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The Evil TeddyBear Podcast
The podcast where we review movies, do interviews, and try not spaz out!
Teddy Bears by SUTTON, Adah Louise
Set in the early 1900's, this is a delightful story of a tribe of Teddy Bears arrival in the department store and the adventures some of them have when they are brought into a family's home. - Summary by Linda Andrus
KGRG's Teddy Bear Podcast
What do you want this to be? This is where you can come to give your views freely, listen in, make comments, and I will reply.
Evil Ted Presents: ReRunz
Join Korey Epps & Michelle Ribar as they go on adventure exploring they shows they grew up with.
The Podcast where Korey Epps reviews, interviews, and dishes on some news.
Insightful interviews With Real Artist Real Music . With Your host The Teddy Bear
Camp-Fire Girls at Twin Lakes or The Quest of a Summer Vacation by FRANCIS, Stella M.
“Girls, I have some great news for you. I’m sure you’ll be interested, and I hope you’ll be as delighted as I am. Come on, all of you. Gather around in a circle just as if we were going to have a Council Fire and I’ll tell you something that will—that will—Teddy Bear your teeth.” A chorus of laughter, just a little derisive, greeted Katherine Crane’s enigmatical figure of speech. The merriment came from eleven members of Flamingo Camp Fire, who proceeded to form an arc of a circle in front o ...
Jonathan Thomas and His Christmas on the Moon
The story begins with six year old Jonathan Thomas lying in bed on Christmas Eve with his teddy bear Guz. While he is lying in bed two elves slide down a moonbeam into his room. Guz, his teddy bear, chase the elves back up the moonbeam and Jonathan Thom
Mongoloids w/ Ginger Andersen & Korey Epps
Two podcasters get together each mouth to make a deformed versions of their shows, a Mongoloid one might say. Each month Ginger Andersen from Higher Learning Channel and Korey Epps of The Evil TeddyBear Podcast will get together to talk about what's geeky, nerdy, and sometimes dirty.
Bojana Šaljic Podešva - ZVO.ČI.TI ( 2010
BOJANA ŠALJIĆ PODEŠVABojana Šaljić Podešva, a composer of electroacoustic music, music for acoustic instruments, contemporary theatre, puppet theatre, film, and dance, is not only one of the few female makers in these areas, but also one of the few composers of electroacoustic music following the tradition of musique concrete in general in Slovenia. She is a member of the Society of Slovene Composers – Section for Electroacoustic Music and is, along Bor Turel, also one of the most visible re ...
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WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Kim Tunnicliffe reports.
Well is HE back NOTNation? J-Money has been missing for weeks but in this episode of Not Another Nerdy Podcast, The Man Who Brings The Money makes his triumphant return! Tom, D-Rock & Money reunite to discuss some Nerdy news... But first, having JUST made peace with Joey DiCarlo on last weeks show, Tom gets angry (what else did you expect) at h ...…
MEET JOSHUA WENNER Joshua Wenner is an Entrepreneur, Advisor, Coach, Speaker & Film Maker. He is a lifetime student in the game of life & applying strategies for both his clients and his own life around peak performance, business turnaround, business growth, resilience in the face of adversity & overcoming grief & loss. He has a coaching & cons ...…
MINUTE 17: Any suggestions for new/different segments to the show? Any suggestions for who should be a guest? Send an email or join the Facebook group! TRANSCRIPT: and you thank God for your life, and repeats itself over and over again, and this became our theme song. I really must play this thing for you one day because you just c ...…
“If dildo nunchucks are criminal only criminals will have dildo nunchucks”. Kitten fishing isn’t as fun as it sounds. Overreaching government is at it again trying to stop R. Kelly from having sex cult. The gang courts sponsors and finds a case of the Kawcast predicting the future. The best recipe for a meat teddy bear. .Racist Soap Dispenser h ...…
Jimmy Willis on Trickstar Radio
In this week’s best bits podcast, I have a major fail in Ellie’s Big Fat Quiz, we talked about Theresa May’s legs with Charmaine Davies, there’s a film review of Dunkirk by TV’s Rob Jones, Bex finds out about Bertie the teddy bear and I even talk about chickens with Ellie Sabsin #WakeUpToWillisDon’t forget to subscribe to the new podcast series ...…
What up ya'll. ITS AN EARLY ONE but we had to get it in! We chop it up about how far do you go with the flirts, Ross's honestly, Kell's brothel and much much more! Thank you all for being the FLY ON THE WALL with us week in and week out! ENJOOOOOOOY
Popping Collars Podcast Greg and Ricardo welcome special guests Eric Metoyer and Melissa Loya to discuss the HBO drama THE LEFTOVERS, a television show about the disappearance of 2% of the world’s population and the aftermath for those who grieve their loss. How do we find healing after trage ...…
The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview SNL writer/actor Kyle Mooney & SNL writer/director Dave McCary. BRIGSBY BEAR is one of the most honest, sincere, non-cynical & infectiously cool movies you’ll see in a long time. Co-written and starring Saturday Night Live’s Kyle Mooney and directed by SNL’s Dave McCary (who met in 4th Grade and have be ...…
Feel Good: Lost Teddy Bear Found at Love Field Airport
24th July 2017 - A teddy bear speaks from beyond the grave, Jared sticks up for his wife's daddy, and Trump has another Twitter meltdown.
