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Testimony: A Musician's Story is an audio-biography series that features your favorite positive artists, telling their stories through their music and interviews. The program is narrated by Gaelika "Brown Theory" Brown.
A christian podcast ministry featuring true stories & testimonies of faith, hope, healing, inspiration, blessings, breakthroughs & miracles of Christ’s amazing love! The mission of “Amazing Testimonies Podcasts” is to uplift, edify, strengthen & inspire people worldwide thru the real testimonies shared by real people on each episode “Amazing Testimonies Podcast”! Are you interested in: Testimonies | True stories | Christian stories | Christianity | Faith | Religion | Jesus | Bible | God | Pe ...
My forensic philosophy is that authentication and clarification of audio/video media combines art as well as science. The methods that I use require attention to detail and scientific principles, complemented by an appreciation for clarity and aesthetics. My techniques are derived from both a formal education and the application of skills gained by working in many forensics situations.
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This is a podcast of testimonies resulting from teachings by Sola Adio.
Halfway There is designed to encourage Christians who feel alone in their experience of faith in God. Each episode includes an interview with someone whose story offers insights and hope about the experience of being a Christian today. If you ever wondered if God is active and alive, this show is for you.
Special thanks to Paul Hattaway of for permission to share these special stories which indicate the power and authority of our almighty God. This quote is from the site: "AsiaHarvest is an inter-denominational Christian ministry working in various countries throughout Asia to see effective churches planted among unreached people groups. We work alongside Asian church leaders, helping and equipping them to focus on reaching the lost. Our main focus is China, Vietnam, Laos, Mya ...
Romanian Testimony
Testimony of Jesus Christ in Romanian
Testimony Tuesday at Tenak Talk, conversations with those who have left Christianity to embrace HaShem and His Torah.
An irreverent look at politics and current events from a far-left perspective. Often blunt, sometimes humorous, always thought-provoking. Hate mail:
Welcome to Lesbian Testimony! A podcast project from the Archives of Lesbian Testimony to encourage greater engagement with lesbian oral records.Each week host Callie Hitchcock will talk to a donor of the archive about one of their submissions or talk to an oral historian involved in lesbian oral testimony.Visit for more information.Opening music by Teagan Wahlgren
Youth Testimonies and Pastor Andy
The home for cultivating and sharing ideas across the creative spectrum.
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Yes, I’m single! Yes, I’m a mother! Life made me better not bitter 🙌🏾
Student Testimonials
MBA Testimonials
MBA Testimonials
Guests From All Walks Of Life, On A Wide Range Of Issues - Celebrity, Dignitary, Military, Lay and Religious Leaders - Israel, The Middle East, World Affairs, Cultural, Racial, Political and Social Issues - Testimony With Jensine Bard - Covers It All! A 14:30 Power Packed Show - Don't Miss It!
Life changing testimonies
Testimonies R US
Here are many testimonies form multiple christian ministries that are totally okay with the stories being shared...Here you will find hope listening to the the most radical victories of our Time!
Kimberly Jesika interviews happy clients, guests, business owners, celebs
Ced Linus aka Ced Linus tells stories of his past where he learned life lesson to inspire others.
Social Business Track Testimonials
MERCY. REPENT. TRIBE. ABANDONED. THIRSTY. JUSTIFIED. ZEST. These seven words exemplify the passion and the person of Jesus as He hung suspended on the cross. Twice a week, beginning, March 5, MDPC will post episodes of our staff and members as they share their personal stories, each centering around one of these words.
The home for cultivating and sharing ideas across the creative spectrum.
"The Testimony of Pip Nameman" is an American tall-tale blending the genres of historical fiction and magical realism written and performed by Josh Ellerbrock. (Admittedly, it's something of an experiment to see how such a venture might work.) Each season spans 13 episodes and explains a different time in Pip's history. The first season, to be released starting Jan. 2, 2018, relates how Pip first discovered his messianic mission in the mountains of Appalachia.
Philip Sisneros was the victim of a major car accident. The former USAF airman turned to Benson & Bingham to help him with his case. Hear what Mr. Sisneros had to say about the law services Benson & Bingham provided him, and how we helped him during his ordeal.
