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Merciful Servants of God
"So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God . . . for we walk by faith, not by sight." (Romans 10:17; 2 Corinthians 5:7) Repent. Change Your Mind. The Kingdom of God Is Coming! The Merciful Servants of God provide Bible studies created to help you understand the TRUE message of the Bible and God's spectacular plan for Mankind. If you hunger and thirst for the TRUTH, tremble before God's words and His words are sweeter than honey to you, then this show is for you (Matthew ...
Your Daily Cup of Inspiration with Dianna Hobbs
Get biblically-sound wisdom and encouragement to face life’s challenges with full confidence in God’s plan for your life. Join Dianna Hobbs for Your Daily Cup of Inspiration and receive uplifting revelation rooted in the thirst-quenching word of God based on her Top 100 blog at
Pursuit of God, The by TOZER, Aiden Wilson
"As the heart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, O God." This thirst for an intimate relationship with God, claims A.W. Tozer, is not for a select few, but should be the experience of every follower of Christ. But, he asserts, it is all too rare when believers have become conditioned by tradition to accept standards of mediocrity, and the church struggles with formality and worldliness. Using examples from Scripture and from the lives of saints who lived with this ...
Aesop's Fables by Aesop
As children, our first experience of the magic of talking animals, the conflict between good and evil, the battle of wits between the cunning and the innocent most probably came from Aesop's Fables. These delightful, pithy and brief narratives are simple, easy to understand and convey their message in a memorable and charming fashion. Aesop's Fables by Aesop consists of about 600 tales, some well-loved and familiar, others less known but just as entertaining and educative and help us map the ...
Jesus Calls Worship Centre
Jesus Calls Worship Centre International,is a Centre called of God to be a healing place for the broken hearted, and an oasis for the thirsty soul. The Church has grown to over 10 Branches in Swaziland and South Africa and is growing. These Sermons were preached at Matsapha, Swaziland.
Feed My Sheep Ministries
JUST ONE WORD FROM THE LORD will change your whole life. If You have an ear to hear what the Bible reveals, this is the place for you! Get the Feed My Sheep App! We tell the truth. Our mission is to give you the "truth that make you free" in an hour when truth has fallen in the street [Isaiah 59:14.] Pastor Mary Washington brings a word of prophecy from the heart of God without deviation or opinion. Going out into all the world preaching and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations ...
Harold the Dauntless by SCOTT, Sir Walter
Harold the Dauntless is a rhymed, romantic, narrative-poem by Sir Walter Scott. Written in 1817, it weaves together elements of popular English legends and folklore using dramatic themes. The poem recounts the exploits and the personal spiritual journey of a doubtful knight errant - Harold the son of Danish Count Witikind: who seeks to recover his lands and wed a suitable spouse. Fire-breathing Harold is as much a stranger to love as he is addicted to dangerous adventure: yet his own confron ...
Beyond the Black River by HOWARD, Robert E.
Conan the Barbarian is employed by one of the civilized countries to help in it's push to claim lands from the primitive Picts. The Picts are not excited about the idea however. Old gods and mythical creatures are called up by the Pict witches to contest the invading army and Conan finds himself battling for his life amid the blood thirsty hordes that include saber-toothed tigers, 40 foot long venomous snakes and a demon from another dimension who is intent on crushing him. The huge dog Slas ...
The Thirsty Experience
The Thirsty Experience was created to set aside time for worship, teaching, prayer & ministry in a non-church format. Our goal is to supply an organic atmosphere similar to the early church to further the growth of the body of Christ as a whole! These podcasts are only a segment of The Thirsty Experience. Andre and Natalie Lamb have been ministering together, teaching the Word of God at The Thirsty Experience since 2008. We hope these lessons will breathe life into you and will enhance your ...
