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I am a YouTuber but I think that I will be doing this more than daily!
Sound Opinions
Take two nationally respected rock critics, the latest music news, personal commentary, and exclusive interviews and performances, add a huge pile of records old and new, and the result is Sound Opinions - the world's only rock and roll talk show.
The Droid Life Show is a podcast about the world of Android smartphones, apps, and general technology news. We also talk a lot about Google and their products, while bringing you the hottest of hot related takes from Mt. Tech Take. It's off the cuff, fun, casual, and generally includes freebies. Who doesn't love freebies and gadgets?
Welcome to Vertical Hold: Behind The Tech News, talking to Australia's leading technology journalists every Friday to get the stories behind the news of the week. Hosts @alexkidman and @adam_turner channel-surf through the headlines in search of the big picture:
Before You Buy is a product reviews show on the TWiT Network. TWiT staff get together to test out the latest gadgets--everything from phones to cameras--to help consumers make wise buying decisions. You've got to watch... Before You Buy!Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.
Do you have questions about tech products or the week's tech news that you’re too embarrassed to ask? Kara Swisher and the rest of the team at Recode have the answers. Tune in to their podcast every Friday for straight talk about confusing topics. Submit your questions in advance by tweeting them to @Recode with the hashtag #TooEmbarrassed, or by emailing
We've moved to YouTube! Please subscribe to our new channel here: for news, reviews, tips and more, all in one place. Thanks for listening!You're missing out! Subscribe to our YouTube channel now before the podcast feed is removed in early 2018. Old episodes of Tech Chat with David Cannon will be available for download after this time from here:Episodes 1-5: 6-9: ...
A show about tech and media's key players, big ideas, and how they're changing the world we live in. One of tech's most prominent journalists, Kara Swisher, is known for her insightful reporting and straight-shooting style. Listen in as she hosts hard-hitting interviews with influential business leaders and outspoken personalities from media, politics, and more.
Before You Buy (MP3)
Before You Buy is a product reviews show on the TWiT Network. TWiT staff get together to test out the latest gadgets--everything from phones to cameras--to help consumers make wise buying decisions. You've got to watch... Before You Buy!Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.
Apptastic Reviewers is an iOS news and review podcast hosted by Sara Verkaik and Julie Kuehl. Each week, we select a category or genre of apps to compare and review such as apps for learning new languages or drawing games. We also discuss news and interesting articles we discover related to Apple devices and the iOS platform. In some special episodes, we also include interviews with app developers or prominent members of the Apple community, getting a chance to find out more about what they ...
Geekfest Rants
Visit Geekfest Rants to hear great shows about the latest happenings in the wide world of Geekdom! Hear your favorite Geeks discuss film, television, science fiction, comics, toys and more!
We are a couple guys with full time jobs who love talking about games in our spare time. We hope to bring a realistic and non-exaggerated gaming discussion.
Essential books for startup founders, investors and entrepreneurs reviewed by Graham D Brown
Subscribe, sit back, and enjoy this weekly games podcast from the portable gaming experts at Pocket Gamer. Every week we look at the latest and greatest upcoming games for iPhone and iPad, Android, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita, Windows Phone and more, with news, reviews and diverse views aplenty. And don't forget to watch the show live every Thursday on
MTR Network
The MTR Network, your source for News, Politics, Sports, Social Commentary and Reviews on the latest TV and Movies. We are a network of wide ranging topics and hosts. There's something for everyone
From Final Fantasy 1 to Final Fantasy 7 to Final Fantasy 15: we discuss all aspects of the Final Fantasy universe, with weekly episodes for you to enjoy. We review the games in the series, and discuss a multitude of topics, from sex in the Final Fantasy universe to the people behind the games, like Hironobu Sakaguchi and Yoshitaka Amano (two great artists behind the Final Fantasy series that we've done episodes on). This great classic RPG video game series needed a great podcast, and we're h ...
Your daily consumer tech news update, plus the latest gadget reviews and straight talk about how the latest tech innovations affect you.
Derwin, Pat, Dick and Valerie are so conceited that they record themselves watching and reviewing movies. Hilarity will ensue and temper will flare. Well, hopefully the first part...
361 Podcast
The 361 Podcast is all about mobile technology. From consumer to enterprise and from fun to the industry analysis we investigate and discuss mobile technology and the mobile industry. Created by Ben Smith of Wireless Worker and co-hosted by Ewan MacLeod of Mobile Industry Review and Rafe Blandford of All About Symbian.
Photography and camera gear podcasts by Gordon Laing from and friends!
