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Terry's radio shows are a real opportunity to EXPAND YOUR HEALTH KNOWLEDGETerry shares the latest health and nutrition news every Saturday morning. You'll discover the best paths to good health with natural ingredients that outperform synthetic drugs—without the side effects! Listen live each Saturday or download previously recorded shows to listen and enjoy at your convenience from our archive list below.
Terri Savelle Foy is a cheerleader of dreams and is convinced that if you can dream it, God can do it. She is known across the globe as a world-class motivator of hope and success through her transparent and humorous teaching style. Terri’s unique ability to communicate success strategies in a simple and practical way has awakened the dreams of the young and old alike. Terri consistently inspires others to go after their dreams. With step-by-step instruction and the inspiration to follow thr ...
Terri Savelle Foy is a cheerleader of dreams and is convinced that if you can dream it, God can do it. She is known across the globe as a world-class motivator of hope and success through her transparent and humorous teaching style. Terri’s unique ability to communicate success strategies in a simple and practical way has awakened the dreams of the young and old alike. Terri consistently inspires others to go after their dreams. With step-by-step instruction and the inspiration to follow thr ...
Well, We Tried
Well, We Tried is a podcast centered being a 20-something woman in today's world - and to make you feel a little less crazy. Hosted by Jessica Alsman and Grace Yinger.
Live Your Dreams is a weekly TV broadcast provided by Terri Savelle Foy Ministries.
Terry Meiners
Stuff you missed or wanted to hear again
The voice of the Covenantal Agrarian Resistance.Join host Scott M Terry as he and his guests talk about farming, homesteading, survival, preparedness, agrarianism, organic agriculture, gardening, reformed theology and more.
Conservative Talk Radio at Its Best! Hottest Topics, A-List Guests, Analysis from America's Original Conservative Warrior PrincessBecause it's impossible to be free and ignorantLIBERALS LISTEN AT YOUR OWN RISK!"If you're going to tell people the truth, you'd better make them laugh. Otherwise, they'll kill you." George Bernard ShawTeri O'Brien is America's Original Conservative Warrior Princess, or as the Democratic Underground says "she is scum." Hear it on Teri's Show on Sunday or somewhere ...
Whether guiding wrestlers into the spotlight or turning heads and making headlines on her own, Terri Runnels has always commanded attention. Now Terri shares her stories and provocative insight with listeners on her weekly podcast.
Lee, Mairead, JJ and Nathan from DS London have a light comical chat about video games including the latest in Nintendo news and all the latest DS London events.They also tend to answer questions from the community and let you know when they're gonna meet up and play games in London.
We Tried Wellness
We Tried Wellness, an original podcast from The Natural, takes on the latest and greatest trends in wellness and discusses their merits... or, sometimes, lack thereof. WTW is all about investigating practical tips and hacks we come across on social media and in our communities, and seeing how they fit into our lifestyle. Each episode, we'll try a wellness trend and talk to influencers and experts in the field.Brought to you by Schmidt's Naturals.
The Dr. & Mrs. Guinea Pig podcast explores the world of all things health, wellness, and beauty from a clinical science effectiveness to consumer practicality. Husband and wife team and best-selling authors, Terry and Heather Dubrow, subject themselves to everything that is currently available from celebrity fads to the best and worst treatments out there, and share their results to help you look and feel your absolute best.
Live Your Dreams is a weekly TV broadcast provided by Terri Savelle Foy Ministries.
The new podcast page for (c)The Terry & Jesse Show
What’s happening in Tennessee politics this week? Nashville Public Radio statehouse reporter Chas Sisk breaks down what you need to know at the state capitol and beyond — in just a few minutes. Episodes released each Sunday.
Terry's Songwriters Show won Best Music Programme in the Access/Ethnic Radio category at the New Zealand Radio Awards 2007. It's a weekly programme hosted by Terry Shore - who is a singer/song-writer himself.Every week Terry showcases local singer/song-writers who play in open mic nights around Wellington.Terry invites various singer/song-writers on to his show to showcase their original musical talent. It is a show designed for unknowns who have yet to be discovered.
