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FT Tech Tonic
A weekly conversation that looks at the way technology is changing our economies, societies and daily lives. Hosted by John Thornhill, innovation editor at the Financial Times.
Tech Tonics
Tech Tonics, the Podcast, is a twice-monthly program focused on the people and passion at the intersection of technology and health. Hosted by Lisa Suennen and David Shaywitz (the co-authors of “Tech Tonics: Can Passionate Entrepreneurs Heal Healthcare With Technology?”) the show draws on their experience in business, medicine, and health-IT. The Tech Tonics podcast seeks to bring the people in the digital health field to life and, ideally, elevate humanism in a healthcare world captivated b ...
(Formerly the Stealing Fire Astrology Podcast, same podcast, different name) *I am taking the CPA exams for the next three months. Episodes may be a little sporadic. I will be back consistently with new episodes June 1st 2018!Daily horoscopes based on rising sign and whole sign chart (if you don't know your rising sign, listen to the episode that matches your sun sign)
Advice for what ails you. A healing advice podcast hosted by three healers of color: Richael Faithful, Karen L. Culpepper and Miriam Zoila Pérez. Send your questions via voice memo to
Relaxing music for meditation and sleep. Sleep is one of the most powerful healers available to us. Vibrational Tonic’s goal is to craft music that is both helpful and soothing. It is our mission to create beautiful instrumental sounds to lull you into incredible rest. All of Vibrational Tonic’s compositions are original works written with the intention of calming rejuvenation.With Warmth, Grace & Gratitude, Vibrational Tonic
WP-Tonic podcast is about giving advice and useful insights to those who are running or thinking of building a online membership website with a LMS (Learning Membership System) powered by WordPress. Both Jonathan Denwood & Kim Shivler have years of combined experience with WordPress and Learning Membership Systems. Every Wednesday we try and interview somebody who notable in the world of either WordPress, online marketing or online learning. On Fridays we do our controversial live round-tabl ...
It's Two dudes and a guest sometimes. Tony and Eric talk News and Memes. It's another Internet show! We have a Patreon now:
A bi-weekly BlogTV live show about Islam with viewer participation via Skype.The show encourages Muslims and non-Muslims to discuss Islam without pussy footing around or ignoring facts.
The Tonic
The Tonic, where creative people talk about making passion pay. Brought to you by KINDRED a Creative Industry knowledge exchange.
Dr. Anthony G. Jay (#DRJ) is a husband, father, scientist, author, speaker, bare-foot runner, and hard-core outdoorsman. He has a gift for simplifying even the most complex cutting-edge health science research making it relevant to everyone...and that’s his mission in the Chagrin and Tonic Podcast! Watch for new video episodes on YouTube every single week and Dr. Jay’s Chagrin and Tonic Podcast compilation episodes every 5th week!
Gym & Tonics
Gym MMA Football
A penetrating exploration into the human mind, both its genius and madness, by Dr. Eli Zufrain, a man who isn’t a doctor, but is planning on purchasing his degree very soon. Early episodes include how Serena Williams' multiple personality disorder helps her dominate white European women, and a provocative comparison between the seductive narcissists Kayne West and the Prophet Mohammad.
Tonic Podcast
Nanaimo's Premier Integrated Holistic and Alternative Health Clinic
DJ Tonic
After a relentless struggle with intensive science courses in high school, Phinit AKA Tonic discovered that his real passion lay in the Arts! Following on from that, he began his study of Communication Arts in UTCC and began to develop his skills in Radio and Television Production. Combining his talents and abilities in Club DJing, self taught since the age of 15 with his passion for electronic music, Tonic built a strong reputation in the club scene of his home city of Bangkok. His founding ...
Economic Tonic
Scott and Randy sip on cocktails and share financial advice, stories, and more in their own unique fun way. They cover all financial topics from banking to investing and more.
Jean and Tonic
Join Jean Balchin as she dabbles in a little pop culture criticism, interview some cool and interesting locals, and roll out some old-school rockBrought to you by The Shot Dunedin
Books & Tonic
Podcast by Books & Tonic
You know ...for what ails you
Daam + Tek-tonic's Whitecast
An Antidote to the Usual Fare
Sin & Tonic
Introducing Mitchii John... A bogan from Australia who just loves Video Games and Booze! Join him as he talks the latest in the Gaming and Entertainment world, as well as sharing stories from his past involving Alcohol. Two Drink Minimum.