Whatever Works
A couple of mobile tech podcasters turn their hands to a broader topic for this twice-monthly podcast, now to consider a veritable potpourri of gadgetry and objects of interest all in the name of fun! Why not tune in and find out what we've been playing with? It's Whatever Works for Dave Rich and Ted Salmon.
We're addicted to the Apple app store, so much so that making a podcast about it seemed like the only logical thing to do. Previews, reviews, hot deals, and more. Join Scott Johnson & Eric VanSkyhawk every week!
Chris Pirillo
I'm Chris Pirillo. Ask Me Anything! Geek. Dad. Toys. Star Wars. LEGO. Tech. Reviewer. Advisor. Retro. Seattle. Entreprenerd. Kidult.
Ctrl-Walt-Delete is a podcast from The Verge featuring legendary tech reviewer Walt Mossberg and Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel. In each episode, they dive into the modern tech landscape using Walt’s extraordinary depth and experience to tell stories in entirely new ways. The series finale aired on June 13, 2017, shortly before Walt’s well-deserved retirement.
Mixture of advice and expert interviews to provide guidance on all of the common problems you face when doing a literature review.
The Damn Woods
Jake & Oz talk about things they've played or heard for your amusement.
Podcasts in Focus
An in-depth look at some of the most inventive, innovative and undiscovered podcasts out there.
MTR Network
Movie Trailer Reviews, your source for reviews on the latest TV and Movies. Also the Insanity Check podcast for random entertainment news and nerding out. Don't forget to check out The Playing Dead where we play and discuss video games like TellTale Games The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us
Sunday Morning Linux Review – OGG Feed for Freedom Lovers!
The CultCast
The CultCast covers each week’s best Apple stories, news, and accessories for your iDevices and Mac—but more importantly—we do it with pizzaz. Why listen to another dreary tech program? Tune in to the CultCast each week for a healthy dose of Apple, jokes gone sour, and plenty of tangents.
Dissecting The 80s
Tripp and Andrew Laino have been watching movies together since 1992, and making fun of them together since 1999, when a rainy afternoon of babysitting turned into 8 straight hours of cheesy science fiction, popcorn and jokes. Raised on a strict diet of 80s adventure, action, comedy and drama, the pair have an undying love for the 1980s and all of the weird, wonderful cinema therein. Since 2014, they've hosted this podcast - every other week they dissect a movie (or sometimes a TV show), fin ...
The street rod, custom rod and classic truck enthusiast never forgets the past. Street Rod & Custom Radio carries on the tradition that started it all by revealing the hottest, most innovative cars in rodding today. Street Rod & Custom Radio features innovative technical how-tos and classic styling ideas for cars covered through 1964. Listeners are also treated to the most comprehensive event coverage from coast-to-coast. From cutting-edge hot rods to stylish customs, learn how you can reinv ...
... keeping in touch with the latest in iPhone gaming
A Podcast About Programming
THE DRIVE brings you all the latest automotive news, product reviews, celebrity guests and more. Hosted by award-winning automotive expert, Alan Taylor. For many years, Alan's expertise and quick wit has entertained millions on ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, FOX, and the Speed Channel.
Before You Buy is a product reviews show on the TWiT Network. TWiT staff get together to test out the latest gadgets--everything from phones to cameras--to help consumers make wise buying decisions. You've got to watch... Before You Buy!Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.
A weekly look into what’s happening at Untappd and in the world of beer.
LGBTQ Tech Podcast
Tech discussions from the LGBTQ community
Music Review Show
Drowned in Sound has shared opinions on music since October 2000. This is the music blog's review show celebrating and critiquing music with the site's trademark mix of thoughtfulness and irreverence.
Sunday Morning Linux Review – MP3 Feed for freedom haters
Bagged and Bored
Bagged and Bored was started by Chris as a comic and pop-culture blog, seeking to share his love with as many people as possible he contacted his two best friends Paul and John to help spread the word. Soon realizing that they had a lot more to say than a simple website would allow, the Bagged and Bored Crew took their thoughts and audibly recorded them making them available on iTunes as the Bagged and Bored Cast for more people to experience. To inform as well as entertain. It's the Bagged ...
Cameron Harris and Sean Shannon, two self declared geeks and gaming experts, talk about the latest games, news and ideas that every gamer should know.
A film podcast looking at and discussing un-produced or drastically changed screenplays. Each week the host, Jeremy Meyer, sits down with a guest and discusses one of these un-produced screenplays and discuss what could have been, what it became, or what they would have liked to have seen.
