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The only ALL David Hasselhoff podcast! Discussing the latest in the career of the one and only Hoff! Music, movies, television, and making a difference. Hosted by Robert Knight
Number 1s
Comedian Hoff Matthews reviews the week's most popular films, music, TV and books.
Charged Up! with Jenny Hoff
Charged up! with Jenny Hoff is a personal finance podcast where we talk to experts and answer your questions about credit, debt, small business and creating financial security. Jenny Hoff is a veteran journalist, personal finance expert and managing editor at To read transcripts of the podcast episodes and get more information on credit, visit
Ghoul Squad
The Ghoul Squad Podcast is an audio podcast about all things horror! Each episode of the podcast Keegan and Erik will discuss horror films and horror television that they've seen lately, horror news followed by an in depth horror topic. Ghoul Squad is hosted by Keegan Przeslak and Erik Hoff out of New Mexico. Follow us on Twitter @GhoulSquadFM Follow us on Instagram @GhoulSquadFM E-mail us at
There Is No Gender Wage Gap
There Is No Gender Wage Gapaudio EnglishIs there a gender wage gap? Are women paid less than men to do the same work? Christina Hoff Sommers, Resident Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, explains the data.VISIT PragerU!
David Hasselhoff: Meet the Developer
David Hasselhoff discusses his new app, Hoff Zombie Beach. The game revolves around the iconic Hoff himself, defending a beach from a wave of mutant zombies approaching from the depths of the sea. Hosted by Craig Stevens at the Apple Store, Regent Street in London.
Life Coach and Author Sheri Kaye Hoff
Live Every Day with More Freedom, Happiness, and Success. Dr. Sheri's broadcasts to inspire you to live your joy and do what you love. Get your free gift at Sheri Kaye Hoff, PhD, MA, CGCL is a Life Coach, and Business Coach. She is a best selling author of transformational books. She is a near death survivor/thriver. She is a noted radio show guest,keynote speaker, and workshop leader. Coach Sheri uses a coaching approach that is spiritual, action oriented, intuitive, ...
There Is No Gender Wage Gap
There Is No Gender Wage Gapaudio EnglishIs there a gender wage gap? Are women paid less than men to do the same work? Christina Hoff Sommers, Resident Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, explains the data.VISIT PragerU!
Twice Around
Have you ever wondered whether the American Dream is dead? What about the Economics of Adulting? And should you be optimizing for happiness or contentment? If you’ve ever thought about any of these issues, you’ll have to tune into Twice Around. Hosted by Mary Daly and Jody Hoff (colleagues, best friends, and mentors), each episode is a journey marked by myth-challenging, insights, and advice. Is the Rags-to-Riches trope a real thing? Listen to find out.
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Candace Bryan and Ryan Sartor give their takes on Taylor Swift’s REPUTATION (5:20) and THE VOICE S13E23, “Live Top 10 Eliminations” (38:17). Hoff gives an overview of the new children’s book DIARY OF A WIMPY KID: THE GETAWAY (1:06:40).
Christian Polanco (The Cooligans) guests this week! He and Hoff expand on last week’s discussions of COCO (2:03) and Taylor Swift (15:42) and talk THE VOICE S13E20, “Live Top 11 Performances” (31:48) and the Janet Evanovich novel HARDCORE TWENTY-FOUR (55:08).
