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Alternative Tentacles Batcast
An enhanced podcast highlighting the new releases on Jello Biafra's record label, Alternative Tentacles
Alternative Tentacles Batcast
An enhanced podcast highlighting the new releases on Jello Biafra's record label, Alternative Tentacles
CiTR -- Aural Tentacles
An unusual mix of melodic delights that include trance, spokenword, house, punk, ska, reggae, thnorock, swing, pop, blues, world, the new, the old, the weird and more.
Tentacles And Catgirls
Your Lovable Host Mr Tentacles reviews anime and any random subject
Sheriff Tentacles Electro Freak Show
The music of our merciful robot overlords. We must always please them!
MyChoonz is an independant music promotion company based in the United Kingdom but distributing WORLDWIDE. We deal directly with the artists ensuring they get a good return for their music. We are dedicated to making good quality music available at a fair price.
KRAKEN: Exploring the depths of culture, politics, technology, and that
Each week, the Kraken team discusses a Thing, such as a news story, film, gadget, book, past-time, band, abstract concept, or glass of disgusting tech-slop, and then we dive into a related Question that rises naturally or tenuously out of that Thing. Whether you like strong opinions or stupid stories, join us among the tentacles and tangents.
Comics Squee
3 panelists + 1 guest = 4 squees about great comics. Our superpowers are tangents and tentacles.
Men Of Low Moral Fiber
Jason and Ben play classic LucasArts video games and talk about it. We cover the history, gameplay, and the most difficult puzzles from those old adventure games you love. Monkey Island, Indiana Jones, Sam & Max, and Day of the Tentacle are all covered here, plus a few insights, interviews, and some snazzy music. Plus a bunch more of course. New episodes up monthly. Relive your youth or someone else’s!
Medusa Bloom
Medusa Bloom is a community-based art dedicated to electronic music lovers. Its concept was built on our team's passion and devotion to underground, electronic sound. We aim to unite real music lovers on the global level, by enlarging our community through the creation of events and podcasts.Medusa Bloom was developed to present our fascination for the medusa animal. The medusa is truly an amazing creature to us. It pulsates and free-swims in its umbrella shaped bell, as its tentacles trail ...
Breaking The Tethers
Listen to Breaking The Tethers for music you could call jazz, broadly defined. Free, modal, experimental, avant, out there, and more are words you could use for the music that BTT feeds to your ears. Breaking The Tethers sends out tentacles to experimental, folk, rock, world, and odd stuff that doesn’t have a label. Presented to you as a Monday morning sound experience. Suggestions, requests, and comments are always welcome.
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Hour 1 Let's get real tax reform really happening?... ‘more revenue’ = new taxes…Ultimate goal is for Obamacare to fail...nothing is really changing...Glenn's message to the Senate ...Elon Musk unveils his new toy for the masses...0 to 60 MPH in just 1.9 seconds...'Plaid speed' ...Google Smoogle...busy reference librarians…how to make ...…
Christianity is an action faith. Christians are meant to go out and DO. To occupy until He returns. We aren’t meant to just sit in a closet and pray for things to happen. You’ve got to go out and DO the things. Pray for strength to DO the work. Men, get up and DO. Go out and CHANGE things YOURSELF. BE the someone else you are looking for. Roy M ...…
Happy Pub Day Jaclyn Friedman! Unscrewed: Women, Sex, Power, and How to Stop Letting the System Screw Us All is now available everywhere! To celebrate, enjoy this recording from our live crossover podcast at Sex Expo. We discussed Ted Cruz’ “staffing issue,” the reproductive rights actions of the Satanic Temple, psychic dicks, masturbation, our ...…