Dangerous Thinkers features interviews with thought leaders, authors, journalists, entrepreneurs and amazing individuals from every walk of life. Be informed, and more important, be inspired by the experiences and insights of fearless people who dare to challenge, or even destroy, the conventional wisdom. It turns out that a lot of what “everybody knows” isn’t actually true. “It isn’t what we don’t know that gives us trouble; it’s what we know that ain’t so.”—Will RogersWhen the pretend news ...
The podcast that puts science under the microscope and dissects the topics you want to learn more about.
Terry Virgo is the founder of Newfrontiers, a worldwide family of churches together on a mission to establish the kingdom of God by restoring the church, making disciples, training leaders and planting churches. Newfrontiers serves nearly 1,000 churches across 70 countries. A well-known Bible teacher, Terry speaks at conferences internationally and hosted the annual Together on a Mission conference in the UK, which drew thousands of delegates from around the world.
Terry Jaymes Alive
Terry Jaymes (host of nationally syndicated radio show “Lex & Terry”) provides honest, edgy, and inspirational insight through personal stories of success and failure with his ever growing list of amazing guests. It’s a shock jock’s mission to believe in the universe.
The Try Pod
Susie, Jen and Cal - 3 average humans - come together to discuss Trying. Things they've tried in the past, things they'll try in the future, and things they'll never, ever, try again. Will likely feature laughter, crying and desperation. The rest they'll make up as they go along.
Coming at you every month, Todd Terry presents the InHouse radio show, featuring one hour of real house music, including new cuts and remixes from Todd himself, some classic tracks, and plenty of fresh material from other artists. Expect 60 minutes of dance floor ready tunes and a unique insight into what one of house music’s greats gets up to in the studio and on the road.
Catch up with Bianca Dye, Terry Hanson and Bob Gallagher.
Let's talk all things voiceover! This is a series of voiceover sermons from Terry Daniel.
The Terry Bonadonna Show features Old Time Radio (OTR) programming from the Golden Age of radio. From 2007 to 2010, and occasionally thereafter, it aired Friday nights, 9:00 pm-midnight, on WXAV, 88.3 FM, the college radio station of Saint Xavier University in Chicago. The show features several genres: comedy starring radio greats like Jack Benny, Fred Allen, Jim and Marian Jordan (Fibber McGee and Molly), Bob and Ray, Burns and Allen; mystery programs (Suspense, The Whistler, I Love a Myste ...
Patch Notes
Tetris means Tetris
Saturdays 9a-11a
Terry Daily
Ψυχολογία - Επιτυχία - Προσωπική Ανάπτυξη για την Ελλάδα
Each week we provide tech lessons, answer questions, and bring you interviews of the most successful engineers and thought leaders working in the IT space across technologies like datacenter, virtualization, cloud, networking, collaboration and security. Listen in as you will gain insights, strategies, tips and more to help you level up along your journey in becoming a Rockstar SE! And here’s your host Terry Kim. So let the class begin!
Join the original Monty Pythons Michael Palin, Terry Jones, Terry Gilliam and Special Guest Carol Cleveland as they introduce and discuss their first official app. The Monty Python’s Flying Circus Python Bytes App includes 22 of the Python’s best sketches from the first series of Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Also included are exclusive commentaries and back-stories from the creators, as well as a digital autograph feature.
Welcome to “Making It With Terry Wollman”, the show that explores the secrets, successes and strategies for making it in the music biz.In the studio, the classroom, and in my travels, I so often get questions about the creative process, so I created this show to focus on what it takes to have a lasting career in the ever-changing landscape of the music business. You’re really in for a treat, as I have invited my friends, some of the best and brightest in music, to share their stories. I guar ...
Terry Mize Podcast
Welcome to the Terry Mize Podcast. From the jungles of South America, to the Great Wall of China and everywhere in between, stay tuned for some of the most incredible and heroic stories of hope and enduring faith that spans over 50 yrs of global missions and relief work of Terry Mize. Hear the latest updates and insights from Terry and Renee´Mize, as well as, Biblical strategies so you can become, More Than A Conqueror TODAY!
Terry & The Pirates was a action-adventure drama featured realistically drawn adventures in the far east and had a serious bent to it, unlike many of the comics of the day. Terry Lee grew up in the strip opposite characters such as Pat Ryan, the soldier of fortune and "two-fisted journalist", Connie, the coolie and interpreter, and his nemesis, the Dragon Lady. Join us as we listen to every exciting episode of the great radio adventure.
