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Grover Norquist (Twitter: @GroverNorquist) is president of Americans for Tax Reform (ATR), a taxpayer advocacy group he founded in 1985 at President Reagan’s request. ATR works to limit the size and cost of government and opposes higher taxes at the federal, state, and local levels and supports tax reform that moves towards taxing consumed income one time at one rate. ATR organizes the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, which asks candidates and elected officials to commit themselves in writing to ...
An opinion podcast dedicated to the ups and downs of Arsenal FC.Follow us on Twitter @LeGrove
The weekly teaching from The Groves Church in Portland, Oregon.
Victory Outreach TheGrove
Ka'os @ the Grove
Zone @ The Grove
Welcome to our channel! Here we will be posting interviews, testimonies and different talks with Pastor Brian Farmer of Cherry Grove Church of the Nazarene featuring a variety of special guest. This series will be called Coffee and Conversation. You will be able to listen to these on this channel or in the podcast app under TheGroveCast. So sit back, relax and enjoy Coffee and Conversation (:
Dr. Jason Groe, Senior Pastor of Poplar Grove Baptist Church digs deep each week to deliver real, relevant, and powerful messages from the Word of God.
Church at the Grove - Social Circle Campus is part of the ministry of Church at the Grove. This campus began in 2012 serving and reaching the city of Social Circle, GA. For more information please visit
Church at the Grove creates environments where people can explore faith through God's Word, encourages relationships where people can encounter community, and starting discussions to extend the love of God to others in our community and around the world.
Practical Insights for the Christian Life
Fearing that her son, Robert, will grow too intellectual to relate to his parents, Mrs. Fenton starts a "Chautauqua Literary & Scientific Circle" in the town of Centreville. The C.L.S.C. draws in members from all strata of society - from the maid of a well-to-do family and 3 lazy, wild youths to society girls and the eminent Professor Monteith. We follow various members of the Circle as the studies at home and the social interactions and programs at the actual Chautauqua in New York shape an ...
Church at the Grove - Social Circle Campus is the second campus of Church at the Grove. This campus began January 2012 and its mission is the develop people to follow Jesus and make disciples.
Calvary Chapel Elk Grove is a non-denominational fellowship of believers in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. It is our prayer that The Battle For Truth Series will bring hope to Christians, and guidance in truth to non-Christians. That all may come
Experience the latest sermons given at Church of the Open Door located in Maple Grove, Minnesota, We invite you to join us as we pursue the struggle of becoming fully alive in God.
Started in 2013, Fish Nerds is a celebration of fish, fishing and eating fish with your host Clay Groves. The goal of the show is to explore all aspects of fish; that is always interesting, usually funny and mostly true.
Regenerative Permaculture Tips and Tricks From The Farmers Grove
The Book of Exodus is the continuation of the Book of Genesis which is why the Hebrew text begins with the word “And”.The word ‘exodus’ means exit, and the theme of the book is deliverance.
Victorious Christian LivingA Journey Through the Book of JoshuaPastor Phil Ballmaier journeys through the Book of Joshua in a series he's entitled, "Victorious Christian Living." This series is a vital resource for all those who have chosen to foll
Podcast by The Grove Church
Welcome to the Grove City Vineyard's podcast! We are "a church for people who didn't think they'd like church".
Pastor Phil Ballmaier concluded the series on the Book of Genesis. In the Hebrew, Genesis translates as ‘Bereshith’ or beginnings. As we explore the life of the first man, Adam and his descendants we uncover a multitude of rich history.
Gone At 21
Gone At 21: Katelyn Markham's Death Investigation. This show outlines the death investigation of a 21 year old college student, Katelyn Markham, who disappeared from her Fairfield, Ohio home on August 13, 2011. Katelyn's remains were found Twenty months later in Cedar Grove, Indiana. This podcast is from the notes of the Private Investigator, J. Ryan Green, who was hired to investigate the case.
This is the official podcast of Grove Community Church!
Nathan Hughes is committed to bringing you a powerful word that has the potential to mend broken lives and revive dead relationships. If you want to grow personally and relationally then give this podcast a listen and share it!
