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Miscarriages of justice are often overlooked in the UK. After all, tales of wrongful conviction are consigned to the United States, right? At least, that's what the array of documentaries available would have us believe. But we are no strangers to sending innocent people to prison in the UK; take the Birmingham 6, the Guildford 4 and the Cardiff 3 as examples. These problems remain today, albeit very quietly. Un:Just seeks to explore the weird and shameful world of miscarriages of justice. W ...
This is Kingdom Social Justice Solutions, a podcast where we discuss innovative solutions to chronic social justice issues in our current society. We will discuss best practices and strategies for achieving success in tackling social justice issues. Support this podcast:
Welcome to The Psychology Podcast with Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman, where we give you insights into the mind, brain, behavior and creativity. Each episode we’ll feature a guest who will stimulate your mind, and give you a greater understanding of your self, others, and the world we live in. Hopefully, we’ll also provide a glimpse into human possibility! Thanks for listening and enjoy the podcast.
Upside Down Podcast
Upside Down Podcast features unscripted conversations on spirituality, culture, and God's Upside Down Kingdom. We dive into justice, spirituality, and Christian culture. No topic is off limits.Upside Down Podcast is a collaborative, Christian podcast co-hosted by Kayla Craig and Lindsy Wallace. Some of our most popular episodes include Hashtag Blessed, The Enneagram, Downward Mobility, Gentrification, and a special interview with John Perkins, civil rights leader and founder of the Christian ...
The Nancy Lockhart Show
We Bridge The Gaps To Justice.
The Solomon Success podcast is dedicated to the timeless wisdom of King Solomon and the Book of Proverbs in order to maximize one’s business and life. To our advantage, we can find King Solomon’s financial strategies in addition to many life philosophies documented in biblical scriptures. Focusing on these enduring fundamentals of success allows us to bypass the “get-rich-quick” schemes that cause many to stumble on their journey toward success. Our concern is not only spiritual in nature, b ...
Solving Healthcare is a podcast series to be launched on September 2019 by the Resource Optimization Network. Led by Dr. Kwadwo Kyeremanteng, a palliative care & intensive care doctor based in Ottawa, these podcasts will feature interviews and discussions on the topic of improving healthcare delivery in Canada. Underpinned by the values of cost-effectiveness, dignity, and justice, these podcasts will challenge the status quo, leaving no stone unturned as we explore gaps, assumptions, and dif ...
We’re on a mission to make life better for you in the city. Join journalist Jan Fran on the streets as she tackles the questions we need to be asking about sexism in our cities, like: How is there still a pay gap in 2018? Can a street be sexist? Has gender equality changed since the 1960s? You’ll meet inspiring guests, hear real life stories, and discover practical tips to call for justice on the streets, at work, in bars, buses and banks. If you’ve ever experienced sexual harassment, witnes ...
The Hinckley Institute Radio Hour is a weekly program featuring forums on local, national, and international issues important to people living in Utah.
The Agenda with Steve Paikin is TVO's flagship current affairs program - devoted to exploring the social, political, cultural and economic issues that are changing our world, at home and abroad. The Agenda airs weeknights at 8:00 PM EST on TVO - Canada's largest educational broadcaster.
CMO Moves
An Adweek Brandweek podcast hosted by Nadine Dietz that shares the human side of game-changing CMOs. How did they get to the top? What rules did they have to break along the way? Who do they see as their role models? How do they inspire and grow their teams to greatness? Tune in to hear the personal success stories behind these incredible leaders.
Willie Hamilton and Terrell McKinney are here to bridge communication gaps, to be transparent, and to put words in to action. From two perspectives young and old also with a wide variety of guest be sure to tune in weekly.
Financial Therapist, Mamapreneur, Founder of Art of Money year-long program & Author of The Art of Money book.
Mediation Station
A PowerPress site
Colorado Matters
Hosted by Ryan Warner, CPR News' daily interview show focuses on the state's people, issues and ideas.
Erin Burnet OutFront: Out in the field. In front of the headlines. A courageous and unconventional nightly news program.