Allan Quatermain by H. Rider Haggard
“An Adventurer – He that goes out to meet whatever may come!” This is the credo of Allan Quatermain, the quintessential, swashbuckling protagonist of Allan Quatermain by H. Rider Haggard. Quatermain first makes his appearance as a character in Haggard's most famous bestselling adventure tale, King Solomon's Mines. Published in 1885, this Victorian action novel depicts a group led by Allan Quatermain who travel to a remote region in Africa in search of the missing brother of one of them. It i ...
Well Watered Woman
Are you dry and thirsty, in need of a refreshing drink from God's well of Grace? Then this is the place for you.Well Watered Women talk radio is designed to impact empower and enrich the lives of God's women.It’s our desire to assist women in coming to a position of knowing God from a deeper place.We invite you to tune in weekly with your host TonyR as we address relevant topics for today’s Christian Woman.
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Sermon Direct Link 7/23/17 Rev. Clint Smith Evangelism & Missions Christianity is the faith of enlightenment and intelligence. In Jesus Christ abide all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. All sound learning is, therefore, a part of our Christian heritage. The new birth opens all human faculties and creates a thirst for knowledge. Moreover, ...…
Daily Bible Reading: NASB Translation
The reading for today is 2 Kings 4-6; Matthew 5. 2 Kings 4 Now a certain woman of the wives of the sons of the prophets cried out to Elisha, "Your servant my husband is dead, and you know that your servant feared the Lord; and the creditor has come to take my two children to be his slaves." Elisha said to her, "What shall I do for you? Tell me, ...…
Daily Bible Reading: LEB Translation
The reading for today is 2 Kings 4-6; Matthew 5. 2 Kings 4 A certain woman from the wives of the sons of the prophets cried out to Elisha, saying, "Your servant my husband is dead. Now you know that your servant was a fearer of Yahweh, but the creditor came to take two of my children for himself as slaves. Elisha asked her, "What shall I do for ...…
Ecclesia Houston - Podcast & Liturgy
Our Teaching Pastor, Sean Palmer, continued our recent series with an important word on prayer; how it brings us into greater alignment with God's will, why it is often so difficult for us, and how we can embrace the fullness, simplicity, and mystery of prayer in our longing to hear God's voice in our lives. Text Romans 8: 26-28 He whom I bow t ...…
Ribbon Placement: Liturgy of the Hours Vol. III: Ordinary: 668 Proper of Seasons: 518 Psalter: Sunday, Week IV, 1137 Christian Prayer: Ordinary: 694 Proper of Seasons: 621 Psalter: Sunday, Week IV, 931 Evening Prayer II for Sunday in Ordinary Time God, come to my assistance. — Lord, make haste to help me. Glory to the Father, and to the Son, an ...…
Go Hard for Christ Podcast
When you are in a position of thirst you can never get too much of God. But how do we stay thirsty for God, and let Him constantly refill us? Listen and find out! (Taught by LeShandria Brown)
Have you ever been thirsty? Really, really thirsty? The children of Israel thought they might die of thirst. “He will lead them to springs of living water.” REVELATION 7:17, NIV.We thank God for giving us water.
Learning to wait upon God is the chief discipline of faith. It is learning to live by faith, which has benefits in this life and reward in the life to come. David’s value of worshiping God, and waiting upon the Father’s face, grace, and timing, became an earnest conviction and shaped how he faced life, and faced God. Message title: Wait-Wait, D ...…
I AM … The Bread of Life John’s gospel: Evangelistic (“Believe”) – 20:31 … that believing you might have life… Life – not just for eternal sustenance, but beginning NOW. 7 I AM’s of John: YHWH “I am/ I exist” – “The LORD” (“self-existent one.”) Used when God was introducing an aspect of His nature and plan to provide for the needs of His covena ...…
Knowing God With Heart and Mind
Pastor Dan's first sermon message at Shiloh United Methodist Church. mp3 notesBy Tim.
