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NYC Dj Toro
The Original NY/NJ/CT Dj Toro Please do no accept imitators! Instagram~djtoroFollow me Twitter Hop , mashups , mixtape , house , club , liveEnjoy!! Thank you for support!Booking
Water Zone by Toro on KCAA
This is a podcast where a dad (Phil) and his teen (Ollie) talk about the films of Guillermo del Toro.
based in Bacerlona (Spain) - Dani Toro is an artist that doesn’t fall under any labels, his music style is unique. DJ Headliner at XLSIOR MYKONOS, PARADISO MX, founder of THE FARM MILANO and DRUMAH.INFO & BOOKING
A podcast about two trans queer geeks who are definitely not neighbours
Toro's NuReal
Buying a new home can be confusing, scary, and overwhelming. So how do you figure all this out and not end up under a bridge? By LEARNING THE GAME. This show exists to empower you and give you the most info, knowledge, and value so making a decision is less stressful. Call-ins Welcome!
Tune into every sunday night from 7pm-10pm (uk time) 2pm-5pm (USA / Caribbean Time ) to hear DJ Toro LIVE IN THE MIX !!!!
(Diary of a madman)
Podcast by Nelson Toro
Toro Town Talks
Most people are categorized through a professional title, whether it's graphic designer, songwriter, or CEO. But behind every easy or not-so-easy categorization, there's a human being with a unique take on the world, with stories to share – and dreams, visions, and values for other people to be inspired by. With any guest, the aim of the interview is inherently to uncover, if not all, then at least new aspects of whomever this human happens to be.
The Film Basement
The Film Basement returns to talk movies old and new. We will review new films, highlight home video releases and look back at the classics.
BeSimply Radio
'She' (aka Suzanne Toro) shares stories about local to global topics affecting our communities with the intent to inspire, educate and shine a light on others. During her broadcasts she melds her cunning intellect with her sense of humor and a compassionate heart; while she uses her intuitive nature and global visions to bring each story full circle. Ultimately reminding you that, All is Possible!
The unofficial fan podcast for the FX TV series The Strain from Guillermo del Toro and Carlton Cuse
Streaming live radio from the campus of California State University Dominguez Hills, KDHR is proud to offer all shows in podcast form for your listening pleasure.
Podcast by Damien Di Toro
Before X-Men, before Spider-Man, the Marvel Comic hero who launched the current Marvel Age of movies was Blade, a mostly unknown character who's on-screen representation is a far cry from his comic counterpart. Join Arnie, Jakob, and Stuart as they watch and review all three theatrical Blade films, and visit our web site to read Arnie's thoughts on the Blade TV series episode-by-episode!
All the talk and about the latest goings on in the Grand Prix world in a relaxed atmosphere, normally down the pub. F1 gp2 gp3 indycar formula e
A Lovecraftian Gateway to Images and Audio
Radio TTT
Just listen... is a Mexican Podcast, created by Anghell in December, 2005 with the final porpouse of wake a conscious on the society and the boys and girls interests...
ScareHouse Podcast
Pittsburgh's family-owned ScareHouse has become nationally recognized as one of America’s best Halloween Haunted Attractions by ABC news, Travel Channel and iconic horror director Guillermo del Toro. It has also been featured on Good Morning America, Late Night with Seth Meyers, USA TODAY, CBS News, and many other national media outlets. ScareHouse is located inside a historic and notoriously haunted building in Etna, best known as the Elks Lodge 932 (one of the largest and most active Elks ...
The official fansite for Guillermo Del Toro
Every week anderson noise and toro production company brings the eletronic scene around the world
The Wolfman
Academy Award winners Anthony Hopkins (The Silence of the Lambs) and Benicio Del Toro (Traffic) tear up the screen in this action-packed thriller. Lawrence Talbot (Del Toro) is lured back to his family estate to investigate the savage murder of his brother by a bloodthirsty beast. There, Talbot must confront his childhood demons, his estranged father (Hopkins), his brother's grieving fiancee (Emily Blunt, The Devil Wears Prada) and a suspicious Scotland Yard Inspector (Hugo Weaving, The Matr ...