Terry Tibbs of Fonejacker and Facejacker fame now makes the leap into radio and presents his own show on talkSPORT. Sharing the sporting expertise he gained as manager of Rickmansworth Ladies football team he will impart his insight and wisdom with listeners when it comes to the current state of the game.
Culture and daily life in Japan
Gfreak's Podcast
Gfreak's podcast
A weekly podcast by Terry Linhart for people who want to make a difference.
Terry Lynch returns with Calm Minds – a show with advice, interviews and perspective for mental health consumers, their friends, workmates and families. Terry is a consumer himself, and also an advocate for other consumers. Terry is also a poet and you’ll often hear some of his works in the show. Calm Minds broadcasts Fridays at 4.00 – 4.30pm and replays on Sundays 4.30 – 5.00pm.
Messages from Pastor/Teacher Zach Terry of First Baptist Church of Fernandina Beach, FL.
Welcome to Terry Nismo's Round Table .Terry Nismo as your host and joined by a couple of dope ass comedians , sports analysts , life coaches and inspirational friends talk about romance, sex, sports, money, music, race, hot topics and a whole bunch of other stuff . So join us on this exploring journey let's talk about some dope stuff. Subscribe Now
Money Talks with Terry Sandvold, Saturday at 11am on Twin Cities NewsTalk AM1130.
A series of podcasts by Terry Lawson Photography called Conversations, which provides interviews with photographers and others involved in the arts
A Collection of Weekly Teachings from Pastor Terry Feix
This is my podcast!
Voices of Real People Talking About Real Issues
Scary FN Terry interviews your favorite rock and metal artists (and pretty much anyone else who's willing to put up with his dumb questions)!
Teri Rose
Discover secrets to success for fulfilling dreams of love and matters of the heart, weight loss, conquering fear and stress or work from home.
Terry Wilson
Creating Meaningful Connections Through Social Media Network
A weekly(ish) sermon podcast from St. Petri Evangelical Lutheran Church, a congregation of the Northeastern Iowa Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, located in Story City, Iowa. You can find information about St. Petri at and the ELCA at
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Hello. My name is Travis Arbon and welcome to Game Flow, a collection of audio essays about the culture of video games and experiences with gaming. Today’s essay is: Reviews and Rankings - Chasing the Dragon. If you have an essay you’d like to submit to the collection, head over to or send an email to Revi ...…
Welcome to Season 1 Episode 5 with Angus Hodge. This week on the show we discuss: -Tetris -Spider Man 2 -Metal Gear Solid -Shadow of the Colossus And Our Feature Game: Time Splitters 2 Please give the show a rating on iTunes to show your support, and follow us on instagram or facebook for extra info on the show.…
This is a MAJOR MILESTONE episode! We have been doing so well over the past 2 months, we felt that we were finally ready to expand a little bit, and we got a 3rd person on the show! This week we welcome my long time friend Rob, and he will be our 3rd mic every couple of weeks. We are in the works for a 4th mic to alternate in, stay tuned for de ...…
with Cristina Cordova (@cjc), Augusto Marietti (@sonicaghi), Laura Behrens Wu (@laurabehrenswu), and Sonal Chokshi (@smc90)APIs (application programming interfaces), observe the guests in this episode of the a16z Podcast, can be described as everything from Lego building blocks to Tetris to front doors to even veins in the human body. Because t ...…
It's day 2 of the Magister's Tournament! After an absolutely crazy orientation, even the Magisters couldn't predict what would happen next! Get ready and jump on this rollercoaster as Hugs (Ian Early), Pippi Farewell (Zoë Shane), and Talvar (Ty) really outdo themselves. Today is full of might, magic, and misconduct. ---- Special thanks to Nikla ...…
Aired on September 6, 2015This weeks podcast see's news of fake registrations for the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront betaSteam Game's "Slave Tetris" Minigame Removed After Backlash. Official Fallout Monopoly Board Game Revealed.In an interview with PC Gamer, Sawyer agreed with the interviewer's suggestion that Obsidian's 2010 RPG Alpha Protocol ...…