Weekly netcast of how lives are changed through the power of an upper cervical correction.
Welcome, I am glad you can join us. I am Pastor LaRecia Ziegler. In the segments of Gods Love For You, I will be interviewing many for the building up of your faith and the encouragment of your souls. As myself and others give an account in our lives as to what God has done for us, we pray that you see the hand and move of Gods in our lives. As our journey begins we hope that you enjoy our love letters to God and we hope that you are richly blessed by these amazing testimonies. Pastor Ziegle ...
Health, Social Care & Eduction - testimonials
Listen to How Benson & Bingham Helped Victim Ty Pierce during His Horrific Van Accident. Benson & Bingham - Real Attorneys. Real Results.
Hear this client testimonial from Las Vegas pastry chef Michael Kim about how Benson & Bingham helped him through his taxi accident.
Miss a past sermon, or simply want to catch up on a sermon series, this is the place for you! Subscribe to our weekly sermon podcast, and you will automatically receive the latest message as well as any supplemental resources. Alternatively, if you have not yet subscribed, you can simply download the podcast of your choice.
This appendix to the 1580 edition of the Book of Concord is a compilation of Scripture passages together with citations from the fathers of the ancient Christian Church. They are intended to show that the Christology of the Formula of Concord differs neither in substance nor in terminology from Christian Orthodoxy. (Introduction by Jonathan Lange)
Cradio Interviews
Catch-ups with inspiring individuals from all around Australia and the world.
Restory Show
Hear ordinary people who face extraordinary circumstances, yet still grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus. Surprising, encouraging, and unsettling (in a good way), the Restory Show helps listeners find Jesus in the midst of their own stories.
First Person Podcast
This podcast series features excerpts from interviews with Holocaust survivors presented at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum's public program, First Person -- Conversations with Holocaust Survivors.
Life before, during and after the holocaust with Buchenwald survivor, Melvin Federbush.In hour 5 of this series, he reveals his harrowing experiences while in Nazi occupied Poland. Melvin Federbush was born in Deblin, Poland, July 1923. He attended Cheder and Yeshiva as well as high school. Within eight days of Hitler's invasion of Poland, his parents and nine year old twin sisters were killed during a bombing attack. Melvin was taken prisoner during the Nazi occupation and forced to live in ...
SPEAK UP! is an outreach of Christian Devotions, where Christian leaders are guests and share their testimony to Christ and how they use their gifts to impact God's kingdom.Guest call in number: 347 884 9367
Welcome to the Divine Intervention Show podcast! Here you will learn about all the amazing guests and show subjects for the Divine Intervention Radio Show. "Divine Intervention" is an interview show that features intriguing people who have experienced the hand of God in amazing ways. Divine Intervention was created and produced by Daniel and Sahani Fazzina with the purpose of encouraging believers, spiritual seekers and skeptics alike that Jesus is alive, and is still performing miracles and ...
New Philadelphia
Sermons and testimonies from New Philadelphia Church.
WELS text mashup
This feed was created by mixing existing feeds from various sources.
WATB Radio
WATB Radio highlights the Bride of Christ and provides a platform for ministries and ministers to preach to the Bride. We feature ministries and pastors from all over the globe. They each preach what the Holy Spirit is speaking through them to the Bride. We hear how God made them SOMETHING out of NOTHING. We also ask the Bride to come into agreement for them in prayer for God to help them accomplish the mission they were called to do, then we ask them to pray for the Bride.
Building towards eternal day in the everyday.Conversations about Christ preparing a home for his family and helping us find our home in Him.
Stories of powerful life change from the ministry of Word of Life. We interview other ministries as well as hear testimonies of how God changes lives every day. With co-hosts, Jonathan Phillips and Tyler Collins the Word of Life Podcast will challenge your faith and encourage you with every episode.
Revive The World Ministries is a community of believers and lovers of Jesus Christ in Greenwood, IN. Our vision is to raise up sons and daughters of God to bring the revelation of who Jesus is to the world through love by living the normal Christian life (Book of Acts). For more information on who we are and what we believe visit us at
God Stories Radio was established to bring hope, comfort, and encouragement, through the Christian testimony.