Calvary Grace Assembly of God Jul 9 – 16, 2017 ========== BAD ADVICE “How did I end up here?” Behind every mess of harmful habits and rough relationships, we can look back and see where we got on the wrong track. In this series we will help attenders untangle their lives by learning how to avoid Bad Advice. Topics covered include drifting from ...… DISCUSSION QUESTIONS INTRODUCTION In Matthew 5:17-48, Jesus continues to build on the foundation He laid in the previous verses. Because you know you are nothing without God, you mourn over sin, you put yourself second, you hunger and ...…
Zechariah 9: 9 -12 Psalm 145: 8-15 Romans 7: 15 – 25a Matthew 11: 16 – 19, 25 – 30 When I was in seminary, one of my professors frequently spoke of alarms bells. He’d be in the middle of his lecture, or answering a question, or making a comment about something, when he would stop and announce: alarm bells should be going off in your head right ...…
July 9, 2017 Pastor Jeff Struecker Sermon Notes How many of you have been to a restaurant, and you sat down to eat, and the meal that was put in front of you was so good that you just couldn’t stop eating it? I’m sure you’ve had one of those experiences where you started eating, and it was so good, you just couldn’t step away from the meal, eve ...…
Podcast – Table Talk With Mike and Nancy
A couple of years ago, I was leaving a Thursday class at the Y when a fellow-exerciser wished me a Happy Easter—I did likewise and we started talking about what a wonderful day Easter is, as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and the salvation he brings through His sacrifice. But then the conversation turned to politics, and this woman, ...…
Sermon Podcast - Dolores Park Church
Nehemiah 9 English Standard Version (ESV) 9 Now on the twenty-fourth day of this month the people of Israel were assembled with fasting and in sackcloth, and with earth on their heads. 2 And the Israelites separated themselves from all foreigners and stood and confessed their sins and the iniquities of their fathers. 3 And they stood up in thei ...…
Ready For Takeoff - Turn Your Aviation Passion Into A Career
Flown West I hope there's a place, way up in the sky, Where pilots can go, when they have to die- A place where a guy can go and buy a cold beer For a friend and comrade, whose memory is dear; A place where no doctor or lawyer can tread, Nor management type would ere be caught dead; Just a quaint little place, kinda dark and full of smoke, Wher ...…
Happy 4th of July! This episode aired live on Independence Day so we HAD to talk about freedom in the first and third segments of the show. We talk about how so many of us live in guilt and shame instead of walking in the power of the resurrected Christ. He came to set us free!In the second segment, I am joined by old friend Marcus Guevara, the ...…
When we are downcast we always respond poorly, which is why we need to grasp why we’re downcast, how to speak light and truth to our souls, and what it means to put one’s hope in God when life looks dim and bleak. The writer of this pair of Psalms helps us understand the yearnings and opportunities of what takes place when our souls are downcas ...…
Trinitarian Congregational Church
July 2, 2017 Rev. Dr. Tom Petter is the Senior Pastor. Nehemiah 9:9-18 9 “And you saw the affliction of our fathers in Egypt and heard their cry at the Red Sea, 10 and performed signs and wonders against Pharaoh and all his servants and all the people of his land, for you knew that they acted arrogantly against our fathers. And you made a name ...…
New Beginnings Church of Astoria
The Psalmist observed others asking him "where is your God?". At times we feel the same - where is our God? But like the Psalmist, in times like these we need to thirst for more of Christ, the living water who quenches our thirst. In so doing we find not only the hope in God that we need to continue going, but we find God when we thirst for Him ...…
Podcast – Table Talk With Mike and Nancy
A couple of years ago, I was leaving a Thursday class at The Y when a fellow-exerciser wished me a Happy Easter—I did likewise and we started talking about what a wonderful day Easter is, as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and the salvation he brings through His sacrifice. But then the conversation turned to politics, and this woman, ...…
Today, in part one of a special two-part interview Dan speaks with Fr. Jacques Philippe about prayer, the theological virtues and spiritual aridity. Topics/Questions covered in the show: What is the most powerful prayer? How should the virtues of faith, hope and love be incorporated into my prayer life? How does reading Scripture passages help ...…
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