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Story Jam Theatre - Business Edition
If you like The Moth, True Story, RISK!, Snap Judgment, RadioLab, Ted Radio Hour, and This American Life then your in the right place as Story Jam Theatre delivers Inspiring tales from a group of extra-ordinary storytellers! Story Jam Theatre was created by New York transplant Chris Krimitsos after moving to Tampa and missing the creative scene of his beloved NY. On September 23rd, 2014 (Chris’ Birthday), he invited a few friends to share stories that had impacted them…and Story Jam Theatre ...
Neighbors is a podcast from Nashville Public Radio by Jakob Lewis. It’s a show about what connects us. We tell surprising stories of the people we pass every day, showing that we have more in common than we might think.
Talking Turkey
Distilled from a year's worth of off-kilter conversation between two fledgling PhD students, Talking Turkey offers all flap and no flight. Equal parts absurd and insightful.
A show about what connects us. By Jakob Lewis and from Nashville Public Radio.
Wetwork is a bi-weekly podcast about vocations. Most people think they know the ins and outs of even the most common jobs, perhaps via word-of-mouth, perhaps because there's a popular procedural television show highlighting them. More often than not, their assumptions are off-base. On Wetwork we expose the deep, sometimes dark secrets of vocations and get to the bottom of what it takes to succeed and the little-known tips, tricks and foibles of the trade. The term Wetwork originated as a eup ...
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Before Donald Trump started his presidential campaign in 2015, there was a congressional race that redefined what was possible in American politics. Steve Bannon and Breitbart News got involved in that race early, just like they later got deeply involved Donald Trump's race. On this week’s show: What happened in that campaign, what it made it w ...…
At first, it’s super annoying, getting told it’ll make sense when you’re older. Then, when you’re a teenager, hard lessons are learned, despite your best efforts to be too cool to care. By the time you’re actually old, you know a bunch of stuff— and you’re desperate to hold onto it. You might even wonder HOW you know all the things you know. Ho ...…
Since Russia meddled in our election, there's been concern that the fake news and disinformation that's so prevalent there could be taking hold in this country. But is that hyperbole? This week we look at what it's actually like to live in the confusing information landscape that is Putin's Russia.
Exactly how incompetent you are. What your ex’s best friend really thinks of you. The approximate time that you will die. Some things in life are better not to know about. And sometimes there can be a benefit to not knowing. In this episode, examples of ignorance truly being bliss, or even being an asset.…
NPR/Slate type podcasts
Stories of people who decide that they are the best person for the job, no matter how dangerous. Including a story about a stay-at-home mom with a history of gun running for a guerilla organization, and a surgeon who does surgery...on himself.
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