Antihero Voice
Welcome to the Antihero Voice podcast, Where epic conversations about politics, current events, and taboo topics get discussed. Hosted by Melissa Toro & Lauren Shepard, a dynamic duo who don’t hold back in this one of a kind podcast.
A Weekly Mixed Podcast for free by Alex Del Toro where he presents a space of sound with the best House Music Culture. You´re Welcome!! + info:
Do pop culture classics and the latest Oscar-nominated films include significant references to the Bard of Avon? Are allusions to Shakespeare's plays in our favorite TV shows building upon his work, challenging it, or merely repeating it? Each episode of this podcast approaches a different production, from Guillermo Del Toro's award-winning The Shape of Water to Disney's animated epic The Lion King, looking for the things that will set your teeth on edge and the tidbits of information that w ...
The Human Encyclopedia's of Professional Wrestling, El Toro Loco and Dizzo discuss any and everything happening and that has happened in the world of Pro Wrasslin'
Join actor Idris Elba ("The Wire," "Luther," "Prometheus") as he discusses his new film, "Pacific Rim." Directed by Guillermo del Toro, the action thriller starts with legions of monstrous creatures, known as Kaiju, rising from the sea to begin an apocalyptic war with humans. The world’s only hope is a special type of weapon: massive robots, called Jaegers, simultaneously controlled by two pilots whose minds are locked in a neural bridge.
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Rasheed Phillips is bringing important sports news, including CSUDH athletics, to all Toros here on campus. He will also discuss the many debates and heated arguments that revolve around the world of sports. So make sure to tune in and catch up on all the latest news in sports on Sports Talks with Rasheed Phillips!…
Jiunn, John and Aaron recap their review experience with the Ventura Case Study 03 Toro
En este video se habla del evento de NXT, NXT Takeover Chicago, el cual se celebra este sábado, se habla un poco de las rivalidades camino al evento, mis expectativas y predicciones acerca de posibles resultados del evento. Video Original Aqui ==================== Sigue a Carlos Toro en sus Medios Sociales: Facebook | Youtube Suscribete a nuest ...…
This Twittersode, Phil takes a look at the classic Laurel and Hardy short “The Music Box” from 1932! It’s short; it’s funny; it’s got a long staircase. What more do you want? Del Toro’s original Tweet is here.
We come off a Die Hard high by watching the equally exciting but exceedingly dark 2006 film Children of Men with return guest Patrick Hill. We contemplate what defines a “dystopian” movie and name some of our favorites. Then, we marvel over the masterful long-takes but probably spend too much time talking about animals. And does the movie have ...…
This week I recapped Tobacco Road FC's 3-2 victory over Lionsbridge and North Carolina FC U23's loss to the SC United Bantams. I also talk standings and everything else going on in the division. Find us on Twitter at @BullCitySocShowMusic: "Surfing Day" by Marcos H. Bolanos, "Junk Vultures" by Exquisite Frosting Penmanship, used under Creative ...…
David is joined by guests and soccer analysts Jacob Del Toro & Ian Gilliam to discuss the World Cup! Everything from predictions to players to watch for are covered in this World Cup special, check it out!
Every year, one Saturday morning a month except for December, City of Ventura and Ventura Water hold FREE Gardening Classes offering informative lectures and Q&As. Topics range from smart controllers, to how to install an ocean-friendly landscape, and everything A to Z from designing, establishing and maintaining water-wise landscapes and balan ...…
Have you ever wanted to hear a Russian impression of Guillermo del Toro? Well, we’ve got you covered! Please, get lost in this in-depth discussion of Pan’s Labyrinth. See what I did there? Get lost…. you know, like in a labyrinth…. I’m sorry. The post Episode 27 – Pan’s Labyrinth appeared first on John and Alexx Hate Stuff.…
John and Aaron recap their review experience with the 601 Blue Label Maduro Toro
Maggie & Melody are back at it again with special guest Elizabeth Thomas. This time they're fondling some more well known erotic entertainment as they deep dive into Guillermo del Toro's Oscar-winning The Shape Of Water.
