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Join UCB Theatre veterans Cody Lindquist & Charlie Todd as they welcome a panel of NYC's most hilarious comedians, journalists, and politicians to chug two beers on stage and discuss the politics of the week. It's like Meet The Press, but funnier and with more alcohol. Theme song by Tyler Walker.
Amanda & Laila decided to challenge themselves and live more green, and each week they sit down and discuss how it went. It’s usually easier to discuss these green habits with a glass of wine, to take the smelly edge off, so of course, other topics WILL seek their way into the studio. Enjoy folks!
The Tipsy Archives
The Podcast where we drink too much wine and gossip about the past- art, history, religion, weirdos, scandal, murder and inbred royalty.
Podcast by Tipsy Knits
The Bible. The best-selling book of all time and one of the most important and influential works of literature ever created. Now you can listen to three drunk scientists struggle to successfully (and sometimes not so successfully) navigate it
How To Save Your Marriage with Nicola Beer" a show full of marriage counseling tips and practical strategies to repair, rebuild and strengthen your relationship. If you are currently STUCK wondering IF your marriage can be saved, OR YOU KNOW you want to SAVE it but don't know HOW to go about changing it, this show is for you. In each episode you'll discover tips to overcome challenges and turn your frustration and disappointment into action steps that will bring you greater relationship happ ...
Tipsy Texan
Welcome to the blog site for the Tipsy Texan Podcast
Tipsy Engineering
Podcast by Klovid
The Bible. The best-selling book of all time and one of the most important and influential works of literature ever created. Now you can listen to three drunk scientists struggle to successfully (and sometimes not so successfully) navigate it
The Tipsy Polock
Nate and Jarvis have drinks and fix everything wrong in the world. Or at least talk about it.
The Tipsy Twosome
The Tipsy Twosome
Tipsy Sixty
A podcast to showcase the different ideas and values of individuals, 1.5 ounces at a time.
Tipsy Talks
New podcast
For business owners who are CabinetMakers, Architectural Woodworkers Furniture Makers and Woodwork shop owners. CabinetMakerProfitSystem is a resource that shows you how to work less and earn more. Listening here is how you "2x your Profits" and "2x your Time off". For tips, tricks and information on business building. Its not boring business talk- its real world info, podcasts, videos and articles just for trades pro's. Join the conversation at -->
Tipsy Trending
The official blog for the Tipsy Trending podcast and YouTube channel.
Tipsy Talks 🍷
Join our tipsy talks with struggling artists, creatives, millennials as we stumble from bar to bar, collecting stories from people who chose to live outside society's expectations and follow their dreams
Tipsy Tías
The Tipsy Tías are here to spill chisme and life advice while working on their drinking skills. Listen while we pretend to know things about wine, life, and trying times.
The Tipsy Pilots
We watch and vaguely discuss television pilots while we have a few drinks. Usually gets a bit off topic and out of control. we are not paying for sound-cloud so old episodes will be deleted for space every couple weeks. FFFUUUUCCCKKKK
The Tipsy Dancer
The Tipsy Dancer podcast is a 5 to 10 minute podcast that is great for the car ride home while doing the dishes, laundry, or even at work. In this podcast you'll hear a mix of beer reviews, bar and brewery reviews, Q&A's, dance moves for the bar, and so much more great beer content.
Brown Folk. Alcohol. The Twilight Zone. On "The Tipsy Serling", we pair alcohol with each episode of the original series of "The Twilight Zone" and review/discuss/debate. Good times!
Successful Internet marketers have figured out over time what techniques and strategies work. Discover the Internet Marketing Tips that these superstars wish they had known sooner so you can learn them now.
Tipsy Tuesdays With Miami Tip & Baby Blue Whoaaaa from Love & Hip-Hop Miami is a weekly podcast and radio show. Miami Tip & Baby Blue Whoaaaa will be recapping the latest episode of Love & Hip-Hop Miami, celebrity news & headlines, sharing her cougar pick of the week and more.
Spirits is a boozy weekly podcast about mythology, legends and lore. Hear fresh takes on classic myths and learn new stories from around the world, served up over ice by two tipsy history geeks.
A slightly tipsy exploration of the hit STARZ series Outlander.
Spirits is a boozy weekly podcast about mythology, legends and lore. Hear fresh takes on classic myths and learn new stories from around the world, served up over ice by two tipsy history geeks.
Tipsy conversations from the Heartland.
In this sub-podcast of Composer Quest, I break down tracks of mine and give techniques and tips I learned while creating them. My goal is to give you production ideas for your own composing and songwriting.