How to Citizen
There is a world of difference between the theory we learnt in school and the reality we experience everyday. This is especially true about Civics. This podcast lays bare the gap between what textbooks preach to school kids about politics and what we actually see in Indian politics. Starting with the 8th Grade CBSE CIvics textbook ( ), every episode will have a guest who will talk about their reflections, do ...
How artificial intelligence (AI) and other cutting-edge technologies are transforming the law and legal profession.
Ancient wisdom. Rich story-telling. Fresh, uprooting ideas. The antidote to the shallowness out there. I’m Maseh Hadaf. This is DeepTox.
The Accelerated Radio Network was created to provide a platform for Students learning the Art of Broadcasting. Accelerated Radio School of Broadcasting!
Join Charles Rotramel and Gregg Taylor for the reClaimed podcast. Conversations that shed hopeful light on challenging subjects and social justice issues.
What's Your Truth
What's Your Truth host Nickolas Jordan is on a journey to find truth in the universe and he needs your help. Dr. Jordan is an Associate Professor and Program Director of the Marriage and Family Therapy within the Department of Human Development and Psychological Counseling at Appalachian State University. His professional interests include Diversity, Social Justice and relationships created, maintained and terminated through online video games and other Social Media.
Each week, Black Issues Forum presents a diverse panel of guests discussion topics on an unlimited number of topics including politics, social concerns, health, education, justice, entertainment, technology, public policy, media and who’s who. Through weekly discussions, viewers are provided information they can use to hopefully improve their lives and the world around them.The goals of BLACK ISSUES FORUM are to: a) provide a vehicle for a balanced exchange of views on topics of vital import ...
First Peoples Disability Network (Australia) is a national organisation of and for Australia’s First Peoples with disability, their families and communities. Its purpose is to promote respect for human rights, secure social justice, and empower First Peoples with disability to participate in Australian society on an equal basis with others. We are the custodians of the narratives of First Peoples with disability, their families and communities and we recognise this important responsibility.B ...
Hash It Out
Change starts by listening.
Audios that might be interesting to somebody else than me.
Legal analysis and commentary from with the columinst team of Vikram Amar, Neil Buchanan, Sherry Colb, John Dean, Michael Dorf, Joanna Grossman, Marci Hamilton, Julie Hilden, Joanne Mariner and Anita Ramasastry.
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Worldwide Underground every Friday 8pm on Music-Talk-EntertainmentBy Accelerated Radio.
The Opinionator Show with The Bias Opinion every Friday 7pm on Music-Talk-EntertainmentBy Accelerated Radio.
Instruments of Prayze every Friday 6pm on Music-Talk-EntertainmentBy Accelerated Radio.
AcceleratedRadio School of Broadcasting / The Brotherhood CrusadeBy Accelerated Radio.
People say money is the biggest reason couples get divorced. But I disagree.Whether you’re just beginning your life together or just celebrated your golden anniversary, these tools and practices have been tested and loved by many couples before you, who have stepped into more intimate, empowered, and peaceful money relationships together.Here a ...…
White House in damage control mode after Chief of Staff admits to quid pro quo with Ukraine; Mulvaney admits to quid pro quo with Ukraine despite repeated Trump denials that no such deal existed; Department of Justice official on quid pro quo admission: "That is news to us"; Mulvaney: Politics involved in foreign policy, "get over it"; Represen ...…
Hotep-ish every Thursday 8pm PST on AcceleratedRadio.netBy Accelerated Radio.
Keeping it Real w/Mimi every Thursday 7pm on AcceleratedRadio.NetBy Accelerated Radio.
Commissioned Steps Gospel Radio every Thursday 6pm on AcceleratedRadio.NetBy Accelerated Radio.
When voters are asked to list their top issues, health care invariably breaks the top five. This time around, the parties' offerings range from boosting the Canada Health Transfer to major new pharma and dental care plans. The Agenda unpacks the proposals on offer to Canadians.By TVO | Steve Paikin.
