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Ink & Echo
Josh Gaines (a writer with a day job) and Andy Othling (a full-time musician) explore creativity, understanding, humor and the flaws of being human through honest, insightful conversations with artists, entrepreneurs and people from all walks of life.
Ink and Worm
A show about the magic of words, the timeless nature of books and the relationships and community that they inspire. Tune in to the delightful discussions on what people are reading, what they are writing, the stories behind the stories, and what has helped them hone their skills.
TNT & Patrock
DJ / Producer Duo from Toronto Played at the 10 Year BPM Festival.
Ink & Artifacts
From the shelves of comic book stores to the methods of expert marketers, narratives played an integral part of forming culture and perception throughout human history. Join independent author EJ Spurrell as he delves into the history, meaning, importance and applicability of storytelling throughout the ages.
Ink & Quill
Ink and Quill is a podcast that discusses works of fiction from various authors. Your hosts Fizz and Dr. Hot-Fizz will delve into various plots, subtexts, and uses of language within the text as well as personal opinion about the author and their work. To join the Ink and Quill fan community, visit
Miz Ink and the Cracker
Miz. Ink and Jonathan talk about their lives.
P.S. Podcast with TK & co.
Page Sources flagship podcast. Pop culture, politics, interviews and a little bit of this and a little bit of that.Hosted by TK and Co.May contain explicit language
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01. Ferry Corsten - In My Dreams (Original Mix)02. Ferry Corsten - Galaxia (Original Mix)03. Estiva - Lifting Leaves (Original Mix)04. Solarity - North Circ (Kobana Remix)05. Robert Miles - Children (Original Mix)06. Ferry Corsten - Kyoto (Original Mix)07. Allure Feat. Julie Thompson - Somewhere Inside (Original Mix)08. Ferry Corsten Feat. Bets ...…
Mock Draft 4.0 is here! We're rocking a 14 man PPR with a flex. The depth of the talent pool gets much closer, plus a surprise happens for Bogman and The Welsh that takes them off their initial strategies! Make sure to join the Army to get into leagues and access to the other perks, and also listen to us live on FNTSY Radio Wednesday 9P-11P EST ...…
Andy will return next episode, so this week Josh gives a short solo talk about writing and creating fictional characters who are more crazy and demented than him, the nature of creative types and the way they communicate (or don't) to finish collaborative projects, deadlines and expectations, a brief update on his short film "Cordial Kill" and ...…
Wrestling and More podcast
In this podcast, I talk and give my opinion of the legendary Sting, he was the franchise of the now defunct WCW. I talk about his career in the various organizations including WCW, TNA and WWE.
N All 50/90 Demos
Another one-take with my Zoom H5 in my non-acoustically treated music room.PensI've tried all of the pens in this cupAnd everyone is dry as fuckFinally find one with ink and start to writeOnly to see the words fade to whiteSo, pull another arrow from your quiverAnd shoot it through my soulTake another arrow from your quiverAnd make sure no good ...…
Buzzards FM speaks to the rising star of British wrestling in 2002, Spud!The young up and comer from Birmingham talks to us about his 9 months experience and how many moves he knows, as well as his love for current WWE wrestlers like Rey Mysterio and new promotions such as NWA: TNA and Ring of Honor. He also talks to us about his unexpected deb ...…
Sarah Harris is a woman of many talents. As a critically acclaimed journalist, presenter on Studio 10, Shark Tank and a Guiness World Record holder, it seems there's nothing she can't do! She joined Jonothan and Jon on Talking Entertainment to talk about her exciting baby news, motherhood, and what's coming up on Studio 10 and Shark Tank.…
ITL Fantasy Football
Bogman and The Welsh are back for more facts, and this time it's Running Backs! Facts about your favorite players and the one's you don't know what to do with. We also are talking about a poll we asked on our FNTSY Radio show heard 9P-11P EST on Wed, who is the riskiest play? Fournette as a RB1, Cooks as a WR1 or Jordan Howard as a RB1? We revi ...…
Angelina Love stops by the VOC Wrestling Nation to talk about her career in TNA and her departure, her start with the WWE, being a Canadian born wrestler, and much more. The tremendous trifecta of The Voice of Choice, Albert AC Smooth, and Wrestlingmarx Erik debate the men behind Aces and Eights, and more importantly, whether it even matters wh ...…
#inkandworm #radiofreebrooklyn #thenortheastquarter #smharris #iowa #playwright #dialogue #promises #perseverance #dreams #editing #property #corruption #read #write — Candice and Tumisho chat to entrepreneur Vusani Ravele of Native Decor about his experience on Shark Tank, and why he took the leap of faith into entrepreneurship.