Boos and Booze
A podcast full of tipsy tales. Every week hosts Bailey and Tom delve into a new Urban Legend or Scary Story while sipping custom crafted cocktails.
Talk Straight
A tipsy podcast about sober things.
Opera After Dark
Forget what you thought you knew about classical music, and leave your preconceived notions at the door! Co-hosted by Naomi Barrettara, Elspeth Davis, and Kyle Homewood, Opera After Dark is a journey into the surprisingly wild, sometimes sexy, ALWAYS weird world of classical music. Join us as we settle in, open a bottle of wine, get tipsy, and discuss and share the crazy stories and bizarre facts about the “high art” that we love.
Join your weekly drinking hosts as they talk about beer news, craft beer culture, craft liquors, tipsy science, history, and general malty shenanigans.
All Apprentices: Quick Editing Tips is a short podcast for writers seeking to become better self-editors, written and produced by editor, author, and ghostwriter Blake Atwood.
Podcast by ReScripted- Tipsy TV Reviews
Just The Tips is a business talk show for entrepreneurs and business owners who are tired of listening to the same old stodgy content. Interviewing (and sometimes roasting) top entrepreneurs from around the world, each episode is fun, witty and informative. It's a must listen for anyone wanting to transform their marketing, sales and business while having a laugh instead of falling asleep. We, not so humbly, believe it's the best business and marketing podcast in the world.
Task Force Tips
Task Force Tips is a worldwide leader in providing first responders with high quality, innovative agent delivery solutions.
Tyson’s Fitness Tips is a podcast created to help you learn how to lose stubborn belly fat and keep it off forever. Tyson shares with you simple tips that you can implement into your life immediately with proven steps that have worked for himself and his clients. He also interviews experts from all over the world who share with you their tried and tested methods when it comes to training, diet, mindset, sleep, stress management and so much more
Casual Wine Geeks
We believe that you can have great geeky conversation about wine of all price points and production styles without being pretentious. We always take two bottles to the party (er... I mean, podcast), maybe get a little tipsy-pants, dance on the edge of irreverence and talk about a thing or two.
As If
Overly nostalgic, occasionally tipsy and always random. Grab a drink and let's do this thing!
The edutainment podcast about lifestyle, wine, and spirits hosted by Yolanda Shoshana. Pompette means "tipsy" in French. C'est si bon!
The Podcast where we get people drunk and have them try to explain a video game plot. We also have them get tipsy later to talk about their personal experience with said game!
Learn Guitar
The Learn Guitar podcast from the National Guitar Academy will make you a better guitarist by teaching you our best guitar tips and secrets for rapid progress.We SIMPLIFY the guitar world so you can make music and have fun as quickly as possible.We discuss chords and chord technique, we share lead guitar secrets, we tell you how to sound more rhythmic and musical and we also teach you music theory.‘Lead Lines’ is the part of the show when we discuss lead guitar techniques, scales, riffs, sol ...
My name is Adam Schaeuble....aka....The PHD (previously heavy dude) and I'm on a one MILLION pound mission. A few years back I looked at the scale and I weighed 327 lbs and I set a goal to lose 100lbs which I DID! Then I opened up my own fitness studio and took what I learned and applied it to my hometown clients through unique weight loss, exercise, and nutrition programs and protocols. My hometown clients lost 35,000 LBS over a span of just 5 years! Now I'm on a Million Pound Mission with ...
In this copywriting and content writing podcast I share some of the tips I developed to convert the quotes I send out into paying customers. This podcast and tips are perfect for service based businesses who send out quotes.
Real Estate Growth Hackers Quick tips is your source for Quick, simple, and actionable ideas to grow your business as a real estate agent. Join the conversation on the anchor app:
Yoga for Writing
This is not a series on how to write or how to do yoga. I will not give you tips on character development, plot structure or imagery. Those are all things you can find elsewhere. And aside from some tips, I am not going to teach you how to practice yoga. But you can also find that information elsewhere. Instead, my hope is to show how the ancient philosophies of yoga, as taught through various texts all rooted in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, can offer writers a sense of ease and harmony in ...
Haunt Tech Tips
Haunt Tech Tips is dedicated to helping you take your haunt to the next level
Pinot and Pop
A whimsical and slightly tipsy look at the week in pop culture, news, and life.
Hosted by international garden design sensation Jamie Durie and featuring Chef Michel Nischan's James Beard award-winning "Homegrown" cooking segments, The Victory Garden equips viewers with the confidence and inspiration to roll up their sleeves, get their hands dirty, and live outdoors.With so many Americans aspiring to care for the environment and create their own outdoor living spaces, The Victory Garden's unique fusion of garden design, earth-to-table cooking, and eco-conscious how-to t ...