Pastor Phil Ballmaier of Calvary Chapel Elk Grove begins the New Testament Book of James. The James who wrote the epistle that bears his name is regarded by most, if not all evangelicals, to be James the half-brother of the Lord Jesus Christ. James was n
Welcome to Angel Grove Radio: A Power Rangers Podcast! Your place where you can Go Go Back to where it all began. Join James, Trevor, Austin, Milan, Geoffrey, Matt, and the rest of the crew as we go over The History of The Power Rangers Episode by Episode. YouTube:
The latest feed from Cedar Grove Baptist Church on
Join Pastor Phil as he teaches us in-depth and verse-by-verse through the Gospel of Mark.Calvary Chapel Elk Grove is a non-denominational fellowship in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, where Phil Ballmaier is the Senior Pastor. Day By Day Radio is th
The latest feed from Oak Grove Baptist Church on
Recordings of the Sunday PM Bible studies at Calvary Chapel Laguna Creek in Elk Grove, CA.
This podcast features the teaching and preaching ministry of Calvary Baptist Church of Union Grove, NC. View us online @
The weekly sermon audio for Shady Grove Presbyterian Church in Derwood, Maryland
The weekly sermon from Christ Lutheran Church in Webster Groves, MO. For more information visit
Ocean Grove Property News service is made available by Hayden Real Estate in Ocean Grove. Each episode of the Ocean Grove Property news service delivers in 3 minutes a snapshot or news vignette of what is happening in the Ocean Grove property market. Whether you are looking to buy or sell property in Ocean Grove or the greater Bellarine Penninsula region, make sure you subscribe to Ocean Grove Property News and get updated BEFORE each weekends action and AFTER to find out what really happene ...
Catch up with the weekly sermons from Maple Grove Covenant Church!
Recordings of the Wednesday PM Bible studies at Calvary Chapel Laguna Creek in Elk Grove, CA.
Beginning December 1st, 2016 join us for our Church at the Grove Advent Daily Devotionals
Reset Devotionals
Church at the Grove Reset Devotionals
Walnut Grove Union Church is a biblically based, loving church following the teachings of Jesus.
The weekly sermons from Oak Grove Baptist Church in Salem, MO.
HG Women (north)
The women's ministry at Hickory Grove Baptist Church, North Campus
The sermons from the pastors of Oak Grove Baptist Church, Paducah Ky.
Recordings of the Sunday AM Bible studies at Calvary Chapel Laguna Creek in Elk Grove, CA.
We Are EG Podcast
We Are EG is a podcast series produced by the CollabLab at Elk Grove High School, located in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. The podcast highlights stories from staff, students and community. Through our stories, we learn not only about ourselves but build a community that shares common ideas, values and history.
This is the podcast of Oak Grove Baptist Church (OGBC) in Prairieville, Louisiana.
The preaching ministry of Youngs Grove Baptist Church.
