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Official team podcasts, audio, and news all related to the Portland Timbers of Major League Soccer.
The Timber Press gardening podcast highlights conversations with experts and authorities in the gardening world and beyond, from design to sustainability, edible to ornamental.
Spinning exciting musics, from new folk to experimental to electronic.
Because Life is All ABout How You Frame It!
Timbers Army members from the East Coast Platoon (& friends) discuss following the PTFC from afar. We talk East Coast Platoon, Timbers Away games, the Timbers themselves, and whatever else comes to mind!
Sermons - Timbers
Sermons from Timbers Community Church in Prince George BC Canada
A weekly podcast about the Portland Timbers, as well as some other stuff.
Helping you get your timber frame into the air.
Helping you get your timber frame into the air.
This is the official podcast of Timber Creek Church featuring Sunday morning sermons, midweek services, and leadership talks.
Timber Talks
Hear the movers and shakers within the Timber Industry discussing the latest news, trends and policies, as well as answering the hot questions of the moment in this series from the CTI (Confederation of Timber Industries).
Timber Republic
Two idiots trying to wrap their heads around current events. I kinda wanna say we're offering a unique Canadian perspective on this one but hell if I know folks.
Timber Talk
Sports writer with the Williamsport Sun-Gazette, bringing you a weekly update on the Short Season Class A affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies.
Encouraging everyone to know Jesus and follow him, every day and in every way.
Timber Report
A podcast, hosted by Justin Davidson, concerning the latest news for the timber industry.
Time For Timber
The latest news, trends and thoughts from the movers and shakers in the Timber industry across the world.
Timber Ridge Church
Podcast by Timber Ridge Church
Sermon Audio from Timber Ridge Church in Stephenville, Texas.
Cross Timbers Dental
Cross Timbers Dental: Dental Practice Management Consulting
Around The League
The longest running dedicated radio show for MLS that each week checks in with corespondents from across North America
Chris Rifer and Michael Orr host a weekly discussion and analysis ofthe most important news surrounding Portland Timbers Football Club andthe biggest stories across Major League Soccer.
Radio Cascadia
Radio Cascadia is the only unbiased Pacific Northwest soccer podcast. The shows releases every Friday, frequently featuring players, coaches, and journalists from the world of MLS and beyond. Come join us for an hour of soccer news and analysis!
American Soccer Analysis is a new weekly podcast that covers Major League Soccer and the US Men's National Team from a numbers and analytics perspective. Hosts Harrison Crow, Matthias Kullowatz, and Drew Olsen believe that soccer is best understood not by fat old men in smoky rooms, but by fat young men staring at excel spreadsheets. The guys bring an enthusiasm, statistical acumen, and deep understanding of the game that can be rivaled only by Gus Johnson and John Harkes.
Radio MLS
Radio MLS is a weekly MLS podcast from Prost Amerika. It is a little bit of a comedy show, a news show, and features interviews from the top players and people in the game.
The intention is to awaken, enlighten, enrich and inspire. Timber Hawkeye, bestselling author of Buddhist Boot Camp and Faithfully Religionless, offers a secular approach to being at peace with the world, both within and around us. As the Dalai Lama says, "Don't try to use what you learn from Buddhism to be a Buddhist, use it to be a better whatever-you-already-are."
We cover the great state of Oregon and beyond from Pour Sports in Southeast Portland every Monday night.
A weekly Portland Timbers and Thorns podcast hosted by Oregonian/OregonLive reporter Jamie Goldberg and reporter Richard Farley.
Guys And Balls
5 friends who love to talk about sports in Portland, the NW and across the world. Our conversations that used to take place in a bar are now our podcast. We're live on Thursdays on the Funemployment Radio Network and you can catch our podcast every week!
Murdering electrons in the woodworking workshop.
A Portland Timbers fan podd hosted by Nevets and Alex . Pull up a bar stool, grab a pint, its Five Minutes to Kickoff.