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A new MP3 sermon from Redeeming Blood Ministries is now available on with the following details: Title: When The Is Blood Applied Subtitle: Dr. Joe Arthur Sermons Speaker: Joe Arthur Broadcaster: Redeeming Blood Ministries Event: Radio Broadcast Date: 4/19/2018 Bible: Exodus 11:4-10 Kjv Length: 54 min. Overview: Exodus 11-4-10 K ...…
(1) Testimony / (2) Children storyBy (AWR).
In John 4:27-42, we continue to see Jesus come into the world and fulfill His Father's will and complete the mission of making worshippers out of sinners. This time, it's through the single woman's testimony that an entire villag ...…
This week, we hear awesome testimonies of what God is doing in Zack Day and Kaleb Pelkey's lives.
Hey everyone! It’s been a week but I’m back! This episode is amazing and I’m honored to share the testimony of what occurred this weekend; specifically Sunday. I hope it inspires you all to be ready at all times and stay connected with the spirit! Praise God!
"Collecting from Late Paying Clients," with insights from top experts: Thomas Hamp of AdviCoach of Mid-Michigan and @Kevin O'Malley of Butzel Long. Next, Phil Zeller of Dale Carnegie - Michigan gives advice on facing communication challenges; Also, Michael Patrick Shiels discusses the latest news about Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, and his ...…
"Opportunities & Threats for the Manufacturer," with our panel of experts, Gary Carr, Bekum America Corporation, Tom Alongi, UHY Advisors, Pam Hurt, NCMS - National Center for Manufacturing Sciences, Brett Gerrish, Michigan Manufacturers Association (M.M.A), moderated by Elyse Puruleski Kopietz, of the M.M.A. Also, Phil Zeller of Dale Carnegie ...…
This week on No Labels Radio, host A.B. Stoddard (RealClearPolitics) and guest host No Labels Senior Advisor Margaret White discuss the news from Capitol Hill this week, including House Speaker Paul Ryan’s announcement that he will retire at the end of the year. Sasha Borowsky, Chief of Staff at No Labels, then joins to discuss the far left’s r ...…
Everything is a spoiler-heavy podcast. We talk about all aspects of whatever we are discussing and do not announce or avoid spoilers in any way. 00h 00m 15s: Mark Zuckerberg's Congressional testimony, Facebook, and the security of our data 00h 31m 39s: Cultural Appropriation, Isle of Dogs, and The Problem with Apu 01h 18m 19s: Bird Box and how ...…
Josh and Joel talk about the effect Suboxone smuggling has on prison mail across the United States. I felt the 14th episode, where I interview Michigan's gubernatorial candidate Bill Cobbs was symbolically important. I can't imagine that many Gubernatorial candidates have sat down for an hour-long podcast interview with a formerly incarcerated ...…
Did John the Baptist doubt his ministry and his idea of who the Messiah was? Today we take a closer look at this question.
Mackenzie, Warrenton, Virginia - Pastor Carl, Our 20-year-old son came home from college and revealed that he was a homosexual on July 27, 2017, to my husband while I was away. My husband responded harshly that it was the most ignorant decision he had ever heard, he told him that he was disgusted with him, and in no way could he live that type ...…
West Coast Cookbook & Speakeasy is Now Open! 8am-9am PT/ 11am-Noon ET for our especially special Daily Special, River City Hash Mondays!Starting off in the Bistro Cafe, the motivations behind the totally random Scooter Libby pardon are flashing red signs lighting the road to Russia. On the rest of the menu, a pair of New Hampshire Little League ...…
Musicians Ryan Gurnett, Dennis Reed Jr and Will Webb talk about the good, the bad and the funny of the Western New York music scene. The creator of once-popular local music website drops by to talk about the site’s 1996 genesis, and how Internet message board trolls tore it apart. A former user of the site comes forward to describe ...…
This week we will continue in our "What if it's True?" series by hearing testimonies from Pastor Dawn Ching and Pastor Creighton Arita. They will be sharing actual experiences in their lives that helped them to see that Jesus is indeed alive and moving. Join us for a powerful time of finding an answer to this question "What if It's True?"…
Nahum is given the task of delivering the message of the irrevocable judgements of God against a city/nation of infamous war-mongers. God has set the reckoning date for Nineveh's war crimes on His calender and the day is fast approaching. This time no repentance is forthcoming as in the days of Jonah which only renders the city doubly guilty ha ...…
2.4.18 - St. Paul's Life Purpose (1 Cor 9) and Testimonies - The Rev. Bill DriscollBy
Looking at what Peter and John did in engaging a crippled man with the power of the Lord may seem very then and there but it provides a lesson in personal witness for us today. There are two personal testimonies included in this audio where people tell of how they do it.