We’re learning about comb jellies this week, along with the sea sponge, and the MASSIVE CONTROVERSY ABOUT THE TWO THAT IS PITTING SCIENTIST AGAINST SCIENTIST I might be overstating it just a bit The lovely Arctic comb jelly: The lovely Venus’s girdle comb jelly: A fossil comb jelly. Probably lovely when it was alive: A sea sponge (most are not ...…
Victor - Breaking Free From a Victim Based Society
Click here to link directly to the audio file. ********** A pastor came to speak at our church not too long ago. His name is Brad Reed. He is part of the Dream Center in New York City. Brad is an interesting character. He's from the deep south, talks really fast and has a perspective on a characteristic that victors have to have in order to liv ...…
The Ready Up Podcast
Susan is joined by guest host, Kitty. The two of them welcome indie developer Hampus Bankler, who is the sole developer of multiplayer fighter jet indie game Sky Knights. Follow @SkyKnights_Game on Twitter, join the Sky Knights Discord server, and find out more at Sky Knights is currently in Early Access on Steam, and is av ...…
Vykhod Sily
Really proud to join the guests roster of one of my favourite mix series Big up guys! Danke schön! Mindmapper - Suppressor (Overlook Remix) Dyl - MMS Cuelock - 4th System Paranoid Society - Tentacle Poofs Madikma - Error dBridge - Zerone Theme - Passage 8 ASC - 01B Dissident - 3D Printed Human Heart Drive - ...…
To help with the recent forest "infection", Pankus aids the wizard Zixius with a potion mixture, while Balen and Rock travel to the Misty Hills to find the missing ingredient.
Old Man & Skinny Guy: Gaming Talk for Everyone
Jo Kreil is an amazing woman, gamer and writer. She graced us with her presence to discuss her passion for writing within the gaming fields, specifically for the horror genre which mostly includes Cthulhu based games. The discussion starts with her early writing influences along with some new releases (Ready Player One, American Gods, and The H ...…
Shenzhen Stories
A dark shadow appeared to Malone one day right out of a nightmare. Only this wasn’t a dream. Malone got a look behind the veil of what we think reality is. Listen to Malone tell how cats, shadowy tentacle monsters, and role playing games can teach us about the beauty of life.
Hosts Mat Bradley-Tschirgi and William Thrasher talk about Spider-Man 2 from 2004, the second film in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man Trilogy. Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) is failing his college science class, but has to do one last paper to pass the grade. As part of the paper, he interviews Dr. Otto Octavius (Alfred Molina). A nuclear fusion demo for ...…
Los Leos have returned after a hiatus (they had A LOT of grave digging to do, ok?). In this episode they chat about the tropes present in horror movies that feature space squids and alien octopi. Between thriller and slapstick comedy movies, space mullocks abound and are there to suck out your brains--listen now!…
Join me for two hours of cool electronic and ambient music for an early autumn evening! Here's what's in store:1. Klaus Schulze vs. Solar Moon - Let The Rain Come (from the album Contemporary Works 1, Disc 5 “Docking”, 2000)2. Riverside – Rapid Eye Movement (2016 Mix) (from the album Eye Of The Soundscape, 2016)3. Brian Eno – One-Two; and Two-T ...…
The fight continues. Our heroes also locate Armdell but his retrieval seems like a long shot. In this episode: Erebus gets Temp HP, Topher gets in a hairy situation, River uses her alchemy, Garryle gets into tentacles. URL: Music Materials providing: MusicNoteWorld URL: https://ia6015 ...…
In this shorter episode, we talk to you about Day Of The Tentacle! It's a fun point & click adventure game that you should definitely play, but probably not try to review it on a podcast for more than 30 minutes without giving away a ton of spoilers. We're learning!
