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The TNC Podcast
TalkNorwichCity is Norwich City's #1 fan channel. Each week Norwich City fans will sit down and discuss the latest news & opinion coming from Carrow Road. Fun and games with yellow and green tint
TnC Sportscast
Trevin n' Chase discuss DFW sports and other interesting topics with many awesome guest stars.
TNC Podcast
Many a Thursday night, my brother in law, (Billy Hawes), and I, (Matt Garman), would find ourselves in conversations revolving around creativity following our family dinners. Thus "Thursday Night Conversations" was born! The next logical step was to record those conversations, and put them on the internet as a podcast. Now you can follow along and listen in here!
RUN TNC Podcast
Rideshare | Stories | Rants | Comedy
Refuge LA
Sermons from The Neighborhood Church
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With a bunch of stories breaking in the ridesharing space, we discuss the challenges, opportunities and trends currently shaping that market. From vansharing in London to potential flirtation between BMW and Daimler's ridesharing plays, from San Francisco's lawsuit against Turo to the travails of airport TNC chaos and the need for a Fifth Eleme ...…
The new year is off and running, and Billy and Matt are working on their goals. But how many goals should they try and tackle at once?
Darren Huckerby needs no introduction, he's one of the greatest players to ever put on a Norwich City shirt and one of the most exciting wingers english football has ever seen. Since retiring he has coached multiple age groups at Norwich City academy all the way up to the U23's before being let go earlier this season. Hucks is a season ticket h ...…
This week Billy gives a short dental update, and Matt talks about becoming a home barista.
This week Matt tells Billy about some things he has learned about Facebook, and Billy takes a trip to see the dentist.
This week Matt gets rained on, and barely avoids a tragedy that befalls many a videographer.
This week Matt tells Billy about not only starting, but finishing his short documentary project.
This week Matt checks in with Billy about his writing, and talks about a few projects he has in the works.
This week Billy talks to Matt about his future plans, and how he feels after completing his 200,000 word count goal.
This week Billy completes his writing goal for the year and tells Matt all about the hills, valleys, and crossing the finish line!
Ham Radio Workbench Podcast
Continuing the discussion of digital technologies in Ham Radio, George and Jeremy invite Kenneth Finnegan W6KWF back to do a very deep dive on Packet Radio, AX.25, and KISS modes. We talk TNCs, equipment, and practical applications of Packet Radio this week on The Workbench. Kenneth Finnegan - http://blog.thelifeofkennet ...…
This week Billy and Matt actually finish their discussion on "Start" by author Jon Acuff. They talk about a few of the ways one can use social media to jumpstart their way on the road to "awesome"!
Milk Alternatives: Which is Best? Take a walk down the dairy aisle and you’ll see a lot more than cow’s milk. You’ll see plenty of milk alternatives: soy, almond, rice, hemp, and oat…the list goes on and on! If your family is dairy-free, these milk alternatives are becoming an important decision. You want what is best for your child, and especi ...…
This week Jeff returns! He and the guys talk about winning the lottery, self promotion, and fidget spinners in this super sized Thursday Night Conversation.
This week marks the return of TNC Podcast's first and only guest! Take a listen as they talk about anniversaries, 90's Christian music, and more!
This week Matt and Billy talk about habits. How long to form a good one, how long to lose a good one, and why we "fall" into bad habits, but have to "form" good ones. — This show look at access to funding, markets, and business finance challenges - including BEE obligations. How are these factors impacting the real state of entrepreneurship in South Africa? Joining Teboho Mafodi in Studio to unpack these issues is Moxima Gama - Senior Technical Analyst for The Money Hub, Xoliswa Daku - CEO o ...…
This week Matt gives and update on his "Creepy Doll" idea, and Billy thinks through what people might make up his audience.
Think Like a ChampionLet's get into the mind of a champion. How do champions think? And how can your young athlete think like a champion?I wanted to pick the brain of someone who's been an elite athlete and taken it "all the way."Dan Walsh is a former US National Rower and an Olympian. I invited Dan to come on the show because I’ve always been ...…
This week Matt makes a fundamental discovery about his creative process, and Billy crakes the code as how to make a successful online venture.
This week Billy has some trouble with Amazon, and Matt asks if making a genre movie is "selling out".