Two great friends sitting around on stream talking about games and other things. Plus we play a cool game at the end of the pod cast!!!! Check Us Out: Classy KilRoy: Zanke Kiamane:
Opinion & Tonic
Basically what we talk about over lunch, but in podcast form. We cover topics from politics, to music, to social justice, to relationships, and so much more.
MUSIC SOUNDS BETTER WITH YOU• Original score & sound design• Sound environment• Music curation• PodcastIf you are a producer or artist and would like to feature on our SoundCloud channel please email/submit your tracks to: chillsession@free.frPlease note we are not a repost service !Do not send us any Messages by Soundcloud.
Black Men Tonic
A Discussion On Black Males - Spirit Healing - Logic Is Our Rubric
Welcome to The Everyday Tonics Podcast, hosted by natural health enthusiast Daxy Perez. On this podcast, you'll find a mix of interviews, how-to's, and educational content to inform you of the best practices/habits you should implement to take your health to a new level!
Dirty Beatz
The Best of Dirty Dutch, if you like Afrojack, Hardwell, Sidney Samson, R3hab, Chuckie, Nicky Romero and many more! Stay locked in right here! New Crazy Mixes with New tracks every Monday and maybe 2 in 1 week, so follow! If it ain't Dutch it ain't much!Check out
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In the Dark
I want to understand people I disagree with instead of just being angry at them. I want to have big conversations where I don't have to be politically correct or well-spoken. I'm a jumble of thoughts and words and really I just want to laugh and drink Gin & Tonics.
Join Dr. George Lamoureux and John Bonds from to explore the history, healing, and empowerment of Classic Chinese Medicine, herbs, and thought. Dr. George Lamoureux, the founder of Jong Herbs, holds a Doctorate in classical Chinese medicine, is a licensed acupuncturist and a certified Medical Qigong practitioner. Dr. George also completed programs of study at both the Shanghai and Chengdu hospitals of Traditional Chinese Medicine, People’s Republic of China. Jing Herbs was foun ...
Do you like to sense the music? Feel the rhythm? Taste the harmony? This is the sound of CHEMISTRY. The Potions Podcast brings you the best energizing music from around the world -- filled with soul, feeling, passion, and desire. Hand selected mixes by DJs and producers who invest their mind, body and soul into their productions. Each episode is a journey, a pilgrimage of your senses back to the mecca of your heart. About DJ SEVA ( Originally inspired by the music of the B ...
Forget the spellings, times tables and phonics! Put your high heels on and grab a vodka and tonic. MWA (Mums with Attitude) is all about replacing the vanilla with a bit of spice. We say “No more Nurofen, cut out the kale and F*!K the Fitbit!”
Want to live more fully? Join Marco Lam, the Founder and Director of the Mandala Clinic of Integrative Medicine, as we discuss everything from traditional healing modalities to the latest in modern medicine. We define immortality as being on top of your world, mentally, physically, and spiritually. This is not just surviving, but thriving with an embodied consciousness. This is an audio tonic for the mind, giving people the knowledge to strengthen themselves in the modern world in the face o ...
The 2 weird hungry girls are unapologetically cheeky chicks laughing and eating our way through life. Sure there was Laverne and Shirley, gin and tonic, salt and caramel but then ... there's Phoebe and Tracy! 2 Weird Hungry Girls is a weekly taste of Phoebe's Pure Food and some.
That's Nice
Mike Bruno & Alix McAlpine talk to nice people about nice things.
Whisky Comedian Alan Anderson travels to festivals across the globe with his Whisky Fir Dummies shows. In these podcasts he attempts to educate the palates of his fellow comedians, turning them onto whisky and away from their normal diets of lager and kebabs. Described by the BBC as a “whisky connoisseur” he occasionally taps the minds of the high heid yins in the whisky world and gives the odd popstar a dram or two in return for a song. Alan Anderson : Whisky For Dafties Edinburgh Fringe 2- ...