Sportsland, Oregon
Monthly presents a weekly podcast hosted by Carlos A. Molina featuring guests and panel discussions about all things Oregon Sports. From the Ducks to the Blazers, High School to the Pros, it's all here.
Wil Clawson's sermon on "All I want for Christmas - Peace". Timber Ridge Community Church of Ocala Dec. 9/12
A Podcast which puts two very different, yet very similar people in a room to discuss those differences. Life mixed with Race mixed with Politics mixed with Religion. This is what it all looks like, from the mixed perspective...
This is the hardware for creative finishes podcast. We chat with people who work with timber and we discover what inspires them, what their experiences are, their insights into their trade, their passion, their hobby, and where it all began. Join me as we find out more from the people who love their timber work.
Champions Soccer Radio Network
Play the Kids
A soccer podcast about Timbers 2 & the D2 USL western conference. Hosted by @Ayrisvashu & @JoshuaRDuder. Our weekly podcast can be found on @PTFCollective & @StumptownFooty
Rose City Soccer Show is a podcast dedicated to the Portland Timbers Football Club. Its weekly panel features some of the best soccer analysts and supporters from Portland and beyond. All of us are stuck in and RCTID.
Better Know Thy Enemy is a weekly podcast reviewing MLS soccer podcasts. The schedule generally follows the Portland Timbers opponents.
Play the Kids
A soccer podcast about Timbers 2 & the D2 USL western conference. Hosted by @Ayrisvashu & @JoshuaRDuder. Our weekly podcast can be found on @PTFCollective & @StumptownFooty
Soccer Touchdown
Soccer Touchdown is a Portland based podcast that takes a community and fan oriented approach to enjoying all things Timbers, Thorns, T2, and the supporter culture that drives them on. If you are interested in featuring on Soccer Touchdown, please listen to the pod, and contact us at and/or @soccertouchdown on twitter. You can also give us a call anytime, and leave us a voicemail at 503-660-FANZ (3269)with questions, comments, or topics you'd like us to discuss. You ...
Builders of fine timber frame structures. Timber framing and woodworking enthusiasts. Cultivators of the "Framing the Narrative" podcast (found exclusively here on SoundCloud). All-around good folks.
PTFCollective is a collection of artists, rebels, and roustabouts that want to be a part of the conversation surrounding the Portland Timbers. There are no rules just people who have access to this feed that can create whatever, whenever, they want.
Free Guides for Building and Design Professionals: Wood Solutions have developed a series of free design and consruction guides that comply with the BCA 2010. They include a Timber Service Life Design Guide, engineered designs and solutions for timber-framed construction and Building with Timber in Bushfire-prone Areas.The latest edition of Broadcast Builder features a discussion with Tony Walther from the NSW Timber Development Association about the benefits of the the Wood Solutions guides ...
Real Bois Podcast
Real Bois who talk about real stuff. We're talking politics, Florida, music, Timber by Ke$ha & Pitbull, and religion. Uploaded twice a month, for your listening pleasure.
Jacks and Roses
A podcast created for, and hosted by, fans of the Premier League's Swansea City and MLS's Portland Timbers. Every week, we talk about both clubs' most recent fixture and various observations and predictions we might have for the future. Hosted by Adam in Swansea and Gus in the southern US.
It’s the B-Town Business Network with your host…Timber Tucker…Join him as he provides insight and knowledge into the employment side of South Central Indiana’s business world…whether you have a job…are looking for one…or are an employer…listen in as Timber takes on the issues, shares success stories, interviews key business owners and has a lot of fun along the way!”…
Host Luis, Micah & Lech bring you the freshest and most undeniably hot soccer takes from the world of Portland Timbers, MLS, and further afield. With their unique combination of soccer knowledge, offbeat humor, and (completely verifiable) heart-wrenching good looks, Hot Guys Talk Soccer is set to take the podcasting world by storm... oh yeah RCTID!!!