Michele Nash-Hoff, President of ElectroFab Sales, and author of “Rebuild Manufacturing- The Key to American Prosperity,” returned to BISTalk. Michele discussed her book (available on Amazon), and the business of helping small American manufacturers grow their customer base through marketing sales, and customer service.…
Sam Greenberg and Mike Proscino join Hoff for a special Connecticut edition of Number 1s. They talk COCO (1:57), the Taylor Swift album REPUTATION (29:54), the 60 MINUTES episode “Catastrophe, Voyagers, Rebuilding from the Wreckage” (46:47), and the Michael Connelly novel TWO KINDS OF TRUTH (1:05:52).…
David and Tamler keep their Nagel streak alive, discussing the essay "The Fragmention of Value" from his collection "Mortal Questions." How should we address our fragmented moral landscape, with multiple sources of value that can't be reduced or systematically ordered? Does this make all of our moral decisions arbitrary? Plus, we talk about Lou ...…
I chat with the very interesting Niall O'Murchu about Wim Hoff, Shaolin Monks, Traditional Irish methods of natural healing and this, that and the other. Really really interesting to hear about natural herbs available in our gardens than can heal.If you want to find out more about Niall go to…
Justice and Drew have a great conversation with Christina Hoff Sommers to discuss a "war against boys" in schools. Later, they talk with Fox contributor Katie Pavlich about several issues including the news that has recently broken about the Clintons and DNC funding THAT dossier and more.
Justice and Drew have a great conversation with Christina Hoff Sommers to discuss a "war against boys" in schools. Later, they talk with Fox contributor Katie Pavlich about several issues including the news that has recently broken about the Clintons and DNC funding THAT dossier and more.
Morning Rituals | Meditating in Noisy Places | The Power of Morning Workouts | Letting Go of Fear | Learning New Skills | Creating Safe Spaces | Finding Your Voice | TEDx Tricia Brouk boasts extensive experience in the entertainment industry, as a screen writer, choreographer and director. She hosts a podcast called The Big Talk and coaches spe ...…
Barely Soccer Podcast - Soccer, Culture, Whatever we feel like - MLS, EPL, USMNT
Hosts Danny and Hoff are going in a different direction. Basically it’s the same direction, but with a new podcast title, Barely Soccer Podcast. USA missing their chance to be in the World Cup has changed everything, including us. Why We Hate Soccer USMNT = No world cup Wenger is old and he sucks Liverpool […] The post Barely Soccer Podcast: Wh ...…
Rabbi Hershel Lutch, MBA, is the Executive Director of MEOR, a leading Jewish education and outreach organization active on top American university campuses. He has previously held leadership positions within a number of other prominent Jewish organizations. Serving as MEOR’s chief professional, Hershel leads a dynamic staff of educators and ov ...…
A skimpy selection of weights, a broken treadmill and a crowded room of conference goers -- hotel gyms often lack the allure of your regular routine and can make you want to hit snooze instead of lacing up your sneakers. But don't let a bad hotel gym sideline your good intentions. With a few smart tips you can make the most of in-room options a ...…
Brandon Scott Wolf (comedian, joins Hoff to talk BLADE RUNNER 2049. They talked about other stuff too but the audio files got screwed up, so this episode gets cut short sooner than it was supposed to. Sorry!
Michele Nash-Hoff, ElectroFab Sales joins Bob to discuss how she has been in and out of San Diego’s high-tech manufacturing industry since starting as an engineering secretary at age 18. Her career includes being part of the founding team of an electronic component manufacturer and working in the Marketing Department of Cubic Corporation’s Mili ...…
In this edition of WYSO Weekend: Unintentional drug overdose deaths in Montgomery County for 2017 now stand at 499. The numbers came in a monthly update from Public Health Dayton, and Montgomery County Alcohol, Drug Addiction, and Mental Health Services. At the press conference, three young people - Cory Kabara , Andrew Leadford and Sarah Fowle ...…
Today we sit down withShanice Malakai of Malakai Creative!We change things up and hear from our producer, Hoff for about the first eight minutes talking and the benefits of facial hair and a Heavyweights movie preview.Jump to 7:40Shanice is a producer, director, and amazing lady! She talks about her upcoming feature film, SNAP. We go into her a ...…
Se Joe joins Hoff to discuss KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE, the Thomas Rhett album LIFE CHANGES, and BIG BROTHER S19E38. Hoff and Joe break down KINGSMAN's layered political allegory and Joe introduces Hoff to a reality show about making swords.
