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Som självutnämnda representanter för den egna generationen dissekerar vi vår samtid.
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This week we visit with author, television producer, television writer: Casper Kelly. Casper talks with us about the origins of 'Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell', his book, "More Stories About Spaceships and Cancer", the viral Adult Swim video, 'Too Many Cooks', watching VHS tapes in Saudi Arabia, things he likes to watch, classic humor magaz ...…
#StephenDavis supports #ChromeBills. Cole is the first to jump on #ChrisCooley. Please welcome our new sponsor: Commercials During Soccer. Playing #soccer is like trying to get laid for the first time, but every time. Points made in the soccer vs. no-soccer debate. #JohnOliver is killing the game. #OpenMikeEagle has a new album. #MichaelWilbon ...…
Despite Dentsu’s deep pockets and a strong desire to expand overseas, strategies that worked for Japan’s largest agency at home didn’t work overseas. Dentsu couldn’t hold on to major Japanese clients in foreign markets and it was unable to acquire major media like TV stations in many foreign countries as it did back home. This week on “Thoughtf ...…
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