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Turtle Power Pod
A podcast where we watch each episode of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon and give you a breakdown! With your co-hosts Basem and Cranny.
Power Pods By Dale Carnegie of Tennessee
Positive, inspirational podcasts focused on specific tools to develop the proper mindset to succeed- Empowering your day 90 seconds at a time!
Podcast With The Get Happy Tour
Members from Bowling For Soup, Army Of Freshmen and Quietdrive dropped into the studio to talk about the current makings and shenanigans of the second annual �Get Happy Tour�! Ever wonder who really gets wild when the show�s over? What�s the future hold for this now annual summer concert tour? Check out this podcast as they all share a few personal stories from the road...
Podcast With The Living End
Chris, Scott, and Andy of The Living End recently released their fourth studio album, State Of Emergency, and were in town to promote it. We caught up with the trio in San Francisco before their show at Slim's to talk about their evolution and rise to international fame.
Podcast With Stroke 9
Stroke 9 formed in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1989. The band has since recorded five albums and toured extensively in the United States, Canada and Europe. Fueled by the commercial success of the hit song Little Black Backpack, their third album, "Nasty Little Thoughts", went gold in 2000. The single, Kick Some Ass, from their fourth album "Rip It Off" was featured in the movie Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back. The band has also had songs in other movies and TV shows including EdTV, Scrubs, ...
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Its the Wasted Time Stephen Kings It amp Dark Tower Power Hour extraordinaire We saw those movies and then got drunk and talked about them in a van until 420am We clearly know nothing about Stephen Kings IT and have false memories of the TV movie RIP Tim Curry TRIGGER WARNING Dark Tower Review 210IT Review 1455 Email us at WastingTimePostgmailcom…
Turtle Power Pod
Love the show as much as we love you? Check out our Patreon page at Boy is it hot! How hot is it? So hot that Krang and Shredder make the world think about global warming! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have to deal with an inconvenient truth; the world might end! S04E05 - Shredder's Mom http://turtlepowerpod.libsyn ...…
Turtle Power Pod
Check out our Patreon page at A new exhibit at the museum has Shredder and Krang in a tizzy! Now the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles must unite to defeat an ancient army of stone warriors! Basem and Cranston discuss the logistics of bringing 1,800 men to orgasm. And one of our Patreon donors get's stalked by a salesman! ...…
Get your political quick fix with the Power Panel. Chad, Kathleen, Yolande and Eric dive into Premier Pallister's push to pause pot legislation, and discuss Finance Minister Bill Morneau's crackdown on tax cheats.By
Thanks to your votes, we're eating the "Moscow Pizza Special" Watch us eat it first at and then listen to us talk about it. Twitter @TurtlePowerPod Email YouTube ~ Cowabunga, dudes
Get your political quick fix with the Power Panel. Paul, Aaron and Kelly break down Trudeau's message to the U.S. governors, muse on American priorities for NAFTA, and Khadr's lawyer's statements on reaction to the settlement.By
Get your political quick fix with the Power Panel: Stockwell Day, Susan Smith and Robin MacLachlan discuss the naming of Julie Payette as Canada's next Governor General, and the PM's comments on the Omar Khadr settlement.By
Get your political quick fix with the Power Panel. Tim, Supriya and Ian discuss the next governor general, and the political consequences of the new interest rate increase for the feds.By
Check out our Patreon page at Mikey's got a dream. The other Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles don't like Michelangelo's crippling toy addiction. And this week, we're joined by special guest Michael Williams from the It's a Duck Blur Podcast! But will he and the boys succumb to the mind-drivel that is TMNT? Find out! And c ...…
Get your political quick fix with the Power Panel. Rachel, Tim and Brad discuss B.C.'s wildfires, and the fallout from the Omar Khadr settlement.By
Quote Unquote Guilty: A "Guilty" Pleasure Podcast