With Dom HennequinThis week, a journey to a galaxy far, far away where a Star Wars film fails to hit it out of the park at the box office. By Disney standards at least. And, melding the Spanish civil war with a world of fantasy. We take a look at this week’s entry to our Films To See Before You Die list, Guillermo Del Toro’s Pan’s Labrynth. Cin ...…
Rasheed Phillips is bringing important sports news, including CSUDH athletics, to all Toros here on campus. He will also discuss the many debates and heated arguments that revolve around the world of sports. So make sure to tune in and catch up on all the latest news in sports on Sports Talks with Rasheed Phillips!…
This Twittersode, I look at “La Chienne” from 1931. It’s not fun, but it’s really really good. Guillermo del Toro’s original Tweet is here.
I hope everyone’s summer is off to a wonderful start. The latest installment in my #PugLife podcast series is here to keep you dancing during longer and sunnier days.As some of you may know, my last podcast wasn’t in this feed, but rather, was featured as a guest mix for DJ Grind – if you haven’t listened to it yet, you can check it out here: h ...…
TKO #43 - BYE, FELICIA SABER TKO Podcast # 43 - 05-31-18 - David Cunningham Intros What’d you waste your money on this week? News The Cliffjumper Wars are upon us - Round 1 - XTB vs MMC MMC Hellion - MSRP $69.99 ...…
TKO #43 - BYE, FELICIA SABER TKO Podcast # 43 - 05-31-18 - David Cunningham Intros What’d you waste your money on this week? News The Cliffjumper Wars are upon us - Round 1 - XTB vs MMC MMC Hellion - MSRP $69.99 ...…
Liz and Matt talk about a solo foster pet rat, saying goodbye to a rat, Deadpool 2, Solo: A Star Wars Story (which should’ve been called Lando is the Greatest Ever), SHIELD and Flash finales. Ratty Topics – We had to put down our beloved pet rat Pinky due to a fast growing stomach tumor. Our hearts are broken!! Small Angels Rescue also took in ...…
Listen to Ros Satar (Britwatch Sports) and René Denfeld (MyTennis) get giddy over a completely up to date schedule as the third rounds are set
Ollie and I are delighted to be covering “Dragonwyck” from 1946! IT’s got everything: creepy mansion, damsel in distress, brooding lord, mysterious ghosts – wait. Haven’t we done this one before? Nnnnnnnno? No. It’s “Dragonwyck!”…
Jiunn and Aaron recap their review experience with the Romeo San Andrés by Romeo y Julieta Toro
In another turntable episode, Jorge introduces Gabriela Ortega to the grim and fantastical storytelling of the 2006 Guillermo del Toro film, Pan's Labyrinth. They talk about the darkness behind fairytales, subversive character archetypes, and downloading Shakira songs illegally. Gabriela's Recommendations: Oranges by Gary Soto "La Tortura" by S ...…
In this Between The Frames segment, Chris discusses some specific production topics including: Filmmaking as jazz Improvisation Knowing your actors personally Asking for input Self-care Problem solving/conflict resolution Being present He covers their importance and some best practices to get the most out of each. He also recommends a list of t ...…
Jim discusses Trollhunters, a Netflix Original animation show by Guillermo Del Toro, the evolution of animation in the context of enjoyment for older generations, and the new trailer for Christopher Robin; a live action Winnie The Pooh movie starring Ewan McGregor @mangamiplayers
On this installment of To The Table Alexis and Peter sit down and discuss their thoughts on the films they selected for the other Peter chose the Guillermo Del Toro masterpiece Pans Labyrinth for Alexis to watch and Alexis chose one of Steven Spielbergs recent classics Bridge of Spies
Elaura and Ana dish on CinemaCon, new trailers, and Guillermo Del Toro. Ana dives into Pacific Rim 2: Uprising and Infinity War & Elaura gives a full rundown on Tokyo Ghoul! Listen to find out more!
