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Ton3x tackles issues head on from a practical standpoint of mainstream objectivity but yet offers spiritual resolve.
Alive & Direct
Alive & Direct on Blog Talk Radio provides Life Support by introducing as resources to our community and audience beings living their visions and walking paths of authenticity, courage, healing, inspiration and creativity. The tone of the show honors the sacred in each of us, but also leaves room for our fun and lively. We intend to create a world of connection by communicating and inviting other bright lights to join in celebration of life, on air.Alive & Direct on Blog Talk Radio complemen ...
Simple Change
Simple Change is a podcast designed for listeners who are ready to create lasting change, in the middle of a shift or just plain fed-up with doing what everyone else is doing. Simple Change listeners want a new and inspired outlook as a motivation. The goal and tone of this podcast is to inspire others to step into a transformation process. through the simple changes, be they physical, mental, emotional or spiritual and to discuss the lasting impact they can create in your life. Holistic Hea ...
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Daniel “ Dan” de Witte is a Business Coach, Digital Strategist and Entrepreneur dedicated to sharing his knowledge with small businesses who want to leverage the online market. As a business coach, Dan specializes in tailor business strategies, business development and automation. Working closely with businesses to identify their needs, Dan thi ...…
HulaHoopla: A Podcast for Hoopers
Episode 16 – Bex Burton: Tuning in to the Universe BEX! Lucky, lucky me! I got to sit down with Bex at Hoopcamp this year and have an incredible talk. This amazing woman is so in tune with the Universe. It gives her a sign and she runs with it with so much passion and love and appreciation. She’s a dancer, a hooper, a Pilates instructor, a mass ...…
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