Vicent Ballester
Contact / Remix / Promo: vballestermusic@gmail.comKudoZ Records / LoveStyle Records / Kiez Beats / Media Blackout / Só Track Boa / Deep Strips Records / Three Dot House / Glück Music / Crumpled Music / Deeper Motion recordings / Play & Tonic
"Moombahtonic" will give you the best eargasm beats and feel without the need off additional supplements. Moombahtonic is not a tonic, it's a style, it's just the best Moombahton you'll hear.
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In this episode, Sah D'Simone interviews Lalah Delia, certified spiritual practitioner, spiritual writer and creative, and wellness educator. Lalah shares openly about her rock bottom story from physical abuse to training with different mentors to then getting a literary agent and having a successful business as a healer. Her mission is to enco ...…
Denne gang har jeg haft plastikkortet fremme og købt en lille musikmaskine fra svenske Teenage Engineering - en Pocket Operator 32 Tonic - og den er sjov 😜
Welcome to this episode of The Tonic, terrestrially broadcast on May 19 2018 on AM740 and FM 96.7 in Toronto. Topics covered on the show track the lifestyle articles and themes published in Tonic Magazine. This week we discuss herbal supplements for stress relief with Dr. Gordon Chang, ethical pornography with Carlyle Jansen and Long Term Care ...…
Daxy here, what’s up yall! To see the full video of me walking through how I make my probiotic beverages with 1 probiotic pill, go HERE. Recently, I was asked what are my daily habits to keep a strong gut wall flora. This person was coming off of antibiotics and had tons of problems with their metabolism. Your gut bacteria are directly connecte ...…
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Dr. Tonia discusses communication and how it relates to your health in this episode of the Tonic Podcast. In this podcast you’ll learn: What happens in the body when we don’t express ourselves or set boundaries, and how your self-esteem is connected to your ability to set boundaries What Dr. Tonia has learned about how […]…
The guys talk about people being Song at the beginning:Banh Mi Ringtones by Gunn-Truscinski Duo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 License. Song at the end:To Live for Adventure; or, People Talk by The Rope River Blues Band is licensed under a Attribution-Noncommercial-Share ...…
In this weeks episode, Brian and dear friend Caiti Wanamaker (with an assist from some Hendricks Gin and tonics) have an unbelievably fun conversation about 'Hot Fuss', the debut album from Las Vegas rock band, The Killers.
Playlist: Jerry Leger & The Situation - Wrong Kind Of Girl Leftover Salmon - Unplug Your Telephone Bill Evans Trio - Solar Elvin Jones Quartet - the Children, Save The Children Gary Burton Quintet - Colours Of Chloe > Doin' The Pig Shadowfax - Above The Wailing Wall Steve Lacy Trio - Blinks Something For Kate - Pinstripe Bobo Stenson Trio - Dou ...…
Recorded live at Build 2018, Microsoft's premier developers conference, Jim hangs out with Maxime Rouiller and talks about how he got into the .NET community, and how excited he is with the up and coming use of FPGAs for AI in Microsofts Project Brainwave. Special Guest: Maxime Rouiller. Links: Max's CDA page Max on Twitter Max's blog Max's Git ...…
As we ease into festival seasons, there are a ton of killer events to keep on your radar. This week we dive into the ninth annual Festy Experience in Arrington, Virginia, featuring Rubblebucket and Railroad Earth, as well as the 2018 Shadefest Music Festival which will include performances by TAUK, Consider The Source and the Southern Belles. I ...…
What makes a good or bad houseguest? Sam sings her praises as a GREAT host…but admits she HAS been a rude host. Can you spot the subtle social cues? Plus, learn how to nicely tell people GTFO when they’ve overstayed their welcome and you just want to go to bed.
Welcome to this episode of The Tonic, terrestrially broadcast on May 12, 2018 on AM740 and FM 96.7 in Toronto. Topics covered on the show track the lifestyle articles and themes published in Tonic Magazine. This week we discuss your heart health with Tawnya Ritco; the best Mother’s Day Brunch recipes with Tonic Cookbook reviewer Naomi Bussin an ...…
The British Bearded Baby Night Tonic Beard Oil is scented with lavender and Rosemary and the oil has a slightly thicker consistency and I really like a thicker consistency beard oil.
