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Aggressive Negotiations: A Star Wars Podcast is the home of the Parsec Award winning show that ponders the deep meanings and intricate workings of the Saga. It's nothing but pure Star Wars goodness each week!
Nerd Nuptial
Checkout two married nerds and their slant on all things geek. Join The Girl and her husband, Tristan Riddell, as they delve deep into TV, Film, Nerd Culture, and everything in-between.
Welcome to the Pinball Nerds Podcast! Your host Obital Albert will nerd out with you about all things pinball, with a focus on his goal of someday becoming a pinball wizard!
The NEH discussion is a weekly Roundup of gaming news mixed with stories of particular interest to us, and the Alderaand table is a source for Star Wars news brought to listeners by huge fans.
The Fandom Files
A podcast about people who really, really love stuff — and the people who make that stuff. We dive into the world of geek fan culture, interviewing both devoted fans and creators about their favorite comics, movies, TV shows, and how they celebrate them. From famous filmmakers to fan fiction writers, and celebrities to cosplayers, we are like a weekly Comic-Con party for your ears. Follow us on Twitter: @FandomFilesSYFY.
NerdOut Cast
Just 4 nerds from Indiana who like to talk about nerdy things.
Every podcast available from the Cosmic Potato Podcast Network
The Pow Wow Show
Unrehearsed, Unedited and Unprepared Radio
Late To The Party
Robb and Joe, two lifelong nerds, try their best to teach Bernadette, who's never rolled a d20 in her life, all about Nerd and Geek culture. It would help if they were good teachers. But hey, Joe's got a PhD, so that counts for something, Right? L2TP touches on a different nerdy topic every week, gives a little bit of nerdy nostalgia for you to consume, and a bunch of useless trivia that Joe and Robb spew everywhere.
Dorkside Podcast
Dorkside Podcast is a podcast dedicated to all things nerdy- hosted by the staff of the Darkside Records (check out our other monthly podcast dedicated to music, vinyl, and independent record stores). Recorded at Darkside Records, 611 Dutchess Turnpike (Rt 44) in Poughkeepsie, NY. !!WARNING: THIS PODCAST CONTAINS MULTIPLE SPOILERS!! Music by Dead Empires ( to "Dorkside Podcast" on iTunes: ...
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Orby says cheers to Dennis and Bill on their newest celebrations!
Power of the Force. As fans eagerly anticipate The Rise of Skywalker, Chris Terrio, who helped JJ Abrams write the film, has teased one of the questions that they contemplated while constructing the story and it's this; "How strong is the Force?". This week John and Matt dive into this question and see where it takes us in the Star Wars univers ...…
Orby is so stoked to hit 20,000 listens to his humble blogcast! Plus how to know when you need a breaksky from pinballing!
The Fandom Files is joined by Joe Manganiello in a very special episode from New York Comic Con! In New York for the day to debut a Dark Crystal-inspired line from his geek streetwear brand Death Saves, Joe sat down with us and put on a truly captivating show. The True Blood and Magic Mike star regaled us with his geek origin story, dropped som ...…
Orby was sad to say goodbye to his Forrest city pinball buds but tried to go out with a bang!
Orby loves ALL things Star Wars Pinball by Stern except the art but meow that has all changed with these new comic art packages by Randy Martinez!
Orby asks for help thinking up for ideas for missions for the worlds worlds pitern Chris at Chicago Expo!
Orby congratulates Jack Danger on 5 rad years of deadflip! After months of waiting Pinburgh Points are finally up on IFPA.
Henry Gilroy: The Ryloth Arc. Writer/producer Henry Gilroy of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels joins John and Matt to discuss the final arc of the first season of The Clone Wars. He shares insights and stories on character and story origins, never-before-heard anecdotes from behind the scenes, and news about his upcoming Netflix p ...…
The Fandom Files is joined by Victoria, a wedding planner in Oklahoma City who specializes in geeky weddings! She is the founder of Simply Nerdy Events, a wedding planning business that helps couples add a touch (or way more) of Comic-Con to their big day. She walks us through all the ways you can personalize and geekify your wedding day (espec ...…
Orby has some thoughts on Elvira after watching Jack Dangers livestream of the new Elvira game by Stern.
Orby is asking for ideas on how to make the greatest pinball tourney even better.
Orby explains why he cant stop listening to Chris even though he has tried to stop several times.
Orby gets help fixing Flash Gordon just in time for his youngest son Owen's bday!
Nic Anastassiou: The Yoda Arc. Matt and John are joined by a special guest Nic Anastassiou, veteran editor on The Clone Wars series, to discuss their perspectives on the “Lost Missions” Yoda arc . Revisiting it in a new era, with The Clone Wars about to return with new stories, they discuss how the episodes stretch and reimagine what we knew ab ...…
The Fandom Files is joined by the proprietor of @Cat_Cosplay, a painfully adorable and wildly successful Twitter account devoted to pair of kitties that cosplay. Because Emily got a new dog and named her Harley Quinn, we were inspired to seek out geeky pet owners to learn about how they integrate their animals into their nerd passions. @Cat_Cos ...…
Orby explains how Mr stve Ritchie himself made orbys nifht better!
Your daily dose of pinball is dead! After almost a year of attempting to do 1 episode of his pinball blog per day orby has decided to give up the ghost!
