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In this episode of Slave Stealer, Tim Ballard and Mark Mabry talk about the first trip to Colombia that did not go according to plan. Despite this setback, which is portrayed in "The Abolitionists" - coming to theaters Monday May 16th - the team goes back to rescue those kids...and saves even more of them. Tim also explains how the film address ...…
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This is not a nice topic, it is uncomfortable as it should be, if we felt comfortable with this topic some thing is wrong with us. So I ask what kind of person (mostly male) can look at a child as a sex object? How can they see them and even think SEX? How can their consciousness allow them to go there? Sex is a beautiful thing between consenti ...…
jOIN Sara Troy and Tim Ballard as they unravel the child sex trade. Gerald Molen, Academy Award-winning producer of Schindler’s List, brings the fight against child sex-trafficking to the big screen with the release of the documentary THE ABOLITIONISTS, in partnership with Fathom Events for a one-night event in select movie theatres on May 16th ...…
Interview w/ Tim Ballard & Mark Mabry Tim: The guy’s name was Marble. Mark: Marble the child molester. Tim: His name was Marble, and he looked like a marble. El Centro childporn... Mark: Child Fugitive Caught in Calexico? 'Child Pornography Fugitive Caught in Calexico Port' Tim: No. Mark: Imperial Valley Press. 'A man suspected of having child ...…
Tim, Mark & Marisol Interview 00:00 Tim: When you rape a child, you lose rights forever. That’s it! You lose rights forever. Somehow we don’t understand this. And again, you can serve your sentence and everything else, but you still have lost rights. One of those rights you lose is you don’t get to travel around the world with anonymity. We are ...…
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