ICO Review Channel
Here I break down Initial Coin Offerings in under ten minutes. The aim is the give you just enough information to decide to look into the specific ICO further or to move on to projects you like better. We are also launching a new talk show 360 Decentral you have an ico contact me through crypto nebula or on🦄 MORE ICO Review Channel and Podcast ----------------------Our Telegram Crypto Community: ...
DayOne GameCast
A comedic gaming podcast where actual gamers talk about actual games! We give our honest opinions on the gaming industies biggest news. Expect to laugh, talk, and game with us!
Rev VR Podcast
Reverend Kyle discusses current Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology including the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. We also take a look at software and peripherals, and do interviews with gamers, developers, and VR enthusiasts.
The Nerdgasm Noire Network is a group of 5 black women who love all things geeky. From books to anime to tv, we discuss what we love and hate. Click. Read. Listen. Enjoy. All in separate tabs.
Turbos and Tuning
Turbos and Tuning is a show for people who love automobiles and want to extract all the power and performance for the best price. Want to know more about the best modifications and tunes available for your current or future ride? Then tune in weekly to hear host, Gatian Justice, deep dive into the best performance modifications and cars of the past, present, and future. For more information please visit and remember to “Buckle Up, Drive Hard, but Drive Safe!”
Powerful Praise and Constructive Criticism - Podcast Reviews
Ani-Gamers Podcast
Discussion, analysis, and sardonic commentary about anime, manga, and video games old and new, hosted by Evan Minto and David Estrella. Guests include reviewers, industry folks, and fellow podcasters. New episodes every two weeks.
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Jason Furman was one of President Obama's top economists, from the start of his campaign through the end of his presidency, and served as chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers from 2013 through 2017. He joined me on the podcast to discuss his time in the White House, how he views the recession and subsequent recovery, and his forecast fo ...… Frideric Prandecki CEO – Bob’s Repair Anyone that has hired a contractor in recent years for home repairs has faced three problems: false information due to review fraud, hidden costs due to advertising fees, and inflated prices due to lack of pricing trans ...…
Your App Lady Show Notes Series 1 Episode 28 Welcome to series 1 episode 28 of the Your App Lady Podcast! All about apps and tech that I love and use every day. On each episode, I’ll talk about recent tech news, recommend apps that I use myself and leave you with a great tech tip. Tech News Apple’s Education Announcements The star of the announ ...…
Can Philip have a sadder face? He outdoes himself this week! Plus, Elizabeth gets to kill someone. Wha? And the Oleg-Stan bromance recommences! It awaits us in The Americans Season 6 Episode 3 “Urban Transport Planning” which aired April 11, 2018. It was written by Tracey Scott Wilson and directed by Dan Attias. This is Episode 112 and contains ...…
Four years ago Satya Nadella took the helm at Microsoft. Under his leadership, the value of the company has tripled, and some think it could be the first company worth a trillion dollars. The story of the culture and strategy refresh are told in Satya’s new book, Hit Refresh, co-authored by Greg Shaw and Jill Tracie Nichols. In this episode of ...…
Join the Joyful Courage Tribe in our community Facebook group - Live and Love with Joyful Courage. Raising our children while growing ourselves... ::::: Today’s guest is Delaney Ruston, a documentary filmmaker. She believes in helping kids find balance in our tech filled world. She loves engaging audiences in solution centered discussions. We a ...…
Drew’s guest, Noah Kagan got into the tech game in his 20’s. He put in long hours and sacrificed his evenings and weekends to be a top producer. He worked at Facebook and and currently he is Chief Sumo at his own company, He has had his share of successes and failures and freely shares the lessons he learned and how he challe ...…
P.A.X.P.A podcast community for gamers. Listen as your hosts Victor and Roman talk about subjects in the gaming industry from a personal perspective and what we like and dislike. From games to game tech, or quick reviews to deeper thoughts on a specific subject. We aim to keep it relevant, but if anything, entertaining.…
Blue Chip Podcast Website |⠀. ⠀⠀⠀For this season-ender, we talk to Dave Holt, Co-Founder of We Date Australia, a new dating app making waves and dates happen. He talks to Chip about his career journey and all his job roles merging into this now huge role as a businessman- in the tech world no less. He also tel ...…
Steli Efti is the CEO of, sales expert and general outbound legend. On this episode of The Salesman Podcast Steli explains why outbound selling isn’t dead and how to book a meeting with a tech CEO. What you will learn in this episode: In this episode Steli shares – Why you need to update […] The post Is OUTBOUND SELLING DEAD? (A Real C ...…