Ripply's Tech Tips
Ripply's Tech Tips is your number one station for tech tips, tricks, and shortcuts, as well as ne...
Vocatus Vocem
Because the world is more bearable when you're just a little tipsy.
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Choppin it up wit my long time home girl Tiffany aka Tipsy. We always get wasted when we get together and argue about random shit. Plus she's a pimp!! (Sorta lol)
In today’s tips I talk about investing in yourself and truly remembering nothing is promised or guaranteed
The ICU can be an intimidating and stressful environment for everyone involved; especially for kids. In this episode, I talk about 3 tips I use, that help to mediate the ‘scariness’ of ICU, and help to keep the experience as positive as possible.
This week: winter is coming, Uber knows you're tipsy, and take the call. Sandra Peter (Sydney Business Insights) and Kai Riemer (Digital Disruption Research Group) meet once a week to put their own spin on news that is impacting the future of business in The Future, This Week.You can subscribe to this podcast on Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify, Sti ...…
As I lay my fifth indoor plant to rest, I am left unsure what happened. Did I water it too much or too little? Did I forget about it for seven days straight? Should I blame my pets or my imperfect nursery or the full moon? Here are some tips I discovered during my melancholic post-plant-death internet search about how to be a better plant lady: ...…
You have a business. Your time is now worth money. If you’re wasting your time, you’re wasting money. Simple. In this episode, I talk about how much money your time is really worth and how to use your time wisely to get the most money for what you give.
Nate is on the verge off pooping his pants while talking about; sleeping in underwear, peeing the bed, family secrets, the day Jarvis joins a sex cult for a free iPod shuffle, Kidnapping Mexicans and Salty Cops.
Don't get so caught up in updated features and metrics that you forget about the basics.. like your bounce rate! You may be driving tons of traffic to your website, but are they staying there? Utilize the 10 tips I cover in today's episode to decrease the bounce rate on your pages and start making more sales! 1- Online Continuity 2- Target the ...…
Positive parenting, positive discipline, and infants and toddlers We know there is no “correct” way to parent, but how do various parenting styles impact our child’s brain development? If there are ways to inherently boost self-regulation skills in a toddler or support a young child’s executive functioning skills, how can we integrate those hab ...…
​When Dana & Jayson found out they have a week of amazing giveaways to Vegas to send our listener family to see Blink 182 during their Kings of the Weekend Rock Residency at the Pearl Theatre, complete with a two-night stay at the newly renovated Palms Resort and Casino, and a chance to check out their new restaurant Camden. The only thing stan ...…
​When Dana & Jayson found out they have a week of amazing giveaways to Vegas to send our listener family to see Blink 182 during their Kings of the Weekend Rock Residency at the Pearl Theatre, complete with a two-night stay at the newly renovated Palms Resort and Casino, and a chance to check out their new restaurant Camden. The only thing stan ...…
What up world?! Tha Trap House is taking over your podcast library by choice or force, soon we’ll be on everyone’s phones like U2! This episode we bring in tha homie Era Breaux to discuss his Jamaican background (thanks for the rum), stepping into tha booth at 10 years old, and his new upcoming project being released on August 12th, “From Nassa ...…
Hello You! Would you like a handful of Pinterest SEO tips to get better results on your Pinterest business account? If you are a regular visitor to my blog you know I love talking about Pinterest. Why? Because Pinterest is a great platform for bloggers and businesses alike to grow your blog traffic. It should not be the only platform used to ac ...…
Thomas Marshall joins Jack for a slightly tipsy episode.The passing of Anthony Bourdain and the issue of suicide is discussed, the bungling of the NBN being blamed on gamers, plus a scoop on the future of Tom!Then the boys discuss separating critique from abuse with Star Wars star Kelly Marie Tran fleeing social media due to trolls, plus a swat ...…
Introducing a new tipsy podcast by Why Magazine. Grab a drink and join 🍷
In episode 3, Mike and Cal take a look at a very new style making waves in the beer world. With characteristics like hazy, fruity and even dank the New England IPA is delicious and easy drinking, but big, full and smooth. As usual, we brew one ourselves, talk about the style and our recipe, before trying out these commercial examples: Eight Arc ...…
Patrice and Gaby along with the infamous Princess Blue chop it up about..-Pusha-T vs Drake vs his son vs the Pornstar-Footballer Raheem Sterling Gun tattoo- silly or nah?-Rapper Moe stack encouraging men to stick to one woman in 2018- Put a face to the voice Patrice BrooksTwitter: @ PatricepresentsInstagram: @patricebrooks_Email: Patricepresent ...…
