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Ton3x tackles issues head on from a practical standpoint of mainstream objectivity but yet offers spiritual resolve.
Get-Fit Guy's Quick and Dirty Tips to Slim Down and Shape Up
Enhance your energy, lose weight, boost your performance, and look better than ever in your bathing suit with the Get-Fit Guy! If you want to begin an exercise routine and don't know where to start, or if you've been working out for a while and aren't getting the results you want, host Brock Armstrong will give you the tips you need to reach all of your fitness goals. Get expert information and advice on everything from toning your arms, butt, and abs, to blasting fat fast, to running a 5K a ...
Sermons – Let the Bible Speak New Zealand
Preaching Christ in all His fullness to New Zealand
Welcome to CryptoScam. This podcast was inspired by all the questionable projects and tokens that were introduced to world once Bitcoin paved the value for value transfer decentralization. For about an hour, a carefully selected Co-Host and I will provide out opinions of the Token, Project or Concept we feel are important for people just starting to learn the ins and outs of the Financial Technology space. There will also be many episodes dealing with other interesting topics outside of the ...
Akiha Den Den
A unique audio drama series created by writer/director Neil Cargill and musician/sound designer Simon James featuring an original electronic music score and full cast including Ian McDiarmid, famed for his role as Emperor Palpatine in the Star Wars saga, as Cuttings – the radio ham who picks up a mysterious voice. The voice belongs to a girl (Joy McAvoy, from Ken Loach's The Angels' Share and Filth) trapped in an abandoned amusement park called Akiha Den Den.Singer Wendy Rae Fowler (featured ...
Veritas News Network - Truth is Trending
Truth is trending on the Veritas News Network! VNN is an online publication featuring the news and is dedicated to in-depth investigative reporting with a consumer advocacy focus. Our Managing Editor is a veteran investigative journalist who has won dozens of awards. Several categories of news are featured on the Veritas News Network include Citizen Journalism, Consumer News, Ripoffs & Scams, Consumer Advocacy, World News, US News, Crime, Economic News, Editorial & Opinion, Education, Health ...
Moby Dick by Herman Melville
“Call me Ishmael” is one of the most famous opening lines in American literature. With these words, opens one of the strangest and most gripping stories ever written about the sea and sea-faring. Moby Dick by Herman Melville is today considered one of the greatest novels written in America but paradoxically, it was a miserable failure when it first made its debut in 1851. Entitled Moby Dick or The Whale the book finally got its due after the author's death and is now regarded as a classic po ...
Adrift in New York by Horatio Alger, Jr.
Set in 19th century New York, this is the story of a wealthy old man who adopts his orphaned nephew and niece after his own four year old son mysteriously disappears. However, under a smooth exterior, the nephew is a conniving and avaricious villain who wants to grab all the old man's wealth for himself. This is also the story of a young boy, who doesn't know he's the sole heir to a fabulous fortune, but grows up homeless in the streets of New York. The villainous nephew proposes marriage to ...
NonProphets is a weekly podcast about forecasting. The hosts became "superforecasters" based on the strength of their performances in the Good Judgment Project forecasting tournament, and they have continued to forecast on a wide array of topics with Good Judgment, Inc. In this podcast, they discuss their forecasting processes, and offer their analysis of questions on public forecasting platforms, such as the Good Judgment Open and Almanis, as well as other topics of interest to them. Most e ...
A Room With a View by Edward M. Forster
A Room With a View opens with Two Englishwomen touring Europe. The older one is poor, bossy, old fashioned and a great upholder of what is “proper.” The younger one is less certain of herself, but holds within her the makings of a passionate, emotional and independent woman. In Florence they are allotted a room overlooking a dull courtyard, whereas they had specifically asked for a “view.” A fellow guest offers them his own rooms which offer wonderful vistas of the Arno. The older woman inst ...
Tails From China
This show is a bridge between East and West to dispel negativemisconceptions about how the Chinese people feel about animals. Offeringcredible information about the rapidly improving position of dogs and catsin Chinese society, and in opposition to negative publicity by the Westernmedia about isolated misfortunes befalling Chinese dogs and cats, the goalis to celebrate the evolution of the human-animal bond which is flourishingin the People's Republic of China,. where pet owners are eager to ...
Comedy Fitness
Getting fit and staying fit is a struggle we all have, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. My goal is for you to laugh your way to fitness!Each podcast has free real world advice to help you reach your A-game. You’ll hear everyone from celebrities to comedians talk about healthy lifestyles, workouts, and what makes them tick. Special podcasts will feature workout routines you can do in real time. Whether you’re surviving your commute, sweating it out at the gym, or toning up at home, ...
DJ Tristan Jaxx | JAXX TRAXX
DJ Tristan Jaxx’s hard-hitting signature brand of visceral house music commands an enthralling blend of deep, pounding sound, larger-than-life vocals and vast & voluminous instrumentals. These elements combine to form an aural orgasm of consistently elevated energy that is truly unique. With an obvious finger on the pulse of what is fresh, energetic and exciting, his hunger for compositions and sets that one can completely get lost inside is sweeping the world. His chart-topping podcast seri ...
Denn Francisco's Sessions Podcast
A monthly rotation of my two sessions series House Sessions - Vocal, Soul and Beach HouseUnderground Sessions - Deep House, Tech-House and Balearic HouseFor all lovers of house music welcome to my sessions.DENN FRANCISCOFor some..Then there was house. But for Denn Francisco it has always been house..In love from a young age from the seductive sounds of Balearic house in the sun to deep and tech house in the club. Rising up amongst a barrage of memorable genres in dance music, the passion lai ...
