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The Conversation Café™
Tune in to The Conversation Café™ live Tuesdays at 7PM EST with co-hosts A.Raquel and Mahoghani Dawn as they engage fascinating guests in a verbal exchange of sentiments, observations, opinions and ideas on topics that will inform, educate, empower and enlighten you. Checkout Celebrity & Entertainment Blogger Ray Cornelius ( as he fills us in on the latest entertainment news. Listeners are invited to call in and participate 773-897-3986 or contact the show via Twitte ...
The Catholic Cafe
The Catholic Cafe radio show is a 30 minute program designed to convey the Truth of Catholic Doctrine and Teaching in an informal, conversational format. Deacon Jeff, Tom and their guests sit around a table at the cafe and chat about the Church! Archived episodes are avalable at the (click listen)
Between Worlds
Between Worlds is a technology podcast that takes you over the horizon and beyond borders, to bring you the global thinkers, innovators and troublemakers whose ideas challenge the world as we know it. From a courtyard cafe in Paris, to a busy sidewalk in Tokyo - each week futurist and global nomad, Mike Walsh, will share his personal conversations with some of the most fascinating people on the planet, recorded live in the field.
Cafe con Pam Podcast
Cafe con Pam is the weekly podcast featuring fearless Latinas, Latinos, Latinx and People of Color that break barriers, change lives and make the world a better place while living in the US. Cafe con Pam is the platform where Latinx are able to share their stories and inspire one another through conversation of course while enjoying a fabulous cup of coffee.
Globalisation Cafe Episodes
Globalisation Café is an occasional podcast series hosted by Dr. Philip Leech-Ngo. It is a show about the global issues that affect our everyday lives, marking a new platform for political junkies and newbies to engage with research, international affairs and politics. We feature conversations with some of the most interesting people in the political world; expert commentary on current affairs; and other stories that are relevant to the current affairs affecting Canadians. Because the politi ...
Havana Cafe Sessions Podcast
Welcome to the Havana Cafe Sessions podcast. Every week Sarah Beth Hunt and Clay Lowe meet over coffee to talk about matters of conscious living and practical wisdom. We don't profess to be gurus on these matters, just two people who believe in the power of conversation to find new insights and gain greater understanding of the world. Please feel free to join in the conversation. Together we can all grow in wisdom.
The Cafe
A talk show set in cafes around the world in which we hear the explosive conversations of local leaders and experts.
Bytemarks Café
Bytemarks Cafe is a one-hour radio magazine that showcases the innovation and creativity in Hawaii's tech community. Hosted by geeks in residence Burt Lum and Ryan Ozawa, program's purpose is to raise awareness of the tech economy and to engage the listener in the discussion. The show encourages two-way conversation through audience call-ins, emails and blog comments. Bytemarks Cafe will leverage the Internet and social media technologies to extend the conversation well beyond the one-hour t ...
Books in Three Bytes
Books in Three Bytes from the AuthorBytes Cafe serves up conversations with successful fiction and nonfiction authors whose work spans numerous genres and topics. Hosted by celebrated book talk show host Jordan Rich, the podcast focuses on three essential elements related to an author's books or writing career. Sit back and take a sip of the Cafe's weekly brew.
Coach Cafe' Radio
Join Certified Master Life Coach Kathleen Martin,LOACC in the Coach Cafe' -'The Self Empowerment Place to Meet' each week with Enlightened Conversations about what matters most and interviews with top self empowerment coaches, experts and authors to help us all to live our best lives!#CoachCafe
Sydney Writers' Festival Work in Progress
Work in Progress is the new Sydney Writers’ Festival podcast to help you discover some of the most interesting writers in the world. Featuring candid conversations with authors throughout the year, this series gives you insight into what goes on behind the scenes. We’ll be looking at how and why writers do what they do, with some essential reading recommendations for good measure. Recorded with our Artistic Director, Jemma Birrell, in cafes and bookshops across Sydney, Australia and elsewher ...