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The reading for today is Song of Solomon 1-3; Psalm 72; 1 Thessalonians 5. Song of Solomon 1 The Song of Songs, which is Solomon’s. "May he kiss me with the kisses of his mouth! For your love is better than wine. "Your oils have a pleasing fragrance, Your name is like purified oil; Therefore the maidens love you. "Draw me after you and let us r ...…
In the ninth episode of Off The Pitch, host Stephen Anderson discusses the following topics:A new format for the show going forward.Recap of SAFC's 2-1 come from behind win over Portland Timbers 2.Recap of SAFC's 0-1 loss to FC Dallas in the U.S. Open Cup.Coach Powell's new formation re-shaping the offense and created more scoring chances.The p ...…
Aphex Twin – Untitled ? – Ain’t No Grave (third song played on first Timber episode) Boy’s Chorus – Maskal Ritual Song Noah Lewis – Devil in the Woodpile Shannon Shaw – Golden Frames The Instant Automatons – No Identifiable Sign of Life Laurel Halo - -Out Haruomi Hosono – Mercuric Dance Moon Tides – Skating Erik Wøllo – Little Dream in Turquois ...…
Prepare your auditory taste buds for a sweet and tangy listening experience! Eric, Evan and Dan get fancy drinking a collection of "dessert beers" as they review Prequelle by smash box office metal outfit Ghost, coming soon to a spooky arena/theater near you. Evan is not buying into Cardinal Copia's/Papa Emeritus'/Tobias Forge's poppy vocals or ...…
Stories are posted on the APRN news page. You can subscribe to APRN’s newsfeeds via email, podcast and RSS. Follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter @aprn Listen now Sport and personal-use fishing closes on the Copper and Chitina rivers Aaron Bolton, KBBI – Homer The Alaska Department of Fish and Game announced Wednesday that it ...…
A Low Energy Rival #OKCvRGV RGVFC lose against the Portland Timbers 2 1-0 at home and fans are worrying even more. This Saturday, they will visit a weak OKC Energy team in an attempt to win 3 points on the road. Plus, Greg Luca from The Monitor newspaper joins us on the show to talk more in depth about the current state of RGVFC. Bonus: What ha ...…
Shels and Spider look back at a few of their LTATM Musicians in how their music as grown from their 1st EP to the latest new EPs.We'll be looking at the following musicians:Chris Timbers Band “Good Behavior”, SPIDERintheHALL, Papa Satch, Katie Belle, Johnny No Feather Spirtual Flute Music, Johnny Reed and Radio Drive.----Maybe will have some cl ...…
How Oregon and other tree-rich areas use their forests will figure prominently in both the creation and capture of greenhouse gases. Emissions studies show that Oregon's forest products industry creates the largest single chunk of the state's carbon emissions, through burning of fossil fuels in logging, among other activities. At the same time, ...…
Pastor’s Note As with every good and godly project there will be critics, opponents, and detractors. Israel had their share as they were driven by God to lay the foundation to Zerubbabel’s temple project. May we have hope, courage, and tenacity as we face our own opposition in the good we seek to do for the risen Christ in our generation. — Pas ...…
Port Angeles is changing. Timber is still key to the economy, if no longer king. Tourism and new industries at once mean hope and a sudden need to manage growth. And a housing crisis looms large, and touches people seemingly regardless of income. Hear more about that in the audio above. There are challenges and big questions ahead. But no place ...…
I catch up with Bob and Beryl Johnston at their place near Charters Towers. Bob worked on the railway in the sleeper mills. Cutting timber sleepers for the railway line. Beryl talks about her time as a railway workers wife, bringing up a young family in a tent on the railway in the 1950's. Before moving to Charters Towers to work at Mossman Hal ...…
Want to make your construction process simpler – and you more sane and confident? Manage Your Build is my online program that will give you key knowledge, tools, cheatsheets and industry insider checklists and tips, plus strategies to save your sanity and budget as well. This online program can support you, help you avoid expensive mistakes and ...…
Sunday Worship Service 10am June 10th, 2018 Music for the Gathering: Fantasia by Pachelbel performed by Judy Hammett Welcome by The Rev. Dr. Jeremy Rutledge and Tyler Ung Music for the Quieting: Be Thou My Vision performed by Choir Unison Call to Worship: "1979, no. X" by Wendell Berry from A Timbered Choir led by The Rev. Dr. Jeremy Rutledge H ...…
Episode #7... That's over 3 months worth, well if we hadn't dropped three at the very beginning.. but I guess that's what we get for being over achievers? Our occasional intruder is with us again to discuss tonight's topic which was Mirrors. What we do with it, just this side of, amazing. How we go from the simple word Mirrors to a romantic com ...…
Genesis 37:1-11 Visit us at for more information.By (Big Timber Evangelical Church).
