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Tha Boxing Voice
Tha Boxing Voice Radio Show provides boxing discussion every Thursday & Sunday at 7pm EasternTime for the fans by the fans. Our show features weekly guests including up and coming stars and the pound for pound number ones in the game. Listen up! We are here. This is the new voice of boxing!
Join us as we examine black reality economically, socially, spiritually, mentally and emotional through the perspective of solution oriented dialogue.
Tha Gospel Ov Fire
Tha Gospel Ov Fire: some "good news" from Heraclitus: an analytic embrace ov all aeternal flux just as it becomes- sans any authorial pressumptions, opening into an immoralist ethics (virtue defined as liberty and strength) and pluralist epistemology (truth-value derived from breadth and coherence, so acclaiming maximal diversity as desirable in itself); acknowledging combustion's consequences; anticapitalist-antifascist- antipop; create ur space! Dei ex Dio! ave Satanas! Sharing my research ...
Tha Reality Is
Tha Reality Is... where filtering becomes extinct! Created & Hosted by Anthony Roberts to share real stories from real people while discussing all things society and culture.
Tha Leg'cast
Tha Leg'cast doesn't hold back. We talk about and say the thing's most people only say to their friend. Segments including Wisdom Words, The way it is, Youtube Homies, plus many more.
"Kya Who Sach Tha" is inspired by real life stories and is a collection of possibly the most eerie spine-chilling extraordinary supernatural stories of the ‘unseen’
Doin Tha Most
Hip Hop legend Master P and the Men in Black, J-Tweezy and Juggie are Doin’ Tha Most with a crossover radio/TV show that is certain to shake-up the industry. You’ve NEVER seen Master P like this before!For this and other great Playboy Radio shows go to
Stirring Tha Pot
Just press the play button.
Tha Dot
Kopus Mellini and Ericka Lesa present, “Tha Dot” podcast. Cultivating a healthier relationship with our onlineselves. Bridging the gap between our real and onlineselves. Join the conversation at Follow Kopus @kopusmellini Follow Ericka on Instagram @erickathadot
Coming at you live every Friday! Hop on the intergalactic spaceship known as Tha Come Up Podcast, where hosts Slim and Bezo discuss everything from current events, is a hot dog a sandwich, and why Takeover is way better than Ether (yeah, I said it).
Tha Drop
Music based podcast from the south.. Topics on movies , news and other subjects that may or may not be unadulterated.. Enjoy...
Life,busniess,motivation, finding great small urban business!
Weekly discussion of rap and MMA with Frank and Tyrone. Real. Trap. Spit. @frrrrrrrank @Drinkmaaan
Tha BluePrint
Optimism conquers the world!
Tha Truth
Tha Movement
Hey guys, in our second podcast we talk heavily on things that make us "salty" in life. From holding grudges to people physically fighting. Press play to hear what it's all about!
Tha Mix
Booking : contact@thafellazbeats.comTwitter : ThaFellaz
Share in the Views, Opinions, and Ramblings of a black 30-something as he navigates this thing called life while overcoming 30 plus years of biting his tongue...Let's learn from each other and grow together~Triple D~
Tha Puffa Podcast
We interview the hottest young talented artists in the city, and shine a spotlight on their art. Dope conversation with dope people ...subscribe and tell a friend
Welcome to the Anime Conversation where we talk about certain series from the current season. We got you covered for the first look at Anime of the now and the later. So let's go. Thank you to Viidaworldstage for the work. Check out his gig on Fiverr @
Intelligent conversations about nothing..yet everything. Hosted by YuK and tha phatMan.
Tha Take Ova
Get the latest scoop and hear music from local independentMusicians, Producers and Hip Hop artists with your Host Foe.
Tha 100Proof Truth
Tha 100Proof Truth an indie label podcast hosted by L.A. France. No lies, just facts. Hip hop, entertainment and bullsh*t!! Every Tuesday at 3 PM West Coast time so make sure you tune in you fonky b*tch!!!!