GGFC Sermons
Garden Grove Friends Church seeks to live out the life-changing message of Jesus Christ and to witness Him change peoples' lives. #LivesChangedHere
The weekly teaching ministry of David Finch and River Ridge Neighborhood Church in Elk Grove, CA. For more information please visit
These are the podcasts available from Trinity United Methodist Church, Grove CIty, OH. Visit our website at
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Getting into the podcasting grove!!! In this episode, my first born, Ilijah-Tafari joins me to ask questions that dive into our home experience in answering Who Am I. We talk about transitioning to a plant based lifestyle, home birth vs. hospital births, the vegan experience in public school, Kemetic Yoga, Tai Chi and more!!! Get to know the Fr ...…
What’s up everyone! On today’s episode we talk to Chris Hall from Pine Grove, California. In this episode Chris and I sit down in person after an epic weekend of turkey hunting and podcast over Beers and Moscow Mules. Other topics discussed are talking to Chris about paying forth the tradition of hunting, how he was introduced to hunting along ...…
Barbara Snow joins KaliSara and RevKess for a discussion of her books and works. In her own words: Who I’ve been doesn’t matter except to give you a feel for who I am now. I lived many years in Houston, San Francisco, the mountains above Denver, and Cuenca, Ecuador. I lived with husbands, children, grandchildren, and happily alone with furry fr ...…
Social Immune Systems The Hidden Psychology of High-Stakes Organizational Decisions Some of the very best critical thinking research in the world has been done with flight crews and medical teams. There is an almost endless number of fascinating cases to explore. There’s one, though, that I’ve become more obsessed with than others. It happened ...…
Batavia residents are invited to invest in rain barrels in order to conserve water. The city is selling the barrels online through April twenty fourth for the eighth annual rain barrel sale. Weather: Today partly cloudy with a high of 42. Thunderstorms tomorrow with a high of 46 degrees. Wednesday cloudy with a high of 39 degrees. A pedestrian ...…
Amanda ventured deep into a world of beer and music from not only Maine, but Norway and Iceland. Strapped with her Lara Croft microphone halter, she prowls the Sunaana, a beer and music festival, looking for tune makers, beer drinkers, and quiet nooks to talk. Hang onto your lederhosen, go backstage, and join Amanda on her hunt for musicians an ...…
Stories are posted on the APRN news page. You can subscribe to APRN’s newsfeeds via email, podcast and RSS. Follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter @aprn Listen now Walker admin says Corps moving too fast on Pebble Liz Ruskin, Alaska Public Media – Washington D.C. The proposed gold and copper mine would sit upstream from Bristo ...…
Special guest, Reagan Taylor, Assistant US Attorney, joins Freddie Albaugh, Dr. Chuck Hannaford, and Anne Floyd to discuss strategies to help parents and family members assist kids not just navigate but also thrive in our digital world. Learn in this episode: pros & cons of social media and digital technology what the typical online predator "l ...…
This article is for: * Students who want to understand the true cost of their education and the sacrifices their parents make in order to make better choices with their careers. * Parents who make too much to get financial aid, but not enough to feel like they can comfortably afford private school. * Students and parents who feel bad for attend ...…
The post “Nehemiah Chapter Seven” by Pastor Ron Morein 03/25/2018 AM appeared first on Oak Grove Assembly of God.
The complete recording can be purchased at poetic romanceby John KeatsEndymion is the largest work by John Keats and was composed between April and November 1817. It was published in April 1818, and the critical reception was almost universally hostile. The plot is built around the ancient Greek ...…
Sam Lyons is today's guest on Impolite Company. Sam's a newer comic in the St. Louis Comedy Scene. He currently co-hosts "Yours, Mine, & Ours," a stand up showcase monthly at gezellig, in The Grove. He's also a fan of The Gilmore Girls
7 Tips to Help You Grow Your Email List You need good lead magnets 01:55 If you’re going to start collecting emails, you need good lead magnets. Put some thought into these. What will benefit your audience the most? Don’t be afraid to give a good idea away for free. It’s going to benefit you ten-fold in the end. Check out episode 20 for ideas o ...…
The post “Nehemiah Chapter Six” by Pastor Ron Morein 03/18/2018 AM appeared first on Oak Grove Assembly of God.
