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The daily podcast in which hosts Cassandra and Norman analyze the Lord of the Rings (Extended Edition) Trilogy one minute at a time.
A podcast series to accompany Richard Herring's 2015 stand-up tour. It featured stories of life on the road as he travelled round 70+ UK towns.
Lords of the Storm is a weekly Heroes of the Storm Podcast. New episodes every Thursday!
MP3 Audio Teaching by Andrew Wommack.
A cricket podcast full of interviews and discussion hosted at the Home of Cricket.
Join us for biblical preaching and a time of spiritual refreshment on Rejoice in the Lord from the Campus Church.
Praise The Lord
Heard on 20 Radio Stations. Here they are. 1 WXYZ Kane, Pa. 2 WFSN Union City,PA 3 WXED Ellwood City, PA 4 WUUK Canadohta Lake, Pa 5 WHYP Corry, Pa 6 WLDJ New Castle, Pa 7 RKP Radio Washington, Pa 8 VOTL Radio Livermore, KY 9 WHSB Internet Radio Columbus, OH 10 VFR Radio UK 11 Shoreways Radio UK 12 Heat FM Internet Radio 13 Good Music Radio, Arizona 14 Kalidescope Radio KRN Novia Scocia Canada. 15 OMCRN Radio, Oak Hills West Virginia. 16 Hidden Jems Radio, Canada 17 WPBS, Cambridge Ohio, 18 ...
I saw the Lord
Burden of Proof Publications presents I Saw the Lord. This is a podcast featuring Brandon Russell (@BOPpublications) and Brent Wright (@brentley_wright). Together they go through each chapter of Burden of Proof: Using Known Concepts to Reveal Eternal Truths in order to provide an insightful commentary.
Perspective from the Holy Scriptures - Join Fr. Christophe Lepoutre as he follows up on his popular Healing Addictions podcast with this exploration of the wider aspects of both Christ and His Church’s curative capacities.
Lorde talks The Spinoff's Henry Oliver through the lyrics, songwriting and production of every song on her new album Melodrama
Devotional thoughts and comments from the staff at In Search of the Lord's Way, the television ministry of the Edmond Church of Christ in Edmond, Oklahoma.
Sing to the Lord
Exploring the Many Facets of Orthodox Liturgical Singing - A program devoted to exploring Orthodox liturgical singing and related topics. We will explore the theology of singing and Orthodox worship over the centuries, different types of hymns and genres, the origins and structures of various chant systems, and the various hymnographers and composers.
Radio broadcast versions of Pastor Isy's sermons from "Church on the Beach"; in Kona, Hawaii
Weekly homilies of Father David Neuschwander
Lord Dunsany (24 July 1878 – 25 October 1957) was a London-born Anglo-Irish writer and dramatist notable for his work in fantasy. He was influenced by Algernon Swinburne, who wrote the line “Time and the Gods are at strife” in his 1866 poem “Hymn to Proserpine”, as well as by the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen. In turn, Dunsany’s influence was felt by H. P. Lovecraft and Ursula K. Le Guin. Arthur C. Clarke corresponded with Dunsany between 1944 and 1956. Those ...
The Return of the Podcast is a podcast devoted to the discussion of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien.
These podcasts serve as an introduction to the vast spiritual riches of the Maronite Catholic mystical tradition. Anyone interested in contemplative life or eastern Christianity should definitely tune in.
A podcast designed to prepare you for worship w/Russ Earl
Join us for biblical preaching and a time of spiritual refreshment on Rejoice in the Lord from the Campus Church.
Lord Of The Idiots
Two childhood friends, Ryley and Lea, talk about life, news and other non-sense and commentate on episodes of Seinfeld. It's a podcast about nothing.
Satan and the Lord Show is a hilarious talk show that is hosted by the Prince of Darkness and the Heavenly Father
Jesus gives us this prayer to teach us how to pray. It is a prayer that we are to pray as well as instruction about how to pray. This series relies on the questions at the end of the Westminster Larger Catechism to examine the meaning of each phrase of the prayer.
Since 1996, DJ Lord Bass has brought fresh underground electronic music each week. Hear new flavors of German tech-house, glitch, and fuzzy electro grooves with an interest in exposing new music, and dusting off old cuts
Welcome to the lord of the momos cast. We are learning more about me, answering audience questions. Enjoy.