Brotha Mahmoud, Special K & Idi Are Tha Young Gods. Link Up With Them Each Week. As They Discuss Personal Topics & Other Topics Based Around Today's Lifestyle And Society. Raw And Unfiltered.
MG Tha Rebel
Bet On Thy$elf
With over one million listeners weekly on Los Angeles, CA radio station "Power 106", Romeo and Dejai known as “Tha Goodfellas” had the air waves in a choke hold. Now, “Tha Goodfellas" have teamed up with super star Porscha Coleman, (Empire, MTV's "Wild 'n Out", Maury, The Parkers) to bring you "Tha Goodfellas" and Porscha Coleman 'UNCUT'.Every week the “Uncut podcast” will bring you the freshest news and hottest interviews with some of the biggest stars on the planet.
On this podcast, I talk about anything and everything ... and sometimes nothing!
THA World Podcast
Mr. Ayobami is the founder of THA World (Mindset development organization), focuses on helping people build the right mindset for productivity, he is a speaker, business strategist, choreographer, author, and an engineer. Helps people get started in a business opportunity, building a community of crypto-investors with the Kingdom mandate of helping the youth and less privilege around the globe.
Tha Abstrakt Podcast
Tha Abstrakt Podcast is about everything and nothing at the same time.
Beyond Tha Noize
DJ / Producer www.beyondthanoize.comRemixes:info@beyondthanoize.comDemos:media@beyondthanoize.comManagement: management@beyondthanoize.comBookings:AU: bookings@beyondthanoize.comUSA: bookings@beyondthanoize.comEU: bookings@beyondthanoize.comASIA:
A Weekly Podcast Bringing You Self Motivated Individuals To Share There Success Stories. Hosted By @SuperstarChipz Stay Motivated!
Tha Jackals Head
Website: www.thajackal.comThis is the main show I've hosted since 2008 A Lot of the archive from 2008 were lost when I left BlogTalk to my own radio network called PSN RADIO. I've ran this network since 2010 and we are growing by leaps and bounds.
Does the word "fit" make you think of rail-thin women jogging in yoga pants? Or men with all muscles (and no neck) downing protein shakes? Let Tha Compound Movement rebuild your ideas around health & fitness through entertaining guests & medical experts, light-hearted but engaging discussions, and mad jokes. Hosted by Shanelle Gabriel and Adrian "AD" Odate.
#1 Site for Underground Hip Hop Culture
Tha Vybe Radio
Listen On-Demand Live Radio From
Jake Tha Wookiee
JAKE THA WOOKIEE!!! RRRAARRWHHGWWR!!! I talk Star Wars, comics, movies, beer, and whatever else I want to talk about!!!
Paradox and Chase are two artists, and college students, from Detroit. Join Paradox and Chase as they combat different topics from social issues and politics, to your favorite rap beefs. NEW EPISODES EVERY OTHER WEDNESDAY NIGHT! TUNE IN!
Break Tha Culture
Struggle rapper Scotti Bishop (@scottibishop_) and Fifa expert, Isae (@cartiercharles), give their take on music, culture, and politics. Tune in each week to hear them act smarter than they really are.
Tha Podcasting Hub
Tha Podcasting Hub present the "No Name Podcast" with B Smooth & Chance "Pook" Farmer
Radio veteran Ki Ki J and Hip-Hop artist Fat Pimp tackle lifestyle and culture in a world where no topic is off limits & some pretty dope people sit in from time to time!