Discover #HamOnt Podcast With Brian Hogg
A podcast dedicated to exploring the businesses and groups that make up Hamilton Ontario Canada, and why they love the city. If you live or work in Hamilton, thinking about moving to Hamilton, or wondering why you should visit, this podcast is for you. Each episode interviews one or more people who help make Hamilton great, asking them about what they do, their journey that led them to city, and why they love it. Episodes are recorded in person in the city, for a more natural conversation. A ...
Subtle Disruptors
Subtle Disruptors is a weekly podcast of down-to-earth and inspiring conversations with those who are having an amazing local and global impact through their work, in an under the radar way. Each conversation is recorded in a location that is significant to the story of the guest, from coworking spaces to cafes, train stations to bars.
Science: A Candle In The Dark
A podcast about the wonders of the universe and how science helps us illuminate our lives by discovering them together. A conversation about science as a creative activity at the heart of human culture. An attempt to bring science out of the ivory tower laboratory into the cafes and pubs and streets to be part of our cultural discourse.
Cafe Medium
I'm trying to explore the world in as many ways as possible. The Cafe Medium podcast is one of those ways.Recording in cafe's, pubs, breweries, restaurants and anywhere else I can have a conversation with someone.
Mine Space Over Coffee
The best conversations often happen over coffee. In this podcast, we dig deep to uncover helpful insights for living life more intentionally. Each episode, Melanie Scroggins invites inspiring people with genuine stories, in-depth knowledge, and first-hand experience to discuss topics like fear, motivation, and adaptability, but in a way that is easy to follow and understand - like chatting with a friend at your favorite cafe.
Trident Booksellers and Cafe Podcast
Trident Booksellers and Cafe in Boston is bringing you an ongoing, casual conversation about books and reading. Tune in for recommendations, news about the book world, and happenings at the store.
Career Cafe by CareerSource Central Florida
Career Cafe is the place where you can grab a cup of coffee with friends and talk about work, jobs, your career and the future of business. Sit back and enjoy the conversation.
Bright Star Café with Sue Hines
Bright Star Café with Sue Hines brings your Friday’s lively and entertaining exploration of mind, heart and spirit.Join our conversations of learning, healing, astrology and more as we explore the mysteries of success. You’re the star of your life! Brighten your day with Sue and friends at Bright Star Cafe every Friday at 4 pm Eastern.Tune in to New Sky Radio Powered by CBS. Listeners can call in on 248-545-7685
Ciao and benvenuti! This is a friendly, aural ‘postcard’ of Italian culture and life: Cartolina. Italian expatriates like to hear about their country of origin and the connections that can be made with the country they now live in. Also, many New Zealanders have a long distance love affair with Italy but know little about it, so this show brings Italy to all New Zealanders. Local and national events dictate the flavour of the programmes. You can hear about Italian holidays, food, experiences ...
SirRahPro Presents...
SirRahPro Presents: OUTing The Music Industry & The Muse Cafe - OMI discusses the ins and OUTs of the music industry, highlighting some of today's musical artists, and then some. OMI informs artists of ways to promote and market themselves in this ever changing music industry. Guest include artists, musicians, producers, deejays, record labels, A&R reps, publicists, managers, bloggers, and fans. Join the conversation LIVE every Tuesday night at 10pm (EST). The Muse Cafe - Picture a cozy litt ...
Pink Conversations
Pink Conversations is designed to empower, inform,and inspire you to reach your purpose. Bringing you Royal Empowerment with the word of the day, Pink Topic, your motivational and informational topic of the day and #PinkConvoThoughts an inspiring food for thought. There is much more to include give-aways. Tune in every Monday at 2pm on wytv7 inside the Pink Cafe for Pink Conversations.Host: Tameka S Bright. To connect or contact Tameka email, Facebook/Pink Conver ...
Bible Cafe Podcast: How to become a person of interest and positive influence
The BibleCafe Podcast shows you step by step how to be a person of interest and positive influence in your world today. This Bible based Podcast takes it a step further by inviting you to join the conversation and receive real time advice and support from both peers and professionals. The Bible Cafe is your number 1 source for spiritual growth, mental clarity, and physical prowess.