CHECK OUT THE NEW TWO TOWERS PODCAST HERE: This is our version of The Lord of the Rings. Please comment and tell us what you think of it... We now have a Facebook group for this podcast! Either follow this link: "" or search "The Funny Lord of the Rings Podcast" on facebook. The podcast email is: funnylotrpodcast@hotmail.comFeel free to email any questions or comments! ...
This is what happens when two gamers put down the controllers and pick up the mics. Discussing everything from games to movies. Nothing is safe.
There is much in the Scriptures to encourage believers who are single and want to live pure lives for the Lord. For more information about Pastor Alan Latta and Generations Church (of Granbury, Texas) go to
Homilies 25 though 43 of St John Chrysostom's commentary of the Holy Gospel according to St Matthew, which include the miracles and teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ. - Summary by The Reader
How do you pray? With a book of liturgy, totally extemporaneous, with King James English, or with down-home country talk? God’s Son can answer this question better than anyone else, and this is exactly what He did in His model prayer. You have probably repeated these words hundreds of times, but have you taken some time to understand what they really mean? These messages will challenge you to do exactly that!
Keith & Phyllis Moore
Tolkien TV Talk, the podcast where we get hyped and keep you informed on everything you need to know talk about the upcoming Lord of The Rings Amazon series. Hosted by wishful hobbits.
The Sword of Welleran and Other Stories is the third book by Irish fantasy writer Lord Dunsany, considered a major influence on the work of J. R. R. Tolkien, H. P. Lovecraft, Ursula K. Le Guin and others. It was first published in hardcover by George Allen & Sons in October, 1908, and has been reprinted a number of times since. Issued by the Modern Library in a combined edition with A Dreamer's Tales as A Dreamer's Tales and Other Stories in 1917.The book is a series of short stories, some o ...
Saint Catherine of Genoa (Caterina Fieschi Adorno, born Genoa 1447 – 15 September 1510) is an Italian Roman Catholic saint and mystic, admired for her work among the sick and the poor. She was a member of the noble Fieschi family, and spent most of her life and her means serving the sick, especially during the plague which ravaged Genoa in 1497 and 1501. She died in that city in 1510.In 1551, 41 years after her death, a book about her life and teaching was published, entitled Libro de la vit ...
Welcome to Lipstick, Lattes and the Lord...a broadcast dedicated to discussion on beauty 💄, fashion 👗 and our savior ⛪️
Charles Haddon (C.H.) Spurgeon (19 June 1834 – 31 January 1892) was a British Particular Baptist preacher and is still known today as the "Prince of Preachers". He was a strong figure in the Reformed Baptist tradition, defending the Church in agreement with the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith understanding, and opposing the liberal and pragmatic theological tendencies in the Church of his day. In his lifetime, Spurgeon preached to around 10 million people, often up to ten times each ...
A podcast about The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game, which is a Living Card Game by Fantasy Flight Games. Join the crew as they explore the world of LotR:TCG, keeping things casual and fun.
The Dr Fate podcast
The Lord's church at Spring Street : Sermons
A blog and podcast to spread the awakening of the Church to the power and mystery of the Lord's Prayer. Hosted by Sara Maynard
Actions, it is often said, speak louder than words. But in the life of Christ - as George MacDonald shows - both spoke with an equal volume. Much attention is often devoted to what Jesus said while He was on earth, but many in our modern age are puzzled by the miracles. What are we to make of them? MacDonald - wise and gentle as ever - invites us into the miracles as a doorway into the inner life of Christ that we may intimately know Him and His Father. (Summary by Jordan) Proof-Listeners: l ...
A sacristan is found murdered in the sacristy and the safe robbed of valuable jewels. All clues seem to point to the priest as the murderer. But is the priest the guilty party - or is it the communist - the nazi - the Senator's wife - or someone else?This mystery novel, set in World War II Chicago, was written by Daniel A Lord, S.J., who was a priest and popular American Catholic writer. The subjects of the works in his bibliography range from religion, humor, plays, songs, mysteries and eve ...
Strong in the Lord discusses various topics related to fitness and health from a Christian perspective. Health is a blessing; it’s not a guarantee. If God has granted you physical health, how can you make the most of that blessing in service to Him? Gary looks to answer that question by studying different ways to improve your physical fitness, how people from Scripture served God with their strength, and benefits of bodily training (1 Tim. 4:8).
Shepherd Autrey is a Quaker, a physician, and a man deeply disturbed by the madness around him as the War Between the tates bears down on his America in 1863. Dared by a friend to take an active role, Shep volunteers to provide humanitarian aid to the victims of Sherman’s scorched earth campaign in the Shenandoah Valley. There he runs foul of a Confederate recruiting drive and fi nds himself hanged by the neck from a tree. Awakening in a strange land which can’t possibly be earth, Shep is pl ...
