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PC Mike's Techcast
Award winning reporter "PC Mike" Wendland, host of the PC Mike Techcast seen on NBC-TV stations nationwide, explores the latest in personal technology with no "geek speak."
Open TechCast
A new technology podcast covering industry news, product reviews, education, certification and homelab advice and discussion
Open TechCast
A new technology podcast covering industry news, product reviews, education, certification and homelab advice and discussion
Collection of Podcast Episodes for Productivity in Tech
The “How To” of Worship Ministry
For everything related to technology and education
Your go to source for the most up to date news in PC gaming.
In this Podcast series, ThoughtWorks shares insights by developers for developers.
One week. A bunch of editors. Discussing the tech news of the week, with a bit of irrelevant opinions on the side.
This is the official Podcast from The largest thing in it is about technology but also other little things
The PodcastDetroit Network
A retail-focused podcast looking at the future of digital commerce - Conversational Commerce, Augmented/Virtual Reality, Cognitive Commerce, Contextual Commerce, Voice Commerce and more.
Women TechCast
Women TechCast is sponsored by CompTIA’s Advancing Women in Technology Community which works to empower women with resources and information to positively impact their technology careers and to inspire girls and women to choose careers in technology.
Kossome Techcast
Technology Podcast with Dave Koss of Kossome Media
The TechCaster
Welcome to my blog and podcast home. Check me out on iTunes and YouTube!!!!!!!
Open TechCast
A new technology podcast covering industry news, product reviews, education, certification and homelab advice and discussion
Colorado TechCast
Colorado TechCast with Trapper Little takes you inside the burgeoning Colorado tech industry through entertaining in-depth interviews with established industry leaders, as well as exciting up-and-coming talent. The centennial state’s vibrant and rapidly-growing tech scene represents the second highest concentration of technology workers nationwide, and it brings in over half a billion dollars in invested capital each quarter. Learn about its rich history and current dynamic development with ...
Buffalo TechCast
The innovation economy of Buffalo, NY, is rapidly expanding as an increasing number of software and biomedical software companies are finding increasing access to venture capital. Buffalo TechCast from Buffalo Business First staff writer Dan Miner, provides insight and analysis on this increasingly important niche in Buffalo.
HP TechCast
HP Enterprise Business Solutions employees meet up with bloggers to discuss what’s going on in the IT world
Fancy Tech Cast
Fancy Tech Cast is a podcast about technology recorded by Damien Bowman and Dan Zaleski.
Discover how technology can enhance your business, your profession, your personal life and your relationships. I.T. guru and CEO Jake Nonnemaker cuts through confusing lingo to discuss current and upcoming technologies so you are better equipped in the ever-changing world.
That Tech Cast
TTC (That Tech Cast) is (hopefully) a weekly podcast based around the newest (or oldest) technology in the world right now. It is brought to you by Callum (cgk190) and Kit (KitDude21)
Sound Tech Cast
Justin Talmadge, Seth Deniston and friends discuss educational technology tips,tricks and trends around the Puget Sound.
Podcast by Tech-Casting with Opex
Conversations: A Senior Director-Eye View of Ed Tech at Penn State
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Too often our solutions for problems just put a BandAid over the real issue. Instead of truly fixing what is broken we try and cover it, filter it, and mask it. Join us for our first installation of a new series we call the TechCast as we dive into techniques and technology.
"Hopefully GDPR is the medicine we need to start putting our customers at the center of the story, and not our conversion rates". We review Shoptalk 2018 in the wake of Cambridge Analytica with a discussion about the content, the vendors, the experience, and how merchants can take the knowledge gained at a show like Shoptalk and turn it into ac ...…
On M2 (squared) TechCast March 26, the Michigan Small Business Technology Center will discuss some exciting updates on its Small Business, Big Threat cybersecurity program. Then Marshall Ashton and Emily Auten will discuss the game art and programming events coming at up Lawrence Technological University on April 4 and 21, plus LTU’s rankings i ...…
"No company can afford to stand still" - we sat down with David J. Katz - a Linked In Top Voice in Retail - to discuss how technology is changing consumer demands and pushing companies into creating better experiences. Guest David J. Katz, EVP and CMO, Randa AccessoriesBy (Phillip Jackson and Brian Lange).