With new threats looming for both Peter Parker and Spider-man (Andrew Garfield), everybody’s favorite web-slinger must take on super villains as well as the idea of losing the love of his life in this, the first good Spider-man movie. Yeah, I said it. Joe welcomes Basem (Turtle Power Pod) back to the show to geek out about Andrew Garfield’s “co ...…
Get your political quick fix with the Power Panel - Kelly Cryderman, Paul Wells, Marie Vastel and Aaron Wherry dig into the government's settlement package for Omar Khadr and gauge political reaction, potential fallout.By
Get your political quick fix with the Power Panel: Susan Smith, Stockwell Day and Robin MacLachlin discuss the G20 summit, Peter Julian withdrawing from the NDP leadership race and the latest news on the Canada Infrastructure Bank.By
Get your political quick with the Power Panel: Kelly Cryderman, Marie Vastel, Paul Wells and Aaron Wherry discuss Premier Clark’s resignation, Premier-designate Horgan’s challenges moving forwards, and the PM’s visit to the teepee on Parliament Hill.By
Get your political quick fix with the Power Panel. Jason, Susan, Chad and Robin talk B.C.'s vote of confidence and Ottawa's extension of the anti-ISIS mission in Iraq.By
Get your political quick fix with the Power Panel. Supriya, Tim, Robin and Althia break down Andrew Scheer's interview with Rosie and B.C. political hijinks ahead of Thursday's confidence vote.By
Check out our Patreon page at Donnie's got a new invention. The other Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles huddle around him and laugh at him for a little bit. Splinter gives a bit of advice. Basem and Cranny start losing their minds. Pizza Power. S04E02 - Our Patreon Pitch Interested in Geek ...…
Get your political quick fix with the Power Panel: Yolande James, Martin Patriquin, Rick Anderson and Kathleen Monk discuss the PM blaming opposition parties for the failure on electoral reform, and the latest round of softwood lumber duties.By
Get your political quick fix with the Power Panel: Rachel Curran, Brad Lavigne, Tim Murphy and Josh Wingrove discuss the B.C. NDP’s no-confidence motion, the China-Canada corporate hacking accord and the new U.S. duties on Canadian softwood lumber.By
Interested in Geek Fuel? Sign up at And check out our Patreon at Twitter @TurtlePowerPod Email YouTube Check out Wikihow We Do It at ~ Cowabunga, dudes…
Happy Father's Day! Today we're joined by Hector, Basem's dad from [Basem's house] The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are enjoying their victory but not two minutes later Shredder and Krang send some baddies to mess with them! It's the season premier and the more things change, the more they stay the same. Hector talks about parenting strategies. ...…
Last of the three-part Season Finale! Today we're joined by Andy & Keith from the Toon In Pod! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are enjoying their victory but not two minutes later the Technodrome rises again! We all enjoy reminiscing about New York pre-9/11 and everyone makes editing very hard for Basem **Check out Andy & Keith on twitter: @To ...…
Part two of three! Today we're joined by Joe Sanders from the Quote Unquote Guilty podcast! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are forced to infiltrate the mighty Technodrome! Can they do it in time to stop it's return to the surface of the Earth? Or will they fail miserably and die of AIDS or something? Let's find out! **Check out Joe Sanders on ...…
Turtle Power Pod
Part one of three! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and fight over a power source powerful enough to restore the Technodrome to it's former glory. Sound familiar? Naaaah. This kicks off the epic (hopefully) season finale that's been building for so long, Basem and Cranny might as well be contractors. S03E45 - The Big Rip Off http://turtlepowerp ...…
Turtle Power Pod
Baxter Stockman is back! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and baddies discover an ancient lost spaceship, and the Fly is in charge! Mix all that with underground rivers and mutating lasers, and baby, you got a stew goin'! Er, I mean an episode. You got yourself an episode. S03E44 - Bye, Bye, Fly Twitter @TurtleP ...…
Pop Culture Vultures
Ants and Eva talk about travel in pop culture. Ants doesn’t want to see the Eifel Tower. Pop Culture Vultures is available on Google Play and iTunes. But not TuneIn. TuneIn rejected us. Make sure to subscribe and leave a review. If your review is noteworthy and complements the silky smooth voice of Ants, we’ll […]…
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