#eClub17 [Epic Session] [03/28/2018] When uplifting sounds meets psy-trance! with music & remix by: Steve Allen, Maarten De Jong, Ram, Driftmoon, U-Mont, Paul Denton, Estigma, Mike Sanders, Bryan Kearney, Sue McLaren, Attila Syah, Kaimo K and more! #eClub17 tracklist: 01. Moein Sanjary & A.R.M.I.N – Good Old Days [Alter Ego Records] 02. Phaxe & ...…
On the Junkshop Jukebox this month 'Everythings Gone Green':- Green River - Creedence Clearwater Revival Green Tamboribe - Lemon Pipers Green Shirt - Elvis Costello & the Attractions Green Island - Don Drummond Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine - Simon & Grafunkel The Green Manalishi (With The Two Prong Crown) -Fleetwood Mac I'm So Green - Can ...…
You’ve maybe heard about this trend of small towns losing younger generations to city jobs and culture. Thomas Trehus is on the other side of that equation, trying to build towards a better future for the community that raised him. He's the youngest school board member in Spring Grove MN and is running for the House of Representatives for Houst ...…
Active April is coming up where we encourage everyone to get active and start moving. Bring the family along to the Amazing Race, take part in our holiday programs as well as those we have on in the community such as at Selandra Rise and the Grove Estate,
Loved To The End Wk9 - Prayed For Us by Hope Community Church, Willow Grove
This week on Very Real Tournament we indulge Joey and his useless but impressive knowledge of a series no one has cared about in two decades, The Power Rangers. What other legendary team could we put up against The Power Rangers? Well it’s just a bunch of Park Rangers. Will these color coded teenagers take the day? Or will the victory go to the ...…
Steve and Nick unveil some new LTIP jingles to signal reoccuring bits like the "Never Again List" and "Power Moves". They also talk privately about living under a rock and not closing the door when you pee. UPCOMING SHOWS: April 7, 2018 | PUBLIC ACCESS @ THE BIG GROVE BREWERY | Iowa City, IA April 13, 2018 | STEVE LEAF & THE EX PATS @ ORE DOCK ...…
Palm Sunday Slam Poetry from St. Paul's UCC in Downers Grove, IL. John 12:12-16. Mocking the religious pretentiousness. "Remembered" podcastBy (Rev. Kirk Moore).
A new MP3 sermon from Oak Grove Baptist Church is now available on with the following details: Title: The Lord's Supper Part 2 Speaker: Rick Jefferds Broadcaster: Oak Grove Baptist Church Event: Sunday Service Date: 3/18/2018 Bible: 1 Corinthians 11:24-26 Length: 30 min. Overview: Whenever we consider the Lord's Supper, we must ...…
In this episode I sit down and introduce a woman who will be a reoccurring guest....Ryann Grove! Ryann talks about having come to Tucson from Atlanta, and the challenges she faced in finding culture beyond the chain stores and mini-malls. Through her exploration of Tucson's food scene, she became convinced that there is a side of Tucson many do ...…
In this episode we chatted up with MIKE ANDERSON, the marketing Yoda at Sightbox. We discussed CHEAP BEER, CHINA, YOUNG STEVE JOBS, BILL GATES, GORDON MOORE, ANDY GROVE, GIN & JUICE, and reviewed some SICK JAMS. Enjoy.
Out of the mutual appreciation for the gentle sounds from 1980’s ECM records, yacht rock, marimbas, fourth world music but also the easy folk-rock music you hear while taking a drive after partying till the morning and wanting to watch the sun come up, the Quietdudes want to soundtrack those moments for you. MIX: DOWNLOAD 1. Jon Bernoff & Marcu ...…
Carys, Eve, and February meet the illusive and elusive Dea, who proposes a seemingly lucrative (and possibly rigged) deal: seek out some missing folks in a dicey part of the Outlands and stop the spread of the Boundless Grove, a mystical forest threatening to consume... well, everything.
Our guest Douglas Newby of makes the case that Trinity Groves in Dallas would make a great home for Amazon HQ2. According to Doug " it was innovators and visionaries who created Trinity Groves", and their ideas on development mesh well with what Amazon is looking for in a second home. Doug also talks about how close T ...…
Dallas Neighborhood and Preservation specialist Douglas Newby talks about how the views on neighborhoods has changed, his early memories on the Trinity River Corridor Project, and what makes Trinity Groves such a great Dallas location.
Step Into My World is the monthly radio show / podcast from Amir Hussain, airing since 2015 - it has been a platform to showcase the best of the Trance & Progressive spectrum of Electronic music to rock your world! Amir hails from Bahrain, a country with no Electronic Music or Trance roots, he has fallen in love with electronic music back in 20 ...…
Educational and Developmental Psychologist with Monash University Christine Grove joined Jono Coleman and Laura V on The Good Life to talk about the benefits of therapy dogs in schools.