Paul F. Tompkins (Bojack Horseman, Comedy Bang! Bang!) Janie Haddad Tompkins (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Comedy Bang! Bang!) splashed by to whine about adult costume parties, and left full of Eight Arms Cellars "The Tentacle", chosen for being the perfect wine to bring to a party! A blend of Syrah, Zinfandel and Petite Sirah, it's a visually cool bot ...…
On today’s show: Signs that show that you may be controlled in a relationship. Joe discusses how control can dismantle a relationship. Caller shares that she had a controlling and abusive husband, who still has his tentacles all over. Caller shares that her husband won’t allow time for her to spend with her own girlfriends anymore. The post The ...…
Podcast – Immaculate Heart Radio
On today’s show: Signs that show that you may be controlled in a relationship. Joe discusses how control can dismantle a relationship. Caller shares that she had a controlling and abusive husband, who still has his tentacles all over. Caller shares that her husband won’t allow time for her to spend with her own girlfriends anymore. The post The ...…
Todd comes back and leads us through an interactive history lesson about dating in the 60's and 70's.Kuykendall runs out of new ideas for the introductions, Mitch gets real loud and real Japanese, It's a gorgeous language but we absolutely butcher it, Lauren gets tired of Kuyk's alliteration, Mitch gets subconsciously awkward, we talk about ten ...…
Heads up. The second half of this show involves a recommendation (from GUESS who) of an adult nature. Plan your listening accordingly. But be sure to catch our spiffy new end bump. Kelly’s Recommendation Wrong Way Up – Brian Eno and John Cale (1990) This is a truly enable album. The sound is the special nexus of Eno, Cale and the Talking Heads. ...…
Dread, Fright & Brew Podcast
Grigori Rasputin! H.P. Lovecraft! Haunted Houses! Rubbery tentacles! All of that AND we rememeber to introduce ourselves to you…our listeners. Join us again as we delve into The Void; a mystical, sci-fi/horror hybrid with the best practical effects this side of the 80’s. Rate/Review/Subscribe on iTunes, Google Play Music & TuneIn.…
In this episode, AE and girlfriend Mona read the "A Greater Power" by Benjamin Crowell ( Originally published in the Spring 2008 issue of Electric Spec, this story is about a guy who becomes addicted to a tentacle monster. After reading the story, Mona and AE also weigh in some of the issues brought up in the story, particul ...…
There's a Musical for That!
We're back again! We saw the Little Mermaid live during our local outdoor theatre's summer season (check out their website here: ). Prepare for great topics like: Where we live Local jingles Our nieces and nephews Complaints about parking AND our chiropractic concerns about the tentacle people! Enthralling! email us at: tamftp ...…
We are flying today from SH 9, Snug Harbor to Tentacle, Munchkinland and want to thank Cherylmoore for allowing us to party down at her place
Russ read face tentacle erotica, does Justin believe in aliens? Maybe, the juxtaposition of Unsolved Mysteries, Xtro has a weird Japanese overtone, alien shower technology, making a big thing out of waking up covered in blood, moldy cheese math, Russ’s snake nightmare, screaming at the Toys-R-Us lady, Justin isn’t allowed to have lizards anymor ...…
Welcome to Monotonia
Welcome to Monotonia began in a basement space with a backdrop and a band called Creature Camp, a years-long Birmingham group that brought the Moog-inspired madness to the Monotonia stage on March 3rd, 2017. We kick off the series that will send us into Season Two of the webshow as it comes out. Thanks for joining us in Monotonia. SEE THEM LIVE ...…
It's finally time to head into the Underdark. What secrets will the Players find inside? What mysteries will be unveiled? What other questions could you possibly have? Never fear, the answers lie ahead...After a healthy serving of hopefully good-natured ribbing and a not so healthy serving of getting really close to death.…
Rachel and Alex vs The Whoniverse
Rachel makes her triumphant return just in time for an episode with one of her favorite actors of all time: Simon Pegg! Over the course of the episode, we'll talk about fake news, tentacles with teeth, and innumerate all the varied ways in which Adam sucks it. Lots of fun to be had this time. Nurse Fran! Even badder wolfs! Rose manages to wear ...…