Sponsor: Matt DawsonHello everyone, in this episode Dono and Pat talk about a truly iconic film...Blade Runner! Listen as we talk about our first experiences and likes about this film as well as what we hope Blade Runner 2049 will be like. Please remember we also have a Listener Mail segment we would like to do, so please em ...…
With all the movies and serials and cartoons I've been commenting on, we've fallen behind on audio adventures. We've got a bunch of doozies today. We'll largely listen to Star Trek -- though probably not the Star Trek you were expecting. If you'd like to read along with the (terrible) comics mentioned on the podcast, the complete collection is ...…
Melissa Rocha joins Hoff to discuss THE BIG BANG THEORY S10E23 "The Gyroscopic Collapse" (1:58), the LCD Soundsystem album AMERICAN DREAM (22:59) and the Sue Grafton novel Y IS FOR YESTERDAY (36:11).
This week Kat and Jamie travel down the path of Knight Rider. Join us as we take in some Hoff.By
Andrei Alupului and Doug Kellner join Hoff to talk the new movie version of Stephen King’s IT (1:32), the Lil Uzi Vert album LUV IS RAGE 2 (36:43), and AMERICA’S GOT TALENT S12E20 (49:29). They all float! They all float down here, Georgie!
In conjunction with Comicbuzz, Stephen Fagan, James Mason, Evan O'Grady & Kathleen McRory discuss, muse, rant and bant about:Send in the Clowns.The Dark vs The Ripper!Don't Benjamin Button Billy Batson!A Bee by any other name.Obi-Wan More Time.Someone got 'em Wet!The Hoff: Too Orangey for Crows.The Doctor vs The Chasers?Somewhere in the back of ...…
Nick Hoff and I and Andrew Rose all did a week together at the Loony Bin in Tulsa OK and we are better people because of it! From awkward cop interactions to weird Starbucks people we really made the most of our time. It’s all here in this late night “Comedians talking shit” style pod. Enjoy Nick Hoff Andrew Rose Loony Bin Tulsa…
It's a family affair on Number 1s as Hoff welcomes his dad, Hank Hoffman, to discuss ALIEN: COVENANT (4:19; now available on home video at Best Video Film & Cultural Center, among other places); the Kesha album RAINBOW (19:39); AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR S09E11, "Kansas City City Finals" (31:30) and the Jeannette Walls memoir THE GLASS CASTLE (40:0 ...…
The Challengers Soccer Podcast
Will and Patrick have melted plastic. The herren rejoice at the ability to talk Bundesliga soccer again, diving into the season opener between Bayern Munich and Bayer Leverkusen and Borussia Dortmund’s impressive match. Plus, they discuss the early progress of their preseason #hottakes along with Hoffenheim and Werder Bremen’s snoozer and the R ...…
Ihr könnt die Folge auch hier herunterladen. Hallo Rückenkalligraphinnen und Männer in Eisernen Masken, falls jemand unter euch die Illusion hatte, dass wir letzte Woche ungewöhnlich lang über die Episode reden konnten, werdet ihr heute etwas überrascht sein. Ich biete euch: die längste Folge unseres Podcasts bisher! Da müssen wir uns nächste W ...…
Body Counts And Beer
Looking for sound gambling advice? Always bet on black, and when it comes to Wesley Snipes, always bet on Drop Zone! This week, we hoped for aerial action film lightning to strike twice with PASSENGER 57, and boy howdy, were we let down. Listen as we do everything in our power to talk about anything other than Passenger 57, such as: holding an ...…
Comedian Doug Kellner watches GAME OF THRONES for the first time (S07E06, "Beyond the Wall") and shares his reaction with Hoff (1:02). They also discuss the movie THE HITMAN'S BODYGUARD (38:38) and the Kendrick Lamar album DAMN. (50:40), then pound back some BookShots in honor of James Patterson and Maxine Paetro's THE MEDICAL EXAMINER (1:05:20).…
Welcome back to Those Movie Guys Podcast. Your one stop shop for movie news, reviews, and everything in between. This week we discuss some sad celebrity deaths, The Birds TV show, horror in IMAX, the Hoff wants Logan, people starring at the sky, rape cases can't be dismissed, rental premiums, a huge lego set, and so much more. Sit back, relax, ...…
If you’ve ever been curious what Wi-Fi looks like, or how Wi-Fi on a plane works, or the possible effects of microwaving pizza on your Wi-Fi this video! Reply All podcast about Dr. John Romulus Brinkley → film NUTS! about Dr. John Romulus Brinkley → http://www.nutsth ...…
Brett Arnold and Joe Avella of the New Flesh horror movie podcast join Hoff to discuss ANNABELLE: CREATION, DATELINE's "Saturday Night Mystery: Secret Lives," the Arcade Fire album EVERYTHING NOW, and Michael Connelly's novel THE LATE SHOW. Joe dabbles in online gaming.