Every now and then a property gets put on the market that we know is going to generate a lot of interest. In one of the best streets in Ocean Grove, we announce such a property that will be of great interest to developers as well as owner-occupiers.Additionally, the second Sneak Peek is in Old Ocean Grove, perfect for families and flat walking ...…
Season 1 Episode 002 Bike Around Chiang Mai, Thailand In episode 002 Bike Around Chiang Mai, Thailand Scott and I discuss our experience as we rode thirty miles around Chiang Mai on a guided bike tour. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Our day started with meeting Ohm, from Click and Travel Online . He met us outside of town at ...…
This week on the Exercise Is Health podcast, Julie and Charlie interview Mike Koziol of Whole Health Acupuncture in Elk Grove Village, IL. Mike is a licensed acupuncturist and discusses his own personal journey of being treated with Chinese medicine to improve his own health and his subsequent study and practice of acupuncture. We discuss topic ...…
The post “Built to Be an Overcomer” by Brent Johnson, Jacob’s Hope Director 03/11/2018 AM appeared first on Oak Grove Assembly of God.
This podcast features the song “Lord, You're the Best Thing"(The Nunn Sisters)as well as the message “Why Will there be Tears in Heaven?” given by Pastor Stephen Pope from the pulpit of Calvary Baptist Church(Union Grove, NC).
Second recording a little thought of the day as I struggle to get my grove back to the gym
SASD Directors: Jeannie Bruins (Alternate – Miller), Sue Frost, Patrick Hume (Alternate-Ly), Patrick Kennedy, Andy Morin (Alternate – Miklos), Don Nottoli, Susan Peters, Phil Serna, Robert McGarvey (Alternate – Gatewood), Larry Carr, (Alternate - Guerra) Regional Sanitation Directors: Jeannie Bruins (City of Citrus Heights Alternate – Miller),S ...…
Dani Lutz is a 16 year old junior at Groves High School in Southfield, Michigan. She started the charity reWEARable, which collects new, gently used dresses, shoes and accessories for girls who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford them for prom. reWEARable is a non profit organization with the mission to provide young girls with a newfound conf ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Oak Grove Baptist Church is now available on with the following details: Title: The Lord's Supper Pt. 1 Speaker: Rick Jefferds Broadcaster: Oak Grove Baptist Church Event: Sunday Service Date: 3/11/2018 Bible: Matthew 26:26-29 Length: 33 min. Overview: This is the first part of a three part series on the Lo ...…
Welcome to Floor 9! This week we are live from Austin, Texas at the South by Southwest festival (SXSW). Each year the Lab heads down to Austin to meet with emerging startups, experience brand activations, and discover the trends coming out of SXSW that brands need to know about. We are joined this week by special guests Chris Grove, VP US Produ ...…
We have added a new page for evangelism on our website . Here is the third of the sermons found in that page. It is part of a 3 part series by Pastor James Grove on Salvation & Soul Winning. We encourage you to listen!
Tracklist 1. Simon Patterson Feat Lucy Pullin – Fall For You (Extended Mix) 2. Susana & Neev Kennedy – The Promise (Kaimo K Extended Mix) 3. Ahmed Romel & Allen Watts – Typhoon (Extended Mix) 4. Exouler – Traun (Extended Mix) 5. Katty Heath – Connection Through Sound (Extended Mix) 6. Jak Aggas – Strangers - Like Me (Extended Mix) 7. Craig Conn ...…
Anthony Rozmajzl, an economics major at Grove City College, won first place in the Thomas E. Woods Prizes at this year's Austrian Student Scholars Conference for his paper on blockchain technology and its applications beyond cryptocurrency. He shares his key points with us today. Show notes for Ep. 1112…
Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: The Royal Wedding CrashersSubtitle: The Royal Babysitters, Book 2Author: Clémentine BeauvaisNarrator: Melody GroveFormat: UnabridgedLength: 1 hr and 53 minsLanguage: EnglishRelease date: 02-16-17Publisher: Whole Story AudiobooksGenres: Kids, Ages 8-10 ...…
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