In this Shoe DNA peruse the news about Contact Lens Stacking, Sentient Teddy Bears, Suicidal Robots, and more (4:19); followed immediately by a rousing DNA version of "Would You Rather?". (24:21) Listen live to the "Shoe the Doe" recording process every Tuesday afternoon at Thanks for your support of this podcast and ...…
To listen to the entire homily, click here. Readings for Today Divisive. It is not common these days to think of Jesus as a divisive person. It seems the popular notion is that Jesus is a warm fuzzy teddy bear. He loves us. He does not challenge us. He never scolds us or thinks we do anything wrong or sinful. Jesus reaffirms what we already bel ...…
Our friends Tyler and Kyle come on and talk about the strange cross of statistics and teddy bears that is Pokemon! Follow Kyle on youtube:
Totally Reprise - Audio Entropy
Clover finally becomes the villain we knew she could be as she becomes a super soldier spy. Also maybe a robot??? We’re joined by Emily to puzzle this out. We talk about: Rogue Podcasts, Ashley Doesn’t Like Cars, Scary Teddy Bears, Popular Club, A Podcast Intervention, Soap Heels, Punk Lunch, Clover Has A Gun, Past VR Crimes, Second Rate Spy Ag ...…
Happy take your teddy bear on a picnic day . . .
Bedtime Stories Cozy Corner Podcast
*We have been chosen for “Best Bedtime Stories Podcasts (2017) by PlayerFM!* Cozy Corner Podcast offers original stories & meditations for kids. Gently nestled within are self-soothing techniques and positive learning moments. Ready for another week of relaxing tales? Our dragon is ready to play hide and seek again. So here’s your dragon sighti ...…
The Daily Update with Michael Angley, Monday, July 10th, 2017: Former FBI Director James Comey’s memos concerning President Trump contained classified material; and the FBI says that when Comey leaked the e-mails to the media, he broke Federal law! NYC Mayor De Blasio went to G20 to protest; amid NYC’s decay! President Trump’s simple act of kin ...…
Sharod made it back from E3 and has some fun stories about a possible (probable, see also: likely) scammer. Meanwhile, Jake's kids have been playing video games with strong language-- oh, how to make this a teachable moment? This one was GREAT we are back with new equipment that makes the audio a pleasure to listen to!Check out or sponsors on F ...…
Bedtime Stories Cozy Corner Podcast
*We have been chosen for “Best Bedtime Stories Podcasts (2017) by PlayerFM!* Cozy Corner Podcast offers original stories & meditations for kids. Gently nestled within are self-soothing techniques and positive learning moments. Did you spot our dragon in yesterday’s story? You can always listen in and try again. Remember, the hints talked about ...…
Dancing About Architecture
BOOM! The new issue of Dancing About Architecture has Liam sharing his top 10 albums that never happened, the boys get into best opening lyrics - KICK OUT THE JAMS MF! And Craig shares the sad tale of a forgotten genius.