Episode 269 of the PetaPixel Photography Podcast. Download MP3 - Subscribe via iTunes, Google Play, email or RSS! Featured: Sony Artisan of Imagery, Chris Orwig In This Episode If you subscribe to the PetaPixel Photography Podcast in iTunes, please take a moment to rate and review us and help us move up in the rankings so others interested in p ...…
Cell phone radiation risks, how to backup emails in Gmail, is the Amazon Echo safe to use? Whether or not to turn on IPv6 on your router, Chris Marquardt reviews photos from the "Angle" assignment, figuring out how a credit or debit card was compromised, computers designed specifically for senior citizens, and more of your calls. Host: Leo Lapo ...…
This Week in Mobile is a weekly podcast produced by Atherton Research where we bring you up to speed on the top mobile news stories of the week. Joining me this week to discuss these top mobile news stories is tech veteran Eric Leandri, the co-founder and CEO of search-engine Qwant. Here's the summary for Week 14 (April 7, 2018): Huawei's new f ...…
On today’s show Greg and Ethan talk about a few things that have been on their minds, including updates on the forthcoming Packet Pushers subscription site and a post-mortem of the recent Virtual Design Clinic. They also hash out some tech conversations, including Cloudflare’s new DNS resolver, peak open networking, a review of the Aruba Atmosp ...…
Subscribe to Uncaring Universe on iTunes - and It massively helps us if you leave a review:…id985787268?mt=2Anne is the author of the The Space Between The Stars, a post-cataclysmic sci-fi road-trip. We discuss: • How to create great female scifi characters• 'soft' scifi and why you don't need to always worry a ...…
Find it on iTunes | Google Play | Stitcher The Guest Charlie Neagoy is the VP of Business Development at Librestream, a company focused on bringing the eyes and ears of remote experts into the field for rapid response to problems. They are coming at AR from a different angle than many. While they are focused on the remote expert use case, they ...…
We are back again with a full table. That’s right, all three of us are here to talk about movies, video games, and TV. In video games, we review this hot new release, Burnout Paradise and talk about some other randomness in the medium. Then we move over to TV and movies. There’s some trailers we watch and react to, we talk about the reboot…revi ...…
As President and CEO of Old Navy, Sonia Syngal begins her day by reading customer comments every morning. She became CEO of the $7 billion, 57,000-employee business in 2017 and has lead the company to record growth. But her path to retail wasnt always so clear. Sonia, who has a background in mechanical engineering, began her career working for ...…
In case you missed it At least nine people were killed in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh on Monday while thousands were detained by the police and hundreds were left injured as the state and central governments struggled to control the massive protests that erupted across the north, west and east India over the Supreme Court’s alle ...…
Buddhism, Taoism seen through the eyes of a Brooklyn Boy. Deep talk about spiritual topics and Eastern Philosophy, concepts, Book's covered the book of 5 rings, Dhammapada, Tao Te Ching, Upanishad's Rogan style. Book 5 Rings and other Pdf books ...…
In this episode, we listen to Alex complain about how much last week’s challenge sucked even though it was useful. Now that you know where your time is going, you can look for places to make changes so that you’ve got more time to devote to the tasks that move your business forward and that you find fulfilling. Then we dive into the next challe ...…
In this episode, we review our brand new about pages, Alex freaks out over a little red paint in a photo, and then Natalie drags Alex kicking and screaming into the next challenge – inventory your week. Natalie’s new about page Alex’s new about page This Week’s Challenge: Inventory your week There are 168 hours in a week, and though you may not ...…
Daniel started his Agile transition a long time ago, when those adopting were mostly early adopter companies, eager to change. Today, in 2018, we are faced with more and more late majority companies. Companies that may not even be ready to start their transition, but they ply on. In this episode we review some of the challenges you can expect w ...…
Jason Crawford How did the journey begin? Jason worked at Amazon, this is when the seeds for Fieldbook started getting planted. It was surprising to him that companies dedicated so much time developing internal tools. Amazon focussed on building a system that helped track their internal recruiting. Years later, Jason joined a startup where he b ...…
We bring the latest in health news. After a short hiatus, we're back, this time to discuss the future of medicine. We scanned a few scientific journals and picked out some publications in medical research focusing on tech-driven healthcare. -- 0:00 - Intro 5:55 - The Internet made everyone a medical expert (Source: Wired) 17:10 - Antibiotic res ...…