Hello You Podcast
Hello, You is powered by the shared interests of Louise Winters & Neil Hopkins in the world around them.An experiment in exploring current issues in culture, news, politics and anything else that catches their fancy, Hello, You will be a monthly conversation recorded in cafes, bars, bookshops, libraries, at the top of hills or anywhere else that adds to the context of the discussion.The name - Hello, You - comes from the idea of greeting and meeting others as they are, rather than as we thin ...
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JHammondC is Hammond Chamberlain. I am a father, husband and would-be creator of many things. For a while, I worked in theater building sets, hanging lights, and running shows. I have been a professional harmonica player. For the last few years, I have been working to learn how to play the amazing Chapman Stick. I have written short stories and ...…
We had Lori Katelle owner of PVDonuts come on the show and tell us all about her average day running the best Donut Shop in Rhode Island, her and the employees love for Drake, partnerships with Cafes, the future for PVDonuts and more.Lori shares with us the great success story of a young woman taking a leap off faith off of an idea. ----------- ...…
The communications industry has done a pretty good job of addressing gender, racial and ethnic diversity and inclusion over the last 10-15 years, but more work still needs to be done in areas such as age, experience, backgrounds and diversity of thought. Diversity creates value in organizations due to the mix of thought processes that come alon ...…
Get your free worksheet on how to ask for consent: Pop quiz, hot shot: you’ve just made eye contact with an incredible woman across the room. She seems to be giving you the “come hither” look. What do you do. WHAT DO YOU DO? Many people... won't actually do anything. They may be paralyzed by fear of rejection, of screwi ...…
Today I am talking with Karen Schachter, who is the creator of a program called, Brave. I am also recording the show from a very special place: Playa Negro in Costa Rica just outside of the town of Puerto Viejo. The sounds you hear in the background are of the Caribbean Sea, as we are looking out over a lush garden to the beach. The reason I am ...…
Hey Amarillo
A conversation with Wes Reeves, the senior media relations representative for Xcel Energy's Southwestern Public Service Company in Texas and New Mexico. Whenever there's a power outage, Wes is the guy who appears in the local media to explain why. He and host Jason Boyett discuss how Xcel deals with extreme weather, what electrical customers do ...…
Life has a way of throwing curve balls and challenges to us all. There are ups and downs, pros and cons and sometimes we have to disagree and/or have conversations we are afraid of having. Are you capable of attacking the issue without attacking the person? Are you at ease when initiating or participating in a contronversial discussion? Do you ...…
Active Travel Adventures : Curated Multi-Day Active Vacation Ideas
Today we are hiking or biking a section of the famous El Camino de Santiago, the world's most popular long distance trail! Our guest today, Janet Hanpeter, walked the second half of the 480 mile Camino Frances (French Way) to Santiago del Compostela, Spain. The route runs through mesas, mountains, pastures, villages and cities for a ‘never a bo ...…
Libby Varcoe, Content Community Lead at the Digital Transformation Agent, is no stranger to the content world having started around the same time that contentgroup was in its early stages. It all started with a conversation she had with a fellow communications graduate in a café back in 1997 who merely said: “look, I think we need to break into ...…
Rice In My Lunchbox
This week Abel and Paul check out Markham Street Cafe for their soft opening. Located in the DMV's original Korea Town (Annandale VA) Markham Street Cafe transformed an old Chinese grocery store to a beautiful revitalized space. They offer a lofty environment with plenty of coffee and traditional cafe food. On this episode the boys discuss the ...…
I recently had a conversation with James Magnus Johnston. He is one of the founding partners at fools and horses, a café based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
You are reading Episode One: Japanese Coffee from Boise Coffee. Please share it with friends! In this first episode of Coffee Canon, we take a look at Japan: a culture rich with history and tradition. Today, Japanese people love coffee – they’ve invented entire brew methods that the rest of the world adopted – but it wasn’t always this way. We ...…
