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Pridajte si do svojej aplikácie na počúvanie podcastov a už nezmeškajte ani jedno vysielanie!120 sekúnd s Tiborom Eliotom Rostasom pondelok až piatok v premiére o 11:40 a v repríze o 18:40.Nová rubrika s témami, ktoré sú mimoriadne chúlostivé. Súčasné geopolitické napätie, mediálne manipulácie, terorizmus, vojny v mene humanitárnych cieľov, ospravedlňovanie genocíd, kolaps ekonomiky, hyprekonzum, podvody v biznise so zdravím, smrť strednej vrstvy, fik ...
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An Honest Trumpversation - The Political Podcast for the Rest of Us
Listen on iTunes National Security and the important role our President plays as Commander in Chief is very much at the forefront of the political conversation. In this episode, we’ll look at last Wednesday’s Commander in Chief Forum where Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump discussed their plans for keeping Americans safe, combating terrorism, an ...…
Talemaking - Business communications and marketing
Taylor Swift has one; Kanye West shares one with Kim Kardashian; and this week we have one too. If you want to be a star in business, should you have one as well? Scroll down to this week s episode to find out. Your clothes say something to other people about who you are and more importantly how you think. Find out how clothes can support your ...…
Show Notes by Jim Kerwin for Kernels of Wheat Podcast Episode 022 — We Lend a Hand with LendAHand in Costa Rica, Including an Interview with Bobby Hoyle Pastors and LendAHand team members gathered at the Monte Getsemaní retreat center in Costa Rica. The three people at the extreme right of the group are (left to right) Kathryn Hoyle, Bobby Hoyl ...…
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