0:30 - 3:30: What I’m working on currently — Digging into Laravel on Laracasts - definitely recommend those tutorials. Also…working on renovating my fixer-upper house. 🙃 3:35: Introducing Stephen Smith: Canadian web dev / general programmer extraordinaire and nerd-rock enthusiast. 4:55: Programming as a tool for your passion vs. programming as ...…
– New highest Model 3 VIN sighting and VIN assignment – Discussion of TSLA stock price action from Monday 3/12 Links: Email > Twitter > @teslapodcast Patreon > Executive producer Jerome Jorden Music by Evan Schaeffer The post 03.13.18 – Model 3 VIN Updates, TSLA Price Action appeared fir ...…
@MrMoKelly fills in for @GaryandShannon - It's Mo' on the Movies! He gets in to Death Wish and reviews A Wrinkle in Time, and Jane Wells joins him to talk about her 24-hour tech fast. Can she pull it off?
We're bringing you a bonus episode - we sat down with Kiri Masters of Ecommerce Braintrust Podcast to talk about the proliferation of voice and voice commerce - and how it's changing the perception of what a brand is and how they engage their customers. To listen to the WHOLE thing head over to and listen to Episode 19! ...…
Episode #8 - Dave DuPont As one of our people said to me, and this is someone who is top of her class at Stanford Business School, "Society tells me now that I can either work for you or work for Starbucks" The combination of remote work and flexible hours has enabled us to become very active in hiring people returning to the workforce after ta ...…
Voice is dominating commerce experiences: but is it kitsch or is it kismet? What separates retailers who are implementing voice strategies? Ryan MacInnis of Voysis joins us to talk about how to give your brand a voice in a world spoken by Alexa. Plus: Facebook Fiona and Aloha - one more smart speaker / tablet to contend for our attention. Show ...…
Episode #14 – Fluid Market lets users list items they have but aren’t using, giving people in their neighborhood the opportunity to borrow them in exchange for a fee. James Eberhard is the founder and CEO of Fluid Market, a truck sharing application that allows people to easily and securely list, discover, and rent trucks to and from one anothe ...…
Episode #13 – Writing good OKRs is hard; OKRs require thought and iteration. A well written OKR, however, will align resources and empower contributors to make good decisions that support the business’ needs Robert Kluin is an experienced technology executive and entrepreneur. He is passionate about helping companies develop engineering organiz ...…
Episode #12 - CTO Connection is a community for Engineering Leaders where they can connect with and learn from their peers Peter Bell is a former CTO who started organizing CTO summits in 2014 to learn from and connect with other experienced engineering leaders. He also co-founded the New York CTO School to help the next generation of engineeri ...…
Episode #11 – The analogy that I’ve been using is that blockchain could do the financial and insurance industries what the information revolution did to our media or what Napster did to record companies. WARNING: Some of this stuff is pretty complex. I spent a while on Wikipedia reading up on the things Kevin talks about just to write this post ...…
Episode #10 – I really emphasize networking. It’s kind of a dirty word for a lot of computer science people like myself who don’t see that it’s a positive thing or just equate networking as standing around awkwardly at a party holding a beer. And what I’ve done is help people understand that it doesn’t have to be like that. Miles Matthias joins ...…
Show notes Family Date Night at the Olive Garden Special Episode. Homepod: more like yawn-pod. Plus: retail investment is gaining steam, mobile advertising to overtake traditional advertising, and bye bye sales! Finally, Nike makes the foam sole more personal. Homepod: nobody cares Actually, people do care: they care to talk about how irrelevan ...…
We recap NRF 2018 in a way that only Future Commerce can - LIVE from the show floor at The Big Show! Plus: is retail real estate in trouble? Have we left Omni Channel behind? We're live from NRF 2018 Probably (definitely) exactly 3.619 times bigger than IRCE This year feels livelier than last year. Definitely better than this year. Bri ...…
Ernie Bray, Founder & CEO, AutoClaims Direct joins Bob to discuss how his company delivers the leading virtual claims workflow technology and largest auto damage field appraisal network that flexes to an insurer’s specific needs. ACD's AutoLink® incorporates multi-channel methods of inspection into one, unified platform. ACD provides mobile sel ...…