Ep66 is here and I am both thrilled!!! and saddened... Saddened because it is the last of this year's run with Thunderbar Comedy's collaboration, but thrilled because I am chatting with Baltimore's Christine Ferrera!!! Christine's run through performance art has brought her to the stage as a standup and has also lead to her journey of completin ...…
Why do our conversations about climate change get so heated? And why do they often feel so unproductive? On this edition of Mind-U, we'll hear a Northern Illinois University STEM Café talk, “The Rhetoric of Climate Change.” NIU Professor Emeritus of English Philip Eubanks will explore why people disagree so strongly about climate change and wha ...…
Welcome, to the fifth installment of the podcast of the film of the book of the story of the idea of the matchbook cover of the cafe by the same name! It's history, cave man style, photography, iPhone style, silhouettes, wild animal style, and Leonardo, Vinci style. Plus, a short conversation after a long drive and the host's son says some nice ...…
Natural Solutions with Dr. Jay
NSDJ63 Father Richard Mapplebeckpalmer Conversation Father Richard Mapplebeckpalmer Interviewed by Jay Sordean. In this freeranging and yet structured interview and discussion, old friends –Father Richard Mapplebeckpalmer (aka Father Richard) and Dr. Jay –have a chance to muse and ponder on many topics that may or may not have anything to do wi ...…
Background We are all over the map in our conversation. We spent a great deal of time talking about poop, which I’m actually not ashamed of. I think we should talk about EVERYTHING as a culture, poop included. And this isn't even about baby poop. Just plain old regular adult poop. And the anxiety that provokes it! But that’s not all we talk abo ...…
Mixing It Up With Maggi Podcast:I’ll be interviewing my favorite pals for a conversation on everything from motherhood, social activism, sex, career and much more. Listen in every Wednesday night through SoundCloud or catch it on demand here on myefflinglifeblog.Note: This week's podcast is conducted in Spanish. Please see below for a full tran ...…
Episode 160: How to save on fuel costs and get better mileage with your RV Probably the top question motorhome owners are asked is “what do you get for mileage?” Although gas prices are dropping again, the big spike they had after the hurricanes this summer reminds all of us that one of the biggest expenses our RV lifestyle has to deal with is ...…
This Movie's About You
Cafes are great places for writers to work. And the CONTRA CAFE on Shaw Street in downtown Toronto, is one of the great cafes for writers to sit back and create. It's where I first met Malcolm Sutton while he was crossing the 't's and dotting the 'i's on his first book, Job Shadowing, currently on bookshelves and online. Always best to leave wr ...…
The High Styled Life CAFÉ - With Menellia Valcent
Hey ladies, So I decided to change the name of "The Personal Development Cafe Podcast to The HIgh Styled Life Cafe" as my brand grows. Today we will be covering the importance of keeping healthy relationships and how they support you into creating the success you desire as women. As women, we never stop socialising. As we grow we meet new women ...…
TriSpecific | Ironman Triathlon Coaching Podcast
Today’s guest is coach Jesse Kropelnicki who is the coach of two past professional athletes guests - Angela Naeth and Linsey Corbin. What I like about Jesse and why he has had so much success is that it’s not just about the training. When things go pear-shaped most peoples knee-jerk reaction is “it must have been the training” - when most of th ...…
Hello everybody…….See Hear episode 44 here….. Every music scene has its local heroes….those musicians who are a well-kept secret from the rest of the world, but gig goers wish more people knew about them. Melbourne film-maker Chris Franklin has made it his mission to document musicians in his local scene. Bernard was absent, but Tim and Maurice ...…
Survivor Cafe is Elizabeth Rosner’s profound exploration of intergenerational atrocity, trauma and memory. In this conversation she leads us through the far reaching effects of atrocity and the wake of trauma that follows as it winds its way through generations; she explores how trauma can modify the way DNA is expressed; how sense memory carri ...…
This week, Michelle, Emerald, Joseph and Jasmine cover Antman and The Wasp production, Venom Delay, WestAllen and more Rating: PG13 for Language Warning: Possible Season 4 Flash Spoilers Topics discussed: The Wasp Costume Change Venom Delay Sailormoon Cafe Flash Season 4 plot and West/Allen relationship You can listen to this podcast and more o ...…