Magnify the Lord
Magnify the Lord Blog
The Tolkien Heads
Join us as we read through J. R. R. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings." Each week we work with a different chapter and explore various themes both in the novel and in our lives.
“Our goal at Metro Church of Christ is to spread the good news of the gospel throughout the world to all ages, race, male and female “so that the glory of God may be seen in and among His people with loving hearts and out stretched hands toward heaven and humanity.”
LibriVox volunteers bring you 13 recordings of The Higher Pantheism by Alfred, Lord Tennyson. This was the Weekly Poetry project for September 18, 2011.Alfred Tennyson, 1st Baron Tennyson, FRS was Poet Laureate of the United Kingdom during much of Queen Victoria's reign and remains one of the most popular poets in the English language. ( Summary by Wikipedia )
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Deep in the Swamp of Titan's Blooms stands a towering plant with no equal in the Second Citadel. It is in parts tree, fern, beanstalk, and a single gigantic flower -- and it is the Keep from which Lord Arum watches over his Swamp. No human has ever seen the labyrinthine interior of this Keep until today. When Rilla awakens in the Keep she will ...…
Ribbon Placement: Liturgy of the Hours Vol. II: Ordinary: 1045 Proper of Seasons: 1810 Psalms from Common of Apostles: 1951 Office of Readings for the Feast of Philip and James, Apostles God, come to my assistance. — Lord, make haste to help me. Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit: — as it was in the beginning, is now, a ...…
"Our Risen Savior & Returning King, The Lord Jesus Christ." Series Continues Join Host Susan Ladd - Big Band Vocalist, Songwriter and Former model as she explores the Personal and Spiritual growth we face on our day to day journey by applying Scripture and life wisdom.
Happy Earth Day everyone! Breathe clean air while you can. We have a lot on tap today. Lots of politics, another beer review, and oh good Lord, the Texas Rangers are awful again. Grab a cold one, sit back and enjoy.
New Testament: Romans 3–4 New Testament: Romans 3–4 Romans 3–4 Back to top Romans 3–4 (Listen) God's Righteousness Upheld 3 Then what advantage has the Jew? Or what is the value of circumcision? Much in every way. To begin with, the Jews were entrusted with the oracles of God. What if some were unfaithful? Does their faithlessness nullify the f ...…
It's the book quoted by God the Father.It's the book quoted by Christ on the Cross.It's the one book we read at almost every Mass.It's the Psalms.While many view the Psalms as merely a collection of beautiful poetry (which it is), there's a whole more going on in this amazing book of the Bible. In fact, it's no exaggeration to say it's one of t ...…
Welcome to Orbital Teledynamics — as far from Guymon as you can get without actually leaving Guymon. Directed by Sebastian Silva; written by Kevin Moffett and Matthew Derby; executive produced by Mimi O'Donnell; produced by April Lamb, Katie Pastore and Matthew Boll; associate produced by MR Daniel; sound design and editing by Ryan Billia; mixe ...…
You are older now and wiser. You now see the havoc that dysfunction played in your life and the lives of others. It has sometimes been a contributor to poor choices and gross mismanagement of time, funds, opportunities, and relationships. O say to you Let The Lord Touch that which is the root of your dysfunction. Let Him touch your choice, "tur ...…
1 Corinthians 15:54-58I. Proclaim AND Display Jesus A.Proclaim the Resurrection 1. Giving Thanks to God 2. Victory through Jesus over Sin and Death B. Display the Resurrection 1. Faithful a. Steadfast- Not shaken by despair or temptation b. Immovable- Rooted in the Gospel (Colossians 1:23) 2. Fruitful a. Abounding- working, striving, growing b. ...…
The entire liberal media has been attacking Sean and the Trump Administration. "The standard needs to be across the board for everybody," Sean said as he spoke about liberal media members like NBC's Chuck Todd," As they're trying to make a big deal over basic, simple, fundamental things I've done over the years." Former Reagan associate politic ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Cornerstone Community Church is now available on with the following details: Title: The Lord's Breakfast Speaker: Bill Helland Broadcaster: Cornerstone Community Church Event: Sunday Service Date: 4/22/2018 Bible: John 21:1-14 Length: 26 min.
a smash up of animal hybrids and 90's throw back music plus banging tunes playlist: 1. reigning days - gravity 2.honne- warm on a cold night 3.sinkane- u'huh 4. peter, bjorn and john - young folks 5.ryan adams- bad blood 6.james vincent mcmorrow- rising water 7.junius meyvant-signals 8.whitney- golden days 9.sohn - the wheel 10.sylvan esso- die ...…
In this podcast we look at the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Is He Lord or is He just Rabbi?