6-9-18 In the final hour of the show, Andy Edwards of NBC Sports and Talkin' Touches podcast joins the show to talk about the upcoming Wold Cup, the absence of the US and the impact that will have on American's interest in the tournament; he also previews the upcoming Sporting KC match against the Portland Timbers. In the final two segments Bra ...…
Of Timbers and Open Cup #RGVvPOR RGVFC lose once again on the road with a limited squad against the conference leaders Real Monarchs. Houston Dynamo defeat the NTX Rayados 5-0 with RGVFC players coming back with 3 goals. This Saturday, RGVFC face off against Portland Timbers 2 at HEB Park. Join Edson Ochoa and Jacob Young as they talk about soc ...…
Are cell towers and other electronics hurting people and wildlife? Governor Walker wants a full effort to revive the dairy industry, Timber bids opened in Vilas county are double last year's total, A dispute at Central Wisconsin Airport cancels a flight.By (Ken Krall ).
In this episode of the Chappell Brothers Podcast, Levi and Jeremy discuss the greatest sandwiches known to man, all things NBA Finals and NBA free agency. They also discuss dynasty fantasy football player values, chat about the Portland Timbers and the state of the MLS, and more!
Recorded at the Birdman Media Studios with WMI-TV, Show Low TV and Birdman Media in Lakeside. The Community Shout is how you the listener can come in and share anything from charity events, to fundraisers and even just to comment on how cool your neighbor is at no cost! Just stop by on Tuesday morning at 10:00 am in the Birdman Media Stuido, lo ...…
Surprise, you little bastards! Engineer Tanner and Intern Tasty didn't even know this was happening. Join Alex, your mystical guide, as he whispers you through the tingly-ass world of ASMR. Caution: this episode will shiver your timbers and trip your trigger. Be sure to leave feedback @skimbolounge on Twitter, and remember to like/share/subscri ...…
This week I'm talking about my weekend in Portland, Oregon. Also President Trump inviting and uninviting the Philadelphia Eagles, Gay Bakers and white people being extra white. Enjoy!Song Of The Week: Pretty Polly by Vandaveer
Demdike Stare & Il Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza - Side B (excerpt) Abner Jay - The backbone of america is a mule and cotton side 2 (excerpt) A Paradise is born - Wind Kevin Harrison - Some Aspects of Music Actress + London Contemporary Orchestra - Momentum Jean Baptiste Barriere - Ilème Mouvement Solitude Y Nait: Attentes Randal K ...…
In an industry of big characters, my guest on this episode of Full Production really holds his own. When it comes to working the mines, there’s not a lot Tony Andrews hasn’t done, from re-timbering shafts up to mine foreman, at mines up and down Australia. In mining, like everything in life, if you don’t learn from the mistakes of the past, you ...…
We’re back from another one of our hiatus with a new episode of the podcast. This episode we do a lightning fast recap of the game vs scum jose and Dallas, Then right into the recap and our thoughts of the game vs Portland Timbers. We all eat a bit of humble pie and acknowledge Bingham’s huge game and big performances in the past few weeks. We ...…
Genesis 32-33 :: On the night before he meets his estranged brother, Jacob wrestles with a nocturnal assailant and receives a bruise, a blessing, and a new name. Visit us at for more information.By (Big Timber Evangelical Church).