CLAKSAARB - Damn Stubborn Radio
Damn Stubborn Radio is a compilation of music mixes produced by CLAKSAARB with genres ranging from House, EDM, Hip Hop, Rap, Trap, Twerk, Rock, Alternative, & Pop, and includes music & influences from artists such as 2 Chainz, A-Trak, AC Slater, Afrojack, Angger Dimas, Armand Van Helden, Axwell, Baauer, Bad Boy Bill, Bart B More, Beck, Benny Benassi, Beyonce, Billy Idol, Bingo Players, Black Eyed Peas, Black Sheep, Blaqstarr, Bloc Party, Boys Noize, Bro Safari, Busy P, Calvin Harris, Cascada ...
Rogue CFO's Expert Guide to Launching a Startup
Rogue CFO Chris Benjamin specializes in helping new ventures launch by bringing his experience and education to new ventures. His passion is helping teach new entrepreneurs the in's and out's of what is involved in starting a new company. The Rogue CFO's Expert Guide to Launching a Startup is Chris' way to reach out to the entrepreneur and startup community, offering free advice on multiple topics of interest. Learn from someone who has worked with over 100 startups and receive the "from the ...
If ever there was an internationally renowned D.J. with a prolific pedigree it is Leomeo, a well established talent who, from his base in Paris, has touched virtually every continent in the world, destinations including Montreal, New York, Sydney, Shanghai, Istanbul, Rome, London & many in between. With roots firmly in Asia, but with Europe being his first real playground, making Paris his home saw his early steps in D.J.'ing inspired & encouraged by his then mentor, Claude Challe of Buddha ...
Audio Teachings with Jordan & Melissa Gash
Welcome to Audio Teachings with Jordan & Melissa Gash, Pastors of Oswego Family Church in Oswego, IL. The message of Jesus is powerful and life changing. It empowers us from within to rise to new levels and to reach our highest potential. It brings light into the darkest moments of life and it produces real hope that overcomes despair. “Let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect ...
Laura Jackson & Amanda Quinn are founders of FIT CHICKS® & FIT CHICKS® Academy - Canada’s largest women’s only fitness company, leading Fitness & Nutrition Experts and TV Hosts of “Shape Up with FIT CHICKS”. Each week on FIT CHICKS Chat, Laura & Amanda get you PUMPED to create your FIERCEST life – inside & out. Whether your goal is to lose weight, get toned, eat healthier, stress less, feel inspired or just have some healthy cheerleaders in your corner, each episode is packed with their own ...
Quickness Fitness Podcast
The QuicknessFitness blog was created as a resource to help busy adults make healthier choices, easier.While proper, safe exercise and healthy eating choices tend to take more time and effort for most people, we create this website as a resource for short, time-saving workouts (with limited equipment or experience required), and simple nutrition advice and recipes that you can use immediately to help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals.We don't advocate complicated workout programs ...
Between The Headphones |DJ Shawna| A new type of DJ and movement was formed over a decade ago on the Western shores of Lake Michigan. Former professional basketball player Shawna Nicols became DJ Shawna and disrupted the male-dominated industry in route to becoming one of the Midwest’s premier open format DJs. The Milwaukee-native has a knack for effortlessly bringing a room together with her infectious personality and high-energy mixes that keeps crowds engaged and begging for more. DJ Shawna has made her pr ...
Pings From The Abyss
Pings From The Abyss is your best friend. It is the glass of water after work. It is the feather drawn along the dry foot. It is a single strand of hair, gently tugged. It is the loss of self importance after looking at the night sky. It is choking on pool water. It is a movie with too many explosions. It is a seat by the midnight window. It is a cavern filled with anonymous coffins. It is a vat of bubbling tar in a tired laboratory, beeping with clinical tones. Most importantly of all, it i ...
Now Introducing...
The goals of this podcast are a little confusing and hard to explain. Then again, any innovative idea is always very hard to describe at first. It is much easier just to listen and keep an open mind in order to understand the mission of the podcast.Think of how the world works and how people grow. There is a connection between you and your parents; Then you and your friends; Then you and your teachers, your boss, and so on and so forth. Then we reach a point in our life where we think we can ...
Lifestyle Project Show with David Didier
Lifestyle Project Show with David Dider“There has to be a better way”. So many people look at their life and think there has to be a better way. Working 40 hours a week for 40 years only to retire can’t be the only answer.Growing up, the thought of living a “status quo” life was never an option. I always believed life had more to offer then just going to work to make someone else’s dreams come true. If you have had similar thoughts, then you are in the right place.Here at the Lifestyle Proje ...
Locals Only
Locals only is a phrase that is often used to invoke a sense of belonging. It is associated with secret surf spots, hidden gems in the shape of restaurants, and private clubs built around closely held secrets. In today's world, those things are a lot harder to keep under wraps. The internet has allowed us to discover things that would have once only been known to those who lived in the area. Wanna know the best local restaurant in the town your in? Google it. Wanna know where the sweetest sk ...
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Lena Hyde operates a boutique photography studio in Portland, Oregon. She believes in three essentials for a highly successful, sustainable photography business: quality, service, and products. Her photography has been exhibited in museums and galleries internationally, printed on Hallmark cards and featured in highly regarded publications incl ...…
Daniel Training Network Gospel Seminars
Mystery of Christ Seminar – Session 2 DESCRIPTION What was happening at the tower of Babel before God confused the languages of those gathered in the plains of Shinar? What did God’s call to Abraham look like? How do the Scriptures define the concepts of “seed” and “blessing,” and what are the implications for how we interpret God’s promises to ...…
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