If you live in Acadiana there s a good chance you attend your fair share of festivals. It seems like there s a festival around here just about every week. That s because there is. If you re in a Cajun band and you think at one time or another you ve been booked to play all of them, Google "Acadiana Festivals." I bet there s a couple you haven t ...…
Scripture: MATTHEW 18:15-20 You may know the story about the little boy who was looking up at a plaque full of names on the wall of his church one day. The minister came by and looked up at it with him. When he asked her why these names were listed there, she said, “They’re the people from this church who died in the service.” Suddenly wide-eye ...…
On the first, and hopefully last for a while, Tuesday edition of the CTRL+D podcast, we considered either talking about music or video games, so in an oh so ingenious move we decided to talk about music in video games and its importance to the overall experience one is left with when enjoying the most interactive entertainment medium of them all.…
I hope you’ve had a sensational week! I’ve spent 4 days in Adelaide and as a result this week’s episode of Your Exceptional Life focuses a lot on travel! If this is your first taste of the podcast (click above to listen, or watch on You Tube below), I run through each of the 8 areas of an exceptional life, sharing what’s occurred in my own life ...…
On todays episode I had the pleasure to talk to the Endurance Adventurer and Storyteller John Horsfall. John has achieved a number of truly amazing feats in his life ranging from running 1200km from Uganda to the Coast of Kenya, solo and self supported to his current adventure of trying to cycle from London to Asia with NO MONEY! This was an in ...…
Within the music industry, Chris Greenwood aka Madera Verde has done a bunch. In our conversation at his house in South London Chris talks us through the journey his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for music has taken him on over the years; From humble teenage beginnings trying to sell soggy firewood with a mate in Barnes, to having a pretty ...…
In Episode 23, we chat with our own Brittany Boote about her experience as an actress and assistant director on “The Barre,” a new crime drama television series set and produced in Wilkes-Barre. We also planned to interview fellow local actor James Callahan, who played the role of Bryan on the show and is well-known in the local music scene, bu ...…
We have comedians Sommore and Earthquake and Café Mocha Radio creator Sheila Eldridge on Money Making Conversations! Money Making Conversations is a weekly podcast hosted by Emmy Award winning TV producer and the Architect who developed the Steve Harvey Global Media Brand, Rushion McDonald. The show features one-on-one career advice to callers, ...…
In this week’s episode of the Transformation Cafe podcast, host Robin Masiewicz and co-host Amy Frost welcome back Kay Gilley, the author of “The Game Called Life” available from Amazon. In this episode they discuss chapters 5 and 6. The Game Called Life: Book Club Notes Chapter 5 – Reconciliation (Chapters 5 & 6 are actions we need to take to ...…
Infauxmation | Real. Weird. News.
On this week’s episode, comedians Michelle Biloon (Comedy Central, Comedy Bang Bang, Doug Loves Movies) and Tom Thakkar (Just For Laughs, NPR, The Todd Glass Show) join us for an excellent conversation covering topics from pro and anti Trumpers unite on Reddit and Arizona radio stations airs a PSA on storing child porn… yeah, another real weird ...…
Podcasting Pair-a-Dimes with David Truss
Description: Experiential Learning is the theme of this conversation with Zoe Branigan-Pipe. We discuss designing and creating spaces where learners want to collaborate and learn together… Spaces that invite learners to extend their learning out into the community, where true learning happens! Show Notes: [Listen Now] Zoe-Branigan Pipe (@zbpipe ...…
The Why Factor
On trains, in cafes, offices and in the street, we cannot help overhearing conversations not intended for our ears. Catherine Carr explores why we eavesdrop, and whether it is a harmless habit or a dangerous invasion of privacy. The poet Imtiaz Dharker takes ‘furtive pleasure’ in ‘lying in wait for secrets that people don’t even know they’re te ...…
Whether you’re a chronic dieter, a person who “eats clean”, or a dedicated exerciser who never seems to take a rest day, you never know when the day will come when your eyes open up and you realize what you’re doing is no longer working for you. “How did I get here and how can I get out?”. When you first have your “wake up call,” pay attention. ...…
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