Devin Perry, director of the NAHB’s Building Systems Councils (BSC), joins us on the SBL to talk about how his national level organization is supporting the off-site construction trend. The BSC supports modular, panelized, concrete, log and timber frame homes. The Council sponsors educational and networking events like the annual Mega-Tour and ...…
Shels and Spider is doing an open topic about Kenya West comment toward Mainstream to improve Trump's President polls.--------------------------------------------------playlist: Chris Timbers Band “Good Behavior”, Patreon Music Donation - Papa Satch, Johnny No Feather Spirtual Flute Music., One Man Rock Band, SPIDERintheHALL, REBELMANN, Almost ...…
Message from Bryan Baker on May 27, 2018 Visit us at for more information.By (Big Timber Evangelical Church).
The HGTS crew is back with another blazing edition of America's favorite podcast!! While the weather has been heating up in the Rose City so have the Timbers! The 5 game winning streak is discussed, award winning analysis of the upcoming Champions league gets a mention, and oh... is Bob Bradley a douche bag? Don't know? Find out now on Hot Guys ...…
Shels and Spider gets to talks to T.H.C.(The Head Choppa) from Olympia, WA. We will be having a conversation on REEFER MADNESS & CANNABIS TALK.--------------Playlist: Mystic Posse, PAPA SATCH, TheHeadChoppa, Spiderinthehall, and Chris Timbers Band “Good Behavior” from Ramshaw Records.-------------------Let’s Talk About the Music, is a Humorous ...…
LIVE from Modern Woodman Park!!! It's a day game and the Bandits host the Timber Rattlers. Guest Andy "Potty Mouth" Gadient joins us. It does not take long for the show to come off of the rails. A fun one but it is all over the place. Have a HASSLE free day! You can watch us live everyday if you follow us on Facebook at ...…
LIVE from Modern Woodman Park!!! It's a day game and the Bandits host the Timber Rattlers. Guest Andy "Potty Mouth" Gadient joins us. It does not take long for the show to come off of the rails. A fun one but it is all over the place. Have a HASSLE free day! You can watch us live everyday if you follow us on Facebook at ...…
Day60 TV - Duck Food, Flooded Timber and Duck Calling Tips The Show is posted on itunes weekly on Wednesdays. Check out our other content on instagram and sub so you don't miss out on future content. We go live weekly on Duck Gun Chronicles youtube and Freelance Duck hunting youtube if you want to join in on the live Q and A! Thanks as always f ...…
Today on Valley Edition, we learn about one of the most closely watched races in the June primary, the contest to be Kern County’s next sheriff. We also talk politics with GV Wire’s Bill McEwen and learn how local entrepreneurs are embracing Bitcoin and the world of cryptocurrency. Later in the show we talk with journalist Chloe Sorvino of Forb ...…
Welcome to the shit show! Atlanta gets New York Red Bullied by Geiger, Penso, and their bestie – Coach Marsch Hugs-refs-o-lot. Atlanta may have taken the L, but it’s Atlanta United who made the front page of the sports section in the Sunday edition of the New York Times, suckas! Tune into this episode to hear Jay and Kelly’s thoughts on shaving ...…
Jonah learns that God is: a God of second chances a God of singleminded focus a God to be feared and obeyed a God of miraculous mercy JONAH TALK 3 Chapter 3 begins; 1 Then the word of the LORD came to Jonah a second time: 2 “Go to the great city of Nineveh and proclaim to it the message I give you.” The word of the lord came to Jonah the first ...…
Roy Wakeman OBE, chairman of the Confederation of Timber Industries, chats to Chief Executive of the STA and Director of the CTI, Andrew Carpenter. Together they talk about the benefits of Timber, how to maintain it, solutions to the housing crisis, and being apart of the CTI. Roy says "It's the voice of the industry and you can't make changes ...…
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