Welcome to The Bootlegged Podcast, where the host are like myth busters.... only on a podcast.. Oh and not blowing up stuff.. We talk about every thing..... ahhh just listen. Unfiltered and Untamed......... Mr. Unpopular Opinion & DumB Gen!ous Host this foolery........ Stay tuned were just getting started. Got Questions for us email: Subject line- Ask These Guys......Sensitive people should not listen to this podcast. follow us on twitter @whoasktheseguys
Welcome to Dj D-Tha-Prophet's Trance-Xperience Podcast. Bringing you the best in Trance Music. Here you will find Energetic & Uplifting Mixes compiled and mixed by D-Tha-Prophet, in this mixes I will showcase all styles of trance Music , from Classics, Progressive, Vocal, Uplifting, psy-Trance and hard dance. You guys can subscribe to my Podcast for free through my podcast page or trough ITUNES under Dj D-Tha-Prophet's Trance-Xperience Podcast, Stay tuned for more mixes. As always comments a ...
Knzo fm tha zone
My stations music we play
We Make Tha Call is Off tha wall chat about a variety of topics over phat hip-hop tracks
Tha Shop Radio
Tha Shop Radio combines opinions of five friends from Northern California who wanted to bring a fresher view of entertainment and sports to the forefront.
Bandz gives his unapologetic opinion on current events , Music, and trending topics. A brutally honest point of view , with a unique approach to trending topics. Bandz is also part of a upcoming Rap Group "The Pull up Posse". NSFW Please Share Episodes, Thank You.
On Tha Block
Welcome on to “ On Tha Block ! “ with your host KevO & Joe. Sit & Cool I.T as we take you through intellectual & all the time comical opinions on various topics.
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What up world?! Tha Trap House is back bringing you another slice of beautiful Orlando culture, this time in tha form of tha good homie, DJ Cub. We discuss Cub’s 9 to 5 working as a nurse in tha local area, doing good for tha community in a way I personally am not sure if I could! We talk about his upbringing in Trinidad, and tha eventual move ...…
I had a short panic attack when I started listening to Tha Carter III because of how it was eliciting my passion for rap back to the surface.
Here is Episode 007 on Behind The Decks Podcast Mixshow. This set is mixed by one of my best friends DJ Eric Paradise. Mixing a full set of non-stop dance hits from the 2000's.
Here it is, Episode 006, 1 hr of EDM mixed by Anthony James.
Ashley & Erica Robinson at The Beauty For Ashes Conference on @BKPresents (To hear this episode, click on the title directly above or subscribe on iTunes) Pastors Ashley & Erica Robinson share the story of how God kept them in the midst of the ups and down of their marriage and the call to stay in the ministry of marriage! They share about stay ...…
It is a period of Tool war. Toolbox spaceships, striking from Tha Company, have won their first victory against the evil NorthCoast Underground. During the battle, Tool Spies managed to steal secret plans to the Kitchen Sink's ultimate studio, an armored station with enough power to destroy an entire studio. Pursued by the Sink's sinister agent ...…
Lots of singing on this, the second Stitch Gang grab bag; you have to wait till the end to hear Tyrone sing though. Listen to the tracks on our Youtube playlist. [ 3:30 ] // "Trust Issues" - Rico Nasty p. Kenny Beats [ 10:45 ] // "BBC" -Bbymutha p. Rock Floyd [ 15:50 ] // "Juice & Gin" - Valee p. Rio Mac + "Dim Sum" - Valee and Vic Mensa p. Ape ...…
Stevie D drops by "Tha Dot" to talk race politics, social media issues, and staying positive in a click bate society. Follow Stevie D on Instagram stevie_d_baby or Twitter @Stevie_D_CCVII