Jesus gave us a very important command… That we are called to share the message of the cross with the world. In Matthew 28 and Acts 1, Jesus tells his followers to go and be witnesses of what He did for the world. This is a command for every follower of Jesus. However, we rarely see people actually go and share their faith. In our series, Let’s ...…
Rep. Patricia Serpa speaks with Tara about UHIP and the Deloitte testimony. Rep Serpa said apologies are nice, but they don't feed people.
Delayed never denied, Andre Ingram is a testimony that dreams really do come true. Check out Episode 26 as we discuss A'Ja Wilson, Andre Ingram and how the Seattle Seahawks postponed Colin's workout because he refuses to stop kneeling..hmm the NFL makes many dreams come true year in and out but is the dream worth your freedom of speech? Check o ...…
Peter Griffin and NZ Privacy Commissioner John Edwards review Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's response to probing questions from US lawmakers this week – and the implications. Plus, the local impact of new European privacy laws and concerns the new US CLOUD Act erodes international data privacy.
Peter Griffin and NZ Privacy Commissioner John Edwards review Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's response to probing questions from US lawmakers this week – and the implications. Plus, the local impact of new European privacy laws and concerns the new US CLOUD Act erodes international data privacy.
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss whether Donald Trump should be panicking about the raid on Michael Cohen’s office, what Paul Ryan’s retirement portends, and Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony before Congress. Join Slate Plus! Members get bonus segments, exclusive member-only podcasts, and more. Sign up for a free trial today at ...…
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss whether Donald Trump should be panicking about the raid on Michael Cohen’s office, what Paul Ryan’s retirement portends, and Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony before Congress. Join Slate Plus! Members get bonus segments, exclusive member-only podcasts, and more. Sign up for a free trial today at ...…
Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss whether Donald Trump should be panicking about the raid on Michael Cohen’s office, what Paul Ryan’s retirement portends, and Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony before Congress. Join Slate Plus! Members get bonus segments, exclusive member-only podcasts, and more. Sign up for a free trial today at ...…
Russia asks for calm overnight as President Trump considers a strike against Syria for its alleged chemical attack. We'll look at the U.S. military options and how a new presidential tweet this morning is sending conflicting messages. Sources tell CBS News the president appears to be the true target of this week's raids on his personal lawyer. ...…
In this special episode of Life-Giving Water Messages, entitled "The Road Forward to Eden", Rev. Todd Lattig discusses a personal struggle with the hope of GIVING HOPE to all who find themselves struggling. Through our weaknesses, Christ is strong. EPISODE REFERENCES Click here to see the Rev. Todd Lattig’s YouTube video testimonial heard in th ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Community Bible Church of Highlands is now available on with the following details: Title: Islam Part 1: The 411 Subtitle: LifePoints - Truth on Trial Speaker: Gary Hewins Broadcaster: Community Bible Church of Highlands Event: TV Broadcast Date: 9/19/2014 Length: 4 min. Overview: Humanity is now searching, ...…
Elaine Hawking Baptism Testimony 01 Apr 2018 Elaine Hawking AM Baptism
Laurie And Maggie Avery Testimony Update 21 Jul 2014 Laurie & Maggie Avery AM Reaching the Nations
Jacob Wood BMS Action Team Testimony 01 Apr 2014 Jacob Woods AM Reaching the Nations
All the news you need to know for Wednesday, April 11th, 2018! Today, it's round two of testimony for Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg, President Trump moves things around to keep an eye on Syria and it's the second week of a statewide teacher strike. Plus, comedian T.J. Miller got in trouble, there's a new social app and expect an iPhone with th ...…
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