Katie plays her usual mix of brand-new and recent songs by Australian artists and a few classics by overseas artists, and does two interviews: one on the phone with Josh Teskey from local soul-blues band The Teskey Brothers, and the other with in-studio guest Larissa Tandy. The Teskey Brothers, from the Yarra Valley, recently released a superb ...…
Hoff subjects his comedian friend Lukas Kaiser to THE DARK TOWER, Lana Del Rey's LUST FOR LIFE and an episode of BLUE BLOODS (S07E02, "Good Cop Bad Cop"). Hoff and Lukas try to name three things they liked about each #1 and they manage to do it but it's not easy.
JOYFull - A Raw Journal of the Mindful Revolution
This episode goes back to the raw a bit. Progress can be like that, two steps forward and one step back. But remember, it is progress. After a personal digression, I give an intro to a Wim Hoff breath technique And a little about the place we're staying for a while. Self-reporting a correction however: I mentioned a "Pilgrim" heritage. But that ...…
Healing Business Podcast ~ Inspiring Business Podcast for Healers by Healers
Notes: Movement Specialist Mazlow’s hierarchy: Amplify conversation to more people Align podcast What is pain? Tom Myers “sensation to flee from stimulus” Your body telling you something is wrong. “This physical body is a story” Ted talk body position Dance reduces dementia Jack Kruse ...…
Once More, With Feeling - Euer Buffy Rewatch Podcast
Ihr könnt die Folge auch hier herunterladen. Guten Abend Streithammel und Avantgarde Musikerinnen, willkommen bei meinem erfolglosen Versuch Petra “Der Yoko-Faktor” etwas näher zu bringen. Ich kann mich nicht erinnern, ob wir bereits so unterschiedlicher Meinung über eine Buffy Episode waren. Es ist ja auch gar nicht schlimm, aber manchmal höre ...…
P.S. I Love Hoffman: A Film By Film Retrospective of Philip Seymour Hoffman
How's the peeping? Well, how's the listening Hoff-Fans? You tell us after tuning in to our latest episode! We discuss the 1999 suspense film The Talented Mr. Ripley with CageClub co-founder Michael Manzi! Mr. Ripley has a young all-star cast of Matt Damon, Jude Law, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cate Blanchett, and our main man Phillip Seymour Hoffman!…
The Orange Cactus Coffee Podcast: Specialty Coffee | Roasting & Brewing | Espresso | Mike Kinkade & Jake Goble
In episode 111 of the Daily Ristretto, I talked a little bit about Step One Coffee house, a local cafe with a different way to support local women in need. No mythical gender wage gap tax needed. Here are the videos I referenced in the show: Thomas Sowell and Christina Hoff Sommers. -Jake
Improviser Andrei Alupului joins Hoff to talk THE EMOJI MOVIE, yet another episode of BIG BROTHER, JAY-Z's 4:44 and Daniel Silva's novel HOUSE OF SPIES. Spoiler: A few of these things are really not very good.
The Good Intentions Podcast
Christina Hoff Sommers talks with Dave Rael about subjects that matter including feminism, sensitivity, family, and common interests Chapters: 0:52 - Note on editing of this audio and the absence of video 1:51 - Christina, the "Factual Feminist" 3:23 - Christina's life and family and the benefits of working in a think-tank 5:46 - The theft of f ...…
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