Earlier this year, The Agenda featured an interview with journalist Renee Pellerin about her new book, ,Conspiracy of Hope., The gist of the book is that too many women are going for unnecessary mammograms. It was a controversial book and prompted a dissenting email to the show from Dr. Paula Gordon, a clinical professor in the radiology depart ...…
From her early days in finance to fashion, to now adtech, Susan Vobejda defines her professional journey so far as a learning career. And with the desire to be on the cutting edge of tech and data-led growth, Susan made the move from CMO of Tory Burch to CMO of The Trade Desk. But even with a firm grasp on data as what she refers to as one of " ...…
You Are The Money every Thursday 11am PST on AcceleratedRadio.NetBy Accelerated Radio.
The head of Colorado's prison system said he wants to reduce recidivism by doing a better job of preparing inmates for release. Dean Williams said one change he’d make would be to allow inmates to work outside of prison in advance of their release. Williams and Jeff Johnson, a parolee who advocates for prison reform, spoke on CPR's Colorado Mat ...…
A leading expert in the psychology of savantism for over 40 years and the scientific advisor for the film Rain Man, Darold Treffert is a wellspring of knowledge on this fascinating yet often misunderstood condition. In this episode we cover the brain anatomy of savantism, its causes and some of the incredible abilities of famous savants like Ki ...…
The TakeOver Top 5 Countdown airs every Wednesday night at 10pm PST exclusively on AcceleratedRadio.NetBy Accelerated Radio.
Democrats walk out of White House meeting on Syria accusing Trump of a "meltdown" and calling Pelosi a "third grade politician"; House passes resolution to condemn Trump's Syria troops withdrawal, 129 Republicans voted with Democrats; Trump's letter to Erdogan: "Don't be a tough guy. Don't be a fool!"; U.S. Ambassador to EU Gordon Sondland to t ...…
The Lulu & Friends Show every Wednesday 8pm on Music-Talk-EntertainmentBy Accelerated Radio.
The Keisha Cali Kickback airs every Wednesday evening at 6pm PST exclusively on AcceleratedRadio.NetBy Accelerated Radio.
Hi folks! I chat about penetrating trauma in remote care this episode Show notes: The slides to go with podcast Penetrating torso trauma in remote Oz PHARM version Podcast ( available here and on iTunes) [] Right Click and Choose Save-as ...…
In past election campaigns, debt and deficits have dominated the conversation. Think of Paul Martin's demand in the 1990s to slay the deficit dragon ,come hell or high water., Even in the last federal election, the NDP ran on a promise of balancing the budget. This time around, concerns about debt and deficits are barely registering. The Agenda ...…
Green Believers weds 2-3 pm pst acceleratedradio.netBy Accelerated Radio.
In the ruins of ancient buildings near Farmington, New Mexico, the ceilings are covered with historic graffiti. Turns out the inscriptions were left by people who explored the site in the early 1800s. A Cortez historian is studying what they wrote.
Good News Radio Magazine Weds 1-2 pm pst acceleratedradio.netBy Accelerated Radio.
Hinckley Institute Radio Hour – This week on the program, we air a forum on trade wars, tariffs and U.S. economic policy in the global market. Free and unfettered trade has been a lasting cornerstone of U.S. policy since WWII, with the U.S. making itself increasingly interconnected with global trade and supply chains. However, the free […]…
How do you modernise the technology of a huge organisation like the UK's Ministry of Justice? Kim Rowan has some bright ideas. Read Kim's post on the Application Modernisation Team For more technical posts, read the Just-Tech blog on Medium.By Terence Eden.
How this one simple tool saved my butt on stage, and how it can change your money life for good. by Bari TesslerBy Bari Tessler.
Biden, Warren sharing frontrunner status at tonight's debate; Chairman of Ohio Democratic Party speaks in debate hall. via KnitBy Erin Burnett OutFront.
P.L.O.P.P. Life with hosts Deshon and Sacha airs every Tuesday night at 8pm PST exclusively on AcceleratedRadio.NetBy Accelerated Radio.
Bridging Da Gap Radio with hosts Revy Reg and B.Eazy airs every Tuesday night at 7pm PST exclusively on AcceleratedRadio.NetBy Accelerated Radio.
Hi folks!Long time friend of the show, paramedic Ben Gilmour is back to talk about his new book! Show notes: (From Ben) Some links, I guess these: Review of The Gap in the Canberra Times Article on paramedic mental health in SMH here h ...…
Taboo Talk with host Tiff Talk TV airs every Tuesday evening at 6pm PST exclusively on AcceleratedRadio.NetBy Accelerated Radio.
