookkeeping, Accounting, Tax Preparation and Advisory. For more information, visit The post Composer Michael Teoli Talks Scoring for ...… - If you are self-employed and/or business owner how would you like to create up to a $12,000 deduction for your business by employing your child? Let your child pay for their expense with tax free money. Learn How today in today's episode. You host is Carlos Samaniego, Enrolled Agent licensed by the Department of Treas ...…
Tax Increment Financing has been approved for the Post House, a $40 million mixed-use development in Downtown Evansville.
In the 1970s it became clear no matter how much we spent on healthcare it was never enough. Although Medicare was less than 5 years old, Congress was forced to hike Medicare Taxes 25% and still the optimistic estimates of the cost of the program were running out of control. More doctors and more lawyers entered the fray and expenses rose more. ...…
What’s going on in our local real estate market? It’s time to take a look at recent conditions and how they may impact your real estate goals. Buying a home? Click here to perform a full home search Selling a home? Click here for a FREE Home Price Evaluation Today I’d like to take a moment to update you on the latest developments in our market. ...…
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