Alex has been working radio since a teenager. He is a singer, songwriter, producer, and the owner of Sweet Sound studio in Los Angeles, Ca. Check out his new single “Bailar Asi” available everywhere! Follow @thealexrosales
Raya Ferguson is a classically trained musician turned pop star. After traveling all over the world she has found a new home in Los Angeles. She discusses discovering her boyfriend cheating on social media and how it fueled her new album. Follow @rayafergusonitunes
Connor Musarra is an LA based music producer and songwriter who has credits with Warner Bros and Universal Music Group. We discuss songwriting, Hip Hop in the digital era, and how we became friends. Follow him @connormusarra
Kopus Mellini and Ericka Lesa present, “Tha Dot” podcast. Cultivating a healthier relationship with our onlineselves. Bridging the gap between our real and online selves. Join the conversation at Follow Kopus @kopusmellini Follow Ericka on Instagram @erickathadot
From being signed as an artist under a powerful A&R, to running her own artist promotion company,Tiffany Stigger has stayed the course and remained relevant in the Hip Hop world for over a decade plus. For business inquires Follow her music career @hottkittykat
In this episode I fill your ears with all my favorite joints from the 90’s, hence calling it “The I Love The 90s Episode.” What are you waiting for take a ride back down memory lane and turn the volume up loud and hit the play button as I continue feeding you the culture on The Hip Hop Snack Podcast. Tracklist 01 8Ball & MJG – Pimp In My Own Rh ...…
A class on Srimad Bhagavatam 7.9.8 given by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada on July 2, 1968 in Montreal, Canada.A transcript of the class can be found here: Bhagavatam 7.9.8śrī-prahrāda uvācabrahmādayaḥ sura-gaṇā munayo ’tha siddhāḥ sattvaikatāna-gatayo vacasāṁ pravāhaiḥnārādhituṁ puru-guṇair ad ...…
Thanks everybody for checking out our podcast. We now have a official twitter. Check us ThruThaClosetDoor @ThruThaCloset.
GET N THA GAME PODCAST EP 11: DEFINITION OF A GIRL BOSS Kimesha Jackson built her business, Tickled Pink Event Planning by learning her clients and their needs. Her success has led her to work with top athletes, celebrities, and key influencers for over 15 years. She Gets N The Game to talk about how she built her business and what it took for ...…
A class on Srimad Bhagavatam 7.9.8 given by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada on July 1, 1968 in Montreal, Canada.A transcript of the class can be found here: Bhagavatam 7.9.8śrī-prahrāda uvācabrahmādayaḥ sura-gaṇā munayo ’tha siddhāḥ sattvaikatāna-gatayo vacasāṁ pravāhaiḥnārādhituṁ puru-guṇair ad ...…
Im workin to keep yall up to date wit everything dats going on out here
Wassgood my niggas it’s tha thug back once again wit that fiyaaaaaa! I been gone for a minute but we live fasho on deck my niggas today’s episode is a piggy back off of the last one which was Tha Bottom Bitch Theory. Picking up where I left off and really diving into what helps the ladies find and maintain healthy connections with my niggas out ...…
1. DJ Tipz – Lifetime (Atjazz Love Soul Remix) 2. Al McKay Allstars – Heed The Message (Joey Negro Extended Mix) 3. Toni Braxton – Long As I Live (RedSoul Edit) 4. DJ Romain – Double Dealin 5. Ralf GUM Feat. Lee Bling – The Best Thing (Rocco Rodamaal Deep Mix) 6. Kelly G – ‘Tis A Land (Ma Minnie’s Hym) 7. Yooks Feat. Janaishia Wade – Feel Good ...…
This week Charlamagne Tha God gives his thoughts on the Tekashi 6ix9ine Breakfast Club interview, him and Andrew discuss the return of Rosanne, Stormy Daniels interview, #WhoBitBeyonce, Killer Mike and the NRA, and more!!!
This week Charlamagne Tha God gives his thoughts on the Tekashi 6ix9ine Breakfast Club interview, him and Andrew discuss the return of Rosanne, Stormy Daniels interview, #WhoBitBeyonce, Killer Mike and the NRA, and more!!!