Here we go again with a classic game called TETRIS. It's all about kind of building and kind of cleaning up but the boys rant about it non the less. Visit for more
Fifth episode of Traxx With Two TailsSnapchat: teamcloudmplsTwitter: 00:00:0001. Logistics X Pola & Bryson - FWD02. Whiney - Sleek03. Kanine - Signal04. Sub Focus - XRay (Metrik Remix)05. Mampi Swift & DJ Fresh - Play Me (Mob T ...…
Recorded on February 4, 2018. Episode 366: Tetris – The Games People Play It is, perhaps, the perfect video game. Simple yet addictive, Tetris delivers an irresistible, unending puzzle that has players hooked. Play it long enough and you’ll see those brightly colored geometric shapes everywhere. You’ll see them in your dreams. Alexey Pajitnov h ...…
// tracklistTask Horizon - Overclocking Reality (Extended Intro)Phace - My Mind is ModularTask Horizon - Attack FormationAgressor Bunx - InfinityNeonlight - Heavy Bettie VIPNeonlight - MicrobotsBlack Sun Empire & State of Mind - Twisted UpTe ...…
Subscribe and Listen to Automate & Grow Podcast In this episode of Automate and Grow we talk to Steve Hoffman (also know as Captain Hoff). Steve is an angel investor, partner at FOUNDERS.VC, Eminence Ventures (China), LP in August Capital, serial entrepreneur, and author of the book Make Elephants Fly. Hoffman is also the Captain & CEO of Found ...…
We’re back! And we officially have a series! Thanks for giving this another shot. Or, if you didn’t catch episode 1, check it out here. The quality of this episode should be much better than the first episode but there are plenty of improvements still to be made. Let’s talk about your work! Resources Blog post about branding by Carter Gillies: ...…
In todays podcast we discuss NXT Takeover Aleister Black Adam Cole Johnny Gargano Cien Almas Ciampa Authors of Pain Undisputed Era Velveteen Dream NHL All Star Game Skills Competition PK Subban Royal Rumble Donald Trump Melania Trump Holocaust Museum Stormy Daniels Nikki Haley Olympics Miami Marlins Milwaukee Brewers Yelich Lorenzo Cain Toronto ...…
On this episode of Unmuted, Hope and Franchesca substitute for Bria and Lauren. Hope and Franchesca introduce themselves in Question of the Week. The hosts talk about the AFC and NFC Championship games, the Oscars, the Razzies, and a marriage between a woman and Tetris in Trending Topics. Hope talks about exercising in Let’s Be Real. Ask us que ...…
docomo wants in on mobile payments, mineo wants in on iPhones and we all want in on the kotatsu! Plus, THE SOUND of Panasonic, retro games are new again and how to get to Tokyo for cheap! All this, with 20% fewer idols, on this week’s #ZettaiGeekDayo! As always, if you have any comments, questions, concerns, topics or you just wanna chat, I’d l ...…
Today’s broadcast is Episode 22 for Mishmash Monday, January 22nd, 2018, on a program we're calling "Mishmash Monday - vol. 3" Track#, Game, System, Track Name, Composer, Timestamp: 01: Intro - 00:00 02: Gran Turismo 5 - PS3 - Current of the Times - Yudai Satoh - 02:06 03: Tobal No. 1 - PS1 - Aqua and Trees - Yoko Shimomura - 07:13 04: Fantavis ...…
In their previous episode, Robert and Joe explored the geometric hallucinations of Tetris syndrome. Now they're back for a serious look at the ways in which a good dose of cascading, interlocking tetrominoes might just cure what ails ya -- from lazy eye to full-blown post-traumatic stress disorder. (Previously published Dec. 3, 2015)…
For any licensing requests please contact
To play a game of “Tetris” is to invite a geometric invasion into your mind. After hours of intense block manipulation, you finally set aside your gaming device. You take a deep breath, close your eyes -- and there the frenzied, multicolored tetrominoes continue to cascade across your vision. They build walls in your dreams and shape the patter ...…
A Florida woman says she's planning to marry the video game Tetris. No, really. #Tetris #marriage #videogame #videogames #strangenews #weird #weirdnews #Florida #college #DonkeyKong #PacMan #mentalhealth #culture #society #iPod #monorails ##treadmills