This week the guys go to the movies, and give a couple of their spoiler free thoughts about "Spider-man: Homecoming".
This week the guys talk about sharing their work, and how to reframe the idea of "sharing" verses "promoting".
This week the guys talk about Jon Acuff's new book, and what they might learn from it.
This week Billy talks about one of his favorite summertime activities, and Matt literally finds himself in the line of fire.
This episode is all about leaving on a jet plane (Thanks, John Denver) and if you can/should while on assignment. More specifically, what you should know about companies paying for flights, and if its okay to leave in the middle of an assignment. We could talk about each of these topics for hours but we try to keep it short and to the point so ...…
This week the guys talk about favorite beaches, ice cream sundays, and even how to wash a baseball cap.
The Nourished Child
Cooking with KidsGet kids cooking! We all know cooking with kids is a boon for helping build autonomy with food selection and eating, increase self-esteem, and encourage food knowledge. I chat with Jodi Danen, RD, creator of Create Kids Club, and dish on ways to keep family meals simple, get kids in the kitchen and more.What You Will Learn abou ...…
This week Billy and Matt talk about ways to beat the heat, and maybe a couple of social norms.
Russell Martin is Norwich City's captain and one of the few players in the history of the club to have played over 300 games. Having played in the Premier League, Championship and League One for Norwich he's seen it all as a player. In recent years Russ has come under criticism for the relegations the club has seen and the amount of goals leake ...…
This week Billy finds himself on crutches and Matt tells a little bit about his experience on a real life, honest to goodness, film set.
8 Tips to Snack BetterSnacks. We love them...and we hate them. We want our kids to snack better. But, poor food choices and bad timing equal an unhealthy snacker. Just like you approach meals, you need a strategy to help your child snack better.With the average child snacking about 4 times per day -- and some children eating up to 10 times each ...…
This week Matt accidentally finds himself in the newspaper while helping out on a major motion picture.
This week Billy gets an email from a stranger, and sells some books!
Food Allergies in ChildrenLet's talk about food allergies in children! A lot has been happening in this area – from new research findings, which have changed the way we introduce foods to our youngest children, to ground-breaking research in the treatment of food allergy. I asked Marion Groetch, a registered dietitian and food allergy expert lo ...…
Simon Cheeseman is the manager of Slaters Menswear in Norwich and has been a Norwich City season ticket holder his whole life. Thanks to his job Simon now fits all of the Norwich City players suits and has some incredible stories to tell from his years of doing it. As well as that we question Simon on the current regime at Norwich and how he th ...…
This week the guys talk about one of Matt's first film projects, that just happened to star Billy Hawes!
Back to Work
TOPIC: Asterisks and Question Marks. This week, Dan and Merlin cover corgis (and other pets), asking for lettuce wraps, high-floor sandwiches, bread in a tube, John Wick (no spoilers), and the wonderful comic infographics of Kate Willaert. There is some ecosystem talk regarding ride sharing statistics and Apple's announced addition of podcast l ...…
Back to Work
TOPIC: Asterisks and Question Marks. This week, Dan and Merlin cover corgis (and other pets), asking for lettuce wraps, high-floor sandwiches, bread in a tube, John Wick (no spoilers), and the wonderful comic infographics of Kate Willaert. There is some ecosystem talk regarding ride sharing statistics and Apple's announced addition of podcast l ...…
Jon Rogers is best known for his online personality, Big Grant Holt. Jon has been going to Norwich City games pretty much his whole life and in that time seen some serious highs and serious lows. On this weeks podcast we speak about everything from hom having an asthma attack against Bayern Munich to David McNally. Of course, loads of chat abou ...…
This week the guys talk about how and when to change a "hobby" into a career.
Caffeine and Kids: A Dangerous MixIs caffeine the new drug for kids? Get too much and yes, just like a drug, a child can overdose and experience negative side effects, even death.Today kids are getting more of it at younger and younger ages. Caffeine can have dangerous effects on children and teens. We’ll dive into caffeine and kids: the food s ...…
On this weeks episode we welcome the truly brilliant Michael Bailey of the EDP, PinkUn, Evening News, Mustard TV and the NRF1 Podcast. Michael has been a Norwich City fan all of his life and covering the Canaries on a professional level for 10 years. Michael talks about the time he got banned from speaking to the club, the best ever moment in h ...…
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