From actor to animator to recruiter, Ariel Goldberg’s story is a true testament to how hard work, dedication and being willing to step out and meet new and interesting people not only helps one in their career but also in life. In today’s interview Ariel discusses how his passion for theater and visual arts led him to work with such industry le ...…
Action Taker-podden
Här träffar vi Maria Berghäll! Maria Berghäll inledde sin yrkeskarriär med att bli Europamästare i Ung företagsamhet 2005. Idag är Maria Berghäll en känd entreprenörskapsprofil inom flera stora nationella organisationer i Sverige och hon har inspirerat och utbildat 250.000 personer i Entreprenörskap, Ledarskap och Självledarskap. Hon har för si ...…
It's Mock Draft time, and Version 3.0 we're drafting Standard Non-PPR team's. The guys jump in the draft coming right off of an interview, so the shell shock is real! We also have a MAJOR penalty from an Army member drafting, and we call him out!!Subscribe to the show on iTunes so you don't miss a minute of the off season action. If you enjoy t ...…
Tak – A Beautiful Game 1st Song – Asturias Getting Things Done 2nd Song – Childish Gambino / Stranger Things Smashup Cauldron Juice Instagram Ikea 3rd song – Be Brave – Modest Mouse Star Wars Clip – “Before The Dark Times”
Thomas Gold Presents Fanfare
01. Galantis - Hunter (Mike Williams Remix) [Big Beat]02. Mark Knight - Yebisah (Kash Trivedi Groove Cartel Edit) [Download]03. Oliver Heldens - Ibiza 77 ( Can You Feel It) (Extended Mix) [Heldeep]04. Dave Silcox Ft. King Hitz - Live Your Life (Extended Mix) [Spincredible]05. Gregor Salto - Otro Dia (Alex Guesta Remix) [Salto Sounds]06. Menini ...…
We have probably recorded 200+ episodes, and the only time we have ever talked about Disney at length is our Big Hero 6 Movie Special. We felt it was time to talk some Disney so we asked our good friend Sarah, who is an avid Disney fan, to help us with this episode. Rate, review, and enjoy! Email: Facebook: ...…
Laidback Luke - Mixmash Radio
Luke is showcasing the wide and varied music from across his Mixmash Records imprint. In this episode you can hear new and upcoming releases from the likes of: Tank & Cheetah, Sagan, Jack Wins, Mark Villa and so much more. 01. Laidback Luke & A-Trak – Shake It Down (Tommie Sunshine & SLATIN Refresh 2017) [Mixmash] 02. Mark Villa & Keanu Silva f ...…
Buy Now! Amazon Barnes and Noble Commissioner Rachael Guestford read Poughkeepsie Pete the riot act about his behavior on the pitch. She’s threatening to end his career if he doesn’t play ball. In this episode, Pete deals with the most dangerous mounts his team has — the smart and deadly velociraptors. ...…
Buy Now! Amazon Barnes and Noble Commissioner Rachael Guestford read Poughkeepsie Pete the riot act about his behavior on the pitch. She’s threatening to end his career if he doesn’t play ball. In this episode, Pete deals with the most dangerous mounts his team has — the smart and deadly velociraptors. ...…
The official Moment Masters One Year Anniversary episode! Shakira Brown a.k.a The Small Biz Whisperer shares interviews with celebrities and business gurus that she gathered in May 2017 while attending the Entrepreneur’s Summit in Houston hosted by Black Enterprise (BE) magazine. Shakira was there as an BE contributor and a member of invited pr ...…
Bob and Chris talk to Mychal Lowman about the Jazz losing Hayward and if the NBA can help, the Fish and his crazy ideas in the Fish Tank, and Brook Pahukoa on BroncoLife.
Your First Day So, it is your first day on this schedule, what do you do? You can begin by doing a little research on artists like Abbey Ryan or TMNK (The Me Nobody Knows) to see how they promote themselves. A good first step is beginning a blog on your cur- rent activities and … Continue reading "Episode 271 – New Markets for Artists / Your Fi ...…
Join British house DJ/Producer duo Somn3um for their weekly dose of the freshest electronic music on the planet, plus all the banter you could possibly want. Includes interviews with your favourite DJs and celebs in ‘Say Somn’thing’, plus an irreverent look at recent events in ‘Somn’thing Going On’. Somn3um, comprising of David Newsum and Scott ...…
The Stephen Howson Podcast
I've moved the podcast to it's own channel on YouTube now, The Stephen Howson Podcast will be enough to find it, if you're looking. In this episode we're covering Morata, Lukaku, our TNS trip, the Fan League Cup with FullTimeDEVILS and also our 24 hour charity podcast! PATREON LINK; to get more in depth? Join the ...…
Strategic Investor Radio
Jane Fox, founder and owner of Quantitrader, former corporate employer, left Bechtel Corp. to become a full time trader. She has a strategy qualifiying as a Finalist at the conference's NAAIM Shark Tank, and discusses this strategy. Technical Analysis based, she created algorythms to trade in the stocks in the S&P 500. In addition, she now prov ...…
Simon is joined by special guest (and listener) Russell from Ink and Paper blog, as Simon and Thomas’ diaries crashed, but he is back next episode promise. Russell and Simon talk about what makes a modern classic and the joys of giving and receiving books. Don’t forget you can find us on Twitter, Good Reads and Facebook now as well as subscribi ...…
***12 July: I have changed the audio file to the original/unedited recording with Bow. Unfortunately something happened and corrupted the file I edited... Hope to find/fix this, in the meantime, enjoy our conversation!***Find events, music and more at visit Bow at his lovely home in Vermont. Birds are singing in the back ...…
July 5, 2017. We missed the 4th of July by one day! Still played a set for ‘Merica! I got my bible…I got my handgun…thou art ready! Played some covers, some surf and some new runes from Tiger Tank and Pat Todd and the Rank Outsiders! Tommy Unit LIVE!! Live from New York, Wednesday nights at 10:00pm ET/7:00pm PT on REAL PUNK RADIO – Radio Done R ...…
General Snobbery | Film and Philosophy
Are you a virus? A disease? Then that means you're a human being, at least according to Agent (Weaving) Smith. Today, dear Snobfriend, join us for revelry and laughs as we Snob deep into the rabbit hole that is, The Matrix. Directed by the Wachowskis, The Matrix is much better than than bad movie, Inception. Perhaps the movie referenced the mos ...…
Musical Decadence Radio
01. Spencer Brown - 5th Concord (Original Mix)02. Luka Sambe & Eisenzahn - Equilibrium (Original Mix)03. Volkan Erman & Hypnotic Progressions - Endless Wind (Original Mix)04. Andre Sobota - Bluecode (Extended Mix)05. Moonbeam feat. Avis Vox - See The Difference Inside (Original Mix)06. Blood Groove & Kikis - Harmonic (Original Mix)07. Synthetic ...…
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