Instagram is truly an art form & there are tons of apps surrounding it that help you come out at the top of your game. I’ve just about tried them all. And, since I wholeheartedly believe in community over competition, I am here to share my absolute favorites with you so that you can get your business, or personal gram running like a pro! I LOVE ...…
Welcome back to the Tipsy Testament, folks! This time around, we're talking about the harrowing story of Rehab and how she helped the Israelites get to the Promised Land. You know who didn't get to go? MOSES! It's probably for the best cause we know that dude is nasty. And if YOU'RE nasty, you'll know that Rahab invented the red-light district ...…
Demdike Stare & Il Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza - Side B (excerpt) Abner Jay - The backbone of america is a mule and cotton side 2 (excerpt) A Paradise is born - Wind Kevin Harrison - Some Aspects of Music Actress + London Contemporary Orchestra - Momentum Jean Baptiste Barriere - Ilème Mouvement Solitude Y Nait: Attentes Randal K ...…
Special guests tonight! Tipsy Texan Podcast joins The Digital Bites Podcast. We discuss beer, tech, games and much more! Quick Bites: Should we worry about Amazon taking over?! PUBG vs Fortnite!!! What are we looking forward to with Computex and Apple’s WWDC 2018?! TicketFly hack!!! Also BIG week for game DLCs, such as, Dragon Ball Fighter Z an ...…
Today Nate and Jarvis have a special guest from Nate's childhood, Sean McEwen. Join in a laugh as we talk about: Stormy Daniels and her brave and courageous quest! Kendrick Lamar baiting stupid white people into saying the “N-Word” Sean gives the listeners his take on where the Seahawks are headed as he picks this year’s Super Bowl winner And w ...…
Ify got a lil tipsy before the cast, can you tell? You already know we're gonna talk too much about Ye, then we chat Gorillaz, and some Solo. We give a spoiler buffer, so listen even if you haven't seen it yet, AIGHT!? Matt Apodaca: @mattapodaca Ify Nwadiwe: @ifynwadiwe @candydinnerpod Theme by Grimecraft…
We play Tipsy or Toddler; new Prison Mail from Courtney and Becca, on this week's Ian's Golden Adventures, Ian speaks to several people to see if they can distinguish Washington Crapitals' Assistant General Manager, Ross Mahoney, and Bossy Rossy; a pregnant woman beat a Subway manager with a sandwich and a man worked as a stripper to buy a pet ...…
On episode 2 part 1, I'm joined by rapper REEK; producer SAGE and hypeman J-WILL. Over drinks we play Never Have I Ever, we go over if Pre-dates are a real thing, we share our favorite rap beefs in history and more. An easy listen with the final part soon to drop.Listen now!
Fredrik, Charlie and Ivan Sandvall interview Jay Dhillon, serial entrepreneur and business owner with over 18 years experience who works with The Prince’s Trust and helps younger people get into business. Jay started in recruitment, taking a fledgling company from 0-500 staff, doing around £35,000,000 in sales before being selling to an investm ...…
Fredrik, Charlie and Ivan Sandvall interview Jay Dhillon, serial entrepreneur and business owner with over 18 years experience who works with The Prince’s Trust and helps younger people get into business. Jay started in recruitment, taking a fledgling company from 0-500 staff, doing around £35,000,000 in sales before being selling to an investm ...…
Tequilla has established herself a thought leader in the public relations industry, having been featured in ESSENCE and BuzzFeed, and recognized as a Rising Publicist by the International Association of Minority Women in PR. When she’s not hustling on behalf of her clients, she enjoys mentoring aspiring professionals, flexing her writing skills ...…
Think of the wisest and smartest person you know. Now multiply that by 100 fold. Still with me? Now imagine that person told you to chop a baby in half and share it with a friend. Congratulations! You just imagined King Solomon; the topic of our episode today! And I know exactly what you're thinking and the answer is a resounding "yes"! We DO d ...…
There's nothing more frustrating than a child who will not eat what you put in front of him/her. In this podcast I share 8 tips which will help you manage this with more ease. You can find all the tips I discuss in this episode in the blog post (link below) including access to a cheat sheet (summary of all the tips), weekly meal planning table ...…
Enough chat; let's get down to some music! I've been programming drums for 20 years and have recently published not one but two YouTube videos on how to get better at it. Still, let's go deep into the tips I gave in those videos and hopefully they'll help you make better beats, create better drum parts and make some great music!…
#TBT on this Ep we go back to our interview with DTF radio. We had fun with the tipsy Tuesday host. Hope you,share,subscribe
Once you’ve begun your talk, speech, or performance, be sure you intentionally make eye to eye contact with some folks. Acknowledging them. Then, be sure to look throughout the audience, even to the back of the room. If you are in a room with proper lighting, you won’t be able to “see” people beyond the second or third rows. That’s okay. Look b ...…