Mason Taylor - founder of SuperFeast (Australia's leading tonic herb and medicinal mushroom provider) - shoes his knowledge on how plant medicine benefits our health and how it interacts with the body to create health and wellbeing. We talk about how humour contributes to health and longevity, what role plant medicine has in our modern-day cult ...…
Tom Tuke-Hastings introduces us to Borrago and Sanja Ilieva tells us about the Caffe di Artisan coffee We hope you all enjoyed the recent wonderful Bank Holiday Weekend – wasn’t it just wonderful? Eyes are now set on the summer months – but there’s one thing to monitor more closely. The FoodTalk Awards… You need to be quick. The ticket deadline ...…
How do you grow and scale a thriving business—without abandoning your values? Can you stay positive in the face of criticism around your price point? And how do you get past people co-opting your work and passing it off as their own? Elizabeth Pape is the designer and founder of Elizabeth Suzann, a women’s clothing label born out of a dislike f ...…
Instagram is a place to socialize and serve, not sell. So, if you want to grow a following organically on the platform, it is important to focus on your audience: Make decisions around what you hope to contribute to your dream clients first—and then provide a whole lot of value. Once you know your tribe and what you want to offer them, it’s tim ...…
On this episode of Verdant North:Nicki gives us the proper Gin & Tonic crafting tips we need.Dan has fungus flies and provides tips on taking care of similar pests.Caroline breaks down her new yard plan for the season.Visit us at or email us at special thanks to Volkanus for letting us use their ...…
Instagram is an incredibly useful social media marketing tool: I have used it to grow a following of more than 780,000 and build a thriving six-figure business. But social channels are not all rainbow emojis and kitten videos. The danger in a platform like Instagram lies in forgetting that other’s feeds are a highlight reel, not real life. And ...…
In this episode we meet Tanya, a musician and ethical hacker. We learn how a simple SQL injection attack at a lunch and learn led to an amazing career hacking things, and protecting people from being hacked. Here are her upcoming events: May 7 DevSecCon Tel Aviv, Israel May 8 OWASP Israel Meetup, Tel Avi ...…
Welcome to this episode of The Tonic, terrestrially broadcast on May 5, 2018 on AM740 and FM 96.7 in Toronto. Topics covered on the show track the lifestyle articles and themes published in Tonic Magazine. This week we discuss how to treat headaches naturally with Master Herbalist, Joel Thuna; how yoga is a medium for change with Jodi Fischtein ...…
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Top Links Announcing ASP.NET MVC 5.2.5, Web API 5.2.5, and Web Pages 3.2.5 and Blazor 0.3.0 experimental release now available (Daniel Roth) Improving Rider and ReSharper code analysis using JetBrains Annotations (Maarten Balliauw) Why Developers Should Install WSL Today (Matt Hyon & August Banks) Announcing a new name for the UWP Community Too ...…
Nicole Eagan, chief executive of Darktrace, tells John Thornhill corporate networks have become the new battleground in a cyberwar waged by criminals and state actors using artificial intelligence
👉 Please support: show some ❤ and repost when you like this track.Check for more music and news.RAWAX presents Metropolitan Soul Museum with a debut EP on their label!Metropolitan Soul Museum (or MSM for short) is a London based live duo releasing sonically melodic electronic music on labels like Rawax, Normals Welcome, ...…
Welcome to this episode of The Tonic, terrestrially broadcast on April 28, 2018 on AM740 and FM 96.7 in Toronto. Topics covered on the show track the lifestyle articles and themes published in Tonic Magazine. This week we discuss the health benefits of magnesium with Tawnya Ritco; dancing for your fitness with Anjelica Scannura and the difficul ...…
Guest Shiva Rose- founder of the holistic lifestyle blog The Local Rose, and the creator of the natural skin care line Shiva Rose Beauty.After being diagnosed with life threatening auto immune diseases, she began her journey on the path of wellness and spirituality.Her book Whole Beauty (published by artisan) encompasses various modalities that ...…
From dog walker to iOS developer in 1.5 years. I first met Christine when I asked on Slack about people who changed careers into tech. She easily had the most compelling story with this one sentence: “in the last year and a half I went from walking dogs to working at Comcast as an iOS dev.” Christine graciously let me come talk to her and find ...…
Musical U’s very own content editor and product manager Andrew Bishko discusses and demonstrates a variety of scale types, discussing the “flavor” of each one and how they’re put to good use in music. Subscribe For Future Episodes! Apple Podcasts | Android | Stitcher | RSS Full Show Notes and Transcript: Episode 067 Links and Resources • Interv ...…
Over a gin and tonic, Emily Hunt Turner; CEO of All Square and former federal attorney opens up about being recently orphaned, launching a business, and pursuing her truth.