Recap of "Atlanta - Robbin' Season" Season 2 Episode 4"Helen"~Triple D~Email: Offthaclockpodcast@yahoo.comTwitter:@OffThaClockPod
N.q.s. e mbani mend Afrimin kur nisi serinë, ai tha se Luka ndahet në dy pjesë të mëdha. Në pjesën e parë Jezusi vepron pothuajse gjithë kohën në Galile. Kurse në pjesën e dytë nga 9:38 e prapa ngjarjet ndodhin në rrugën e Jezusit drejt Jeruzalemit ku dhe arrestohet, gjykohet, dënohet, kryqëzohet e pastaj ringjallet.…
ALL RISE. This week, we bring in our friend and Cenation Superfan Jimmy Berg (@jimbotmn) to discuss The People vs Cena and Reigns in the court of Public Opinion. Music: "The Time is Now (John Cena)" by WWE John Cena and Tha Trademarc. As always, follow us. Rate/Review/Share this show with all your friends. Twitter/Facebook: @MarriedMarks , Emai ...…
Today we play the 4th episode of Death March. Thanks for tuning in and giving feedback.
click the following links to stay connected with me and this episodes guests :IMMORTAL - Big Puffa -
The Practical Smokers crew featuring Cole, Honeycomb, Trey, Big Ray, Joci from tha Back and White Mark tackle the serious and sensitive topic of police shootings of unarmed people.
We git Global own our own, they gone notice....
It's the Overwatch Episode! With Charmanda! Sage Bell! Darkain! It's tha bizniz!
Latest episode of Who Asked These Guys
Take a trip down memory lane with Vickie Winans album “Be Encouraged.” Tha Voyze also shares some words of encouragement from his Grandmother to his mother that ring true today.
"Young Money militia and I am the commissioner/You no wan' start Weezy, cause the F is for finisher.""Yes I do it big, call me little astronomical/Weezy F. Baby and the F is for phenomenal."You can google all the things what "the F is for..." but after 20 plus years in the game Lil' Wayne has shown he is not going anywhere. On this week's episo ...…
Tha Young Gods Talk About The Effect Of A Poor Diet Consumption In A Relationship. The Package Deal. Morals. Expression Of Emotions. The Waiting Game. And More..
This week we talked about the DC4 days of Destiny's Child, in addition to #TGIT, Tyler Perry productions, and even a little sports. Also, Huey stans out over Chloe and Halle and Charneil gets a little personal.Intro/Outro Music: Crazy in Love - FeelX aka VÄRT Dubstep RemixBlue's Clues Intro: Blues Clues Remix- Tha J-Squad…
#ilivedathotellife: LOL😂😂😂😂 Im watching "Billy Madison"
Do you work? I bet you do. Listen in on my conversation with Stephen Gill and David Grebow about the changes taking place all around you in how you work. We have moved from building things with our hands to thinking things and creating them with our minds. Today's "knowledge worker" in a tech startup is very different from the line worker in a ...…
Episode 10: “Party & Bulls**t”Guests: @sh._.ur @bianca_yasminyas @sinagilannejadNo Bruno Mars slander, short guys, no holds barred and MORE!Songs of the episode:Intro: Anders – I Don’t Want Your Love Outro: 88GLAM – Bali ft. Nav SBTRKT – Wildfire (Remix) ft. DrakeMassive Attack – I Against I ft. Mos DefA2 – Below ZeroTupac Shakur – Run Tha Stre ...…
Tha Survival Guide squad rounds up to examine the premise of exposure and how broadening your horizon by being subjected to diverse people and environments foster stimulation of ideas and passions. In this episode the guys will discuss whether exposure is a natural phenomena vs intentional decisions and how leveraging your exposure can make a g ...…
If you haven't seen the interview, go watch the breakfast club. And then tune into my podcast after you listen to the interview to get my thoughts on how I feel about this whole situation. Don't forget to comment below and follow my podcast for more.
When is it okay to get revenge? Is it ever okay? This week Fat and Ki Ki J discuss celebrities and there revenge tatics. From Iggy Azalea's admittance to burning Nick Young's clothes after she learned of him cheating to Aubrey O'Day's White House secrets and her affair with Donald Trump Jr., Revenge can be sweet or it can hurl you into an endle ...…
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