Epiphany w/ Miyume every Tuesday 8pm PST on YikesRadio.comBy Accelerated Radio.
Epiphany w/ Miyume every Tuesday 8pm PST on YikesRadio.comBy Accelerated Radio.
Most of Canada's population lives in cities along the southern border. That means during a federal election campaign, issues such as transit, housing, and affordability translate into complicated cross-jurisdictional problems. The Agenda discusses what the parties are offering on key urban priorities.…
When you're dead, who inherits your twitter followers? Who controls your Instagram profile, or you're your online trading account? It's not something that many of us think about, but author Sharon Hartung's has researched this delicate online issue. She joins The Agenda to talk about her book, "Your Digital Undertaker: Exploring Death in the Di ...…
Interview with Attorney Marcela Evans about her experience practicing immigration law. --- Support this podcast:
When the economy’s good, the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights gives Coloradans refunds. We host a debate on Prop CC, which would let the state keep that money. Then, children of immigrants may feel caught between different worlds. Two teens document their personal stories. And, “Bears Don’t Care.” Plus, Ginger Baker, famed musician, Colorado polo pioneer.…
The last two federal leaders' debates took place this week - the English debate and the second French debate. Did they change the conversation, or the race? Nam Kiwanuka talks to Erin Kelly, CEO of Advanced Symbolics Inc., the pollster with Polly, the artificial intelligence algorithm that's watching this all very closely.…
The Agenda's weekly review includes debriefing the federal English-language leaders' debate. Then, a discussion of where the parties stand on climate policy. And, journalist Robyn Doolittle discusses her book, "Had It Coming: What's Fair in the Age of #MeToo."By TVO | Steve Paikin.
Every election has its own rhythm: what issues matter, who gets traction, what does and doesn't end up defining the race. For more than 40 years, Jeffrey Simpson has watched politicians across Canada campaign. The Governor-General's award-winning author and former Globe and Mail national affairs columnist talks to Steve Paikin about his impress ...…
Str8OutDaTrunkRadio monday 10pm-12am acceleratedradio.netBy Accelerated Radio.
Former Trump adviser testifying in impeachment probe; State department official, ambassador set to testify this week; Washington Post: Trump's EU Ambassador plans to tell lawmakers Ukraine quid pro quo denial was dictated by Trump; Former Trump adviser still testifying in impeachment probe; Federal investigators talking to witnesses about Giuli ...…
The Tony Montana Show w/Angel, Carlos Carrasco, & DJ Laggz airs every Monday night at 8pm PST exclusively on AcceleratedRadio.NetBy Accelerated Radio.
The Natural and Spiritually Speaking Show airs every Monday night at 7pm PST exclusively on AcceleratedRadio.NetBy Accelerated Radio.
G Vibes Radio Show Mondays 6-7pm PST. ACCELERATEDRADIO.NETBy Accelerated Radio.
Board games are enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Is it an ironic-retro thing or just a good way to spend some leisure time? The Agenda talks to board-game enthusiasts who say those activities are so much more than just fun and games, but rather, a window into the human condition.By TVO | Steve Paikin.
American comedian, actor, and musician in the band Valley Lodge, Dave Hill is immensely proud of his one-quarter Canadian roots. Fuelled by his grandfather's assertion that Canada is the greatest nation on earth, Hill set out years later to discover the truth. The result is his book, "Parking the Moose: One American's Epic Quest to Uncover His ...…
Rabbi Moffic explores the question of whether it's a sin to be rich. Many in today's society equate being wealthy with sin in our society. But, in reality, how we use money reflects our innermost values. Part of building wealth is solving problems. People that see money as a sin think of money as a scarce resource, that if we have some then the ...…
It's Columbus Day. But should it be? In Colorado. the debate over the holiday continues. And, a lung disease in young people--it's not vaping. This has to do with workers who manufacture counter tops. Then, a Colorado woman dedicated to rebuilding housing in Nepal. Also, a couple writes a musical about raising children.…
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