The boys are back in town (Melbourne) and back in the studio (old box under a bridge) for their first podcast recording of 2018! They talk about all of the games they caught up on over the break including Tiny Metal, Doki Doki Literature Club, What Remains of Edith Finch, Batman: The Enemy Within, a book about Tetris, an art gallery, and much m ...…
2017 in video games with Alan, Joe, Waine & Zi. Time-codes Below ⇓Episode music:– Intro by JP Wolfgang– Outro: Electric Caribou By The Game Facers0:04:12 - loot-boxes0:10:09 - Nintendo0:15:20 - protagonist diversity0:18:55 - Nintendo Switch0:21:14 - Mario Odyssey0:23:33 - Puyo Puyo Tetris0:26:49 - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild0:36:37 ...…
This one-day, two hour seven lecture series provides a basic understanding of how to recognize common drug names, understand the basic classifications, and quickly memorize them for exams. The print, e-book, and audiobooks these lectures are based on, Memorizing Pharmacology: A Relaxed Approach, can be found here ...…
Puyo Puyo Tetris like mixing FIFA and CoD in one game, Moving around in Skyrim VR, DC Comi.. No, Marvel talk - who the F*** can tell them apart anyway? Diet and workout talk - plans for the spring. Tough Viking races and going for that slow transition into Men's Physique body. We take a look at the top downloaded games in the PlayStation Store ...…
Hi, I’m Tony Guerra, I teach college pharmacology and I created the Free Pharmacology Course Podcast to help you recognize, understand, and memorize pharmacology and drug names on the run. This first seven lecture series provides a basic understanding of how to recognize common drug names, understand the basic classifications, and quickly memor ...…
A continuation of episode 12....Hutch, Adam and Val are joined by special guest Simone, and they attempt to do a Tetris drinking game. Copious amounts of vodka, whiskey and wine are consumed and Adam gets the drunkest he's ever been on the show. Also, they attempt frogger and re-visit Road Rash in homage to the fredericast pt.1. A huge trainwer ...…
Martinez MusicPlus One PodcastsSession #45 {December 2017}Duration : 1 HourGenre : Deep/Tech HouseTracklist:01. Andhim - Amene (Original Mix)02. Volac - Disco Tetris (Original Mix)03. Robert R. Hardy - Last Indos (Original Mix)04. Cristian R & Kasall - Lunar Eclipse (Original Mix)05. Artbat - Tabu (Original Mix)06. Harry Romero - Soul Is Anothe ...…
We are halfway through our deep dive into the 80’s where as teenage boys we were into wrestling, new coke, compact dics. Windows 1.0 came out, some of us started to get into the PC computers, dialling into BBS and downloading stuff like tetris. Want to be a sponsor of this podcast? contact us. Any questions or feedback, send them to info@avoidi ...…
This week on Word Tetris: Mick Betancourt (The Purge, Shots Fired, Breakout Kings, Law & Order SVU) To hear the full episode and receive a bonus episode, head to or Artwork provided by Dave Gonzales Music: Word Tetris Theme by Me Montana Casio
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: PenelopeAuthor: Rebecca HarringtonNarrator: Emily RankinFormat: UnabridgedLength: 9 hrs and 33 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 12-05-17Publisher: Random House AudioGenres: Fiction, HumorPublisher's Summary:When Penelope O'Shaunessy, "an incoming fres ...…
Thank you for listening to Happy Hour Matinée! Still early on, but we appreciate the listen and feedback we've gotten so far.This week we introduce two new segments to the show, A special segment of staff picks and small talk; Kenny's Desk. As well as breakdown of theater numbers and coverage of breaking(or old) news without the confusion of ne ...…
This week on Word Tetris: Duncan Birmingham (Maron, Blunt Talk) To hear the full episode and receive a bonus episode, head to or Artwork provided by Dave Gonzales Music: Word Tetris Theme by Me Montana Casio
Today’s broadcast is Episode 19 for Scene Sunday, December 3rd, 2017. Today’s Episode features selections from the Video Game cover band, the One Ups on a program we're calling "Keeping up with The OneUps - vol. 1" Track Number / Original Track Name (OneUps-specific track name - where applicable) / OneUps Album / Original Version Composer / Tim ...…
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