Best tgrg podcasts we could find (Updated June 2018)
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We drink bourbon and discuss the finer things in life like Xbox, the MCU and Coffee, Just two drunk friends raging about nerdy topics every Wednesday
A show about everything and nothing
Torg & Elliott
The official podcast of the Torg and Eliott morning show on 96.3 WLVQ in Columbus, OH. Subscribe for some of our funniest bits and best interviews.
TGR Podcast
TGR Podcasts A weekly podcast from the team and fans from TGR - If you ever wish to join in the fun hit us up at all gamers welcome. - TGR
U62: The Targ
A blog for generating a feed for my podcast, the Targ
The show serves as an excuse for Torg to get to talk to people he likes, finds fascinating, can learn from, or who have great stories. Conversation is often about pop culture including sports, films, and books. The art of teaching and creation are also often topics. Conversation abounds.
What do you want this to be? This is where you can come to give your views freely, listen in, make comments, and I will reply.
TRG Week in Review
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Ogni mese una nuova puntata del Giornale Radio prodotto dai giorvani redattori della Tg Veneziaedizioni. Raccontare Venezia sotto il profilo giovanile: questa la nostra missione!
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This week we dive into what makes Mikey tick. How does he stay so motivated with everything going on around him?
This week we talk about what to do when life becomes too stressful and has you down.
This week we talk about all the Nerdy movies coming out this year including Thor, Spiderman and more
This week we discuss a documentary that Adam watched during #WeekOfTGRG
This week we start talking about the differences between FOMO & YOLO, and then we start talking about Musicals naturally of course!! We talk about RENT, Hairspray, Seussical, Wicked, and More! Check Out Mane Course on YouTube: Come visit our Channel every Friday for new videos! Thank you ...…
We finally end the ages old debate of which is better Cake or Pie with our special #RageOfTheDay Randy Smith
This week our topic was brought to us by our Patreon Supporter Matt Temby. He asked us to talk about Body Building & Cinnamon Rolls, so naturally we ended up talking about Gym Class & Waffle Crisp
This week we reminisce all about our favorite 90's and early 00's cartoons and networks.
This week we break down the largest events and seminal moments of our lives that shaped us in our early adulthood.
This week we talk about Pokemon GO, Homophobia and gun control!
This week we sit down and talk with a good friend of ours about his journey through hip hop and his latest album "Learn To Love Me"
This week we sit and talk about what the experience of VidCon was like for us and what we will be doing in terms of changing TGRG!
This week Adam gets on a soapbox and talks about the difficulties of being openly gay. This episode was filmed less than 24-hours before the events of Orlando.
This week we return from our un-planned hiatus. Adam has a story to tell everyone about a Red Leather Love Seat and an adventure that developed over the break.
This week we talk about our Bucket List items and how we would spend our last days on Earth.
This week we talk about what motivates us to be successful and make life changes. We hope to inspire our viewers to do the same.
This week we sit down and talk about our favorite pages to follow on Social Media
This week we talk about our favorite topic Star Wars and some of the top news stories about a Galaxy Far Far Away...
This week we sit down and talk with an old friend of ours, Thomas Dale, about something he is very passionate about Nerd Pop Culture
This week we sit and talk about our favorite Disney Films of all time and some special mentions from our childhood.
Special Guest Star- This week we get together with special "rage of the day" Nicholas Killinen to discuss what super powers we want and if we would use them for good or evil
Special Guest Star- This week we get together for our longest podcast yet and ramble on about the finer things in life with a special "rage of the day" from Michael O' Banion
This week we get together to discuss the realities and fictions of time travel
This week we get together to discuss one of our favorite podcasts Serial and the outcome from its first season
This week we get together to drink bourbon and tell our best drunk stories
This week we sit down to give you our reaction to Star Wars Episode 7 filled with spoilers.
This week we get together to discuss our 2015 in review and what goals we have for 2016
This week we get together to discuss the MCU and our favorite Superheros
This week we get together to discuss the issues with the Syrian Refugee crisis
This week we bring you the Episode we thought we lost! We discuss snap chat and our favorite technology
This week we get together to talk about our favorite video games of all time
This week we got together to discuss why Starbucks choosing a Red cup is such a big deal
This is where it all began. Our first episode detailing why we want to podcast and how Adam and I met.
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