The Last Jedi, Revisited. As part of their re-examination of the saga in preparation for Star Wars: Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker, Matt and John return to Ahch-To and reassess their takes on Star Wars: Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. Did their opinions shift? Listen and find out! Host John Mills and Matthew Rushing Send us your feedback! Twitt ...…
The Fandom Files is joined by legendary actor and comedian Richard Kind! Known for his roles in Inside Out, Big Mouth, Spin City, Mad About You, Luck, Red Oaks, multiple Stargates, and just about every other good sitcom ever produced, not to mention runs of The Producers and other stage shows, Kind is as humble and witty as he is busy. He now s ...…
Orby and Brad go head to head debating whether JP is over hyped!
Orby chats his buddy Brad from London Ontario about which pins in the top 100 Pinside got wrong!
Orby combines two of his fav things when comparing which Harry Potter character each podcaster resembles most!
Ahead of the Curve. Is there an intrinsic part of the Star Wars saga that makes it a more fertile ground for non-linear, non-sequential storytelling? John and Matt discuss in depth what they see as evidence that Lucas laid a framework that will make this franchise more resilient than most. Host John Mills and Matthew Rushing Send us your feedba ...…
Our 2019 Summer Movie Draft has finally ended and we find out who won! We also talk about the seemingly final nail in the coffin for the Disney/Sony/Spider-Man fiasco. There's a bit of a spoiler for the Dark Crystal series. We also have a blast from the past reverse lethargic phonics. Guns N' Roses is supposedly working on the soundtrack for th ...…
Orby counts down his fav storm related pins and no twister didnt make the list.
Orby sits down with his good friend from the Forrest City Shaun Russell who recently bought a Jurassic Park!
Rey of Darkness, Rey of Light. John and Matt peel the onion of the latest revealed footage from Star Wars: Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker, which teases an image of a Dark Rey with a double-bladed red lightsaber. They explore the likelihood of a dark fate for Rey, and along the way share some passing thoughts on Kenobi’s upcoming series and T ...…
The Fandom Files is joined by a few of our favorite guests from the past 100 episodes! Yep, 100 episodes! We did it! To celebrate this milestone, we brought back three very different guests: Comics and TV writer Daniel Kibblesmith, Chuck E. Cheese superfan and convention organizer Matt the Franchize, and Twitch streamer Amouranth. They give us ...…
Shawn joined MarkAdam Miller at the Hoover SciFi/Fantasy Festival for a discussion about The Orville, the good and the bad, and it's relationship to Star Trek. MarkAdam Miller has been on the show before on some of the other convention panels that I’ve published. He was also on a classic episode of The Prime Direction when I was hosting that po ...…
Joel's question: How did the MCU get started?This Week in Geek: Pew Die Pie is the first Youtuber to reach 100,000,000 subscribers, Eva Longoria directing a film based on the creation of Flaming Hot Cheetos, Lion King and Aladdin video games are getting remastered, TSA has banned Galaxy's Edge Coke bottles, the one song James Gunn will never pu ...…
This week, Shane and Virginia watch one of the greatest superheroes of them all...but still can't explain the invisible jet.By
Sit right back and you'll hear a tale, of teamwork and false equivalence.Tonight's guests: Virginia Pickel, Rick Tetrault, and Troy Wood.By
Is Andy a sexist? Maybe. This week we’re joined by David C. Roberson from the DC OnScreen Podcast and the Star Trek Universe Podcast to help us discuss the first episode featuring Ellie Walker.By
This Week in GeekThe best superhero film performances of the past decade, Dead by Daylight is introducing Stranger Things, Kevin Smith to produce a sequel series to He-Man for Netflix, Nathan Fillion has been cast in Suicide Squad 2, Keanu Reeves will star in Matrix 4, DC comics has killed off Alfred, Disneyland has plans to build a new Avenger ...…
This week, Shane and Virginia are joined by special guest Rick to talk about the original 8th Wonder of the World.By
Krispy Kreme Reese's doughnuts taste testJoel's line question: What makes a horror movie cheap and what is the most expensive movie genre to make?Damian Wayne is DC's newest Batman, Ewan McGregor in talks to return as Obi-Wan, World of Warcraft classic returning, Yondu series in the works, Black Widow movie casts world's tallest body builder, S ...…
This week we talk about Amazon's new hit series The Boys, based on the popular comic by Garth Ennis. We also discuss superpowers and are unfortunately unable to avoid singing THAT Deniece Williams tune.By
This week we welcome Troy and Chris back to the show as we continue to tackle the IMDB list of the 100 Greatest Movies Ever. This time we watch and review Pulp Fiction, The Graduate, and Network.By
Not sure what I “mint?” Ask the wife. She’ll “relay” the whole crazy story. Tonight’s guests: Allie Sandstrom, Virginia Pickel, and Jared SternBy
Jim Lindsey is a very talented musician, but until now he’s been confined to the small town of Mayberry. When a traveling band rolls through town, Andy seizes his opportunity to help Jim make it in showbusiness…and breaks a few ethics laws in the process.This episodes features James Best as Jim Lindsey. He would later be well known as Sheriff R ...…
It's recap time! We play a little canceled/renewed with our most recent batch of shows, discuss our favorite series from the past few months (Chernobyl!), and talk about the second seasons of Killing Eve and Barry.By
Orby counts down the 5 electronic artists he would live to see have a pin theme!
Orbital Albert counts down the top 5 pinball themes of rap artistes that NEED to be made right meow!
Orby who is a ordained dudeiest priest explains why it is hard for him to buy a machine by Dutch Pinball that is his fav theme on the planet!
Orbital Albert explains that because of his wife's new career he may not be able to stream/play tournies out of town on weekends anymore!
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