Fusebox 73 Name Naming3101 Twirling Tentacles of Activity The Eclipsed Exodus The DreamHost Conundrum The Fusebox Secret Word Vague The Office of Informational Anomalies Fusebox Show ID The Charlottesville Goose Step The Video Vixen Stryker What The Hell Man Dont Be That Guy Swamp Drainer The Times They Are A Changin A shoutingatthetopofourvoic ...…
Tonight on Dump Stats... The gripping conclusion to the epic Sleepless In Sea Battle series. After being betrayed by one of their own, the Bad Humanoids are nearly hanged by Royal Officer Mordecurr, a very serious individual. Now, after narrowly escaping the gallows, and learning some secrets about their parents, the Bad Humanoids are set upon ...…
In this episode, we are examining “Taken for the Alien Prince” by Ruth Anne Scott! We are leaving Planet Earth and travelling to some star in Cassiopeia to follow Layla (an Earthling sex slave) and her owner, Jiri! This podcast episode is packed with alien jokes and lots and lots of mentions of tentacled aliens*!! *no … Continue reading Episode ...…
On this episode the crew covers The Power of Kroll with an interesting landing space, a loss of important technology, an uncomfortable name, Kroll being a good effect, a laugh about the set design, an obvious key to time segment, a tense moment with a tentacle, and bad directions. To find previous episodes go to: To subscribe to thi ...…
War Starts at Midnight
or: Never Trust a Geriatric Youngster Riding a Bicycle The Dudes critique Carpenter’s cosmic horror flick In The Mouth of Madness! Does the trio get turnt over Carpenter’s insane spectacle? Is the final film in the “Apocalypse Trilogy” a Lovecraftian let-down? Does it even matter what we thought because none of us actually exist and reality is ...…
Danny Casolaro was a freelance journalist investigating an alleged cabal of government corruption referred to as "The Octopus". On the afternoon of August 10th, 1991, Casolaro was found dead in a hotel room in Martinsburg, West Virginia after attempting to meet a source in order to further his research. Tonight, Dave and Alina examine the inter ...…
Musical Decadence Radio
1.Roger Martinez - Aether (Original Mix)2.Martin Andrioli - Gadgets (Original Mix)3.Jorgio Kioris, Da Luka - Mirror Mode (Original Mix)4.Ezequiel Arias - Corrupted (Original Mix)5.Cid Inc. - Shifter (Original Mix)6.Reboot - Pollo al Sillao (ANNA Remix)7.Los Suruba, Dennis Cruz - Funk You Ft. Celeda (Joeski Dub Mix)8.BOg & Tim Elenghart - Scene ...…
Take up the mantle and be part of our Network! Subscribe! You guys are the ones that make this happen, thank you all so much! Gaming Section Switch Sells over 4.5 million units in 3 months. Link- Sega Retroconsole sucks ass Link- ...…
Chaotic Amateurs: A D&D Podcast
Our heroes continue their fight against the Whisperers and the tentacled creature from the underworld. Will they survive? Probably not. Thanks for listening, liking, sharing, and reviewing. Keep on adventuring! // // @ChaoticAmateurs
Filling The Void Podcast Network
James and Special Jeff are back with a special guest Sal from the Blake and Sal Show! Sal stopped in to see how we are doing and immediately regretted that decision once he sat down. Hopefully the title of this episode peeks your interest enough and doesn't scare you away because the guys hit on some interesting topics as well. So Steve's enjoy ...…
Thrashbacks welcomes Dave "Cosmo" Brake and Eric McIntire from the Concord-based punk band Part-Time Christians as they reminisce about their journeys into the local punk scene, working with Alternative Tentacles and the rise of suburban angst.
Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies!
After a whirlwind sprint through a cave full of grimlocks and a strange, tentacled beast, the party finally found their way back to Brightstar. After an invasion from a deadly new foe, the party is whisked away by a mysterious man in red robes! What awaits our heroes next? Find out right now! Join Brandon (Warship), Lauren (Mia), Sara (Tana), a ...…
Episode four of Blood on the Tracks takes a trip overseas to explore the land of Gialli, cannibals, Mario Bava, and Hollywood rip-offs. That's right, it's the vast landscape of Italian horror cinema. Lee found himself down another rabbit hole this month, making some difficult decisions on what did and did not manage to make the cut for the show ...…
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