A new MP3 sermon from Grace Bible Church of Savannah is now available on with the following details: Title: Jesus in Control | Mark 10:32–34 Subtitle: MARK: The Suffering Servant Speaker: Shaun Marksbury Broadcaster: Grace Bible Church of Savannah Event: Sunday - AM Date: 4/22/2018 Bible: Mark 10:32-34 Length: 44 min. Overview: ...…
Acts 4:23 On their release, Peter and John went back to their own people and reported all that the chief priests and the elders had said to them. 24 When they heard this, they raised their voices together in prayer to God. “Sovereign Lord,” they said, “you made the heavens and the earth and the sea, and everything in them. 25 You spoke by the H ...…
From the series: Living In Stewardship Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, 16 making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. 17 Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is. Speaker: Pastor Isaiah Oyedele Church: Destiny Christian Centre References: Ephesians 5:17-18 Resources: ...…
From the series: Living In Stewardship Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, 16 making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. 17 Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is. Speaker: Pastor Isaiah Oyedele Church: Destiny Christian Centre References: Ephesians 5:17-18 Resources: ...…
A new MP3 sermon from The Lord's Chapel is now available on with the following details: Title: Romans 2:12-29 Subtitle: Romans Speaker: Pastor Jason Starinieri Broadcaster: The Lord's Chapel Event: Sunday - AM Date: 4/23/2018 Bible: Romans 2:12-29 Length: 36 min.
The Balfour Declaration was a November 2,2018 1917 from British Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour to Lord Rothschild that made public the British support of a Jewish homeland in Palestine . The Balfour Declaration led the League Of Nations to entrust the United Kingdom with the Palestine mandate in 1922. The Zionist movement started in Ger ...…
NWM 4 - 22 - 2018 American Economics Vs. Kingdon Economics Part 1 "The Fear of the Lord" by New Wine Ministries
Our decision to continue with the Lord regardless if whether or not our prayers are answered is one of the greatest habitats for God to do His greatest work in us. It is our duty as followers of Christ to WAIT WELL.
Join Internationally Recognized Prophecy Expert, Minister, Speaker and Author, Paul McGuire as he analyzes the contemporary with reason and virtue of Bible Prophecy. Every Monday through Friday 4 - 6 PM Eastern Time. The Paul McGuire Report radio ministry is a ministry of faith and we are believing God each month to lay on the hearts of the lis ...…
Jeffrey Lord joined discussing the "Sean Hannity standard" and the critcisms against Lord from Chuck Todd.
As every Christian is briefed on throughout their life, the end times are near and fast approaching. We Christians need to stand together and prepare to serve our Lord in what he has asked us to do while on this planet.
On this episode of The AIE Podcast… Mewkow: Can you Volunteer for Guard Duty? Tetsemi: 17 Raid lockouts and the time is short! Mkallah: Ready for Raid Roulette? Mewkow: Celebrate LOTRO 11th anniversary in style! Tetsemi: And, Durus and Dankinia are here to talk to us about falling off the edge… we mean AIE in ESO All that and more coming up rig ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Providence United Reformed Church is now available on with the following details: Title: Being Pro-Life in a Culture of Murder Subtitle: 6- The Ten commandments Speaker: Harry Zekveld Broadcaster: Providence United Reformed Church Event: Sunday - AM Date: 4/22/2018 Bible: Lord’s Day 40, 1 John 3:11-18 Lengt ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Providence United Reformed Church is now available on with the following details: Title: Being Pro-Life in a Culture of Murder Subtitle: 6- The Ten commandments Speaker: Harry Zekveld Broadcaster: Providence United Reformed Church Event: Sunday - AM Date: 4/22/2018 Bible: Lord’s Day 40, 1 John 3:11-18 Lengt ...…
Today's episode of One Cross Radio features the one and only Marcel Knot from Waterdown Youth Unlimited. Marcel is someone I've had the pleasure of chatting with several times before moving from Waterdown to Hamilton and is the Campus Life Director at Waterdown's Youth Unlimited site. I've worked for Youth Unlimited in the past, and they are an ...…
Sunday Morning | April 22, 2018 | Real Life Community Church | Mark 5:1-20 | Pastor Chris May
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