Misha Cetrone is the Head of Solutions at Megaport and a musical artist. In this podcast, we chat about music, the blues, and SD Networking. Misha provides an unreleased track at the end of the episode. He has held roles as a Sr. Soltions Architect with Megaport, and before that, he was Sr. Carrier Sales Engineer & Technical Staff Member at XO ...…
Episode #9 - Once we got to the point where we really understood and believed in our brand and the effect we wanted to have on people it changed everything, from what we said on our website to what we said when we were speaking in front of a crowd to what we said on a sales call. It really pervaded all aspects of our communication In this episo ...…
In this first episode of 2018, Marcello Sukhdeo talks about the world’s first ever tech nail which works as a phone, self-repairing screens can become a reality soon and a new technology from Nissan that uses signals from the driver's brain to aid in driving. Show Notes: According to report published in the journal Science, a research team has ...…
Jeff and Riley talk about stuff they want to talk about in 2018, Tiny Stoners sucking balls, WDJALHW and the Marvel/Netflix binge they undertook! Jeff is going to lose weight, and Riley is going to be on shrooms. Then Jeff wants a third kid, and Riley is going to (((consentually))) pee on someone. Totally reasonable No Year Resolutions! This ep ...…
Click the menu below to make sure that you get this week's podcast. Click here to listen to this week’s podcast Clicking on the link at the bottom of this page… Subscribing to Internet Advisor Podcast Feed at iTunes or with your favorite podcast app or finding our shows at Podcast Detroit each week Show Notes Hour 1 Stephanie Scapa is CEO, WEYV ...…
PC Perspective Podcast #480 - 12/21/17 Join us for discussion on NVIDIA TITAN V Compute, Crucial MX500, and more! You can subscribe to us through iTunes and you can still access it directly through the RSS page HERE. The URL for the podcast is: - Share with your friends! iTunes - Subscribe to the podcast directly throug ...…
This week we are joined by Jamie Taylor. Jamie is a serial blogger, software developer, and podcaster.. In this conversation, we talk about what the legacy Jamie is creating looks like and he gives advice on how you can get started creating your own legacy.. Links of Note Jamie's Blog – The Ramblings of a Programmer With a Little Too Much Time ...…
This week we are joined by Bianca Escalante. Bianca is a Senior Manager of Social Impact at GitHub! In this conversation, we talk about how it may be difficult to fit into place that is diverse and help give advice as to how to approach people who aren't like you. Links of Note Level Playing Field Institute Finding the Priority with Kari Beauli ...…
This week we are joined by Angela Andrews. Angela is a System Administrator working to make the jump into DevOps. In this conversation, we talk about her journey to where she is in Tech today and provide great resources for those looking to make the change themselves.. Links of Note Girl Develop It CodeNewbie App Camp For Girls Django Girls - s ...…
Tech-Sation Hitting It Hard as a tribute to the ADE in Amsterdam. As we Celebrate life thru Houz Muzik. Produced,Arranged & Mixed By TonyRichard @ 4Kaos Studio..........
This week we are joined by Shawn Wang. Shawn is a Shawn is a graduate of Full Stack Academy and the host of the Imposter Syndrome Podcast. In this conversation, we talk about Shawn's experience as a code school student and learn more about this growing source of alternative education. Links of Note Course Report Blog Fullstack Academy | Top Cod ...…
"It might be legal there, but that's because very little is illegal there".Richard Murphy and Colm Keena join Ciarán Hancock to talk about the wonderful world of offshore tax avoidance revealed in the Paradise Papers. Colm looks at the details of the Irish cases found among the cache of leaked documents, while Richard explains the unusual way i ...…
This week we are joined by David Marchante. David is a a city planner that codes, and is transitioning to program full-time. He used his previous experiences as a Marine and architect to make the next step into development with confidence. Links of Note All Courses and Nanodegree Programs | Udacity Operation Code We fired our top talent. Best d ...…
This week we are joined by Kojo Idrissa. Kojo is a QA Specialist and frequent convention attendee. In this conversation, we talk about Kojo’s passion for helping others through attending conventions and the overall benefit of being a part of the development community. . Links of Note CodeNewbie North Bay Python | Welcome PyTexas PyCon Canada 20 ...…
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