We talk to Nic Makin about the classically-inspired side-scrolling beat 'em up, Raging Justice.
Welcome to Emergency Exit episode 71! Tonight we pop it open with a Brew World Order. We tried out Circle Brewing Co.’s Blur hefeweizen and gave her a good ole rank on the one to fiver That's Right scale. Have you tried it? What do you think? Hit us up at And Hey! while you’re telling us what ya thinking the brew ...…
We are talking with Amy Eisenzimer, creator and owner of Parker's Hangover Tonic Bloody Mary and Caeser mix. Amy explains how she has built Parker's as a brand.
Nate Wright crafts unapologetically human emails for a living. Since bootstrapping Small Biz Triage 9-years ago, he and his small team have delivered thousands of successful campaigns across nearly every industry vertical, generating tens of millions in sales for their clients. In 2018, Nate created Inbox Attack, a business writing ‘gym’ and se ...…
In this personal episode of The Wild WMN Podcast Elizabeth opens up about her experience of loss. Elizabeth's father passed away while she was pregnant with her daughter Earth and experienced loss in a way where it was immensely connected to life. Loss is a sensitive topic. It is very human. Very raw. What are the tools we can use to deal with ...…
In this personal episode of The Wild WMN Podcast Elizabeth opens up about her experience of loss. Elizabeth's father passed away while she was pregnant with her daughter Earth and experienced loss in a way where it was immensely connected to life. Loss is a sensitive topic. It is very human. Very raw. What are the tools we can use to deal with ...…
Hey Beauties, On this episode I speak about my favorite food on planet earth, Spirulina. Listen to the episode below to learn about how spirulina can drastically change your health for the better. Spirulina is a natural algae that grows off of water and sun and is categorized as cyanobacteria. Most people don't know that it is technically consi ...…
Fecal TransplantsBroadcast on Otago Access Radio
In this episode we gather together to discuss sponsors, we have a general knowledge quiz with the expected results, and we finish off the show with the usual bit of banter that we’re known for. We still have some openings for the JfBS Benefit Show. Just $10.00 gets you into the Tonic Lounge for a night of music, booze, and fun. And it’s all for ...…
Listen now Rogue Bottle Episode 9: Cutwater canned cocktails Subscribe Apple Podcasts Stitcher Google Play The Cutwater Distillery Tour did not disappoint. After college, I lived in London for a few months. One of the many things I discovered there was the canned gin and tonic. For just a couple pounds, I could walk into a Marks & Spencer, and ...…
Join host Jacqueline Jax for Behind the Music interviews featuring the newest single from each artist broadcasting live from our South Florida studio. We discuss topics of Music Business, social media music marketing, songwriting and what's happening in the business from the perspective of the indie artist. This is where you hear how indie arti ...…
Dandelion Root and Cardamom Latte If you are curious about how to take advantage of the transitional spring season for cleansing, particularly of the liver, in the rest of this video, I will show you how to make this delicious dandelion root and cardamom latte and how it works.Spring is a time of new beginnings, regeneration and renewal. Accord ...…
We're hosting our first live taping of Tonic! On April 22 from 2-4pm at Potter's House in Washington, D.C. we'll be celebrating our first six months of podcasting, answering your healing questions live, and just doing our thing IRL! Go here to get your ticket: We hope to see you there!…
The SlothBoogie Show went south of the river last night on @balamii radio in Peckham. Get stuck into some pretty varied House & Disco selections from Pat & Danny for an enjoyable 2hrs.Come to our party with Jad & The (Toy Tonics) this Sunday at NTs, London Fields, Hackney: & Plae C ...…
Dr. Tonia discusses Thyroid health in this episode of the Tonic Podcast. In this podcast you’ll learn: What the thyroid gland is and where to find it The best way of thinking about how the thyroid gland functions What to look for in hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism How to test your thyroid with your doctor or […]…
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