Dakota is back and this time, he brought some new friends with him! Alex and Stephanie join us this episode to discuss relationships, the various wonders of living in a new technological age, and they disclose why Dakota will always hold a special place in their lives (The title of this episode might give you a hint!).…
Join us for super casual chitchat, as we sip boozy Kahlua milkshakes and chat about the strange goings-on behind the scenes of The Exorcist, Rosemary's Baby, The Possession, and more. Plus, more personal ghost experiences from Brena's Not-Too-Spooky Story Vault. Thank you for listening! ...…
*Story Time* During my Club days, I had way too much fun! My first time sneaking into a club, I got way too tipsy, crawled on the floor looking for my watch (that was on my arm), and threw up all over my new jeans! Enjoy
Brown Guys. Alcohol. The Twilight Zone. Welcome to The Tipsy Serling Podcast, episode 1! In this episode, we consider "Where is Everybody?" while Rudy sings the praises of Jameson Caskmates IPA Edition and Qiydaar encourages him to drop acid in Hill Valley. "Where is Everybody?" was Directed by Robert Stevens, Written by Rod Serling with Cinema ...…
Connor and Cole return from their unannounced hiatus with a fun prosecco-fueled new episode! They talk about what they've been up to during the break: Connor's graduation and Cole's apartment drama. Cole tells the story of his horrific high school prom. Lots of discussion of Real Housewives of New York. A dramatic reading of a HOT new summer re ...…
So i've been tipsy on the cast before. One might even say drunk on a certain episode with Just the facts himself. But this one is different. A new friend forever and I put on a little science experiment for your entertainment. And just in case you are wondering, no. The night did not go well after this.…
Nate is offered heroin and Jarvis attempts to take Nate’s life by feeding him hot sauce as they struggle through the pain to talk about: Bill Cosby and his new Jello Rape-pops campaign, North Korea and South Korea and they also read their first 2 emails and give terrible advice!
This week Nathan and Eric get dirty (and a little bit tipsy)! We interview the talented porn director Koloff. Warning, we talk about sex and porn and stuff in this one so heads up! Koloff is the founder and director for the gay oriented porn websites and He also directs films for other websites as well, and re ...…
On this episode of Theworthtalk Podcast, I share some tips I have utilized to help me deal effectively with work stress. Hope you enjoy! Links:
I’m late on getting this to you. I fear, the quality probably suffered for it, as well. But, I offer you the best I could do. I have both Lupus and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, which means my body is attacking all my systems, and sometimes, it just attacks my thyroid. When there’s a great deal of stress, or the pressure system changes drastically, ...…
In this episode a tipsy Pat and vacationed Jared loosely breeze through the work of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell to discuss the reasons for and symbolism of archetypes and to argue over plot points of Star Wars.
Justin and Mitchell get a little tipsy and discuss the difference between chopping and slicing cucumbers, Christian Bale's infamous behind-the-scenes rant, and the glory that is Terminator: Salvation. Help us out at Next Level Nerd Movie Podcast part of the Next Level Nerd Network! Connect with us! www.nextlevelner ...…
Welcome to the Bloom Your Biz podcast! This week we're sharing our favorite self-care tips for entrepreneurs! Whether you like to watch video, listen to audio or read - we have all three available for you below. If you'd like to ask us a question, jump over to our questionnaire form. We love to answer your questions about online business and so ...…
Morgan is tipsy in this episode lol! This episode we discuss Cappricio Wine, Nicole Arbour's "This is America" rendition, Zavion Parker, Meat curtains, Teairra Mari, and much more! very fun episode! lolBUY OUR MERCH us on us on Instagram@uncutpo ...…
Hello beautiful people!This week I share some tips I learned that will help you be more productive. I discuss reversing the pressure to the beginning of your timelines instead of waiting until the last minute. I applied this to a big project and loved the result!Check it out and get to work!Yours,Angela…
Nate and Jarvis sit down with Tom and talk about police tactics, writing police reports involving your own property, why Nate isn’t a cop and the Yakima hero Moon Man… all while sipping on some awesome brewskis.
-Our Mother's Day... Husbands were on the job.-Christine's daughter, Zoey was trying to talk herself out of her dentist visit-Baby Christian's terrible twos - Jazmyn's discusses her first pregnancy and her experience when she founded out her baby was diagnosed with Anencephaly. -What is Anencephaly? Prevention?-Christine's recounts her experien ...…
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