Dungeons & Dragons & Daughters
The group takes on a band of goblins and explores their hideout in a cave. On one of the goblins they find a teddy bear, which they suspect belongs to one of the mayor’s children. Pandjed, or Jed, meets up with the group to help after being released from jail and paying his fine. After avoiding some traps Indiana Jones style, they find the chil ...…
Loads of avocado news. Polly joins Vinney to discuss angry people (and how not to deal with them), and Canada's moose-on-loose problem. Jeremy Corbyn storms Glastonbury - who is he and who started this new chant? Listen to Vinney White live: 9pm-10pm every Sunday on NewsTalk 1010am. Buy a canvas print at or ...…
Sermon Archive and Podcast – UUCA – Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta
Bill Kramer: Bear With Me As I approached age 30, like many young people, I started seeing a therapist. We talked about times and events that made an impact on my life. One such time was as a very young child, maybe 3 or 4. My mother was often ill and spent days at a time with the curtains drawn and her bedroom door closed. I learned from my ol ...…
In 1996, Bobie and Marilyn Blewer was murdered at the Iowa State Fair. The Queens of Crime discuss what it was like working on this case and gets a call from one of the convicted murderers. This is a story of greed, funnel cake, teddy bears, and murder at the Iowa State Fair. They also recap their appearance from CrimeCon last month! Don’t forg ...…
Android Authority Podcast
Jonathan Feist, Joe Hindy, David Imel and Adam Molina get together to chat technology in episode 112 of the Android Authority Podcast. Josh is off to New York for his birthday - Happy Birthday! Back at home we're chatting E3, with all the great video games coming soon, particularly in VR, we're talking OnePlus 5, failings of major phone manufac ...…
This week Lauren, Liam, MHMM Dave, and Mike explore "The Pit", the story of a 12 year old boy who has more than one hole on his mind. Walking a fine line between childhood innocence and full blown sexual assault, Jamie creeps out his entire community and has no friends besides a talking teddy bear who encourages his worst urges. The horny, warp ...…
Craig and Fred preview WWE's Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View. The offer analysis and predictions of the SmackDown Live exclusive event including the WWE Title match between Jinder Mahal and Randy Orton, the Money in the Bank ladder match of Kevin Owens vs. AJ Styles vs. Baron Corbin vs. Sami Zayn vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Shinsuke Nakamura, the Tag- ...…
Discover Weakly
Breaker One Nine, come on back and talk to Discover Weakly. On the road again, moving freight cross country (Bye Leighton!), shaking down lot lizards, buying gas station burritos, wearing shirts with bald eagles on them, Discover Weakly has been out on America's dusty, sweaty blue highways for the last two weeks.... We're back, let's ride! Play ...…
Mile High Poetry Slam Podcast
This week, we review the youth slam from 6/11/17, discuss the hard truth of poetry as therapy, and interview Slam legend, Theo "Lucifury" Wilson! Topics include avoiding cliche with familiar themes, 2007, 2011, and 2014 Slam Nuba teams, what it takes to win a national championship, and the relevance of a teddy bear suit, pregnant belly, and dee ...…
It's days away from Money In The Bank and history (or rather, HERstory) will be made with the crowning of the 1st ever Women's MITB. In addition, who were the guys in the picture that Tyler Breeze accused of attacking him? Will we see a new WHC? And what went down when Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar met? And why does Miz suddenly hate teddy bears? ...…
Josiah is a missionary kid with a psychology degree that's deconstructing his faith. His perspective is refreshing, educated, and compassionate. Change and transformation are hard, no matter how, or what is changing. But growth is a choice, and Josiah is inspiring. This Episode's Show Notes SUPPORT THE SHOW RATE & REVIEW THE SHOW BECOME A PRODU ...…
Op-Ed columnist Theodore Dalrymple, who argued British society is making too many concessions to extremists within the Islamic faith.
This week the clubhouse got a visit from Eric & Jeff, "Its The Real" for a real "waste of time", discussing their start in the business, as well as helping uncover some of Mouse's greatest hip hop conspiracies, they also promote their new album "Teddy Bear Fresh" shamelessly and to no end.FOLLOW on twitter & IG (@HMWHCpodcast) & be sure to emai ...…
Information Morning Moncton from CBC Radio New Brunswick (Highlights)
Leonette Nelson of Sackville talks about the teddy bears she makes for the IWK in memory of Marlie Curwin who died of cancer last year.By
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