#hashtag #lifehaxx for getting less addicted to your phone, and we ponder what is genuinely worth your attention. Sponsor: Missional Wear - the gift shop for reformed theology enthusiasts! Links Phones are designed to be addicting - Vox Portmanteau Is the answer to phone addiction a worse phone? - New York Times 12 Ways Your Phone is Changing Y ...…
What a month march has been and what better way to end other than with another new podcast and also SMACK VOL. 2 REVIEW FINALLY!!!been waiting too long so lets get it crackin!!!*Week Recap: meal prepping, rain, Uber stories, catching up*NCAA: UT Pro day, Poona Ford unleashed*NFL: Rule change, Possesion, Kick off Removal?*Discussion: Virginia Te ...…
In this episode, Will and Zoie discuss popular pranks at Georgia Tech. Be sure to stick around until the end when one of our cast members gets pranked themself! Technique's special Techlique issue is out on stands today (3/30) in celebration of Sunday, April Fool's Day. Go to to get your tickets for WREKtacular 2018. We hope to see you ...…
Danaher, a science and tech company, has just become a CareerXroads member. A global organization of more than twenty operating companies with nearly 60,000 team members, Danaher is committed to helping customers solve complex challenges and improving quality of life around the world. Their business works to transform the fields of diagnostics, ...…
We can use fitness technology as a tool for cueing, learning, and sensing instead of as a taskmaster that stresses us out. - Dr. Andy Galpin JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP | REVIEW THIS PODCAST Join us on Wellness Force Radio 182 as Dr. Andy Galpin helps us find balance in our modern world and understand both the values and the limitations of technolo ...…
In this episode of BUZZ, we discuss the power of VIDEO TEXT Case Presentation with the Founder of Dental Innovations. Michael Boerner is a leading strategist in the Tech Industry and has revolutionized an entirely new way of communication with Dental Patients. To submit topics you’d like covered on future episodes, kindly drop us a note and we’ ...…
Dory Weiss, VP of Engineering at nCino, joins the AppChat to talk about embracing the Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) methodology in developing cloud banking products on the Salesforce platform. Other subjects include her unusual start as a writer of code, maintaining company values amid growth, “pollinating” ideas across teams, and a way to show off ...…
2018 Jaguar XF SportbrakeIf you love the the sedan version, you will melt over the sportbrake!The Jaguar XF delivers an utterly seductive blend of design, dynamics and refinement to create a sport wagon that offers both excitement and comfort. All enhanced with the latest technologies that keep you connected and entertained.The Sportbrake may l ...…
Kicking off the show, R3’s CEO declares blockchain a once in a lifetime opportunity for financial markets. New opportunities chased by Deutsche Börse and HQLAx, the finance magnates are looking to build a securities lending platform on blockchain. Coinbase opening up its platform? The exchange is finally implementing Ethereum ERC-20 support but ...…
Kicking off the show, R3’s CEO declares blockchain a once in a lifetime opportunity for financial markets. New opportunities chased by Deutsche Börse and HQLAx, the finance magnates are looking to build a securities lending platform on blockchain. Coinbase opening up its platform? The exchange is finally implementing Ethereum ERC-20 support but ...…
[Login to see full-sized & additional results.] It seems so simple - and so obvious - to say, "Know your audience." But, for talent acquisition, that audience includes a variety of stakeholders: hiring managers, colleagues, business leaders and, of course, the candidates who come in many flavors. Profiling your target candidates is definitely a ...…
Social Media Safety for Veterinary Professionals: What Facebook Knows about Veterinary Professionals and Our Clients. Veterinarian Dr. Ernie Ward reviews the current Facebook/Cambridge Analytica controversy, how veterinarians and veterinary technicians (vet techs) can determine what personal information Facebook is selling advertisers, whether ...…
PC Perspective Podcast #493 - 03/29/18 Join us this week for our review of the new XPS 13, Noctua NH-L9a, news from NVIDIA GTC and more! You can subscribe to us through iTunes and you can still access it directly through the RSS page HERE. The URL for the podcast is: - Share with your friends! iTunes - Subscribe to the ...… @mytechtoolbelt #MyTechToolbelt You can listen to our podcast on: Apple Podcasts Google Play Music Spotify or listen here CUE 18 Wrap Up #CUE18 #WeAreCUE Shannon and Brenda had a great time at the CUE 18 Conference in Palm Springs California. They discuss how they prepared, who they met, what they learned, and a preview o ...…
This is part one of an interview we had we Cathy. A food Bio Tech major who is taking the Realestate, beauty, tours and travel worlds by storm! be sure to check out the rest of the interview in the coming episode! share subscribe and leave a review! also follow us on instagram and facebook!
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