SHATTERED CAST UNCUT Episode 228 INTRODUCTION GO FUND ME UPDATE SHIRTS, MUGS, GLASSES, HELP OUR COMMUNITY MEMBER JOSH! Anybody Get Anything: Movie/Show: Transformers News: Comics: Conventions: Thir ...…
Movie Trailer for the movie "The Shape of Water." Guillermo del Toro won 2 Oscars for this film. Brought to you by Latino Hollywood News.
En esta nueva sección hablare un poco de como yo llevaría a Seth Rollins a retar a Brock Lesnar por el Campeonato Universal en el evento Summer Slam. Video Original Aqui ==================== Sigue a Carlos Toro en sus Medios Sociales: Facebook | Youtube Suscribete a nuestros Podcasts disponibles por los siguientes servicios: iTunes | Stitcher | ...…
Jamie Biss Show notes. Jamie Bissonnette is a cook. He’s a cook’s cook. He hustles. He gets in it. He works hard and he loves it. He won the James Beard award for Best Chef in the Northeast, he was the Food and Wine People’s Best New Chef. He is killing it. He is the chef partner of Toro in boston, NYC, Bangkok, and Dubai, Coppa in Boston and L ...…
In this teeny-tiny Twittersode, I look at Charlie Chaplin’s “City Lights!” Did it influence Guillermo del Toro? Uhhhhhhhhhhh, maybe?
Tamika Lamison is the founder of the Make a Film Foundation. Tamika Lamison won a $10,000 for a scriptwriting contest in the 90’s. She took her money and moved to Los Angeles. She then sold her first script for six figures but then found out the check was bad. She turned her lemons to lemonade by volunteering and teaching children film. Later, ...…
Episode 38 - We review the show Zoo, hot sandwiches from The Recipe, and Choco Toro, a brown ale by Bolero Snort.
#Podcast #WGU now sponsored Alamo Draft House Cinema Littleton, check out their game night Monday nights at 7PM. This week the John Wick 3 gets a release date but before that we talk about the save your cat style of writing and the Jurassic World franchise. Lego Movie 2, who is returning to give Spider-Man a hard time in the next movie, and wha ...…
In this episode, I deep dive into the importance and practicality of networking. I give some real world examples from my career on how networking properly can lead to success, and also explain how I lost the chance to shoot the Denver Broncos due to burning a relationship. Obsession: Check out the different Roundtables from The Hollywood Report ...…
Follow us on Twitter & Instagram! The Leftovers Movies: Sherlock Holmes 3, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Missing Link, Us, A Quiet Place 2, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Trolls 2, Snake Eyes, It: Chapter 2, Abominable TV: The Goldbergs, A.P. Bio, Rick & Morty, Fox, Lethal Weapon, Guillermo Del Toro Presents 10 After Midnight, Lost in Space, […]…
Shannon and Fadra are joined by special guest Devin Benge of Nerds from Nowhere to discuss their top five favorite sci-fi TV shows. We all learn a lot and end the podcast with some new shows to watch. We hope you will, too! 4:30 What are we watching? The Rain, The Crossing, Colony, Eureka, A Little Help with Carol Burnett, The New Legends of Mo ...…
We finally tackle Guillermo Del Toro’s unconventional yet quite conventional star-crossed romantic fantasy "The Shape of Water."
Mat and Michael sit down to discuss the past two weeks of film news, the latest releases and say goodbye to the soon to be departs form our favorite streamers. News Covered Margot Kidder Passes Away Luke Cage Season 2 Trailer Rick and Morty 70 new episodes coming Live Action Star Wars Series Lost In Space Season 2 Announced Chris Evan's to Star ...…
Notes: Soda review: PB by Old FashionedDog cloning?Great Tony Hawk video Gaming: Let’s Talk: Tony HawkPending MK E3 announcement Official character wish list Xbox Adaptive ControllerBattlefield 5 teaser Black Ops 4 reveal. Beta make or break FPS Industry Kingdom Hearts 3 Music news/reviews: BAAO Tour//PolarisBlessthefall Hard Feelings review
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